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Ukraine - Wall hung boilers

Spare Parts Catalogues

Isotwin C 30

Overall Picture


S10017 S54656

Front panel Front Side panel Back Side panel Instrument panel Screw clip (set of 2) Brand name Screw 4,2X13,5 (pk50)


Draft diverter Strip terminal Screw 4,2X13,5 (pk50)

Heat Exchanger

S10066 S10379
Heat exchanger O Ring Insulation combustion chamber Clip (pk10)


0020048249 S10037 S10038 S10494 S54656 S54852 S54906
Burner (17 burner chamber group) Strap Ashtray Ignition elektrode Ignition elecktrode Isolant thermique habillage Screw 4,2X13,5 (pk50) Gasket (PK100) Screw (pk50)

Gas valve

S54852 S54906

100 50

Gasket (PK100) Screw (pk50)

Harness + Electric box

56517 S57398 S57427
Plastic control box Plastic control box cover Printed circuit, ISOTWIN/MAX 35KW Carte interface Cable tree (harness) Cable tree main lines Cable tree supply Cable ignitor Switch on /off Thermostat PTC Fuse 2A (pk5) Sensor temperature Spark ignition

Pump and Flue sensor

S10068 S10070 S10244 S10245 S10247 S10359 S54657 S54658 S54661 S54662 S54664 S54665 S57205
Clip (pk10) Block pump Motor pump 1300L/h Motor pump dcw Housing of motor pump dcw Non-return valve Seal O-ring Clip pack (pk15) Handle extension adapter Filling cock Heating filter Automatic de-aerator Valve de aeration Clip (pk10) Clip 18 (pk10) O ring (pk 20) O ring (pk20) Clip (pk10) O ring (pk20) O ring (pk20) Pressure sensor

Sanitary heat exchanger

54659 S10166 S54660
Screw (pk50) Domestic Heat Exchanger 12plt Washer (pk20)

3 Way Valve

S10067 S10071 S10255 S10537 S10856 S52617 S54182 S54215 S54550 S54657 S54661 S54662 S54664 S54665 S54840 S54909 S57419
Heating valve 3bars Non-return valve 3 way valve 3Wv motor O Ring By pass Washer (pk100) O ring (pk25) Clip 20 (pk10) Clip 18 (pk10) O ring (pk20) Clip (pk10) O ring (pk20) O ring (pk20) O ring (pk10) Clip (pk15) D.H.W valve, kpl
Pipes and Heating flow sensor
0020048282 S10379 S10756 S54550 S54664 S54665 S54840 S54852

10 100

Seal (PK10) Pumpe pipe Hose dcw Hose dcw Hose dcw Storage water heater tube Tube heating Tube heating Housing of Vortex with plug Tube heating Gas connection tube Clip (pk10) Pipe bypass Clip 20 (pk10) O ring (pk20) O ring (pk20) O ring (pk10) Gasket (PK100)

Expansion vessel

54590 S12096 S54661 S54840 54066
Clip (pk10) Expansion vessel heating Expansion vessel d.h.w 2L Tube expansion vessel dcw Seal gasket Tube expansion vessel heating Clip pack (pk15) Nut O ring (pk20) O ring (pk10) Joint plat

Fixing jig

54667 S10256 S10297 S10361 S10459 S10741 S12523 S54182 S54851 S54852 S56507
Tube connection Strip terminal Tap cold water Sachet of seals + flow limitor 14L Kit connection tube Flow limitor 14L Clip (pk10) Mixing valve Connection Gas tap Screw M4x12 (PK10) Flexible Filter Washer (pk100) Washer (pk100) Gasket (PK100) Washer 3/4 (pk50)

0020048299 S54840

Clip (pk10) Tube (L=597 mm, D=18 mm) Storage water heater bi-material 20 L Deflecteur water tank Temperature sensor O ring (pk10)




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