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b.may 2:27pm on Friday, June 18th, 2010 
The full featured package offers surround sound (5.1 to 7.1), special effects, SoundFont Management, EQ, mixer, a Smart Recorder Utility, WAV editor.
Aterxerxes 5:32pm on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
The best card I ever bought and at such a price you bet you got the best deal! I was having problems with old sound card (SB Audigy 2) that was installed on my older Dell Dimension 8400 once i switched to Vista no 5.1 sound.
h_sundt 9:31am on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 
Great sound - crystal clear audio and flexibi...  Dolby and DTS Support not inexpensive i bought mine about 5 years ago and have used it on 2 different laptops.

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15.25 cm

Champion 30 DSP Amplifier
Selectable Normal and Drive independent volume controls channels with
Your new Champion 30 DSP amplifier delivers worldclass Fender tone and worldstandard Fender DSP technology: 30W output power @ 8 ohms Digital Signal Processing 16 FX SELECTIONS Separate FX LEVEL control
HEADPHONES jack for private sessions FOOTSWITCH jack for use with a Fender 1-button footswitch (optional); enables remote activation of (1) Channel Select
Thank you for choosing Fender Tone, Tradition and Innovationsince 1946 Tone, Tradition

Panel Functions

A. INPUTS - Plug your guitar in here. INPUT 1 is used for normal electric guitars. INPUT 2 is a lower sensitivity input for guitars equipped with high output (active) pickups. The Normal channel control (B) is operational when the CH SELECT button is out, or footswitch LED is off. B. VOLUME - Adjusts the loudness of the amplifier. C. CHANNEL SELECT Button out selects the Normal channel Button in selects the Drive channel The Drive channel controls (DF), are operational when the CH SELECT button is in, or footswitch LED is on. D. GAIN - Adjusts the distortion level. Use in conjunction with the Drive channel VOLUME control (E) to adjust the overall loudness of the amplifier. E. VOLUME - Adjusts the loudness of the amplifier in conjunction with the GAIN control (D). F. CHANNEL INDICATOR LED off Normal channel is active LED on Drive channel is active G. TREBLE - Adjusts the high-frequency tone. H. MID - Adjusts the mid-frequency tone.
I. BASS - Adjusts the low-frequency tone. J. FX LEVEL - Adjusts the level of the selected effect. K. FX SELECT - Selects the active effect (see next page). L. FOOTSWITCH - Connect footswitch (optional) at this switching of CH SELECT. footswitch overrides the control. a 1-button Fender jack to enable remote When plugged in, the corresponding panel
M. HEADPHONES - Output jack for headphones using a standard* 1/4 plug. The internal speaker is automatically muted when this jack is used. *( or ) N. POWER INDICATOR - Illuminates when the amplifier is on. O. POWER SWITCH - Switches the amplifier on or off. P. POWER CORD SOCKET - Connect the included power supply cord in accordance with the voltage and frequency ratings listed on the rear panel.

A PRODUCT OF: FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORP. CORONA, CA USA Champion is a trademark and Fender is a registered trademark of FMIC Copyright 2002 FMIC

P/N 057315


Your new Champion 30 is designed by the same Fender Tone-team that created many other classic Fender amps like the ToneMaster , Prosonic , Princeton Chorus and Twin Reverb to name a few. And, it's built by the same craftspeople that build our popular line of Standard Series guitars and basses. Your Champion 30 amp features include treble, mid and bass tone controls, spring reverb, convenient front panel jacks with remote footswitching capabilities, speaker extension and both Normal and Drive Channels. The Normal and Drive Channels also feature individual volume controls allowing for matched level settings when switching between either channel. Moreover, the Drive channel incorporates Fenders smooth clipping circuit designed to simulate tube distortion. Solidly built and affordably priced, the Champion 30 is a great amp by any measure. Because of its illustrious family tree, your new amp is capable of a lot more than meets the eye. Please read through your owners manual in order to more thoroughly understand the operation of your Champion 30. Take the time to get to know each other. Tune-up, Plug-in and Play-on.
Standard Strat / Any Pick-up Combination (Normal Channel)
Strat Madness / Bridge Pick-up (Drive Channel)
Smokey Blues / Neck Pick-up (Drive Channel)
Whisper Lead - Any Guitar / Any Pick-up Combination (Drive Channel)
A. INPUT 1 - Plug your guitar in here. B. INPUT 2 - A lower impedance and sensitivity input than input 1, useful for guitars with active pickups. When used with passive guitars, it provides a darker tone. Both inputs are identical if used simultaneously. C. NORMAL VOLUME - Adjusts the overall loudness of the NORMAL CHANNEL. D. GAIN - adjusts the amount of preamp amplification in the DRIVE CHANNEL. Cleaner sound is achieved at lower gain settings; high gain settings will produce more sustain and distortion. This control works in conjunction with the DRIVE VOLUME control (item F) to set the overall loudness of the DRIVE CHANNEL. E. CH SELECT - Activates the DRIVE CHANNEL. F. DRIVE VOLUME - Adjusts the overall loudness of the DRIVE CHANNEL. G. DRIVE CHANNEL INDICATOR - When this indicator is illuminated, the DRIVE CHANNEL is active. H. TREBLE - Adjusts the amount of increase or decrease in the high frequency range. I. MID - Adjusts the overall tone quality without affecting the signal level. High MID settings will provide emphasis in the midrange frequencies whereas a lower setting will notch the midrange.
J. BASS - Adjusts the amount of increase or decrease in the low frequency range. K. REVERB - Adjusts the amount of reverb present in both the NORMAL and DRIVE CHANNELS. L. FOOTSWITCH - Plug-in connection for the optional remote footswitch to select between the NORMAL and DRIVE channels. For proper operation of the footswitch, the Gain Select switch should be out. NOTE: Any good quality patch cord will work with the remote footswitch, however, a speaker grade cord is preferable to a coax guitar cord. M. EXTERNAL SPEAKER - This jack provides an output to an external speaker enclosure. The enclosure must have a minimum impedance of 8. Using this jack automatically disables the internal speaker. N. POWER INDICATOR - When this indicator is illuminated, the Champion 30 is receiving AC power. REAR PANEL POWER SWITCH - This switch turns the AC power ON and OFF. When the switch is OFF, the amplifier is completely shut down. LINE CORD - This amplifier is equipped with a grounding type supply cord to reduce the possibility of shock hazard. Be sure to connect it to a grounded receptacle. DO NOT ALTER THE AC PLUG.
TYPE PART NUMBERS: PR 404 022-6703-010, (120V, 60Hz), USA 022-6763-010, (230V, 50Hz), Europe 022-6743-010, (230V, 50Hz), UK 022-6733-010, (240V, 50Hz), Aust 022-6773-010, (100V, 50/60Hz), Japan 38W >1M 100 mV 30W R.M.S. 8 One 8 Special Design 10" Speaker (P/N 036502) 15.5 in. 17 in. 8.5 in. 25 lbs. (39.4 cm) (43.2 cm) (21.6 cm) (11.4 kg)


Height: Width: Depth:


Fender, Strat, ToneMaster, Princeton and Twin Reverb are registered trademarks of the FMIC. Prosonic is a trademark of the FMIC. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.



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