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frontline 8:59pm on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
I have a bad back. I love this product. Well designed, easy to use & empty. six of one, half a dozen of the other This hoover falls between two stools and has both good and bad points.
gjack0519 12:45pm on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 
good, but loosing power after a while Very good looking item, modern design and very handy as wireless. It did the job on the beginning. Effective Vacuum Cleaner The good points: - Small, lightweight and compact. - It has a charging station which also doubles as a stand.

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NEW FOR 2010

A whole new range from Hoover Floorcare. Four new models that cover canister, upright and stick-vac segments. With revolutionary new cleaning technology Hoover Airvolution. The new Hoover Airvolution bagless technology uses a patent pending* design. This is made up of Multiple Clusters, called V-Cell separators used to drive out the dust from the air flow for sustained suction and more effective vacuuming.


the ultra agile way to clean all surfaces.


3 phase Airvolution technology delivers up to 97% dust separation efficiency.
*Patents are pending in various countries.
the 3-in-1 stick-vac with 20 minutes worktime.
the ultra versatile way to clean everywhere.


Airvolution technology is driven by the power of air to achieve faster, deeper cleaning with reduced energy consumption. The air arriving into the system laden with dust and dirt is accelerated up to an ultra high speed allowing for very efficient separation of the dirt from the air. Up to 97% of the dirt gets collected into the bin and does not go through to the filters, so that only cleaner air is released back into the home environment. The result, sustained suction for continuous vacuuming, saving you valuable time and effort.
Hoover Airvolution technology exploits the power of air by accelerating it up to 22,900g of force and separating the finest dust out of the air and inhibiting dust from blocking the filter. Incidentally, the human endurance limit is around 5g's the equivalent of a space shuttle launch.
Resource: Tests carried out at Hoover European labs, according to the IEC 60-312, to compare Xarion against some other conventional bagless vacuum cleaners on the market.
Ducts and V-Cells are central to the design concept of the Hoover Airvolution System. Larger particles of dirt are first separated by centrifugal force into the bin. The remaining dust and dirt enter one of six Riser Ducts feeding it up and into twelve V-Cell Separators. This patent-pending technology is the big difference
Higher level of sustained suction power and separation efficiency during use. constant dust pick-up means less vacuuming time. filter maintenance due to high separation efficiency.
to some other vacuums where there is only one big duct that feeds all the cells. Utilising six Riser Ducts means a more uniform air flow distribution resulting in
12 V-Cell separators at work.

2 High

better dust separation. The V-Cell Separators have been designed to deliver Hoovers best dust separation performance in the most compact space. Years of development at the Hoover Europe Testing Facility, using sophisticated computer software and many prototypes, have resulted in Hoover engineers developing the optimal design to deliver some truly exceptional cleaning results.
Six Riser Ducts are better than one.

3 less

At Hoover, our principle design objective was to increase overall cleaning performance and reduce cleaning effort. So, Xarion has been designed around the new Hoover Airvolution technology which can deliver an outstanding dust separation efficiency of up to 97% resulting an extremely easy and hygienic way to get rid of dust and dirt. And of course, filter maintenance has become a lot simpler as the amount of dust particles that reach the filter is minimal. Those that do arrive are trapped in the HEPA filter so that only clean air is released.
Parquet Caresse floor tool for hard floors without scratching.

Mini-Turbo brush for cleaning stairs, furnishings and pet hair.
Xarion Turbo brush for deep cleaning of all carpets and rugs.
see specifications table for exact features.


The brand new Hoover Freedom is the ideal upright cleaner to effortlessly clean everywhere in your home. So many home owners are re-discovering the sheer ease of vacuuming with an upright. No more pulling heavy canister cleaners around, just gliding across every surface. Hoovers Airvolution suction power is combined with a high performance powerbrush for deep down cleaning. Everywhere else is in the home is cleaned with Hoover's unique Explorer Lance, designed for flexible and versatile cleaning with attachments all stored on-board ready for use. The Explorer Lance gives Freedom in excess of a 13m effective cleaning radius.
Explorer Lance for hard to clean places.
Folds down flat to reach under beds and furniture.
Powerbrush for deep down dirt and dust extraction.


The brand new Hoover Slalom is an exciting concept in upright vacuums delivering outstanding agility and control. Thanks to its unique Active Steering , the neck rotates on its axis and ensures that the Hoover Slalom manoeuvres easily between and around furniture. The Explorer Lance and ultra stretch hose are released to give the user the ability to clean shelves, corners, skirtings, cornices and window frames in one easy action. With Slalom you can clean room to room without having to change power points thanks to an impressively long 13 metre working radius when using the Explorer Lance.
So easy to manoeuvre around your furniture.
Slalom is at home on any floor surface.


The brand new Hoover Freejet 12V rechargeable stick-vac is ideal for quick vacuuming, whether the kids have spilt crumbs or to freshen up just before friends come over. 3-in-1 versatility allows you to use Freejet on carpets with the power-brush on, on hard floors with the brush turned off or as a hand-held vacuum for quick spot clean ups. Freejet has large rubberised wheels and rubberised floor nozzle to guard furniture against knocks and scrapes. Its lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with its 180 rotating neck. Emptying and cleaning is as simple as pulling a trigger. And best of all, Freejet stands up on its own for storage, without having to be returned to the charging base.

Window lets you see if turbo brush is switched on.
Detach and use as a hand-held vacuum for quick clean ups.
Powerbrush for fast and effective vacuuming on carpet.


Designed in Italy, the Hoover Freemotion range features technology in response to todays ever-changing floor cleaning needs like differing floor surfaces, the need for less polluting air quality and the trend towards tighter, more compact living spaces. Our unique Front & Side Clean Nozzle not only vacuums right up to the wall, it switches sideways enabling easy access to clean narrow and difficult to reach spaces, so cleaning where no other cleaners can clean.


Hoover Freespace packs all the features of a full size vacuum into a compact, convenient size. with its unique NANO-PACK Combine this storage solution a 3-piece
rod and caddy allows you to store your vacuum just about anywhere thanks to a compact height of just 45cm thats lower than your kneecap! Ideal for apartments and flats. Choose between the state-of-the-art cyclonic bagless or traditional bagged. Both have a washable HEPA H10 pre-motor filter and a Purefilt washable exhaust filter.
Innovation has certainly been the trademark of The Hoover Company ever since it opened its doors for business back in 1908 in North Canton, Ohio, USA. The founder, William Henry Hoover launched a product that would become the first ever commercially successful portable electric vacuum cleaner. From that time, Hoover has been a leader in its industry with innovations such as the spiral beater bar for deep-down cleaning, disposable paper dust bags, and the vacuum cleaner headlight.
Hoover upright model from the 1930s. Hoover Constellation from the 1960s.
cleaners, notably the Hoover Constellation of the early 1960s, that floated like a hovercraft, set the trend for vacuum cleaner innovation. The secret of Hoovers success lies in their long time company promise Hoover beats as it sweeps as it cleans. Hoover understands that the only way to truly clean carpet is to extract dirt, dust and damaging grit from deep down in the carpet pile not just the surface dirt. brand

Today Hoover started up operations in Australia in 1954 which included local manufacturing, and quickly established an enviable reputation for innovation and product quality which has endured and grown to this day. Hoover upright cleaners, and later on canister-style


continues to offer a range of products all with cutting edge style and innovation which, in particular, can be experienced with the new Airvolution range.
Product name Model Type Average suction power (W)* Maximum power (W) Dust bin capacity Dust disposal Navigation handle Pre-motor filter Powerbrush Carpet and floor nozzle Parquet Caresse nozzle Mini-turbo pet hair remover Turbo allergen remover Other tools Stretch hose Working radius (m) Product packed weight (gross/net) Packed dimensions (mm) Warranty
Xarion Pets TAV1610 Airvolution bagless 1.5L One touch Yes + suction control Washable HEPA + High Density Microfilter Yes Yes Crevice-FurnitureDusting tool n.a. 9.0 10.1kg/8.2kg 580 x 325 x 340mm 2 years
Xarion All Surface TAV1630 Airvolution bagless 1.5L One touch Yes + suction control Washable HEPA + High Density Microfilter Yes Yes Yes Yes Crevice-FurnitureDusting tool n.a. 9.0 11.0kg/8.2kg 580 x 325 x 340mm 2 years
Freedom Pets FR7183 Airvolution bagless 2.2L One touch Yes Washable HEPA + High Density Microfilter Built in + height control n.a. Yes n.a. Dusting brush Yes 13.2** 11.7 kg/8.8kg 945 x 348 x 278mm 2 years
Slalom Pets SL8123 Airvolution bagless 2.2L One touch Yes + Active Steering Washable HEPA + High Density Microfilter Built in n.a. Yes n.a. Dusting brush Yes 13.0** 11.0kg/8.5kg 1085 x 325 x 278 mm 2 years
Freejet 12V FJ120-I2 Cyclonic bagless 12V batteries 0.8L One touch Yes + 180o turning Yes - washable Built in n.a. Crevice tool + Dusting brush n.a. Infinity 4.7kg/2.8kg 565 x 275 x 220mm 1 year
* Average suction power according to IEC 60-312 ** Reach achieved with onboard Lance tool.
Product name Model Type Maximum power (W) Remote power control Cassette/bag capacity (L) Cassette/bag check indicator Pre-motor filter Exhaust filter Nano-pack system Extension tube Carpet and hard floor tool Furniture tool Mini turbo pet hair remover Working radius (m) Colour scheme Product net weight (kg) Product dimensions (mm) Warranty

Freespace Cyclonic NANO TFS 7184 Bagless Cyclonic 1800 2.2 Yes Washable HEPA H10 Washable Purefilt Yes 3Tube - 45 cm Yes Optional 8.0 Springtime Turquoise 6.x 272 x years
Freespace TFS 5182 Bagged 1800 2.3 Yes Washable HEPA H10 Washable Purefilt Telescopic Yes Yes Optional Yes 8.0 Baltic Blue 5.years
Freespace NANO TFS 5186 Bagged 1800 2.3 Yes Washable HEPA H10 Washable Purefilt Yes 3Tube - 45 cm Yes Optional Yes 8.0 Apple Red 5.years
Freespace NANO 1900 TFS 5196 Bagged 1900 2.3 Yes Washable HEPA H10 Washable Purefilt Yes 3Tube - 45 cm Yes Optional Yes 8.0 Aurora White 5.x 272 x years
Freemotion Cyclean TFC 6212 Bagless Cyclonic 2000 Yes 1.5 Yes Washable HEPA H12 Washable n.a. Yes trigger Front & side clean Yes Optional Yes 10 Pearl/ Fire Red 8.x 306 x years
Freemotion Cyclean + TFC 6253 Bagless Cyclonic 2000 Yes 1.5 Yes Washable HEPA H12 Washable n.a. Yes trigger Front & side clean Yes Yes Yes 10 Pearl/ Quartz Grey 8.x 306 x years
Freemotion Pure Air TFB 2112 Bagged PurE HEPA 2100 3.5 Yes Washable HEPA H12 Washable n.a. Yes trigger Front & side clean Yes Optional Yes 9.2 Mineral Blue/ Pearl 8.x 306 x years
Freemotion Alergy Care TFB2242 Bagged Pure HEPA 2200 Yes 3.5 Yes Washable HEPA H12 Washable n.a. Yes trigger Front & side clean Yes Yes Yes 9.2 Ice/ Pearl 8.x 306 x years
2-in-1 tool crevice + dusting Yes

364 x 272 x x 272 x 258

Call 845
Hoover Floorcare Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd. 108 Adderley Street Auburn NSW 2144, Sydney
Hoover symbol and word are registered trademarks. Airvolution, Generazione Futura, Xarion, Freedom, Slalom, Freejet, Freemotion, Freespace, Nano-pack and Constellation are trademarks of Hoover Floorcare Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd. or its affiliated international companies. 2009-10



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