Hughes Kettner Vortex

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Randall RH200 Hughes & Kettner Vortex Bugera 333XL [Reamp Test - DAWAMP]

Guitar DI - Erik Monsonís Azpíroz Reamp Test - Sinmix ...

[HD] [ShootOut] Hughes & Kettner Vortex [Clean | Rock | Metal]

Equipment used: Shure SM57 AKG D12 from ~1980 (placed in back of the amp to capture some low end) Fender American ...

Hughes and Kettner Vortex Sound Clip

Riffage with the H&K Vortex amp head. Signal chain: Jackson JS-30-DK (Dean Markley Helix HD .11 - 60) ---) H&K Vortex ---) FX ...