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Robert 12:21pm on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 
I own a seiko alarm chronograph watch with 7T62 movement, which I bought in march 2010 as a brand new watch. Unfortunately my watch stopped working in september 2010,the battery was gone. I took it back to the shop,where I purchased it,since it is still under warranty. The jeweler sent the watch back to seiko centre in Dublin for the battery replacement and waterproof test. The whole procedure took about 3 weeks until I finally got my watch back. Now its working fine and I like to wear it. I expect the battery to last at least 2-3 years.

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Cal. 7T62

(S. 20) (P. (P. (P. (P. (105 37) 54) 71) 88) )


You are now the proud owner of a SEIKO Analogue Quartz Watch Cal. 7T62. For best results, please read the instructions in this booklet carefully before using your SEIKO Analogue Quartz Watch. Please keep this manual handy for ready reference. Sie sind jetzt Besitzer einer SEIKO Analog-Quarzuhr Kal. 7T62. Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung vor Verwendung der Uhr sorgfltig durch und heben Sie sie gut auf. Vous voici lheureux propritaire dune montre quartz analogique SEIKO Cal. 7T62. Pour obtenir dexcellentes performances de cet article SEIKO, veuillez lire attentivement cette brochure que vous conserverez pour toute rfrence ultrieure. Siete ora in possesso di un orologio SEIKO Analogico al Quarzo Cal. 7T62. Per ottenere i migliori possibili risultati dal Vostro orologio, leggere attentamente le istruzioni di questo manuale prima di utilizzare il Vostro orologio SEIKO analogico al quarzo. Conservare poi il manuale stesso per ogni qualsiasi eventuale futuro riferimento. Enhorabuena por su adquisicin de un reloj SEIKO analgico de cuarzo Cal. 7T62. Para ptimo resultado, lea detenidamente las instrucciones de este folleto antes de usar el reloj. Guarde este manual para consulta posterior. Voc pode sentir-se orgulhoso de possuir um Relgio SEIKO Quartz Anlogo Cal. 7T62. Para obter os melhores resultados, leia atentamente as instrues contidas neste opsculo antes de usar o seu Relgio SEIKO Quartz Anlogo. Queira conservar este manual para referncias futuras.


For the care of your watch, see TO PRESERVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR WATCH in the attached Worldwide Guarantee and Instruction Booklet.

CAL. 7T62

Can be set to ring only once at a designated time within the coming 12 hours.

STOPWATCH minute hand

Measures up to 60 minutes in 1/5 second increments. Split time measurement is possible.
STOPWATCH 1/5-second hand Minute hand

Hour hand

Small second hand

CROWN a b c

a: Normal position b: First click c: Second click

ALARM hour hand

ALARM minute hand
q This watch is so designed that the following are all made with the crown at the second click position: 1) main time setting 2) alarm hand adjustment 3) stopwatch hand position adjustment Once the crown is pulled out to the second click, be sure to check and adjust 1) and 2) at the same time. If needed, 3) should also be adjusted then.
Pull out to second click when the second hand is at the 12 oclock position.


Hour hand Minute hand
Turn to set the hour and minute hands.
1. When the stopwatch is or has been measuring, if the crown is pulled out to the second click, it will automatically reset the STOPWATCH hands to 0. 2. If the alarm has been set and the crown is pulled out to the second click, the ALARM hands will turn to indicate the current time. 3. It is recommended that the hands be set to the time a few minutes ahead of the current time, taking into consideration the time required to set the ALARM hands and to adjust the STOPWATCH hand position if necessary. 4. When setting the hour hand, be sure to check that AM/PM is correctly set. The watch is so designed that the date changes once in 24 hours. 5. When setting the minute hand, first advance it 4 to 5 minutes ahead of the desired time and then turn it back to the exact minute.


Set the ALARM hands to the time the main time hands indicate.
Press repeatedly to set ALARM hands to the time indicated by the main time hands.
* The ALARM hands move quickly if button B is kept pressed.
If the STOPWATCH hands are not in the 0 position, follow the procedure below to set them to the 0 position.
STOPWATCH 1/5-second hand STOPWATCH minute hand

Press for 2 seconds.

* STOPWATCH minute hand turns a full circle.
Press repeatedly to set STOPWATCH minute hand to the 0 position.
* The hand moves quickly if button B is kept pressed.
* STOPWATCH 1/5-second hand turns a full circle.
Press repeatedly to set STOPWATCH 1/5-second hand to the 0 position.
q ALARM and STOPWATCH hands can be readjusted in the following order by pressing button

ALARM hands

* ALARM hands advance 12 hours.

for 2 seconds.

STOPWATCH 1/5-second hand
* STOPWATCH 1/5second hand turns a full circle.


* After all the adjustments are completed, check that the main time and alarm hands indicate the same time.
Push back in to normal position in accordance with a time signal.


q Before setting the date, be sure to set the main time.
Pull out to first click. w Turn clockwise until the desired date appears. w Push back in to normal position.
1. It is necessary to adjust the date at the end of February and 30-day months. 2. Do not set the date between 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. Otherwise, the date may not change properly. 3. Do not press button B when the crown is at the first click position, as this will move the ALARM hands.


q The stopwatch can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5-second increments. q After 60 minutes, it will start counting again from 0 repeatedly up to 12 hours.
Before using the stopwatch, be sure to check that the crown is set at the normal position and that the STOPWATCH hands are reset to the 0 position.
* If the STOPWATCH hands do not return to the 0 position when the stopwatch is reset to 0, follow the procedure in SETTING THE TIME AND ADJUSTING THE STOPWATCH HAND POSITION.

Standard measurement

Accumulated elapsed time measurement


* Restart and stop of the stopwatch can be repeated by pressing button A.

Split time measurement

* Measurement and release of split time can be repeated by pressing button B.
Measurement of two competitors




q The alarm can be set to ring only once at a designated time within the coming 12 hours. q The alarm time can be set in one minute increments.


Before using the alarm, check that the ALARM hands are adjusted to the current time. (See SETTING THE TIME AND ADJUSTING THE STOPWATCH HAND POSITION)


Pull out to first click. Press repeatedly to set the desired alarm time.
Push back in to normal position.
* The alarm is automatically engaged.
1. The single-time alarm cannot be set for a time more than 12 hours ahead of the current time. While you keep button B pressed to advance the ALARM hands quickly, they stop when they indicate the current time and the alarm is disengaged. In that case, release button B, and then, press and hold the button again to set the ALARM hands to the desired time. 2. While the crown is at the normal position, the ALARM hands indicate the current time when the alarm is disengaged and the designated alarm time when it is engaged.


At the designated time the alarm rings for 20 seconds, and it is automatically disengaged as it stops. To stop it manually, press button A or B.
1. While the stopwatch is measuring, the alarm rings differently than usual. However, this is not a malfunction. 2. While the alarm is ringing, pressing button A or B will only stop the alarm, and no stopwatch operation can be made.
Pull out to first click. Press and hold until ALARM hands stop and indicate the current time. Push back in to normal position.
* To correct the alarm time you have set, follow the procedure described in ALARM TIME SETTING.
TACHYMETER (for models with tachymeter scale on the dial)
To measure the hourly average speed of a vehicle

Use the stopwatch to determine how many seconds it takes to go 1 km or 1 mile. Tachymeter scale indicated by STOPWATCH second hand gives the average speed per hour.
STOPWATCH second hand: 40 seconds

Tachymeter scale: 90

90 (tachymeter scale figure) x 1 (km or mile) = 90 km/h or mph
q Tachymeter scale can be used only when the time required is less than 60 seconds.
Ex. 2: If the measuring distance is extended to 2 km or miles or shortened to 0.5 km or miles and STOPWATCH second hand indicates 90 on tachymeter scale:
90 (tachymeter scale figure) x 2 (km or mile) = 180 km/h or mph 90 (tachymeter scale figure) x 0.5 (km or mile) = 45 km/h or mph
To measure the hourly rate of operation
Use the stopwatch to measure the time required to complete 1 job. Tachymeter scale indicated by STOPWATCH second hand gives the average number of jobs accomplished per hour.
STOPWATCH second hand: 20 seconds

Tachymeter scale: 180

180 (tachymeter scale figure) x 1 job = 180 jobs/hour
Ex. 2: If 15 jobs are completed in 20 seconds:
180 (tachymeter scale figure) x 15 jobs = 2700 jobs/hour


The miniature battery which powers your watch should last approximately 3 years. However, because the battery is inserted at the factory to check the function and performance of the watch, its actual life once in your possession may be less than the specified period. When the battery expires, be sure to replace it as soon as possible to prevent any malfunction. For battery replacement, we recommend that you contact an AUTHORIZED SEIKO DEALER and request SEIKO SR927W battery.
* If the stopwatch is used for more than 2 hours a day and/or the alarm rings for more than 20 seconds a day, the battery life may be less than the specified period. * After the battery is replaced with a new one, set the time/calendar and alarm and adjust the stopwatch hand position.

q Battery life indicator

When the battery nears its end, the small second hand moves at two-second intervals instead of normal one-second intervals. In that case, have the battery replaced with a new one as soon as possible.
* While the small second hand is moving at two-second intervals, the alarm will not ring even if it is engaged. This is not a malfunction. * The watch remains accurate while the small second hand is moving at two-second intervals.


q Do not remove the battery from the watch. q If it is necessary to take out the battery, keep it out of the reach of children. If a child swallows it, consult a doctor immediately.


q Never short-circuit, heat or otherwise tamper with the battery, and never expose it to fire. The battery may burst, become very hot or catch fire. q The battery is not rechargeable. Never attempt to recharge it, as this may cause battery leakage or damage to the battery.


Frequency of crystal oscillator. 32,768 Hz (Hz = Hertz Cycles per second) Loss/gain (monthly rate).. 15 seconds at normal temperature range (5 C ~ 35 C) (41 F ~ 95 F) Accuracy of the alarm. 1 minute Operational temperature range.. 10 C ~ +60 C (14 F ~ 140 F) Driving system.. Step motor, 4 pieces Display system Time/calendar.. Hour, minute and small second hands Date is displayed in numerals. Stopwatch.. Measures up to 60 minutes. Stopwatch minute and 1/5-second hands Single-time alarm.. Alarm hour and minute hands Battery.. SEIKO SR927W, 1 piece IC (Integrated Circuit).. C-MOS-IC, 1 piece
* The specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.



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