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CD10002D - CDI Peugeot Speedfight 1


This unit is compatible with original Magneti Marelli CDI marked AEC400
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Bolt unit in original CDI position Unplug 3 way connections on bike and connect by-pass on CD10002D. Connect black with M6 ring terminal to good earth. Connect orange terminal block in the original connector block (which fitted in original CDI). This is to make connection to HT coil easier, rather than removing extra panels to allow access to HT coil. Connect black/red to original black/red from stator source coil. Other black/red is engine stop, connect to black/red from kill switch (if this is earthed there is no ignition).
Black/red - connect to kill switch
Black/red - connect to stator source coil

By-pass cable

Orange - connect to HT coil
M6 ring terminal connect to good earth
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HPI Kuilenstraat 97, 3960 Bree, Belgium TEL: (0032) 089-39 | FAX: (0032) 089-28 | GSM: (0032) 0495-21 Email: | Website:


these CDIs bypass the original immobiliser system (Chipkey system), so no new key is needed they are direct replacements for the OEM CDIs. a very cheap and reliable solution easy to install

Different types:

Replacement CDI code CD10002 CD10003 CD10004D CD10005D Original CDI code AEC400 ACI100.01 ACI100.02 Fits Elyceo 50/100cc, Speedfight I, Trekker Elyceo 50/100cc, Speedfight II, Trekker, Vivacity Elyceo 125/150cc (4 stroke) Gilera Runner RST 125/200cc (4 stroke)
Installation CD10002 (image 4):
A B Place the by-pass between the 3 pole connectors. (see image 3) Seperate the two black/red cables from the scooter, and connect these like a by-pass to the two black/red cables from the HPI CDI-unit. (see image 3) Connect the black cable (with ring) to the pole of the battery (mass). Pull the 2 connectors out of the CDI-unit of the scooter. The orange cable has to be connected to the HT-coil. This connection can be found on one of these two connectors. Look at image 1 to pinpoint the correct position.
Installation CD10003 / CD10004D / CD10005D (image 2):
Simply replace the OEM CDI with our CDI, thats it!

image 1

image 2

image 3

image 4



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