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> THE PRECURSOR > 2 GB SD card > Touch-Screen > navigation > Picture Viewer > MP3/WMA Player >

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> 1949 > 1953 > 1963 > 1969 > 1975 > 1979 > 1985 > 1987 > 1990 > 1995 > 1996 > 1997 > 1998 > 1999 > 2000 > 2001 Becker develops the Autophon the first Becker car radio Becker Mexico the first car radio with fully automatic station search Becker Monte Carlo the first solid-state car radio Becker Europa Stereo introduction of two-channel reception Becker Mexico Olympia with integrated Compact Cassette player Becker Mexico the first car cassette radio with auto-reverse Becker Mexico Electronic the first microprocessor-controlled car radio Becker Mexico Compact Disc the first car radio with integrated CD player Becker Mexico Diversity the first car radio with dual tuners Becker develops 2-RDS Diversity Tuner Becker Avus and Becker Grand Prix CD receivers the first car radios with digital audio signal processing D2B Optical the worlds first optical waveguide based in-car data transmission system Becker Traffic Star the first combination car radio/CD player/ navigation system MOST the optical waveguide, multimedia data highway of the future Becker Traffic Pro with navigation system in 17 European countries Free real time traffic with software update for Becker Traffic Pro: continuous transmission of inaudible traffic information integrated into route planning Becker Online Pro combines e-mail, WAP, SMS, navigation, phone, MP3, CD and 2-RDS Tuner in a single system > 2003 > 2004 > 2005 > 2006 > 2007 Becker Vision Pro the rear seat entertainment system for videos, DVDs, VCDs, MP3 files, CDs and video games in the car Becker Monza the first MP3/CD player with 2-RDS Tuner Becker Traffic Pro 7949 the first unit with speech dialogue system for navigation, MP3/CD player/CF card and 2-RDS Tuner Becker Traffic Pro 7945 navigation system with Bluetooth technology Becker Cascade 7944 navigation system with CF card navigation Becker Traffic Assist 7914 the first Becker portable navigation system. Becker TriVision 7970 mobile entertainment system with digital/analogue TV reception Becker Indianapolis Pro navigation system Bluetooth technology and Speedpuls (optional) Becker Cascade Pro 7941 infotainment system SIM Access Profile for making phone calls via the car radio Becker Grand Prix 7990 car radio iPod connection and Bluetooth technology Becker Traffic Assist Highspeed 7934 and Becker Traffic Assist Pro 7916 new standards in portable navigation Becker Mexico 7948 infotainment system retro design on the outside and high-tech on the inside Becker Traffic Assist HS II 7988 new portable navigation free real time traffic avoids traffic jams Becker Traffic Assist Pro Ferrari 7929 new portable navigation High-tech with Ferrari style Becker Vision Pro 7985 portable DVD player with touchscreen Becker Traffic Assist 7926 and 7927 portable navigation with free real time traffic (7927) and video player Becker Traffic Assist 7928 portable navigation and video player, with icon sensors and 4.8 display
Technical Data Traffic Assist Highspeed 7934


Destination entry: alphabet and selection list, entry/selection via touch screen. postcode entry, house number, junctions
SX-07934-19-020-0707 This information and technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
Special destinations: airports, hospitals, service stations, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, and many more Destination memory: stores 50 fixed/last destinations Interim destination function: allows entry of an interim destination Route info: displays arrival time, time remaining and distance to destination (plus arrival time, time remaining and distance to interim destination) Route calculation modes: shortest/fastest route, with or without motorways, toll roads, ferries Route calculation: can be selected according to profiles (normal car, fast car, slow car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian) Route navigation: country-specific announcements with choice of languages (United States of America, Czech, German, Denmark, Spain, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and Vlaams) Database: NAVTEQ (regular updates available from Becker software service) Database includes maps for the following countries: USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico Speed Limit: graphic display of legal speed limits, acoustic warning signal when limit is exceeded (adjustable) Display: choice of map/birds eye view/zoom function


Processing speed: 400 MHz processor, CISC architecture Memory: 64 MB Flash, 64 MB SD-RAM Display: low-reflection 3.5-inch TFT touch-screen with 16-bit color depth, 65,536 colors, day/night display option for optimal readability in different light conditions Two internal speakers: 2 Watt max. Dimensions: (W x H x D) in inch 5.00 x 3.19 x 1.18 Weight: 6.54 oz Operation: ETC Easy to Control menu system


Display format: JPG Functions: picture viewer, slideshow


Compression formats: MP3, WMA Display: elapsed track time, directories, ID-3 tags (title and artist) Special feature: simultaneous navigation and music playback
Connections: external GPS connector, headphones jack, connecting capable for cigarette lighter (12 V/24 V) USB: USB 1.1 interface, USB cable (Mini USB), charging function via Mini-USB interface or cigarette lighter SD card slot: 2 GB SD card (pre-programmed), supports up to 2 GB Other: adjustable Mood light, hyper-sensitive SIRF III GPS receiver, universal mounting system


Home charger (110-230 V to 5 V) Bicycle mounting kit Travel case


Becker Traffic Pro

[Navigation system, CD player, 2-RDS tuner
Becker Traffic Pro: Navigation system, CD Player and Double RDS Tuner in one unit
Rapid route calculation and navigation thanks to increased computer performance 16 MB RAM Navigation in 22 European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, UK, San Marino, Vatican City, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Czech Republic) Special destinations (airports, hospitals, petrol stations, etc.) Also included in the software package: MERIAN autoscout Europe (hotel and restaurant guide) ViaMichelin Europe (gourmet and hotel guide) City selection by entering a postcode Destination entry using geographic coordinates Active dynamic route guidance with TMC * Separate display of all reported traffic problems in the transmission area for the programme set and on the selected route Automatic TMC* transmitter selection TMC* traffic reports can be called up, even if navigation is not active TMC* can be switched on and off Route calculation can be adjusted based on driving style (SPORTY, NORMAL, CAUTIOUS) Display of total journey time, distance travelled and average speed Display of speed limits on European highways Navigate whilst listening to a CD or the radio Double RDS Tuner frequency diversity (FM) Night driving design (positive/negative display) Route selection: dynamic route, short or quick route, with or without motorways, etc. Navigation in a choice of 12 languages (D, DK, E, F, GB, I, NL, P, S, TR, US, Flemish) Selection of voices (female, male, country-specific) Destination memory for 50 fixed destinations and 50 destinations last driven to Free choice of traffic information transmitter using Double RDS Tuner technology ETC easy to control softkey menu control Incl. GPS aerial and navigation CDs with 22 European countries
Also included in the software package: the MERIAN autoscout Europe (hotel and restaurant guide) and the ViaMichelin Europe (gourmet and hotel guide)
NEW from Software 2.0: The display shows the maximum legal speed limit for 100,000 kilometers of highways across Europe
Becker Traffic Pro High Speed 7820 Display colour red/yellow changeable
Becker Traffic Pro High Speed 7823 Display colour green
Becker Traffic Pro High Speed 7825 Display colour blue
* Dynamic route guidance with TMC traffic message channel available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Denmark and Sweden.
[ Becker Traffic Pro High Speed technical data
NAVIGATION Destination input: Destination, alphabet and selection list, entry/selection with the right dial, entry of postal codes, addresses, intersections and geo-coordinates, special destinations (airports, hospitals, filling stations, etc.) Destination memory: ROM for 50 destinations and the 50 most recent destinations TMC*: Active dynamic route guidance (traffic information is included in route calculation), all hold-ups reported in the selected transmission area are displayed, automatic TMC* transmitter selection Hold-up key: Blocking a section of the route immediately before a traffic hold-up Via key: Input of an interim destination Information key: Display of covered and remaining route, arrival time, destination town and destination street, average speed, up-to-date announcement Route calculation modes: Dynamic route, short/fast route, with or without motorways, with or without toll roads, with or without ferries Display: Turn-offs incl. minor roads, decreasing bars up to turn-off point. Currently used road, road to turn in to, estimated time of arrival Route guidance: Announcements by a natural voice (male/female, country specific), language selection (D, DK, E, F, GB, I, NL, P, S, TR, US, Flemish) Technology: NAVISYS by innovative systems Database: Regular updating by our software service. Navigation CDs: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, San Marino, Portugal, Norway, Finland and Czech Republic. EQUIPMENT LEVEL Dot matrix display Changeable display colour yellow/red, blue or green Negative/positive display setting User-specific programming options ETC Easy-To-Control softkey menu control Double security (code + removable operating fascia) Snap-in chassis (without installation frame) Traffic Pro for 60 installation angle - type 7821 (display colour yellow/red) TUNER Wavebands FM, AM, LW, SW (49 m) 2-RDS tuner diversity technology (FM) DAS dynamic autostore (FM) Autostore (AM, LW) PTY/time of day 48 station memory (12 per frequency range) Station search (ascending and descending) Scan search Alphabetic programme search Input sensitivity/impedance < 2,2 V / 150 W Frequency response FM 30 Hz. 15 kHz, AM 50 Hz. 3 kHz Station search increments FM/AM/LW/SW (kHz) 100/9/3/5

CONNECTIONS/OTHERS DIN ISO connection Connectable CD changer Phone mute and low frequency phone input AUX input (only with out CD changer) Connection for 15-stage GAL (speed-dependent volume control)
* Dynamic routing with traffic message channel available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

Your Becker dealer:

HARMAN/BECKER Automotive Systems GmbH Becker-Gring-Strae 16 D-76307 Karlsbad Info-Line +49(0)7248/71-1777 Fax +49(0)7248/71-1433
SX-07820-02-020-0104. All information is provided without warranty. Technical specifications subject to change without notice.
TRAFFIC INFORMATION STATION TP Traffic programme, automatic TMC* station selection EON Enhanced Other Network CD stop during traffic information announcements CD Full-logic drive Skip function Random Play Repeat Display of played time of title/total CD time Display of CD titles total Scan function Last address memory Fast forward and rewind CD CHANGER (OPTIONAL) Skip function Direct title selection Random play Display of played time of title/total CD time Display of CD titles total Scan function Last address memory Programmable disc name Title filter Fast forward and rewind AUDIO Separate treble and bass control for each operating mode Adjustable balance, fader Music output (watts) 4 x 30 Sine output (watts) 4 x 18 Pre-out 4 Channel Subwoofer/centre speaker controllable pre-out Low frequency phone input, adjustable



Clp-150 PEG-NX60 Sigma Lens A7V266-MX Vwbn2 Deskjet F300 ON Time SGH-M620 MRD-M500 UX-V30R I 9004 CTC Stilo VR830 AVA-1210 Wide Zoom DRM-2001G Dect 221 DVS7905B Dect6800 GR-399SQ WD-10165TP L1952T-BF EPL-N7000 DCR-TRV27 TOP Star CD-X1700 Sview04 - 2003 Cdm1 SE CDJ-200 GZ-MG57AG 42PFL7862D MO623 SF-560 Pulsar 12 TVA-20 TA-F3000ES Caviar Blue Audiocore VGN-AR88E IC-A22-E SLV-N50 Korg AX3G SK3000 SA-WM40 ICD-UX71 Turbo-21R DHC-MD595 E808N 3 2 Handheld Magicolor 2210 CQ-VAD7300U Zigzag MC240 SRF-M80V MT01-2008 Esprit 1000 XV250T DZ-HS500E TS-50S Micro Yamaha PF80 Driveblue V HS Roland RS-5 Roam 1 Neopower 480 230 CPL Um 211 Commodore 64 DES-1250G CP3505 PCL Plantronics CS60 Quest-2004 Laserjet 4250 IA100 FX5051 PT-LB20U 14SH744 11 GO BD-C8500S 5520G AH215-JD S18AHN-n54 RL41sbsw 42PG1HD Rollei 35RF Grandma Advance Bottles MV35-V-007 WM2677HSM Select 32PW9618 12 AR-M450 System Alesis BRC RCD-W1


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