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28070122-07 RX3 Plus Cover


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RX3 Plus

Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Instruction manual Gebrauchsanweisung Gebruiksaanwijzing
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Mode demploi Manuale de instructone Manual de instrucciones
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IM-HEM-642-E-01-08/08 1637841-5D

28070106 RX-3 GB 01-16


RX-3 English

Introduction The OMRON RX-3 measures your blood pressure and pulse simply and quickly from the wrist, without the use of an inflation bulb or stethoscope. The measurement values are stored in the memory of the OMRON RX-3. The OMRON RX-3 fits wrist circumferences from 13.5 to 19.5 cm.

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How to obtain meaningful blood pressure readings
General The OMRON RX-3 is not suitable for measuring the frequency of cardiac pacemakers. Consult your doctor during pregnancy, arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis. Avoid eating, drinking (alcohol), smoking, sport and taking a bath before measurement. Be calm and relaxed before and during measurement. You should never change the dose of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Tips for use Check your blood pressure at least twice a day (before breakfast, after work). Do not measure your blood pressure while you are in a vehicle. Always measure on the same wrist. Wrap the wrist cuff around your wrist before start of measurement.
Caution Operating temperature between 10C and 40C. Operating environment must be free from excessive vibrations, shocks, magnetic fields, electrical noise, etc. Stay out of sunlight during measuring. Keep portable phones 5 meters away during measurement. Do not wrap the cuff other than around your wrist. Do not drop the OMRON RX-3.

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A Display B Wrist Cuff C Memory Recall button
D On/Off button E Battery Compartment

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Insert batteries

1 Open the battery compartment.
2 Insert two batteries in the battery compartment. Caution ! Use two identical 1.5V alkaline batteries type AAA LR03!
3 Close the battery compartment.

Pagina 5

Fit wrist cuff Caution ! Do not press On/Off button when the wrist cuff is not wrapped around the wrist!
1 Bare your wrist. Caution ! Push up your sleeve: avoid constricting the blood flow!
2 Put the monitor on the inner side of your wrist.
3 Hold the end of the wrist cuff and wrap it around your wrist. Caution ! Be sure the wrist cuff fits closely; do not pinch your arm!
Note: attach the monitor upside down for reliable measurement at your right wrist.

Pagina 6



DI A mmHg


Control functions C Memory Recall button D On/Off button
Measurement F Systolic blood pressure in mmHg. G Monitor blood pressure: flash - measurement takes place, light up - finish measurement. H Diastolic blood pressure in mmHg. J Memory display: values in memory. K Memory position: 1 to 28. L Inflation: wrist cuff inflates and measurement starts. M Deflation: wrist cuff deflates and measurement finishes. N Battery exhausted: batteries are weak/exhausted. P Pulse: heartbeats per minute.

Pagina 7

Caution ! Allow an interval of at least three minutes between two successive measurements!


1 Sit comfortably at a table with your feet flat on the floor and put your arm against the hard case.
Caution ! The OMRON RX-3 should always be at heart height during measurement. Usage of the hard case assures the right position of the OMRON RX-3!
2 Press On/Off button to start measurement. The OMRON RX-3 measures during inflation!
Caution ! Sit still, do not move, do not speak and do not touch the OMRON RX-3!

Pagina 8

Read display
1 Read the values of blood pressure and pulse from the display. Note: Display shows alternately blood pressures and heartbeats.
2 Note values in your personal blood pressure pass.
3 Press On/Off button to turn off power.

Pagina 9

Recall previous values K Memory position of latest and previous values.
1 Press Memory Recall button to turn on power. Note: Display shows alternately blood pressures and heartbeats.
2 Press Memory Recall button for latest and previous values. Press On/Off button to turn off power. Note: Display shows alternately blood pressures and heartbeats.

Pagina 10

Erase memory
1 Press Memory Recall button to turn on power.
2 Press Memory Recall button and simultaneously On/Off button to erase memory. Caution ! All stored values will be erased! Press On/Off button to turn off power.

Pagina 11

Store the OMRON RX-3 in the hard case in a dry, closed place with a temperature between -20C and 60C. Remove the batteries if you not intend to use the OMRON RX-3 for 3 months or more.
Faults: causes and rectifications
Fault Cause Rectification
Correct reading not possible
Movement, sound vibration, weak pulse
Wait for at least three minutes to repeat measurement

Display alkaline

Low voltage empty

Batteries weak/exhausted

Fit two new identical 1.5V batteries type AAA LR03

Inexplicable values

Wrong working method
Follow instructions, repeat measurement

Pagina 12

Maintenance and spare parts Use a soft, slightly moistened cloth to clean the OMRON RX-3. Caution ! Do not use petrol, thinners or similar solvents! Use a soft, moistened cloth and soap to clean the wrist cuff. Caution ! Do not wash the wrist cuff! Caution ! Do not use petrol, thinners or similar solvents! Do not carry out repairs of any kind yourself. If a defect occurs consult your OMRON retail outlet or distributor as mentioned on the packaging. Calibration It is recommended to have the OMRON RX-3 inspected every two years to ensure correct function and accuracy. Consult your OMRON retail outlet or OMRON distributor as mentioned on the packaging. Replace batteries Remove the battery out of the battery compartment and insert two new identical 1.5V alkaline batteries type AAA LR03 batteries. Spare parts Due to high company quality standards, OMRON considers the main unit as a non-serviceable part because the need for proper calibration after replacement of high tech components. If the cuff needs to be replaced have this done by an authorised expert. Consult your OMRON retailer or OMRON distributor as mentioned on the packaging. Attention ! Disposal of batteries and the OMRON RX-3 should be carried out in accordance with the national regulations for the disposal of electronic products.

Pagina 13

Technical Data
Product name Model Display Measuring range Accuracy Inflation Deflation Pressure detection Measuring method Memory Power supply Battery life Operating temperature /humidity Operating environment Storage temperature / humidity Weight Outer dimensions Wrist circumference Accessories Note = Type B Manufacturer EU-representative OMRON RX-3 wrist blood pressure monitor HEM-640-E Digital LCD Blood pressure: 0 - 299 mmHg / Pulse: 40 - 180 beats/minute Blood pressure: 3 mmHg / Pulse: 5% of display reading Automatic by electric pump Automatic rapid deflation system Pressure sensor (capacitive) Oscilliometric 28 Measurements 2 x 1.5V Alkaline batteries (LR03) AAA New batteries will last for approx. 300 measurements +10C to +40C / 30% to max. 85% relative humidity Free from excessive vibrations, shocks, magnetic fields, electrical noise, etc. -20C to +60C /10% to max. 95% relative humidity Approx. 140/160 g ex-/including batteries Approx. 47 mm (W) x 71 mm (H) x 79 mm (D) Approx. 13.5 cm to 19.5 cm Instruction manual, guarantee card, blood pressure pass, 2 alkaline batteries, storage box Subject to technical modification without prior notice 0197 OMRON HEALTHCARE CO., LTD. Japan OMRON HEALTHCARE EUROPE B.V., Kruisweg 577, NL-2132 NA Hoofddorp Made in China
This device fulfils the provisions of the EC directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive). This blood pressure monitor is designed according to the European standard EN1060, Non-invasive sphygmomanometers Part 1: General Requirements and Part 3: Supplementary requirements for electromechanical blood pressure measuring systems. This OMRON product is produced under the strict quality system of OMRON HEALTHCARE CO., LTD., Japan. The Core component for OMRON blood pressure monitors, which is the Pressure Sensor, is produced in Japan.

Pagina 14

General information about blood pressure
Blood circulation The blood circulation is responsible for supplying the body with oxygen. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the arteries. The systolic blood pressure value (higher pressure or top value) represents the blood pressure produced by contraction of the heart muscle. The diastolic blood pressure value (lower pressure or lower value) represents the blood pressure produced by relaxation of the heart muscle. Classification of blood pressure The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) developed the blood pressure classification. This classification is based on the blood pressure values measured while sitting on a chair in the outpatient department of a hospital.

Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)
Severe hypertension 180 Moderate hypertension 160 Mild hypertension 140 Normal systolic value Normal blood pressure Optimal blood pressure (target value) 110 Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)
According to the blood pressure classification by the WHO/ISH.

Pagina 15

Health and blood pressure The incidence of hypertension increases with age. In addition, a lack of exercise, excess body fat and high levels of cholesterol (LDL), which sticks to the inside in blood vessels, reduces elasticity of these vessels. Hypertension accelerates arterial sclerosis which can lead to very serious conditions such as stroke and myocardial infarction. For these reasons it is very important to know whether the blood pressure is within a healthy range. Blood pressure fluctuates from minute to minute, throughout the day. Therefore it is essential to take regular measurements to help you identify an average blood pressure. Symptoms of high blood pressure High blood pressure can go unnoticed for a long time, since it does not cause noticeable symptoms. The following are all possible causes of abnormally high blood pressure: Overweight High cholesterol level Smoking Excessive alcohol consumption Stress and emotional upset Excessive consumption of salt Lack of physical exercise Genetic/hereditary predisposition Underlying illnesses, such as kidney disorders or endocrine disturbance
Blood pressure measurement Measuring your blood pressure daily enables you to recognize high blood pressure at an early stage and obtain medical treatment. The oscillometric method of measurement determines your blood pressure by measuring the pressure fluctuations caused by the pulse waves. Since your blood pressure fluctuates within a day (see graphic next page), you should always measure it at the same time each day to ensure that the measurements are genuinely comparable. At the doctors surgery, nervousness and tension may cause your blood pressure to be higher than in familiar circumstances at home. This is known as White Coat Hypertension.

Pagina 16

Treatment of high blood pressure If your blood pressure reaches upper values of mmHg and lower values of 90 - 95 mmHg in repeated measurements over several days, you should consult your doctor for detailed medical examination. You can assist the treatment prescribed by your doctor in the following ways: Loose weight and lower your cholesterol level by reducing the calories and fat in your diet. Cut down on animal fats and eat more fruit and vegetables. Reduce the consumption of alcohol. Reduce the intake of salt: the German League for Combating High Blood Pressure recommends six grams of salt per day (i.e. one teaspoon) on average. Stop smoking. Take regular exercise. Monitor your blood pressure.

Upper curve: systolic blood pressure Lower curve: diastolic blood pressure
150 mmHg Time of day 18 24
Example: fluctuation within a day (male, 35 years old)


OMRON HEALTHCARE CO., LTD. 24, Yamanouchi Yamanoshita-cho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto, 615-0084 Japan OMRON HEALTHCARE EUROPE B.V.
EU-representative Kruisweg 577, 2132 NA Hoofddorp,
The Netherlands OMRON DALIAN CO., LTD. Dalian 116600, China
Production facility Economic & Technical Development Zone,
OMRON HEALTHCARE UK LTD. Opal Drive, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes MK15 0DG, United Kingdom


OMRON Medizintechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH John-Deere-Str. 81a, 68163 Mannheim, Germany OMRON SANT FRANCE SAS 14, rue de Lisbonne, 93561 Rosny-sous-Bois Cedex, France Made in China



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