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The PC Gamer's Dream Machine

Kyle Kotlan Due 3-6-06

The PC Gamer's Dream Machine involves the Ultimate computer for playing video games. This type of computer would produce no graphical lag playing any game on the market. The computer with all these components we will be talking about, will make it one of the top gaming machines out there. We will be talking about the video card we will use, the kind of processor we will use, and the rest of the hardware we will use. Hopefully you will find this information useful when you decide to build your next computer.
The Video Card is one of the most important pieces of hardware in the whole system. Now for this ultimate machine I have chosen a Nvidia card. The exact card is the GeForce 7800 GTX 512 run in a SLI setup. Nvidia cards provide the ultimate in compatibility, weather you are playing a DirectX game or playing a game written in OpenGL. Part of the reason their compatibility is the best out there is their unified driver architecture. All their consumer line cards from back to the Nvidia TNT days to the GeForce 7800 GTX cards can use the same driver package. With ATI cards if you read a tech support forum about a game, you will find a lot of people having troubles with the ATI cards. The last thing you want to do before you can play a game, is to apply some sort of tweak or what ever to make the game run. With the image to the right you can clearly see that the GeForce 7800 GTX 512 in SLI is clearly the top performer, and when its not running in SLI mode its the third performer. This card would make a most excellent video card for a gamer's machine.
The Processor can be consider the next top piece of hardware in the computer. For this system we are going to use a AMD processor. To be exact the AMD 64 X2 4800+ AM2 processor. This is AMD's newest processor that suppose to be released second quarter. For this preview release its running DDR2-667, but when its officially released it will support DDR2-800 which will be really nice. I chose the AMD processor over Intel, the reason for that is they have been shown to be the best performing processors for video games. In recent years they have outpaced the Intel processors in speed. Since this processor takes advantage of ram that isn't available yet, this benchmark doesn't show results using DDR2-800. For my computer I will have the ram maxed out to 4 GBs. This processor is also going to need an equally bad ass motherboard. For this I chose the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard. This motherboard has every thing you could need to have a kick ass gaming rig. This motherboard has a patented Al NOS system, which is a Non-delay Overclocking System. This patented system will automatically, intelligently, and instantly overclock your system when running demanding tasks.
Now that the most important items are out of the way we can talk about the rest of the hardware. For the hard drives were going to have a very special and expensive setup. Using four I-Ram drives hosting 16 GB of ram.The I-Ram drive is a SATA solid state drive from Gigabyte, the setup will be in a 4 drive raid configuration providing 64 GB of memory. A configuration like this has yet to be

attempted due to the high costs of such a setup. But in the picture you can see the possible performance benefits of such a system. Next we need an awesome keyboard for rocking newbs. The keyboard chosen for that job is the Timberwolf Gaming Keypad. This is A full size keyboard with a leftside dedicated to standard FPS controls. Granted the keyboard is missing a numeric pad, but a true gamer won't miss that on the keyboard. Next the Logitech MX 1000 mouse. Some might say why did I choose a cordless mouse for my gaming mouse. Well I hate it when my mouse cord interfers when I'm playing games. Then have eight mouse buttons versus others with like three to five buttons. More buttons allows you to program more game shortcuts to the buttons.
I have just covered all the most important parts of the greatest gaming computer that could be built. With the Nvidia card in SLI you should have no problem rendering games. The 64 bit multicore process will come in handy in the not to distance future with games taking advantage of that technology. The Nvidia drivers already take advantage of multi-core processors. The I-Ram drives in a raid setup will provide the lowest data seek time possible for a gaming machine. Controlling the games are very important as well, because if you can't operate the game smoothly and fast you won't win. Now normally most people won't be able to drop the kind of money to build this machine, but since money was no object for me it wasn't a problem.


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