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Ricoh Aficio  3245CRicoh AFICIO 3228C / 3235C / 3245C Premium Quality Compatible Magenta Toner 888342-C
Premium Quality Compatible Magenta toner for use in the Ricoh Aficio 3228C / 3235C / 3245C (10,000 Yield) (Type R1)

Brand: Ricoh
Part Number: 888342-C

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CaptainHook 11:32am on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
I had my mind set on a fuji F10 but my local dealer somewhat pushed a caplio R2. So, I left the shop a proud owner of a beautiful. I bougt Caplio R1V after long time of thoughts and discussion and got many good advices. The first days I was proud Caplio owner. Bought this because of its size, zoom and large lcd all of which are good and the response time/start up are fast as well.
fish 12:35am on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
I got this DC as a gift from my father, and then I used it for five years, during which I did not change to another DC.
zkold 3:42pm on Friday, August 13th, 2010 
Canon strikes again there is not much that needs to be said or even examine when it comes to a Canon digital camera.
DaniRR73 4:54am on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
Bought this 5 years ago as my first digital camera and am still using the camera. It is 5 mega pixel, 3X optical zoom with 1. I bought this camera a couple of years ago upgrading from a Canon 300d. The first thing I can say about this camera is its brilliant.
thorbjog 3:32pm on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
Ricoh Caplio R1 Lenght 10cm Depth 5. Macro, Slim Design, Superfast startup. Poor Night Photos

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Ricoh Aficio 3245 C

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Dataquest Segment SRP Manufacturing Status Domestic Intro Date OEM Also Sold As Distributed By Max Monthly Duty Cycle TYPE Configuration/Scanner Toner GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS/PAPER HANDLING First Copy Time Multicopy (Ltr/Lgl/Ldgr) Warm-up Time Std Paper Source(s) Std Paper Capacity Paper Weights Bypass/Paper Weights Max Paper Sources Max Paper Capacity Max Original Size Output Size (Min/Max) Copy Resolution Copier Memory (Std/Max) Duplex Duplex Capacity/Paper Sizes Document Feeder Doc Feeder Speed/Capacity Paper Weights Sorter (Bins/Capacity) Staple Sorter Bins/Stapling Capacity Stapling Positions Finisher Tray/Stapling/Position(s) Other SECURITY SPECS Network User Authentication IP Address Filtering MAC Address Filtering HDD Overwrite Max Overwrites 13232/USA NA $17,878 New June 2005 Ricoh (Japan) Gestetner DSc445; Lanier LD345c; Savin C4535 Dealers, branches and subsidiaries 50,000 impressions Full-color copier, MF Desktop,digital Dry, monocomponent
8/6 sec* 35/45 cpm* 99 sec Dual drawer 500/500 sheets 16 to 28 lbs 100-sheet/16-lb bond to 90-lb index 4 3,100 sheets 11 x 17 5-1/2 x 8-1/2/11 x x 600 dpi 1 GB, 2x40 GB HD**/1 GB, 2x40 GB HD Auto (1:2,2:2,2:1) Unlimited/8-1/2 x 11 to11 x 17 Std RADF 45 opm/80 orig 11 to 34 lbs None None Not applicable Not applicable Opt finishers 2,000, 1,000/50, 50/4, 4
Yes Info not avail Info not avail Opt 3
HDD Encryption Secure Print Other CONTROL PANEL Quantity Selector Message Display Help Key FEATURES Automatic Features Book Copy Booklet Mode Color Copy Control Covers Editing Energy-Save Erase Image Insert Image Overlay Image Repeat Image Rotate Interrupt Job Build Job Programs Job Time Language Margin Shift Neg/Pos OHP Interleaving Photo Mode Poster Mode Preset R/E Program Ahead Sheet Insertion Stamping Timer 2-in-1 XY Zoom Zoom Range Other Features
Info not avail Yes Keypad and touch screen 1 to 999 (0 to 9 keypad) Yes No AES, AMS, AS, ASO, ATS Yes Std Std 500 Std Std Yes Std Yes No Yes Std Yes Yes 10 No Std Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7R, 5E Std No Std No Std Yes 25 to 400 (1%) *Full color/monochrome; color copy features include auto color selection mode, single color (12 colors w/4 levels of density selection), twin color (black + one color and black + red); input density adjustment (auto/manual); proof copy mode 33.8" x 26.4" x 27.5" 264 lbs 120 V, Amps not avail Recommended Yes Info not avail Ricoh's new Polyester Polymerization color toner is said
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight Power Requirements Dedicated Outlet Energy Star Compliant Operating Noise Level COMMENTS
to reduce the amount of dust around the image, making it sharper; lead, chromium, PVC, and cadmium free; 2-bit color depth OPTIONS 2,000-sheet LCT: $1,495 500-sheet tray: $745 PS590 paper bank: $1,245 Stand: $175 Multi-bin: $450 Booklet finisher: $3,400 Punch kit type 2238: $765 Multi-tray finisher: $2,700 2-/3-hole punch type 1075: $765 Platen cover: $90 MAINTENANCE Fuser Rollers Yield Cleaning Blades Yield Other Yield Fuser Oil PM Schedule SUPPLIES Photoconductor Yield Price Toner Yield % Coverage Price Developer Yield Price MULTIFUNCTION MODES Copier Internet Fax Network Printer Printer Fax Network Fax PC Fax Scanner CONNECTIVITY SPECIFICATIONS Operating System Support Parallel Interface PC Fax/Print/Scan Serial Interface PC Fax/Print/Scan USB Interface Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Not required 60,000 OPC assembly 60,000 black/60,000 color Priced by dealer Ctrdg weight not avail 24,000 black/10,000 color 5% Priced by dealer Weight not avail 60,000 black/60,000 color Info not avail Std Opt Std Std Opt Opt Opt Std

Mac, Win 9x, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP** Opt Yes/Yes/No None Not applicable Std
PC Fax/Print/Scan Network Interface Interface Type LAN Fax/Print/Scan Networks Supported NetWare Windows NT AppleTalk UNIX AS/400 Other FACSIMILE SPECIFICATIONS Scanner Technology Compression Method Modem Speed Max TX Resolution Gray Scale/Halftones Std/Max Fax Memory Min/Max Orig Size (WxL) Max Paper/Print Width Effective Scanning Width Correct-Order Output Batch Files Battery Backup Confid TX/RX Dual Lines Multi Access Polling Relay Request Smoothing Timers Transfer Hub DIALING CAPABILITIES Broadcasting (Groups/Dest) Redial (Attempts/Intervals) One Touch Speed Dial Other PRINTER SPECIFICATIONS Engine Mfr & Model Compatibility Speed Max Print Area Enhanced Resolution Unenhanced Resolution Std/Max Printer Memory Controller Mfr/Model Processor/Bits/MHz PDL/PCL Controller Mfr/Model
Yes/Yes/Yes Std Ethernet, opt wireless 10/100BaseT, 10/100BaseTX, 802.11b Yes/Yes/Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Opt
CCD MH/MR/MMR/JBIG 33.6 Kbps 400 x 400 dpi 256 levels Shared 5-1/2 x 8-1/2/11 x 17 Info not avail Info not avail Yes To mem cap INA INA Yes Yes Yes INA Yes To memory capacity INA 100/500 Info not avail Info not avail 2,locations per group Ricoh/Aficio 3245C IBM PC, Mac 35/45 ppm* 11 x x 1200 dpi 600 x 600 dpi Shared Ricoh RM7065C/Info not avail/600 MHz PCL 5c/6, RPCS, opt Adobe PostScript 3 Not applicable
Processor/Bits/MHz PDL/PCL Controller Mfr/Model Processor/Bits/MHz PDL/PCL Other SCANNER AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT SPECIFICATIONS Connection Type Technology/Speed Max Resolution TWAIN Compatible Scan Destinations E-mail I-fax FTP SMB HDD URL LDAP Support Scan/Image Software OCR Software File Mgmt Software COMMENTS
Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable PCL 5c supports 45 Intellifonts; opt Adobe PostScript 3 support 136 Type 1 fonts; direct PDF printing w/opt Adobe PostScript 3
Network CCD/45 ipm 600 x 600 dpi Yes Yes INA Yes Yes Yes INA Yes Std DeskTopBinder Std DeskTopBinder Std DeskTopBinder **also Windows 2003 & UNIX Various monitoring utilities available-- Web ImageMonitor; SmartDeviceMonitor; WebSmartDeviceMonitor
CONNECTIVITY/MF OPTIONS Adobe PostScript 3: $1,450 IEEE 1284 interface: $99 IEEE 1394 interface: $475 IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN interface: $375 Bluetooth interface: $340 Fax option: $1,095 Data Overwrite Security: $400 Handset: $65 32-MB SAF: $185 Key counter: $95 Scanner accessibility option: $2,135 File format converter: $600



Giant Scanjet 8300 NV-HV60EBL XS-602F N400C Sable 1996 MRV-T407 Dimension 2300 Press CN-20 7100T CDR795 Keypad MO-654 VGF-CP1E Leonardo 250 DSC-S930 CB-100 Transmitter DR-2510C TA-AV581 Toner BD-C8900M 772210 LX700-22S Aopen AX4T Penta AD31 Scanner Iphoto Metal SV-DVD3E SB5101 Brochure M1210 KDC-W5041U CS-RE12HKE RSH1dtsw LBT-XB6 30 DSP SC-HT840 Imedia 1208 CM901 MFC-5840CN Dslr-A500L TCE695 SLV-D360P HBR653 160 DSP Price Ihome IP41 MRP-M350 Review BMW 535I E808Y DMC-FX35 VC-D810S SDR-S26 Optio S50 KV-21CL10K 850 IS 780XLT RNS 3 SL-CT720 DCR-HC39E GO 300 6500E VPL-CX61 FE1024N Sigma MPA Gold GP-22 AP610N GE-60 D-E340 GT-7400U KV-29LS60B Yamaha DMR8 C 324 SS-MF515 Specs DB50XG DVD-A1XVA E1125 990 IS VS-10 Manual Assist Z100 FP222WH R-326EX NAD 3140 Vision DVD-VR320 MA-1350-2 Output-2008 Digital CQ-C1301NE C3500 Derive 5 ES-2044 Toner Cartridges CTK-519 El-70 MS7112C EW910T KX-FP105 VSA-303 Caprice 500 GN 4150


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