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Ricoh Aficio 1027About Ricoh Aficio 1027
Here you can find all about Ricoh Aficio 1027 like driver and other informations. For example: software, pcl 6, printer, photoconductor unit, scanner, copier, brochure, toner, manual.

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capnhairdo 5:50am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
Promising technology I was researching printers on the web and was intrigued by the Gelsprinter system from Ricoh.

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Ever lose an important document?
Wish multiple file formats were easy to manage?

Sending hard-copy

Aficio 1027 with ScanRouter and DeskTopBinder V2 Pro
documents to multiple locations electronically?
INPUT 600 DPI network scanning at 42 PPM Integrates with existing e-mail services (i.e. Lotus Notes, MS Exchange) Scan-to-file, scan-to e-mail, and scan-to-FTP sites In-bound fax routing to your desktop
MANAGEMENT Electronic distribution to multiple locations at the touch of a button Short- and long-term storage on the 6.0GB hard drive Client software for personal document management and access to multiple files and network devices Integrates with eCabinet for enterprise storage and retrieval
OUTPUT 27 PPM at 600 x 600 DPI laser quality
All noted trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
PDLs include PCL5e, PCL6, Adobe PS3 and RPCS Large LCD display for easy control and access to all imaging features Integrated controller architecture drives all functions (print, copy, fax, scan)


Workgroup Solutions


Scanner Specifications
Print/Scanner Option Type 1027
Configuration Ricoh Aficio 1022 & 1027 Scanner Option 1027 with ScanRouter and DeskTopBinder Lite. Optical Resolution 600 dpi with 256 Level Grayscale. Scanning Speed 42 spm with ScanRouter and optional ARDF at 200 dpi. Document Size Up to 11 x 17 Compression MH, MR, MMR & JPEG Network Topology Ethernet 10/100BaseT Network Protocol TCP/IP Network Interface RJ45 Memory Capacity Standard: 32 Optional: 64MB Web Status Monitor Standard
Client PC (DeskTopBinder and Link)
Operating System Windows 95/98, ME Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional Pentium 133 MHz or faster (Pentium 233 MHz recommended) 48MB Minimum (64MB recommended) Program Area 10GB, Data Area: 50MB free to receive scanned documents. Ethernet 10/100BaseT TCP/IP

ScanRouter Station

Document Size Up to 11 x 17 Optical Resolution 600 dpi TWAIN Driver Platen Up to 2400 dpi Binary Up to 2400 dpi 256 Grayscale TWAIN Driver ARDF Up to 1200 dpi Binary Up to 1200 dpi 256 Grayscale Grayscale 256 Levels Operating System Windows 95/98/ME Windows NT Workstation Windows 2000 Professional Duplex Scanning With Optional ARDF CPU 75MHz minimum Hard Disk Drive 100MB free Image Correction Skew correction Image rotation Soft endorser
CPU RAM Memory Hard Disk Drive
Network Topology Network Protocol

ScanRouter Link

Reception Mode Reception Interval Reception Notice Application Automatic or Manual 1 to 60 minutes Pop-up Window, Flashing Icon or Sound Ricoh recommends Kodak Imaging to view scanned images (standard with Windows) In-Tray or Save to File Leave as is (ScanRouter converts to format) TIFF (MH, MR, MMR) TIFF-F (MH, MR, MMR) DCX, PDF, JPEG, BMP 1 to 100 Users (users/group total) 16 characters or less Administrator Password; Automatic Page Orientation; In-Trays to store documents not delivered to the clients PC; Delivery Format (TIFF, TIFF-F, TIFF Multi-page, DCX, PDF, JPEG); Delivery Properties (In-Tray/Save to file) User Notification; Scan Date and Time; Senders Name; Recipients Name; File Name Date and Time; Content of Error; Sender Name; Recipients name; File name
ScanRouter Software (Station/Link)
Optical Resolution Scan Mode Original Size Compression Image Density Network Protocol Duplex Scanning Image Format 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Grayscale x to 11 x 17 MH, MR, MMR, JPEG Lighter to Darker 7 Degrees TCP/IP Optional with DF67 ARDF TIFF, TIFF-F, TIFF Multi-page, DCX, PDF, JPEG (When using ScanRouter or ScanRouter Link)

DeskTopBinder Lite

Features Combine multiple file formats into one. Batch Printing View multiple document formats Scanning with TWAIN FAX and Email Links over the LAN
File Save Path File Formats

Station PC

Operating System Windows 95/98, ME Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional Pentium 133 MHz or faster (Pentium 233 MHz recommended) 48MB Minimum (64MB recommended) Program Area 10GB, 2GB free Ethernet 10/100BaseT TCP/IP
Users/Groups User/Group Name Environment Settings
Note: Some accessories may require additional options.
CPU RAM Memory Hard Disk Drive Network Topology Network Protocol


Type B 64MB Memory Unit*
Hardware Specification 144 pin SDRAM-DIMM
Type 1027 Network Interface Board*
Topology Network Interface Cables Requirement Frame Type Ethernet 100BaseTX / 10BaseT 1 x RJ45 STP (Shielded Twisted-Pair) Cable Category (Type5) or better Ethernet II, Ethernet 802.2, Ethernet 802.3, Ethernet SNAP TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk, Novell NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.x, 5.0 Microsoft Windows NT4.0 Microsoft 2000 Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me Mac OS 7.6.1, 8.1, 8.5, 8.51, 8.6, 9 Built-in Web Server Built-in Telnet Server Built-in lpd daemon Built-in IPP daemon

Error Log

Printer Specifications


Print speed Interface Network Interface CPU Network protocol Topology RAM memory capacity Hard Disk Drive Printer Description Language Print Resolution Driver Languages Aficio 1022: 22ppm Aficio 1027: 27ppm Standard: Parallel Port IEEE1284 Option: 2 ports x IEEE1394 (6 pin) Option: RJ45 Connector 200MHz TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk 10/100BaseT Standard: 32MB Optional: 64MB Standard: 6.0GB Standard: PCL5e/PCL6/RPCS Optional: PostScript3 600dpi/300dpi Standard: 35 Intellifonts, 10 TrueType Fonts, 1 Bitmap Optional: 136 PostScript Fonts Auto Paper Select Auto Tray Switching Batch Print Booklet Print Duplex Print Form Overlay Layout Print Mailbox Plug and Play for Windows 95/98/NT Rotate Sort Secure Print Slip Sheets Stapling Toner save mode Watermarks
Protocol Network Operating Systems
Other functions for Printing and Maintenance * Required for printing.
Type 1045 IEEE 1394 Interface Unit
Interface IEEE1394 (6pin) Number of ports 2 ports Data Transmission speed 400Mbps / 200Mbps / 100Mbps IEEE1394 Interface is a New Standard Serial interface for Multimedia products and PC peripherals including printing devices. Major features of IEEE1394 High Speed data transmission Easy connection Easy handling 400/200/100Mbps Hot Plug and Play Thin cable (.2 in/dia.)
Print Drivers Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows Macintosh 3.x 95/98/Me NT 3.51 NT 4.7.61 PCL 5e PCL 6 RPCS PostScript3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specifications and external appearances are subject to change without notice. Ricoh Consumables. For maximum performance and yield, we recommend using genuine Ricoh parts and supplies.
510 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10036 Phone: (212) 221-9051


Ricoh Aficio 1027

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Dataquest Segment SRP Manufacturing Status Domestic Intro Date OEM Also Sold As Distributed By Max Monthly Duty Cycle TYPE Configuration/Scanner Toner GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS/PAPER HANDLING First Copy Time Multicopy (Ltr/Lgl/Ldgr) Warm-up Time Std Paper Source(s) Std Paper Capacity Paper Weights Bypass/Paper Weights Max Paper Sources Max Paper Capacity Max Original Size Output Size (Min/Max) Copy Resolution Copier Memory (Std/Max) Duplex Duplex Capacity/Paper Sizes Document Feeder Doc Feeder Speed/Capacity Paper Weights Sorter (Bins/Capacity) Staple Sorter Bins/Stapling Capacity Stapling Positions Finisher Tray/Stapling/Position(s) Other 12420/USA 2 $6,165 Discontinued (02/2004) November 2001 Ricoh (Japan) Gestetner 2712; Lanier 5627; Savin 2527 Dealers, branches and subsidiaries 45,000 impressions Monochrome copier, MF Desktop,digital Dry, dual component
4.9 sec 27 cpm/Info not avail/Info not avail 15 sec Dual drawer 500/500 sheets 14 to 42 lbs Opt 100-sheet/14 to 42 lbs 5 3,100 sheets 11 x 17 5-1/2 x 8-1/2/11 x x 600 dpi 32 MB/96 MB, 6-GB HD Opt (1:2,2:2,2:1) Unlimited/5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to11 x 17 Opt RADF 27 opm/50 orig 11 to 34 lbs None None Not applicable Not applicable Opt finishers 500, 1,000/30, 50/1, 2 Opt 500-sheet proof tray; opt shift sort tray; opt 2,000-sheet LCT; one-bin tray holds 125 sheets; opt paper tray unit adds two 500-sheet drawers Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail
SECURITY SPECS Network User Authentication IP Address Filtering MAC Address Filtering
HDD Overwrite Max Overwrites HDD Encryption Secure Print Other CONTROL PANEL Quantity Selector Message Display Help Key FEATURES Automatic Features Book Copy Booklet Mode Color Copy Control Covers Editing Energy-Save Erase Image Insert Image Overlay Image Repeat Image Rotate Interrupt Job Build Job Programs Job Time Language Margin Shift Neg/Pos OHP Interleaving Photo Mode Poster Mode Preset R/E Program Ahead Sheet Insertion Stamping Timer 2-in-1 XY Zoom Zoom Range Other Features
Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Keypad and touch screen 1 to 99 (0 to 9 keypad) Yes No AES, AMS, APS, AS, ASO, ATS Yes Std No 100 Std No Yes Std No No Yes Std Yes Yes 10 No Std Yes Yes Yes Yes No 7R,5E Std No Std No Std Yes 25 to 400 (1%) Generation copy mode; border and center erase; paper designate; shortcut keys; double copy mode; three languages; user programs; 2- to 16-in-1 copying; chapteriza- ation; mixed-size originals 27-15/16" x 21-2/3" x 23-11/14" 136 lbs 120 V, 6 A Not required Yes
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight Power Requirements Dedicated Outlet Energy Star Compliant
Operating Noise Level COMMENTS OPTIONS
68.5 Scan once, print many RADF: $1,265 Duplexing: $290 2,000-sheet LCT: $1,395 500-sheet finisher: $995 1,000-sheet finisher: $1,410 Paper tray unit/Platen: $1,210/$95 100-sheet bypass: $170 One-bin tray/Shift sort tray: $310/$310 Cabinet/HD option: $175/$350 User account enhancement kit: $175
MAINTENANCE Fuser Rollers Yield Cleaning Blades Yield Other Yield Fuser Oil PM Schedule SUPPLIES Photoconductor Yield Price Toner Yield % Coverage Price Developer Yield Price MULTIFUNCTION MODES Copier Internet Fax Network Printer Printer Fax Network Fax PC Fax Scanner CONNECTIVITY SPECIFICATIONS Operating System Support Parallel Interface PC Fax/Print/Scan Serial Interface PC Fax/Print/Scan USB Interface PC Fax/Print/Scan
Two Info not avail Drum blade Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail Not required 120,000 Organic drum unit 60,000 Priced by dealer 360g btl 11,000 6% Priced by dealer Incl in drum unit 60,000 Incl in drum unit Std No Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Mac 7.61-9, Win 3.1x, 9.x, NT 4.0* Std Yes/Yes/Yes Opt No/Yes/No Opt No/Yes/No
Network Interface Interface Type LAN Fax/Print/Scan Networks Supported NetWare Windows NT AppleTalk UNIX AS/400 Other FACSIMILE SPECIFICATIONS Scanner Technology Compression Method Modem Speed Max TX Resolution Gray Scale/Halftones Std/Max Fax Memory Min/Max Orig Size (WxL) Max Paper/Print Width Effective Scanning Width Correct-Order Output Batch Files Battery Backup Confid TX/RX Dual Lines Multi Access Polling Relay Request Smoothing Timers Transfer Hub DIALING CAPABILITIES Broadcasting (Groups/Dest) Redial (Attempts/Intervals) One Touch Speed Dial Other
Opt Ethernet 10/100BaseT Yes/Yes/No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No CCD MH/MR/MMR* 33.6 Kbps 203 x 196 lpi** 256 levels 2 MB/130 MB 5-1/2 x 8-1/2/11 x 17 Info not avail Info not avail Info not avail INA 1 hr Yes/Yes Yes Yes Yes INA Yes INA INA 64/500 Info not avail 400 1,200 *JBIG compression option; **400-dpi option; serial broadcasting (500 numbers); image rotation; book faxing; handset Ricoh/Aficio 1027 IBM PC, Mac 27 ppm Info not avail Info not avail 600 x 600 dpi 32 MB/96 MB, 6 GB HD Ricoh/Info not avail RM5231/INA/200 PCL 5e/6,opt Adobe PostScript 3

PRINTER SPECIFICATIONS Engine Mfr & Model Compatibility Speed Max Print Area Enhanced Resolution Unenhanced Resolution Std/Max Printer Memory Controller Mfr/Model Processor/Bits/MHz PDL/PCL
Controller Mfr/Model Processor/Bits/MHz PDL/PCL Controller Mfr/Model Processor/Bits/MHz PDL/PCL Other
Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Mailboxes; plug and play Windows 95/98/NT; secure print; batch print; forms overlay; print drivers available in other languages; envelope printing
SCANNER AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT SPECIFICATIONS Connection Type Technology/Speed Max Resolution TWAIN Compatible Scan Destinations E-mail I-fax FTP SMB HDD URL LDAP Support Scan/Image Software OCR Software File Mgmt Software COMMENTS
Network CCD/27 ipm 600 x 600 dpi Yes Yes INA INA INA INA INA Info not avail Std ScanRouter Lite Std DeskTopBinder Lite Std DeskTopBinder Lite *Also 2000, Me and XP; QWERTY keypad; opt ScanRouter Pro and DeskTopBinder Pro
CONNECTIVITY/MF OPTIONS Fax option: $1,095 G3 interface kit: $675 ISDN option: $900 JBIG/Function upgrade card: $dpi & page memory: $240 Handset/6-GB hard drive: $65/$350 Print DIMM: $900 Print/Scan DIMM: $1,410 Network interface card: $385 Adobe PostScript 3: $interface unit: $475 32-MB printer memory: $240 64-/128-MB printer memory: $345/$440 DeskTopBinder & 5 user license: $650 DeskTopBinder & 10 user license: $1,050 ScanRoute V2 Pro & DeskTopBinder V2 Pro: $1,495



SE535 251 471 EPX3000 CQ-C3100AN FR970 CDJ-1000 VR716 3 1 Gpsmap 178C Thinkpad A21E EB-GD87 Dlex7177RM Iphone LBP5000 KDC-MP228 KX-TG6411UA 42PD8600 RS 4 Brochure Sacred Gold 7100X VSX-520-K Photoconductor Unit CTK-480 Scanner LV-7215 Coolpix L101 TLU-01511B Sagem D70T ERS-7M3 UN40B6000 AL1512M DSC-P31 IC-F30LT Software Kx-tg1032 Veriton M670 ESL6115 KX-TG8301PD EMP-750 Operateur DC988KA Gpslim236 32PFL9604H MX 2004 Phono SB YDP-S30 TE109 F350-2003 MFC-8220 AK73AV Printer CCD-TRV47 Innov-IS 1500 R1801 BS 216 AN-12 VCR-602 Tomtom 720T Motif-rack XS Fantom G7 AW2126F MCD288 Tr H RM-TP504 Maxxum 7XI CN-70 MD-MT88H Omnibook 510 X-360 GBS301 C-5050 Remote HP 950 NX6110 Toner KP-FX53m61 TT1610 DV2680 CP1510 CQ-R115L PCG-FR285M DVD-P375K SGH-L770V Lifestyle V35 L1550S-SN DMC-L1 Cvp-105 WJ-MX30 E1920 Manual Polaroid I735 WMA510 ZTM6825 Cuplevm MC18AHR SDX-900V FJR1300AS EF3000ISE-B Digit XL Powershot SD20 Copier ICD-MX50 Impala 2005 BHD-501 Ideapad Y560 3-0-0 Pcl 6 KV-29FX30E


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