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corbius 8:35pm on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
I bought a new Epson RX500 for $170 at Best Buy in March 2005. Since then the printer has been a total nightmare. liangfen wrote: --- Cons: ink cartridges deplete without printing anything. I bought this printer because it had everything I wanted in a printer.
syscodes 1:39pm on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 
Epson RX 500 Very Expensive ink Colour problems due microsoft software imcompatibility. Why pay more? About the only gripe anyone has been able to come up with about this printer is that no USB cable is provided in the box.
Rueschi 5:30pm on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 
Affordable, easy to operate printing on glossy paper causes lines and smears Easy to use, cable & slide adapter included Greenish shade of photocopy, small ink cartridges

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CISS for HP Deskjet 1280 Thanks for your purchasing our continuous ink system for HP Deskjet 1280. Our continuous ink system is the idea set for inkjet printer which can low down the printing cost. Before your using of CISS, pls kindly read the instruction with details. In this way, you can install this system without troubles then.

1.General Guide

1)components A. CIS system 1 set D.Refill kit 4pcs B. Air filter 4pcs E. Instruction CD 1pc C. support arm 2 sets F. pedestal for drawing air
2) Opening box for inspection a. Check whether all the accessories are ready b. Check whether there is leakage of CIS system, whether the tubes has been separated from CISS.
2.Printer testing Check whether the printer is in normal condition, such as mechanical status, lubrication status etc. After installation of this system, it will not low down the printing precision, so you have no need to worry about that. 3. Installation procedure:

1) first step

Put the CISS on the right side of the printer,In the mean time, place all the tubes at correct position ( make sure the printer and ink tank should be in one level)

Open the air hole

Place the air filter into the air hole, make sure that the thicker side is down the tank
2) Set up the CISS system

Open the printer power

Open the cover for the printer

Ink vehicle out

Open the cover of the ink vehicle Put out the original cartridges
Put in the cartridges of CISS
Cover the lid and make sure the cartridges are in the right position
3. Installation of the support arm
We have installed the support arm in the cartridges
Put another short support arm in the middle of groove
Put the long support arm 3.5cm right to the short one and 10cm down.
Close the tubes to the support arm by clasp, and make sure the tubes are not contorted

4Adjust he tubes

Pull out the power wire, then move the Ink vehicle

move it to the left end

pull the tubes straight, the tube can not be that long or contorted.
Move the ink vehicle to the left, whether there is baffle
In the same way, move it to the right , whether it will hit anywhere

installation finished

4. printing testing

Switch on the power

press the power key
During printing, pls keep the Cover of the printer open, just insert the paper to the hole as picture shows. Then no need to close the cover.
Cleaning the cartridges and checking the printing quality. If the printing is uncontinuous, maybe for there is little air in the nozzle. And after several times of cleaning, there is still some uncontinuous condition, especially for the single color, you can keep the printer for about one hour, the printer will be ok then.If after testing, still unnormal, you can solve the problem as follows: ( set the color cartridges as an example)
There is air in the tube, and can not be solved by cleaning
Put out the cartridges and put in the convert the cartridges, keep the end with pedestal, install it on the end with hole up and let it in the same level of hole the ink tank.
As picture shows, the up hole is for When you want to draw one of the color, Magetta, cmeans cyan, ymeans you should put on the rubber for other Yellow. Holes.
Put the inkjector to the hole that you are going to draw air out

Pull up the plunger

Till there is ink up
In the same way, draw out the air for other color cartridges, then there will be no air in the tubes.

5.Decode the cartridges

When the printer says that you need to change the cartridges, you need to decode the cartridges. Just press the button 6 (restore key) till the light does not flash, then it is decoded.

6. Refill ink

Please pay attention to the ink level in the reservoir, if the ink level is below 1cm as the picture show,[lease use the refill kits to fill ink into reservoir bottle. Carefully pull out the rubber plugs from the ink hole. After filling,according to the color, then put the rubber back.
During the procedure of refilling ink, the printer and the ink tank should be in one level. 7. Attention for maintenance Take out the CISS including the inner cartridges and other components. Then remove support arm from printer,and place the original cartridges in. Pls inquire local dealer before sending it for maintenance. Notice: 1.Please do not take out the cartridges at random after installing the CIS system, 2.Keep the ink tank and printer in the same level. 3.Using it in the temperature of 15-35 4. Our CIS system has passed the strict compatible checking, so we suggest to use our ink and cartridges to keep the printing quality. 5. Do not Place the reservoir higher or lower thantherprinter 6. Some color of the printer will leak out for long time no work. If using that printer, will cause some problems then, so before using, pls check whether there is ink in the cartridges, if no, do not open the printer, and send it to be repaired. For this trouble, we suggest you to put off the air filter, and close the air hole. Warning: 1. Not drinkable, keep it out of the reach of children 2. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine and dont keep it in the high or freezing temperature. 3. Avoid collision and fallen down.



Ink for

Supply System

Epson Stylus Photo R200/R210/R300/R310 Installation Instruction
For ST Prefilled Version With Auto Reset Chips
This Version of the Continuous Ink Flow System comes with Prefilled Cartridges and Auto Reset Chips. You just need to fill the Reservoir bottles and print! The whole operation is very easy. Its really an effective tool to save your money.
CIS for EPSON stylus R200/R210/R300/R310 Instruction
Thank you for purchasing ST Continuous Ink Supply System. We appreciate your support and will try our best to make your experience with our products a pleasant one. Printing has been a different experience ever since you installed ST Continuous Ink Supply system on your own printer. Just imagining being able to print without regard to the ink level in those expensive little cartridges. Please take your time installing ST Continuous Ink Supply system. Do not remove your old cartridge until you have the ST CIS system primed and ready to install (to prevent the drying of heads). In addition, make sure you are getting perfect nozzle checks before installing the ST CIS system. The ST CIS system wont be able to work properly if the nozzles are previously clogged. Most people get a perfect nozzle check the first time after installing the ST Continuous Ink Supply system; others may need to run two or three cleaning cycles or let the printer sit for a while before they get the perfect results. 1General Guide:
1) Components ACIS system 1 set DRefill Kit 6pcs B Air filters 6pcs EInstruction CD 1pc CSupport Arm 1 set
2) Opening box inspection aCheck whether all the accessories are ready. bCheck whether there's the leakage of the CISS, whether some tubes have been separated from the CISS, whether there are air bubbles in the tube (If there exists more than 20CM air space, please kindly to contact with the local dealer)

2Printer testing:

1) Check whether the printer is in normal condition, like mechanical status, lubrication status etc.
2) Print testing lines to ensure the printing head is good condition. 3) Print pictures to see whether the printing image is ok.
3Installation Procedures:

1) First step

Put the CISS on the left side of the printer. In the meantime place all the tubes at correct position.
Pull out the small rubber plug from the air hole as above picture shown.
Place 4pcs of air filters into air holes, the thicker side is down into tank.
2Second step: Remove cartridge
Press the ink cartridge replace button
Move the cartridge-car to the cartridge replace position

Unplug the power

3) Third step: Set up the Continuous Ink Supply System
Replace the spring of the cartridge-car
open the cover of cartridge to some degree angle
Insert screwdriver into the place that joint cover and cartridge-car
Circumgyrate screwdreiver deasilly
Separate the right side of cartridge-car
Take off the cover of cartridge-car
Fourth step: Set up the Continuous Ink Supply System
Remove original cartridge
Insert our no-sponge cartridge into printer carefully
Close the cover for cartridge
5) Fifth step: Fix Support Arm

Tear off the sticker

Fix the arm on the 25cm right far from you printer

Fix the balance arm

Tear off the sticker of clamp
Attached the clamp on your printer and let it parallel with printer
6) Sixth step : Install tubeline
Insert tubelline through the arm


7) Seventh Step: Adjust the tubeline
Adjust the tubeline,remove the Make sure tubline will not meet Make sure the lengh of tubline is Cartridge-car back and forth printer when printing enough to reach the far left and right

Too long


Eighth step

Instert the plug
Turn on the power switch check wether all thing is usual
9)Nineth step: Nozzle check

Broken line

The nozzle check patterns are in broken-line, mostly because of small dusk entered into the nozzle, after repeated cleaning, if there is still a few broken line, the nozzle check pattern, maybe it works well. pls let the printer dont work about 1 hour, then print

4Reset Procedure:

If the indicator light flashing when printing, it tells that you need to reset the chip to full status. Please turn off your printer for about 30 seconds and switch it back on. Ink meter bar shall show full ink. You can start printing as usual.

5Refill Ink:

Please pay attention to the ink level in the reservoirs; if the ink level is below 1CM as the above picture shown, please use refill kits to fill ink into Reservoir bottles. Carefully pull out the rubber plugs from the refill holes.(there is possibility of ink spattering. Be careful!) Refill ink according to the color in short supply. Then put the rubber back. (Please keep the printer and the reservoir at the same horizontal line during the process of refilling ink.)
How to install the cover of cartridge:
Pls first install the left side of the cover into cartridge-car
Then install the other side
Adjust well the joint position
Press the right side of cover to make it install well
7Attention for maintenance: Take out the CISS including the inner cartridges and other components. Then remove support arm from printer, and place the original cartridges in. Please inquire local dealer before sending to maintenance. Notice: 1. Please dont take out cartridge at random after installing the CIS system.
Keep the reservoir bottles on the same level with the printer. 2. Try to keep at least 1/2 inch of ink in the bottles, as you dont want to run out of ink and draw air into the cartridge. 3. Dont place the Reservoir Bottles higher or lower much than the printer. 4. To be used in a dry place between 15 and 35 degree. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. 5. Dont put the continuous ink supply systems reversed or leaning during the shipment. Please make sure all the ink filling holes and Ventilation holes are closed tightly during the transportation. Otherwise, the ink shall leak out. 6. Dont sway the cartridge frequently. It may cause ink leakage. 7. Dont pull out the connector of cartridge and dont tear off adhesive tape at the bottom of cartridge. Warning: 1. Not drinkable; keep it out reach of children. 2. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine and dont keep it in high or freezing temperature. 3. Avoid collision and fallen down.



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