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Ricoh Aficio 270About Ricoh Aficio 270
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Rahman ullah 8:18am on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 
My question is that how i can connect the ricoh photostate machine the networking envirnomet
Jan 2:17pm on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
Promising technology I was researching printers on the web and was intrigued by the Gelsprinter system from Ricoh.

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220 & 270

The Smart Solution For The Networked Office

Digital Technology

built on a modular design to enable you to add on digital faxing, network
Strategically Designed For Your Growing Networked Office.
Your business keeps growing and so do the demands of your workload. The question becomes, do you keep wasting money on an outdated system or spend way too much on one that has capabilities you dont yet require? RICOH has simplified the decisionmaking process with a reliable, expandable, affordable and safe solution focusing on your requirements and addressing your changing business applications in the future! The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270
printing and network scanning capabilities within a single system to support your business applications. Whether your environment is a connected workgroup within a large corporation, a branch location or a small office, the Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 handle your document workflow no matter what your applications, providing you with one of the most integrated, affordable multifunctional imaging systems on the market.
Digital Imaging Systems offer the high-performance advancements of digital technology from outstanding image quality to an array of convenient, productive capabilities and are

Digital, A Step Ahead

Going digital is where its at in todays fast-paced, evolving business world
and Ricoh has taken the lead in the industry where digital technology is concerned. Advanced Ricoh engineering ensures unsurpassed quality, productivity and reliability, yet it also enables the essential expandability a company needs to get ahead. Imagine, the flexibility of building your own integrated digital imaging system to meet your growing needs!

scan fax

digital technology
Touch Panel Display, Simple to Use
Even a digital imaging system that seems capable of doing everything simply cant do anything if its not easy to use. Novices and experienced users alike can walk right up to the Aficio 220 & 270 and access even the most sophisticated functions with a touch on the Touch Panel Display. These user-friendly systems come with a logically organized control panel that is clearly labeled. Booklet printing, slip sheets, two-sided printing (duplex), covers, stapling or watermarks are just some of the options available with a point and click on the driver.
Exceptional Image Quality, Professional Image
You cant accept anything less than perfection when it comes to your image. That means great looking documents every time. The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 offer 600 dpi resolution, combined with 256 level gray scale capability, for the sharpest of images. Photographs, spreadsheets, manuals, and proposals are also faithfully reproduced with the help of three special Original Modes to reflect your professional image.

Output Original

Network Printing at 22 or 27 Pages per Minute
Full-service convenience can be yours when incorporating laser quality printing with 600 dpi resolution for seamless network connectivity. Support is standard for PCL5e/PCL6 and an option for genuine Adobe PostScript 3 , ensuring compatibility with all of todays most popular applications.
Efficient Memory Performance, Productive Users
From single copies to finished sets, youll always experience exceptional performance and productivity. By scanning an original document once, directly into the powerful 20 MB standard, expandable memory, the
Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF)
Advanced Technology, Enhanced Reliability
While the Aficio 220 & 270 is spacesaving and easy to use, what truly counts is on the inside the state-ofthe-art Ricoh engineering elements that ensure reliability and productivity use after use. Elements like a short, straight paper path delivering a fast first copy speed of 4.9 seconds dramatically improves reliability. Stackless Duplexing streamlines two-sided output like never before. You can perform limitless duplexing for jobs as large as 11" x 17" whether ,

1,000-sheet Finisher

the optional 1,000-sheet Finisher for professional looking documents.
High Performance Fax Capabilities
The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 stand up to the most powerful fax systems on the market today. Enjoy fast 3-second per page transmission speed via a standard 33.6 Kbps modem, with incoming faxes printed at full
Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 allow you to go do other work while the scan once, print many capability takes over to complete your job, regardless of the number of sets requested. Wear and tear on the document feeder is significantly reduced, as are operation noise levels, and every copy has the same precision quality as the original. Memory capability also means your output will be electronically sorted, automatically, without the need for a mechanical sorter. And, to give your documents a more professional look, you can utilize preset stamps, or even add page numbers, easily placing them on a page in a variety of positions using the Touch Panel Display.
youre copying, faxing or printing!
Intelligent Document Handling
Capable of holding up to a 3,100-sheet paper supply and automatically switching paper sources

Shift Sort Tray

engine speed (22 or 27 pages per minute) twice as fast as most stand-alone faxes. The optional Multi Line capability allows the Aficio 220 & 270 to send and receive documents at the same time.
Embracing Environmental Commitment
during a copy or print run, the Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 ensure uninterrupted operation so you can focus on other work tasks. Our optional Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF) processes multiple originals sized 5 2" x 8 2"
Ricoh only manufactures products that create a healthier and safer environment for all. Consequently, Ricoh Corporation was recognized as the 1999 Imaging Partner of the Year and has received EPA recognition for four years running for its Energy Star Compliance.
to 11" x 17" High-speed sorting up to. 11" x 17" is available with the optional Shift Sort Tray. Polish off your output into neatly collated, stapled sets with

The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270. The Smart Solution for the Networked Office
EPA 1998/99 Imaging Partner of the Year EPA 1997 Copier Partner of the Year EPA 1996 Overall Office Equipment Partner of the Year Ricoh Corporation has determined that this product meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.
There is a name synonymous with the business world: Deming. Named for Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the Deming Medal Award recognizes corporations and individuals that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to quality control. Ricoh has won two coveted Deming Prizes for quality control.
Printed in U.S.A. on recycled paper because Ricoh cares. Ricoh is a registered trademark of Ricoh Company, Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Ricoh Corporation
Ricoh Corporation, Five Dedrick Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006 Phone: (973) 882-2000 Website: CA-9936


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Ricoh Aficio 220/270 Toner
Product Name: Ricoh Aficio 220/270 Toner PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Generic ID: Thermoplastic Powder COMPONENTS
Document #1009-006-01 REV: 7/2009
INGREDIENT TLV UNITS AGENCY TYPE THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN COMPONENTS CONSIDERED HAZARDOUS AND/OR ANY COMPONENTS CONSIDERED CARCINOGENIC. Components are acrylic copolymer, carbon black, polypropylene wax and a charge control agent. Specific formulation and chemical identities are trade secrets.


Approx. Boiling Point Vapor Density (air=1) Vapor Pressure Evaporation Rate (n-BuAC=1) % Volatile

Specific Gravity

Flash Point Range

Melting Point

Solubility in Water




Odorless, black fine powder
Eye Contact: Flush with copious amounts of water, consult a physician if unsuccessful. Skin Contact: Wash with mild soap and water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Inhalation: N/A Ingestion: N/A. HEALTH HAZARDS/ROUTES OF ENTRY
Eye Contact: May cause eye irritation. Direct contact may cause burning, tearing and redness.
Skin Contact: There are no health hazards under normal use conditions. Inhalation: There are no health hazards under normal use conditions. Ingestion: Health hazard is minimal being neither irritating, corrosive, volatile nor toxic.
SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION Ventilation: General ventilation during mechanical operation. Respiratory Protection: N/A Protective Gloves: N/A Eye Protection: N/A Other Protection: It is suggested that a source of clean water be available in work area for flushing eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust.


Stability Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid) Hazardous Decomposition Products Hazardous Polymerization



Will not occur.

If spilled, sweep or pick up with vacuum cleaner. PRECAUTIONS IN CASE OF SPILL If spilled, sweep or pick up with vacuum cleaner. WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD Dispose of product in accordance with local, county, state and federal regulations. Do not try to incinerate large quantities. HANDLING AND STORAGE PRECAUTIONS Keep containers closed in a cool, dry place away from source of ignition, heat or open flame. Dust suspended in the air may be explosive. Avoid inhalation of dust FIRE AND EXPLOSION INFORMATION - HAZARD RANKING 0 = Least 1 = Slight 2 = Moderate 3 = High 4 = Extreme HEALTH HAZARD: N/A FLAMMABILITY: N/A REACTIVITY: 0 OTHER: N/A Dry chemicals, CO2 or foam. Extinguishing Media: Hazardous Decomposition: N/A Fire Fighting Procedures: None in normal storage and use conditions. DISCLAIMER OF EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES This information in this document is believed to be correct as of the date issued. However, no warranty of Merchantability , fitness for any particular purpose, or any other warranty is expressed or is implied regarding the accuracy or completeness of this information, the results to be obtained from use of this information or the product, the safety of this product, or the hazards related to its use. This information and product are furnished on the condition that the person receiving them shall make his own determination as to the suitability of the product for his particular purpose and on the condition that he assumes the risk of his use thereof.



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