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7 March 2006

Clever cook!
Moulinex launches new food preparation machine
If you want to prepare food fast but dont want bulky complicated machines, the experts at Moulinex have come up with another first - a hand blender with a food processor attachment.
The Optipro DDF6 is one of the most versatile food preparation gadgets on the market and a great space saver. Designed to easily tackle a range of tasks, such as slicing vegetables, blending soup, whisking pancakes, grating cheese and kneading dough, this compact piece of kit will help speed up the process.


blender has an anti-scratch foot so it wont damage the surfaces of non-stick pans, and with six speeds and a turbo button to choose from, you will be able to select the perfect speed to

prepare each dish.

The 700w Optipro DDF6 comes with an extra large 1.5 litre processor bowl, perfect for soups and sauces, a stainless steel multi whisk for delicious pancakes and desserts and a 150ml mini chopper which can efficiently cut through a range of foods including vegetables, nuts and herbs.
2 Changing attachments is easy as it has an eject button which releases them with one easy click.
With an ergonomic design, its comfortable to use with soft touch grip areas and buttons, and the flexibility of right-handed and left-handed positions to keep the mains lead out of the way.
The Optipro DDF6 will be available from all leading electrical retailers from March priced 59.99.
For further information, photography or samples please contact Helen Beavis on 2482 or email
Pr/gs/press releases/2006/moulinex/optipro DDF02 06


e n g l i s h

Thank you for choosing an appliance from the MOULINEX range, which is intended exclusively for the preparation of food and is only for domestic use. ged in. Never operate the liquidiser attachment without using ingredients. Always handle the blade of the mini-chopper by its shaft. Always disconnect the appliance before any operation 3 : assembly,disassembly or cleaning. Never dismantle the appliance. Apart from the usual care and cleaning, the appliance requires no maintenance on your part. If the supply cable or the plug is damaged, do not use the appliance.To avoid any risk, these must be replaced by an approved Moulinex service centre (see list in the Moulinex service booklet). In the interests of safety, use only the appropriate Moulinex accessories and spare parts for your appliance. The cord is already fitted with a plug incorporating an appropriate fuse. If the plug does not fit your mains socket, see paragraph below. Should you need to replace the fuse in the plug supplied, an appropriately rated, approved BS 1362 fuse must be used (refer to wiring instructions for fuse rating). If the plug supplied does not fit your mains socket, it should be removed from the mains cord and disposed of safely. The flexible cord insulation should be stripped back as appropriate and a suitable alternative plug fitted. If the plug has external access to the fuse (non rewirable type plug) please note that the fuse cover is an important part of the plug. Please ensure that it is always refitted correctly. If you lose this cover, please do not use the plug. You may contact a Moulinex authorised service dealer.
DESCRIPTION 1 (according to model)
A B C D E F G H I J J1 J2 J3 K Motor unit Start button for normal speed Start button for turbo-speed Speed control Accessory release button Liquidiser attachment Adapter fitting for whisk Whisk Jug, 1.5 l Mini-chopper Chopper bowl Cover Blade Wall bracket


Read the instructions carefully before using your appliance for the first time.This product has been designed for domestic use only. Any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions,the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply. Children or disabled persons must be supervised at all times when using this appliance; do not leave the appliance or supply cable within their reach. Check that the supply voltage shown on the rating plate of the appliance does, in fact, match that of your electrical system. Any connection fault invalidates the guarantee. Do not touch the moving parts 2. Never handle the blade of the liquidiser attachment when the appliance is plug-

For fruit based preparations, first cut and stone the fruit. Do not use the liquidiser attachment for hard materials such as coffee, ice cubes, sugar lumps, cereals or chocolate. Using the whisk (H), you can make light preparations (mayonnaise, batters, whisked egg white, whipped cream, etc.). The mini-chopper (J) can be used to chop parsley, condiments, meat (250 g), nuts (125 g), cheese (125 g), breadcrumbs, baby food, etc. Allow cooked food to cool a little before putting it in the bowl. Remove bones and gristle from meat before placing it in the bowl. Recipes


Clean your accessories with soapy water before using them for the first time. Rinse and dry them carefully. When fitting accessories to the motor unit (A), push them home until they click into place 4. Before using the mini-chopper, carefully position the blade on the central pivot of the bowl (J1). Place the ingredients in the bowl.Place the cover on the bowl and turn till it locks. Position the motor unit on the cover 5. Insert the whisk (H) in the adapter fitting (G) then fit the assembly to the motor unit. Connect the appliance and press the start button (B). Use the speed control to select a speed from 1 to 6 or press the turbo-speed button (C). Speeds 1 to 3 are used to start work and avoid splashing. Press the release button (E) to detach the accessories after use. Important advice To avoid any overflow, the container used should not be more than 2/3 full 6. In order for blending to be effective, the preparation should cover at least the bottom part of the liquidiser. Remove the cooking container from the heat before blending hot preparations. For best results, move the liquidiser attachment about in the container. If the preparation includes stringy ingredients (leeks, celery, etc.) regularly clean the liquidiser attachment during use and observe the safety instructions during disassembly and cleaning.
Liquidiser attachment, 10 seconds at speed 5: 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon mustard, 1 tablespoon vinegar, salt, pepper, 250 ml oil


Liquidiser attachment, 30 seconds at speed 4: 500 g potatoes, 400 g carrots, 1 leek, salt, pepper, 1.8 l water. Steam the vegetables for 10 minutes.


Whisk, 1 minute at speed 5: 200 g flour, 1 pinch of salt, 500 ml milk, 40 g melted butter, 3 eggs.


Whisk, 2 minutes at speed 6: 20 g icing sugar, 200 g crme frache.

T r k e

Disconnect the appliance before cleaning. Do not immerse the appliance, the supply cable or the plug in water or in any other liquid. Do not put the motor unit (A), the adapter fitting (G) or the cover of the mini-chopper (J2) in the dishwasher. Never immerse them in water or put them under running water. To clean, wipe them with a damp sponge. The liquidiser attachment (blade up), the whisk (whisk up), the jug and the minichopper bowl and blade can be put in the dishwasher. We recommend that you detach and clean the liquidiser attachment shortly after every use. If the plastic parts are discoloured by the food (carrots, etc.), rub them with a cloth to which you have applied some cooking oil and then clean in the usual way. It is normal for some stainning to occur. Evde kullan m amac yla ve g da haz rlamak zere retilmi bir MOULINEX rn setiiniz teekkr ederiz.



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