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Bosch PSR 1200


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vogel 8:57am on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 
I like it This is a good quality product, powerful for its size, and good for small jobs around the house.

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CCTV | PSR 1200 Rack-mount Power Supply
PSR 1200 Rack-mount Power Supply
Rack-mount power supply with 1200 W output in 2 HU Simplified cabling for rack-mount systems All outlets separately fuse-protected Dual mains power connection for redundant power supply for VIP X1600
The Bosch rack-mount power supply PSR 1200 makes installations in cabinets much easier and clearly arranged while providing reliable power to a variety of BVIP (Bosch Video-over-IP) products. Pre-defined cable trees are available to power multiple VIP X1600 as well as smaller BVIP units, mounted in rackmount kits. Mix of BVIP products of various kinds is also possible. Each output is separately protected with an electronic fuse to have maximum safety for the overall rack system. The dual mains power for the two independent internal power blocks allow redundant power feeding to VIP X1600 installations from a single PSR 1200. Instead of clustering plug-in power supplies in extension leads the concise structure of PSR 1200 allows a tidy setup that helps keeping control of your security installation. For use with:
Providing four outlet blocks with 300 W each Six 12 VDC outlets per block with up to 5 A each All outlets are separately fuse-protected Dual mains power connection for redundant power supply for VIP X1600 Pre-assembled cable trees as accessories with 1.5 m length match appropriate rack-mount kits Mix of products powered by a single PSR possible
Certifications and Approvals
Approvals Region Europe USA Certification CE UL PSR 1200 PSR 1200 UL online certifications directory (link) Safety Region Number EN 60950-1 (CE) UL 60950
VIP X1600 VIP X1, VIP X2, VIP XD, VIP 10 and VIP 1000 VideoJet X SN series


Rack-mount power supply with 1200 W output power in 2 HU

2 | PSR 1200 Rack-mount Power Supply
Electromagnetic Compatibility Region EU Number EN55103-1 EN55103-2 EN50130-4 (CE) EN50022 class B (CE) EN55024 EN61000-3-2 (CE) EN61000-3-3 (CE) AUS/NZ US AS/NZS 3548 FCC 47 CFR Chapter 1 Part 15
Mixing products being powered from a single PSR or outlet block is possible. Powering VIP X1600
PSRACT1 For redundant power supply a VIP X1600 can be connected to the left and right outlet blocks using two PSRACT1. Note Though the VIP X1600 requires approx. only 35 W, the first base system VIP X1600 BASE is UL approved with a maximum current of 5 A. Due to this only five VIP X1600 BASE are allowed to be connected to a single power outlet block. When using the new base system VIPX1600XFB or VIPX1600B, six of those can be connected per power outlet block.
Installation/Configuration Notes
The rack-mount power supply PSR 1200 has two independent entities of power supplies that are connected to mains power with two separate power cords. Each entity internally consists of two power supply blocks, each providing 300 W output power. The power outlets are in symmetric order at the rear side of the power supplies. Each screw terminal (green connector blocks) provides six power outlets which are protected by separate electronic fuses, located to the left or right of the connector block. PSRACT3
Powering VideoJet X10 SN, X20 SN, X40 SN
This cable tree is already prepared to fit with a rackmount kit carrying three units of either VideoJet X10 SN, X20 SN or X40 SN. The product types can be mixed within a rack-mount kit.
Rear view PSR 2 Screw terminals Electronic fuses VJTXACCRMK Note The older VideoJet 10 series can not be used with this cable tree due to a different power connector (RJ11).

Power distribution to the BVIP devices is done using preassembled cable trees that can be ordered on demand. All cable trees are already prepared for easy mounting to connectors on both sides andwith a length of 1.5 m allow for sufficient space between components in a rack system. The cable trees are available as multi-packs to fully utilize an outlet block.
PSR 1200 Rack-mount Power Supply | 3
Powering VIP 10, VIP 1000 or VIP X series
Electrical Output fuses Efficiency Heat output Mechanical Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight 89 x 480 x 300 mm (3.5 x 18.9 x 11.8 in) Approx. 8 kg (17.6 lb) 19 rack Charcoal 5 A at 40 C 80% typical (at 100 VAC) 83% typical (at 200 VAC) 1024 BTU/h (at 100 VAC, full load)
PSRACT5 This cable tree is already prepared to fit with a rackmount kit carrying five units of either VIP 10, VIP 1000 or VIP X series. The product types can be mixed within a rack-mount kit.
Mounting Color Environmental Operating temperature Storage temperature Relative humidity
0 C to +40 C (+32 F to +104 F) ambient temperature 0 C to +40 C (+32 F to +104 F) ambient temperature 20 to 80% atmospheric humidity, non-condensing

Ordering Information

VIPRMK1HU PSR 1200 Rack-mount Power Supply Rack-mount power supply 1200 W Accessories VIP-PSR-ACT1M 6 x PSR cable tree for 1 VIP X1600 (multipack) VIP-PSR-ACT3M 6 x PSR cable tree for 3 VideoJet X SN (multipack) VIP-PSR-ACT5M 6 x PSR cable tree for 5 VIP X/10/1000 (multi-pack) VIPRMK1HU VIP X/10/1000 rack-mount kit for 5 units (1HU) VJTXACCRMK VideoJet X SN rack-mount kit for 3 units VIP-PSR-1200

Parts Included

Rack-Mount Power Supply Quantity Component PSR 1200 Power cord EU Power cord US Quick Installation Guide Mounting material Cable Tree Multi-Packs Quantity Component 6 Cable trees PSRACT1 or Cable trees PSRACT3 or Cable trees PSRACT5






Technical Specifications
Electrical Input voltage Input current Output voltage Output current 85 to 265 VAC (47 to 63 Hz) 2 x 8.2 A max (at 100 VAC) 2 x 4.2 A max (at 200 VAC) 12 V, 300 W max per block Nominal 4.2 A, 5 A max per contact pair

4 | PSR 1200 Rack-mount Power Supply
Americas: Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 130 Perinton Parkway Fairport, New York, 14450, USA Phone: +Fax:
Europe, Middle East, Africa: Bosch Security Systems B.V. P.O. Box JB Eindhoven, The Netherlands Phone: + Fax:
Asia-Pacific: Represented by Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd, Security Systems 11 Bishan Street 21 Singapore 573943 Phone: +5511 Fax: +2698
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