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BRITA Maxtra Filter Cartridge


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Competitive Product Test

DAFI Cartridges

Place of purchase Date of purchase Israel

August 09

1.1 General Information
Fit to BRITA jugs Cartridge fits to BRITA Classic systems and vice versa: BRITA Classic fits to DAFi system. Cartridge produced by Formaster in Poland. Claims / Packaging copy Key packaging claims listed): - Proven Quality- filtering system a holder of the Standards Mark of Standards Institution of Israel - 700 glasses of clear water from 1 universal cartridge - Removes flavor and taste from group1-removs 75% chlorine at least - The declarations on the package are according to the Israeli standard number 1505 part 1 - Important to know - the particulate coal are not damaging in any way.

1.2 Test Conditions

The following attributes were checked for the cartridges from IL: - Mixture content and ratio. Test water parameters: Local tap water with approx. 15dH carbonate hardness.

1.3 Test Results

General Findings
Mixture contains two components: activated carbon and cation exchange resin Average flow time is 3 to 5 min/L Only traces of silver released to the filtered water. Sodium release during the first 5 liters is below 70 mg/L what is in line to German Drink Water Directive which allows concentration of sodium in water is 200mg/L.


Israel has a separate packaging (flat pack and foil) because of local requirements related with claims and registration. The mixture content of the Israeli DAFI cartridges is similar to the DAFI cartridges found in the Ukraine (with slightly higher amount of activated carbon) what confirms the assumption that the same DAFI mixture is offered to all countries and a small differences result from not precise dosing. For the cartridges bought in Israel: Total DAFI filling volume is ca. 13% lower than in BRITA Classic cartridges and ca. 26% lower than in MAXTRA cartridges. The volume of ion exchanger in BRITA Classic cartridges is significantly higher than in DAFI cartridges (+48%). Thus it is expected that the DAFI cartridges have:
Significantly worse performance in terms of carbonate hardness reduction than BRITA CLASSIC available in Israel. Significantly worse performance in terms of carbonate hardness reduction than BRITA MAXTRA available in Israel.
As far as activated carbon is concerned, the DAFI cartridges contain more carbon than BRITA Classic cartridges and similar amount of carbon like MAXTRA cartridges. Based on this fact it is expected that DAFI performs: Slightly better than BRITA Classic in terms of chlorine reduction (this is however not a key benefit for hard water Israelian market). Comparable to BRITA MAXTRA in terms of chlorine reduction. Claims on the Israeli cartridge were tested by independent certification institute and thus cannot be challenged.
These parameters have been tested with similar cartridges from Poland und Ukraine For other countries the requirement in terms of sodium or silver release may be different. The release of sodium or silver is related with the quality of tap water and can also differ depending on the local tap water quality. proven by lab tests of BRITA Classic and DAFI cartridges in August 09


The new Bosch Private Collection BRITA coffee maker and kettle see Bosch and Brita team up to give British coffee and tea lovers their best-tasting cuppa yet. The Bosch Private Collection coffee maker is Britains FIRST with a Brita Maxtra water filter builtin and that means simply better coffee. Great-tasting coffee depends not just on the beans and the grind. explained Bosch product category manager Jane Lee, but on the one essential for any drink: water! The Private Collection Brita coffee maker is perfect for anyone who demands a lot from their favourite drink and paramount is optimum aroma and flavour. Hard water overlays everything with a flavour of its own, and while British tap water is clean and safe, it can be affected by dissolved metals such as copper and lead, or some pesticides or organic impurities. The Brita filtered water in the Private Collection coffee maker solves all these problems. Carbonate hardness is greatly reduced but all the minerals necessary for flavour are retained. And while the nations best consumer filtration system offers brilliant simplicity, the Private Collection coffee maker offers perfect consistency and flavour in every cup. The coffee maker has a 1.4 litre (10 cup) capacity, a removable water tank and integrated Brita Maxtra filter. Other features include an aroma-retaining glass jug, 1,100W element, warming plate to keep brewed coffee hot, a drip-stop mechanism, a permanent coffee filter and cool touch walls for extra safety. Tea drinkers dont miss out either: the Private Collections new fast-boil, high-capacity kettle also contains a built-in Maxtra filter unit. If you pay a premium price for gorgeous leaf teas because you love the way they taste, said Jane Lee. You dont block the flavours with impurities in the main ingredient water.
The Brita Maxtra cartridge in the new Bosch Private Collection kettle takes out the impurities and leaves beautifully clear, clean water. The Private Collection Brita coffee maker and kettle are available in a stylish black. The set is completed by the two slice toaster, making this the only matching breakfast set on the market that incorporates Brita technology. SRPs: Coffee maker: 44.99 Kettle: 34.99 Toaster: 19.99 Consumer brochure line: 0446 Website:


BRITA and innovation People in over 70 countries trust Brita-filtered water. Decades of experience, research and commitment to quality mean today's Brita filter is the best it can be: a world leader in taste technology. Founded in 1966, BRITA is considered to be the inventor of the table-top water filter and a specialist in limescale reduction. Many domestic and internationally protected patents and patent applications enable Brita to maintain its lead in innovation. ENDS: DATE: September 2007
Contact: Joan at JUPR Ltd on 01457 833346/email:



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