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Bosch PrioBosch Pro 30" Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range HDI728
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Brand: Bosch
Part Number: HDI728
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World premiere: Bosch PRIO, the first battery-powered sander with lithium ion technology.

Youll be amazed.

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With the Bosch PRIO, from now on you can sand, polish and clean whenever and wherever you want. Because its the first battery-powered sander in the world with lithium ion technology. Small, practical and innovative, it even fits into the tiniest of corners and sands hard-to-access surfaces never before has sanding been this easy.

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Self-discharge? Memory effect? Stop worrying. Thanks to lithium ion technology, the Bosch PRIO even has power when you havent used it in quite a while. You can put it into the charging station after each use no matter whether the battery is full, half full or empty. Even when the battery is empty it takes only 30 minutes until you have 80 percent of the power available. And to make sure your sanding accessories are always ready at hand, three practical compartments are integrated in the charging cradle.
The charge level indicator tells you how much battery power is left.
Lightning-fast sanding sheet replacement thanks to micro velcro connection.

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Charge level indicator. Indicates how much power the Bosch PRIO has left. On/off switch. Integrated in the grip surface for fast and safe handling.
Soft grip. The golf ball texture is made for safe and convenient handling.
Revolving delta grip. Increases the sanding sheets life by a factor of three. Simply turn and get on with the job!
Large sanding surface. This makes the small, practical Bosch PRIO suitable even for big challenges. Micro velcro connection. For easy, tool-free sanding sheet replacement.

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To make sure you can start working with your Bosch PRIO, shipment already includes 2 two-part sanding sheets and 1 cleaning fleece. Weight Battery voltage Sanding surface 700 g 7.2 V 104 mm2

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Sanding sheet set. Comprehensive set consisting of 25 two-part sanding sheets with different granulation for sanding jobs of any kind.
Red wood. Sanding sheets that are especially suited for wood and wood materials.
White paint. Sanding sheets with up to four times longer service life than that of conventional products. Perfectly suited for paint, varnish, filler and putty knife.
Cleaning fleece. Available in different granulations, this fleece not only makes metal surfaces shine but also removes stains on wood, and gently brings out the texture.

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Robert Bosch GmbH
Power Tool Division Postfach 0745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen



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