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HP Color Laserjet CP2020HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn Color Laser printer - 21 ppm - 300 sheets

600 dpi x 600 dpi, Letter, USB, EN 10/100Base-TX

Enjoy color printing without sacrificing speed with the HP Color LaserJet CP2025 Printer series. Get your output and return to work quickly with fast black and color print speeds of up to 21 pages per minute (ppm) on letter-size paper. Start fast and finish sooner. Typical office print job time to completion can be nearly three times faster with Instant-on technology. Avoid interruptions and increase productivity with proactive printer management. HP ToolboxFX provides easy access to printer set... Read more
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mateipaladi 8:07pm on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 
Does what it should The tray was easy to install and worked perfectly the first time.

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Open HP ToolboxFX.... 69 Status.... 70 Event log.... 70 Alerts..... 71 Set up Status Alerts... 71 Set up E-mail Alerts... 71 Product information... 71 Set password.... 71 Help..... 72 Device Settings.... 73 Device Information.... 73 Paper Handling.... 74 Printing.... 74 PCL5c.... 74 PostScript.... 74 Print Quality... 75 Print Density.... 75 Paper Types.... 75 System Setup.... 75 Save/Restore Settings... 75 Password.... 75 Service.... 76 Network Settings.... 76 Shop for Supplies.... 76 Other Links.... 76 Embedded Web server.... 77 View the HP embedded Web server.... 77 Embedded Web server sections... 78 Manage supplies..... 80 Supplies life.... 80 Print-cartridge storage... 80 HP policy on non-HP print cartridges... 80 HP fraud hotline and Web site... 80 Print when cartridge has reached estimated end of life... 81 Replace print cartridges.... 82 Memory and font DIMMs.... 86 Product memory.... 86 Install memory and font DIMMs.... 86 Enable memory.... 90 Enable memory for Windows... 90 Check DIMM installation.... 90 Clean the product.... 90 Firmware updates.... 91
10 Solve problems Basic troubleshooting checklist.... 94 Factors that affect product performance... 94 Control-panel and status-alert messages... 95 Clear jams..... 101 Common causes of jams.... 101 Jam locations.... 102 Change Jam Recovery setting.... 102 Clear jams in tray 1.... 102 Clear jams in tray 2.... 103 Clear jams in tray 3.... 104 Clear jams in fuser area.... 105 Clear jams in output bin.... 107 Clear jams in duplexer (duplexing models only).. 107 Solve image-quality problems.... 110 Identify and correct print defects... 110 Print-quality checklist... 110 General print quality issues.... 111 Solve issues with color documents... 115 Use HP ToolboxFX to troubleshoot print-quality problems.. 117 Optimize and improve print quality... 118 Calibrate the product.... 118 Performance problems.... 119 Product software problems.... 120 Solve Macintosh problems.... 121 Solve problems with Mac OS X.... 121 Appendix A Supplies and accessories Order supplies and accessories... 125 Appendix B Service and support Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement... 128 Print cartridge limited warranty statement... 129 End User License Agreement.... 130 Customer support..... 132 Repack the product.... 133 Service information form.... 134 Appendix C Specifications Physical specifications.... 136 Electrical specifications.... 137 Acoustic emissions..... 138 Environmental specifications... 138
Appendix D Regulatory information FCC regulations.... 140 Environmental product stewardship program... 141 Protecting the environment.... 141 Ozone production... 141 Power consumption.... 141 Paper use.... 141 Plastics.... 141 HP LaserJet print supplies.... 141 Return and recycling instructions... 142 United States and Puerto Rico.. 142 Multiple returns (two to eight cartridges).. 142 Single returns... 142 Shipping... 142 Non-US returns.... 142 Paper.... 142 Material restrictions.... 142 Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union.... 143 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)... 143 For more information... 143 Declaration of conformity.... 144 Country/region specific statements... 145 Laser safety.... 145 Canadian DOC regulations.... 145 VCCI statement (Japan)... 145 Power cord statement (Japan).... 145 EMI statement (Korea).... 145 Laser statement for Finland... 146 Substances Table (China).... 147 Index...... 149

Print on both sides of the page (duplex printing)
CAUTION: To avoid jams, do not load paper that is heavier than 105 g/m2 (28-lb bond).
Use automatic duplex printing 1. Insert enough paper into one of the trays to accommodate the print job. If you are loading special paper such as letterhead, load it in one of the following ways: 2. 3. 4. 5. For tray 1, load the letterhead paper face-up with the bottom edge feeding into the printer first. For all other trays, load the letterhead paper face-down with the top edge at the back of the tray.
On the File menu, click Print. Open the Layout menu. Next to Two-Sided, select either Long-Edge Binding or Short-Edge Binding. Click Print.
Print on both sides manually 1. Insert enough paper into one of the trays to accommodate the print job. If you are loading special paper such as letterhead, load it in one of the following ways: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. For tray 1, load the letterhead paper face-up with the bottom edge feeding into the printer first. For all other trays, load the letterhead paper face-down with the top edge at the back of the tray.
On the File menu, click Print. On the Finishing menu, select Manually Print on 2nd Side. Click Print. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window that appears on the computer screen before replacing the output stack in tray 1 for printing the second half. Go to the printer, and remove any blank paper that is in tray 1. Insert the printed stack face-up with the bottom edge feeding into the printer first in tray 1. You must print the second side from tray 1. If prompted, press the appropriate control-panel button to continue.

Set the color options

Use the Color Options pop-up menu to control how colors are interpreted and printed from software programs. 1. 2. Click Show Advanced Options. Adjust the individual settings for text, graphics, and photographs.

Use the Services menu

If the product is connected to a network, use the Services menu to obtain product and supply-status information. 1. 2. On the File menu, click Print. Open the Services menu.


Supported network operating systems USB connection Supported network protocols Configure the product on the network
Supported network operating systems
The following operating systems support network printing: Full software installation

Windows 2003 Server (64-bit) Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Mac OS X V10.2.8, V10.3, V10.4 and later

Printer driver only

Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Server (32-bit) Linux (Web only) UNIX model scripts (Web only)
Printer sharing disclaimer
HP does not support peer-to-peer networking, as the feature is a function of Microsoft operating systems and not of the HP printer drivers. Go to Microsoft at

Chapter 5 Connectivity

USB connection
NOTE: Do not connect the USB cable before installing the software. The installation program will notify you when the USB cable should be connected. This product supports a USB 2.0 connection. You must use an A-to-B type USB cable for printing.
Supported network protocols
The product supports the TCP/IP network protocol. It is the most widely used and accepted networking protocol. Many networking services utilize this protocol. This product also supports IPv4 and IPv6. The following tables list the networking services/protocols that are supported on the product.

Table 5-1 Printing

Service name port9100 (Direct Mode) Line printer daemon (LPD) ws-print Description Printing service Printing service Microsoft plug-and-play printing solution
Table 5-2 Network product discovery
Service name SLP (Service Location Protocol) Description Device Discovery Protocol, used to help find and configure network devices. Used primarily by Microsoft-based software programs. Device Discovery Protocol, used to help find and configure network devices. Used primarily by Apple Macintosh-based software programs. Used by Microsoft-based software programs
mDNS (multicast Domain Name Service - also known as Rendezvous or Bonjour) ws-discover
Table 5-3 Messaging and management
Service name HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) EWS (embedded Web server) SNMP (simple network management protocol) Description Allows Web browsers to communicate with embedded Web server. Allows a user to manage the product through a Web browser. Used by network programs for product management. SNMP V1 and standard MIB-II (Management Information Base) objects are supported.

Chapter 7 Print tasks

Use features in the Windows printer driver

Open the printer driver

How do I Open the printer driver Get help for any printing option Steps to perform On the File menu in the software program, click Print. Select the printer, and then click Properties or Preferences. Click the ? symbol in the upper-right corner of the printer driver, and then click any item in the printer driver. A pop-up message displays that provides information about the item. Or, click Help to open the online Help.

Use printing shortcuts

To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Printing Shortcuts tab. NOTE:
How do I Use a printing shortcut Create a custom printing shortcut
In previous HP printer drivers, this feature was called Quick Sets.
Steps to perform Select one of the shortcuts, and then click OK to print the job with the predefined settings. a) Select an existing shortcut as a base. b) Select the print options for the new shortcut. c) Click Save As, type a name for the shortcut, and click OK.
Set paper and quality options
To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Paper/Quality tab.
How do I Select a page size Select a custom page size Steps to perform Select a size from the Paper size drop-down list. a) Click Custom. The Custom Paper Size dialog box opens. b) Type a name for the custom size, specify the dimensions, and click OK. Select a tray from the Paper source drop-down list. Select a type from the Paper type drop-down list. a) In the Special pages area, click Covers or Print pages on different paper, and then click Settings. b) Select an option to print a blank or preprinted front cover, back cover, or both. Or, select an option to print the first or last page on different paper. c) Select options from the Paper source and Paper type drop-down lists, and then click Add. d) Click OK.
Select a paper source Select a paper type Print covers on different paper Print the first or last page on different paper

Set document effects

To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Effects tab.

How do I Scale a page to fit on a selected paper size Scale a page to be a percent of the actual size Print a watermark
Steps to perform Click Print document on, and then select a size from the dropdown list. Click % of actual size, and then type the percent or adjust the slider bar. a) Select a watermark from the Watermarks drop-down list. b) To print the watermark on the first page only, click First page only. Otherwise, the watermark is printed on each page. a) In the Watermarks area, click Edit. The Watermark Details dialog box opens. b) Specify the settings for the watermark, and then click OK.
Add or edit watermarks NOTE: The printer driver must be stored on your computer for this to work.
Set document finishing options
To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Finishing tab.
How do I Print on both sides (Duplex) Print a booklet Steps to perform Click Print on both sides. If you will bind the document along the top edge, click Flip pages up. a) Click Print on both sides. b) In the Booklet layout dropdown list, click Left binding or Right binding. The Pages per sheet option automatically changes to 2 pages per sheet. a) Select the number of pages per sheet from the Pages per sheet drop-down list. b) Select the correct options for Print page borders, Page order, and Orientation. a) In the Orientation area, click Portrait or Landscape. b) To print the page image upside down, click Rotate by 180 degrees.
Print multiple pages per sheet

Select page orientation

Obtain support and product-status information
To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Services tab.
How do I Obtain support information for the product and order supplies online Check the status of the product, including the level of supplies Steps to perform In the Internet Services drop-down list, select a support option, and click Go! Click the Device and Supplies Status icon. The Device Status page of the HP embedded Web server opens.
Set advanced printing options
To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Advanced tab.
How do I Select advanced printing options Change the number of copies that are printed NOTE: If the software program that you are using does not provide a way to print a particular number of copies, you can change the number of copies in the driver. Changing this setting affects the number of copies for all print jobs. After your job has printed, restore this setting to the original value. Print colored text as black rather than as shades of gray

Device Information

The Device Information page stores data about your product for future reference. The information that you type in the fields on this page appears on the Configuration page. You can type any character in each of these fields. NOTE: You must click Apply before your changes take effect.

Paper Handling

Use these options to configure your default settings. These are the same options that are available on the control-panel menus on the control panel. For more information, see Control-panel menus on page 9. The following options are available for handling print jobs when the product is out of media: Select Wait for paper to be loaded. Select Cancel from the Paper out action drop-down list to cancel the print job. Select Override from the Paper out time drop-down list to send the print job to another paper tray.
The Paper out time field specifies how long the product waits before acting on your selections. You can specify from 0 to 3600 seconds. NOTE: You must click Apply before your changes take effect.


Use these options to configure the settings for all print functions. These are the same options that are available on the control panel. For more information, see Control-panel menus on page 9. NOTE: You must click Apply before your changes take effect.
Use these options to configure the settings when you are using the PCL print personality. NOTE: You must click Apply before your changes take effect.


Use this option when you are using the PostScript print personality. When the Print PostScript error option is turned on, the PostScript error page automatically prints when PostScript errors occur. NOTE: You must click Apply before your changes take effect.

Print Quality

Use these options to improve the appearance of your print jobs. These are the same options that are available on the control panel menus. For more information, see Control-panel menus on page 9. Color Calibration Power On Calibration. Specify whether the product should calibrate when you turn it on. Calibration Timing. Specify how frequently the product should calibrate. Calibrate Now. Set the product to calibrate immediately. You must click Apply before your changes take effect.

Print Density

Use these settings to make fine adjustments in the amount of each color of toner that is used for your printed documents. Contrasts. Contrast is the range of difference between light (highlight) and dark (shadow) colors. To increase the overall range between light and dark colors, increase the Contrasts setting. Highlights. Highlights are colors that are nearly white. To darken highlight colors, increase the Highlights setting. This adjustment does not affect midtone or shadow colors. Midtones. Midtones are colors that are halfway between white and solid density. To darken midtone colors, increase the Midtones setting. This adjustment does not affect highlight or shadow colors. Shadows. Shadows are colors that are nearly solid density. To darken shadow colors, increase the Shadows setting. This adjustment does not affect highlight or midtone colors.

Press the Left arrow ( ) or Right arrow ( ) button to highlight Cleaning mode. Press OK.
Clean the product using the embedded Web server 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the embedded Web server. Click the Settings tab. Click the Service menu. Click Start.

Firmware updates

To upgrade the product firmware, download the firmware update file from ljcp2020series_software and save the file to your network or personal computer. Refer to the product install notes for instructions on how to install the firmware update file on the product.

10 Solve problems

Basic troubleshooting checklist Control-panel and status-alert messages Clear jams Solve image-quality problems Performance problems Product software problems Solve Macintosh problems
Basic troubleshooting checklist
If you are experiencing problems with the product, use the following checklist to identify the cause of the problem: Is the product connected to power? Is the product on? Is the product in the Ready state? Are all necessary cables connected? Are genuine HP supplies installed? Were recently replaced print cartridges installed correctly, and was the pull tab on the cartridge removed?
For additional information about installation and setup, see the getting started guide. If you cannot find solutions to problems in this guide, go to
Factors that affect product performance
Several factors affect the time it takes to print a job: Maximum product speed, measured in pages per minute (ppm) The use of special paper (such as transparencies, heavy paper, and custom-size paper) Product processing and download time The complexity and size of graphics The speed of the computer you are using The USB connection
Chapter 10 Solve problems
Control-panel and status-alert messages
The control-panel messages indicate the current product status or situations that might require action. Status-alert messages appear on the computer screen (in addition to control-panel messages) when the product has certain problems. If a status-alert message is available, a alert column in the following table. appears in the Status

Load tray 1 plain <SIZE> Cleaning mode [OK] to start Load tray 1 <TYPE> <SIZE>
No trays are configured for the Load the correct media into media type and size that the print tray 1, or press OK to use media job is requesting. in a different tray. The first side of a manual duplex Load the page in the indicated job has printed, and the page tray with the side to be printed needs to be loaded to process the face up, and the top of the page second side.
Manual duplex Load tray # Press [OK]
Recommended action away from you and then press OK.
Manual feed <TYPE> <SIZE> Press [OK] for available media Memory is low Press [OK] Try again later or turn off & on
The product is set for manual feed mode. The product memory is almost full.
Press OK to clear the message or load the correct media into tray 1. Press OK to finish the job, or press X to cancel the job. Break the job into smaller jobs that contain fewer pages. For information about increasing the product memory, see Install memory and font DIMMs on page 86.
Misprint Press [OK] Non HP supply installed
Print media has been delayed as it moves through the product. A non-HP supply is installed.
Press OK to clear the message.
This message is temporary and will disappear after several seconds. If you believe you purchased an HP supply, go to go/anticounterfeit. Service or repairs that are required as a result of using nonHP supplies are not covered under HP warranty.
Order <color> cartridge
The identified print cartridge is nearing the end of its useful life.
Order the identified print cartridge. Printing will continue until Replace <color> cartridge appears. See Supplies and accessories on page 125 for more information.

Order supplies

More than one supply item is low.
Check the supply-level gauges on the control panel, or print a Supplies status page to determine which cartridges are low. See Information pages on page 68. Order the identified print cartridges. Printing will continue until Replace <color> cartridge appears. See Supplies and accessories on page 125 for more information.
Print failure Press [OK] If error repeats turn off then on
The product cannot process the page.
Press OK to continue printing the job, but output might be affected.
Recommended action If the error persists, turn the power off and then on. Resend the print job.
Rear Door open Remove shipping locks from <color> cartridge Remove shipping locks from all cartridges Remove shipping material from rear door Replace <color> cartridge

The product rear door is open. A print cartridge shipping lock is installed. A print cartridge shipping lock is installed on one or more print cartridges. The two shipping locks have not been removed from the rear roller. The print cartridge has reached the end of life. The Print quality menu item Replace supplies is set to Override out.
Close the door. Be sure that the print cartridge shipping lock has been removed. Be sure that each print cartridge shipping lock has been removed. Open the rear door and remove the shipping locks. Replace the cartridge. See Replace print cartridges on page 82. You can continue printing until you notice a decrease in print quality. See System setup menu on page 11.
Replace supply Override in use
Unexpected size in tray # Load [size] Press [OK]
The product has detected print media in the tray that does not match the configuration for the tray. A used print cartridge was detected and accepted. Used print cartridges are installed.
Load the correct media into the tray, or configure the tray for the size that you have loaded. See Load paper and print media on page 50. No action necessary. No action necessary.
Used <color> Cartridge in use Used supplies in use Used supply installed To accept Press [OK]
A used print cartridge is installed. Press OK to continue.
100 Chapter 10 Solve problems

Clear jams

Common causes of jams
Common causes of jams1 Cause The paper length and width guides are not adjusted correctly. The media does not meet specifications. You are using media that has already passed through a printer or copier. An input tray is loaded incorrectly. Solution Adjust the guides so they are against the paper stack. Use only media that meets HP specifications. See Paper and print media on page 43. Do not use media that has been previously printed on or copied. Remove any excess media from the input tray. Make sure that the stack is below the maximum stack height mark in the tray. See Load paper and print media on page 50. The input-tray guides are not adjusted correctly. Adjust them so they hold the stack firmly in place without bending it. Remove the media, flex it, rotate it 180 degrees, or flip it over. Reload the media into the input tray. NOTE: Do not fan paper. Fanning can create static electricity, which can cause paper to stick together. The media is removed before it settles into the output bin. The media is in poor condition. The internal rollers from the tray are not picking up the media. The media has rough or jagged edges. The media is perforated or embossed. Paper was not stored correctly.

The media is skewed. The media is binding or sticking together.
Wait until the page completely settles in the output bin before removing it. Replace the media. Remove the top sheet of media. If the media is heavier than 163 g/m2 (43 lb), it might not be picked from the tray. Replace the media. Perforated or embossed media does not separate easily. Load sheets one at a time. Replace the paper in the trays. Paper should be stored in the original packaging in a controlled environment.
If the product continues to jam, contact HP Customer Support or your authorized HP service provider.

Clear jams 101

Jam locations
Use this illustration to find the locations of jams.
Output bin Tray 1 Tray 2 Optional tray 3 Fuser (behind the rear door) Tray 2 jam-access area
Change Jam Recovery setting
When the Jam Recovery feature is turned on, the product reprints any pages that are damaged during a jam. Use HP ToolboxFX to turn on the Jam Recovery feature. 1. 2. 3. Open HP ToolboxFX. Click the Device Settings folder, and then click System Setup. Next to Jam Recovery, select On from the drop-down list.

Clear jams in tray 1

NOTE: If the sheet tears, make sure that all of the fragments are removed before you resume printing. Pull the jammed sheet from tray 1.
102 Chapter 10 Solve problems
If paper has entered far enough into tray 1, remove tray 2, drop the tray 1 plate down, and then remove the paper from the opening.

Clear jams in tray 2

1. Pull out tray 2 and place it on a flat surface.
Lower the jam-access tray.
Remove the jammed sheet by pulling it straight out.

Clear jams 103

Replace tray 2.
Press OK to continue printing.

Clear jams in tray 3

1. Pull out tray 3 and place it on a flat surface.
104 Chapter 10 Solve problems

Replace tray 3.

Clear jams in fuser area

1. Open the rear door.

If necessary, push the guide (callout 1) and remove any visible paper (callout 2) from the bottom of the delivery area.
NOTE: If the sheet tears, make sure that all fragments are removed before you resume printing. Do not use sharp objects to remove fragments.

Clear jams 105

Close the rear door.
106 Chapter 10 Solve problems

Clear jams in output bin

1. 2. Look for jammed paper in the output bin area. Remove any visible media. NOTE: If the sheet tears, make sure that all fragments are removed before resuming printing.
Open and then close the rear door to clear the message.
Clear jams in duplexer (duplexing models only)

End User License Agreement 131

Customer support

Get telephone support, free during your warranty period, for your country/region Have the product name, serial number, date of purchase, and problem description ready. Get 24-hour Internet support Get support for products used with a Macintosh computer Download software utilities, drivers, and electronic information Order supplies and paper Order genuine HP parts or accessories Order additional HP service or maintenance agreements Country/region phone numbers are on the flyer that was in the box with your product or at
132 Appendix B Service and support

Repack the product

If your product needs to be moved or shipped to another location, perform the following procedure to repack it. CAUTION: Shipping damage as a result of inadequate packing is the customer's responsibility. The product must remain upright during shipment. Repack the product CAUTION: It is extremely important to remove the print cartridges before shipping the product. Print cartridges left in the product during shipping will leak and entirely cover the product with toner. To prevent damage to the print cartridges, avoid touching the rollers, and store them in the original packing material or so that they are not exposed to light. 1. 2. Remove all four print cartridges and ship separately. Use the original shipping container and packing material, if possible. If you have already disposed of the packing material, contact a local mailing service for information about repacking the product. HP recommends insuring the equipment for shipment.

Repack the product 133

Service information form
WHO IS RETURNING THE EQUIPMENT? Person to contact: Alternate contact: Return shipping address: Special shipping instructions: Date: Phone: Phone:
WHAT ARE YOU SENDING? Model name: Model number: Serial number:
Please attach any relevant printouts. Do NOT ship accessories (manuals, cleaning supplies, and so on) that are not required to complete the repair. HAVE YOU REMOVED THE PRINT CARTRIDGES? You must remove them before shipping the printer, unless a mechanical problem prevents you from doing so. [ ] Yes. [ ] No, I cannot remove them.
WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? (Attach a separate sheet if necessary.) 1. Describe the conditions of the failure. (What was the failure? What were you doing when the failure occurred? What software were you running? Is the failure repeatable?)
2. If the failure is intermittent, how much time elapses between failures? 3. If the unit connected to any of the following, give the manufacturer and model number. Personal computer: 4. Additional comments: Modem: Network:

140 Appendix D Regulatory information
Environmental product stewardship program
Protecting the environment
Hewlett-Packard Company is committed to providing quality products in an environmentally sound manner. This product has been designed with several attributes to minimize impacts on our environment.

Ozone production

This product generates no appreciable ozone gas (O3).

Power consumption

Power usage drops significantly while in Ready/Sleep mode, which saves natural resources and saves money without affecting the high performance of this product. To determine the ENERGY STAR qualification status for this product see the Product Data Sheet or Specifications Sheet. Qualified products are also listed at:

Paper use

This products manual duplex feature (two-sided printing) and N-up printing (multiple pages printed on one page) capability can reduce paper usage and the resulting demands on natural resources.


Plastic parts over 25 grams are marked according to international standards that enhance the ability to identify plastics for recycling purposes at the end of the products life.
HP LaserJet print supplies
Its easy to return and recycle your HP LaserJet print cartridges that have reached estimated end of life free of chargewith HP Planet Partners. Multilingual program information and instructions are included in every new HP LaserJet print cartridge and supplies package. You help reduce the toll on the environment further when you return multiple cartridges together rather than separately. HP is committed to providing inventive, high-quality products and services that are environmentally sound, from product design and manufacturing to distribution, customer use and recycling. When you participate in the HP Planet Partners program, we ensure your HP LaserJet print cartridges are recycled properly, processing them to recover plastics and metals for new products and diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills. Since this cartridge is being recycled and used in new materials, it will not be returned to you. Thank you for being environmentally responsible! NOTE: Use the return label to return original HP LaserJet print cartridges only. Please do not use this label for HP inkjet cartridges, non-HP cartridges, refilled or remanufactured cartridges or warranty returns. For information about recycling your HP inkjet cartridges please go to recycle.

types, media HP ToolboxFX settings 75 U universal print driver 20 upgrade firmware about 91 usage page 10 USB port connecting 33 locating 4 speed settings 14 troubleshooting 119 troubleshooting Macintosh 122 type included 2 V vertical lines, troubleshooting 112 W warranty license 130 print cartridges 129 product 128 watermarks Windows 55 wavy paper, troubleshooting 114 Web sites customer support 132 fraud reports 80 Macintosh customer support 132 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 143 ordering supplies 125 universal print driver 20 Windows driver settings 23 drivers supported 19 software components 26 supported operating systems 18 universal print driver 20 wrinkles, troubleshooting 114

154 Index

*CB493-90908* *CB493-90908*



Technical specifications

Full description

Enjoy color printing without sacrificing speed with the HP Color LaserJet CP2025 Printer series. Get your output and return to work quickly with fast black and color print speeds of up to 21 pages per minute (ppm) on letter-size paper. Start fast and finish sooner. Typical office print job time to completion can be nearly three times faster with Instant-on technology. Avoid interruptions and increase productivity with proactive printer management. HP ToolboxFX provides easy access to printer settings, status information, the user guide, and self-help and troubleshooting tips. Shop anytime with a desktop icon that links to HP SureSupply, where you'll see a list of cartridges that work with your printer. Easily share the printer and efficiently utilize resources with built-in Ethernet/Fast Ethernet networking.

Printer TypeWorkgroup printer - laser - color
Width15.9 in
Depth17.9 in
Height12.7 in
Weight50 lbs
Print SpeedUp to 21 ppm - B/W - Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in) Up to 21 ppm - color - Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in)
Built-in DevicesStatus LCD
Connectivity TechnologyWired
InterfaceUSB, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX
Max Resolution ( B&W )600 dpi x 600 dpi
Max Resolution ( Color )600 dpi x 600 dpi
Image Enhancement TechnologyHP ImageREt 3600
Duplex PrintoutDuplex
PostScript SupportStandard
First Print Out Time B/W17.2 sec
First Print Out Time Color17.7 sec
Language SimulationPCL 5C, PostScript 3, PCL 6
Fonts Included80 x TrueType
Printer FeaturesHP ColorSphere Toner
Media Handling250-sheet input tray, 50-sheet multipurpose tray
ProcessorMotorola 540 MHz
RAM Installed ( Max )128 MB / 384 MB (max)
Technology / Form FactorDDR2 SDRAM
Media Handling
Media TypeEnvelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, glossy paper, cards, bond paper, recycled paper
Media SizesLetter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in), Legal (8.5 in x 14 in), Executive (7.25 in x 10.5 in)
Total Media Capacity300 sheets
Media Feeder(s)1 x autoload - 50 sheets - Legal (8.5 in x 14 in) 1 x autoload - 250 sheets - Legal (8.5 in x 14 in)
Max Media Capacity550 sheets
Output Trays Capacity150 sheets
Duty Cycle
Monthly Duty Cycle40000 pages
NetworkingPrint server - integrated
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet
Network / Transport ProtocolTCP/IP, BOOTP, DHCP, Bonjour, SLP
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP 1, HTTP
Expansion / Connectivity
Expansion Slots Total (Free)1 ( 1 ) x memory - SO DIMM 200-pin
Connections1 x Hi-Speed USB - 4 pin USB Type B 1 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45
Consumables Included1 x toner cartridge ( black ) 1 x toner cartridge ( cyan ) 1 x toner cartridge ( magenta ) 1 x toner cartridge ( yellow )
Certified for Windows VistaCertified for Windows Vista software and devices have undergone compatibility tests for ease-of-use, better performance and enhanced security.
Compliant StandardsEN 61000-3-2, ICES-003, EN 61000-3-3, EN55024, CISPR 22, EN55022 Class B, IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1, EN 60825, IEC 60825-1, FCC CFR47 Part 15 B
Pricing TypeGovernment GSA
Power DevicePower supply - internal
Voltage RequiredAC 120 V
Frequency Required60 Hz
Power Consumption Operational445 Watt
Power Consumption Stand by / Sleep6.7 Watt
Software / System Requirements
Software IncludedDrivers & Utilities
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Apple MacOS X 10.3, Apple MacOS X 10.2.8, Apple MacOS X 10.4, Apple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista
Environmental Standards
ENERGY STAR QualifiedYes
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 1 year
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature59 °F
Max Operating Temperature80.6 °F
Humidity Range Operating20 - 70%
Sound Emission (Idle)31 dBA
Sound Emission (Operating)66 dBA
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberCB495A#201
GTIN00807027558480, 00883585613311



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