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Samsung 152V

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Wildsusan 5:42am on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 
Defect I bought the Samsung SyncMaster 152B thinking I will have a flawless LCD monitor. Defect I bought the Samsung SyncMaster 152B thinking I will have a flawless LCD monitor. Great Viewing Quality/Warning If Mounting I purchased this monitor for my wife and have set it up on an older Micron Millennia PC with a PIII and Crea...
micha_kenane 8:07am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
A great picture quality, much smaller than standard monitors and something a bit different The instructions
endzyme 3:01pm on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
Quite small font it says Samsung and SyncMaster152v. It isn?t in your face or completely obvious like some. They are written in mid grey.
vitka 9:35pm on Friday, August 6th, 2010 
pretty nice this was my first lcd screen. got it about 10 months ago now... so far just 2 dead pixels and its hard to see them.
fargone 4:51pm on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 
Now that they are cheap enough i thought it prime time to buy one of these flat screen monitors. No more headaches No tilt on the monitor Introduction ************* I?ve had the Samsung SyncMaster 152v for about twelve months now.

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Do not insert any metal, such as chopsticks, coins, pins and steel, or flammable objects, such as matches or paper, inside the product (through the ventilating openings, input and output terminals, etc). If water or foreign material enters the product, disconnect the power cord and contact a Service Center. Otherwise, this may result in electric shock or fire.
When using a fixed screen for a long time, an afterimage or stain may occur. If you are not using your product for a long period of time, put it into sleep mode or use a moving screen saver. Set a resolution and frequency appropriate to the product. Otherwise, your eyesight may be damaged.
When using headphones or earphones, do not turn the volume too high. Having the sound too loud may damage your hearing.
If you continually move closer to the product screen, your eyesight may be failing.
To ease eye strain, take at least a five-minute break after every hour of using the monitor.
Do not install it in an unstable location such as an unstable rack or uneven surface or a location exposed to vibrations. Otherwise, it may fall and cause personal injury and/or damage the product. If you use the product in a location exposed to vibrations, it may damage the product and result in fire.
When moving the product, turn the power off and disconnect the power plug, antenna cable, and all the cables connected to the product. Otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire.
Ensure that children do not hang onto the product or climb up onto the product. The product may fall and cause personal injury or death.
If you do not use the product for a long period of time, disconnect the power cord from the power outlet. Otherwise, this may result in overheating or fire due to dust, and may result in fire due to electric shock or leakage.
Do not place any heavy items or toys or confectionery, such as cookies etc. that may attract the attention of children and to the product. Your children may hang onto the product causing it to fall and this may result in personal injury or death.
Be careful that children do not place the battery in their mouths when removed from the remote control. Place the battery in a location that children or infants cannot reach. If children have had the battery in their mouths, consult your doctor immediately. When replacing the battery, insert it with right polarity (+, -). Otherwise, the battery may become damaged or it may cause fire, personal injury or damage due to leakage of the internal liquid.

PC Connect the PC terminal at the back of your monitor to your computer.
HDMI/PC/DVI-D AUDIO IN DIGITAL AUDIO OUT(OPTICAL) EX-LINK HDMI/PC/DVI-D AUDIO IN Connect the [ HDMI/PC/DVI-D AUDIO IN ] terminal at the back of your product to your computers sound card. DIGITAL AUDIO OUT(OPTICAL) Connect the [DIGITAL AUDIO OUT(OPTICAL)] terminal of your product to the digital sound output or standard sound output terminal of the DVD home theater (or amplifier) using a digital audio optical output cable. EX-LINK This is a reserved terminal used for servicing. SERVICE SERVICE This is a reserved terminal used for servicing.
DVI-D DVI-D Connect the DVI cable to the DVI-D port on the back of your product.

Kensington Lock

The Kensington Lock is a device used to physically fix the system when using it in a public place. The locking device has to be purchased separately. The appearance and locking method may differ from the illustration depending on the manufacturer. Refer to the manual provided with the Kensington Lock for proper use. The locking device has to be purchased separately. Note The location of the Kensington Lock may be different depending on its model.
Using the Anti-Theft Kensington Lock
1. Insert the locking device into the Kensington slot on the Monitor ( locking direction ( 2. 3. HDMI IN 1 HDMI IN 1 Connect the [HDMI IN 1] terminal at the back of your monitor to the HDMI terminal of your digital output device using a HDMI cable. ). ) and turn it in the
Connect the Kensington Lock cable. Fix the Kensington Lock to a desk or a heavy stationary object.
COMPONENT IN R - AUDIO - L Connect the port of the DVD, VCR (DVD / DTV Set-Top Box) to the [ R - AUDIO - L] port of the product. PR, PB,Y Connect the VIDEO OUT port of the DVD / DTV Set-Top Box to the [ PR, PB,Y ] input ports using a component video cable ( PR, PB,Y ). ANT IN
Connect the CATV cable or TV antenna cable to the "ANT IN" port on the rear side of the product. Make sure to use a TV antenna cable (sold separately) as the antenna cable.
HDMI IN 2 / HDMI IN 2 Connect the [HDMI IN 2] terminal at the back of your product to the HDMI terminal of your digital output device using a HDMI cable.
Connect your headphones to the Headphone connection terminal. Note See Connecting Cables for further information regarding cable connections.
Cable holding ring Fix the cables using the holding ring, as shown in the figure.

Remote Control

POWER TV Number Buttons - button + VOL TOOLS Down-Up Left-Right buttons INFO COLOR BUTTONS CC MTS MENU SOURCE PRE-CH CH MUTE RETURN ENTER EXIT SRS FAV.CH P.SIZE 1. 2. POWER TV Turns the product On/Off. Selects the TV mode directly. Press to change the channel. The "-" button operates only for DTV. It is used to select MMS (multi-channel) for a DTV. Adjusts the audio volume. Use to quickly select frequently used functions. Moves from one menu item to another horizontally, vertically or adjusts selected menu values. Current picture information is displayed on the upper left corner of the screen. Press to add or delete channels and to store channels to the favorite channel list in the Channel List menu. Controls the caption decoder.

Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
Using the Software 1. 2. Insert CD into the CD-ROM drive. Click "Start" "Control Panel" then click the "Appearance and Themes" icon.
Click "Display" icon and choose the "Settings" tab then click "Advanced.".
Click the "Properties" button on the "Monitor" tab and select "Driver" tab.
Click "Update Driver." and select "Install from a list or." then click "Next" button.
Select "Don't search, I will." then click "Next" and then click "Have disk".
Click the "Browse" button then choose A:(D:\Driver) and choose your monitor model in the model list and click the "Next" button.
If you can see following message window, then click the "Continue Anyway" button. Then click "OK" button.
Note This monitor driver is under certifying MS logo, and this installation doesn't damage your system. The certified driver will be posted on Samsung Monitor homepage. 9. Click the "Close" button then click "OK" button continually.
10. Monitor driver installation is completed. Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System When you can see "Digital Signature Not Found" on your monitor, follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. Choose "OK" button on the "Insert disk" window. Click the "Browse" button on the "File Needed" window. Choose A:(D:\Driver) then click the "Open" button and then click "OK" button.
How to install 1. 2. 3. 4. Click "Start", "Setting", "Control Panel". Double click the "Display" icon. Select the "Settings" tab and click "Advanced Properties" button. Choose "Monitor". Case1 : If the "Properties" button is inactive, it means your monitor is properly configured. Please stop installation Case2 : If the "Properties" button is active, click the "Properties" button then follow next steps continually. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Click "Driver" and then click on "Update Driver." then click on the "Next" button. Choose "Display a list of the known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver" then click "Next" and then click "Have disk". Click the "Browse" button then choose A:(D:\Driver). Click the "Open" button, then click "OK" button. Choose your monitor model and click the "Next" button then click "Next" button.
10. Click the "Finish" button then the "Close" button. If you can see the "Digital Signature Not Found" window then click the "Yes" button. And click the "Finish" button then the "Close" button. Microsoft Windows Millennium Operating System 1. 2. 3. Click "Start", "Setting", "Control Panel". Double click the "Display" icon. Select the "Settings" tab and click "Advanced Properties" button.

Using the Software 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Select the "Monitor" tab. Click the "Change" button in the "Monitor Type" area. Choose "Specify the location of the driver". Choose "Display a list of all the driver in a specific location." then click "Next" button. Click the "Have Disk" button. Specify A:\(D:\driver) then click "OK" button.
10. Select "Show all devices" and choose the monitor that corresponds to the one you connected to your computer and click "OK". 11. Continue choosing "Close" button and "OK" button until you close the Display Properties dialogue box. Microsoft Windows NT Operating System 1. 2. 3. 4. Click "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", and then double-click "Display" icon. In Display Registration Information window, click Settings Tab and then click "All Display Modes". Select a mode that you wish to use (Resolution, Number of colors and Vertical frequency) and then click "OK". Click "Apply" button if you see the screen working normally after clicking "Test". If the screen is not normal, change to a different mode (lower mode of resolution, colors or frequency). Note If there is no Mode at All Display Modes, select the level of resolution and vertical frequency by referring to the Preset Timing Modes in the user guide. Linux Operating System To execute X-Window, you need to make the X86Config file, which is a type of system setting file. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Press "Enter" at the first and the second screen after executing the X86Config file. The third screen is for setting your mouse. Set a mouse for your computer. The next screen is for selecting a keyboard. Set a Keyboard for your computer. The next screen is for setting your monitor. First of all, set a horizontal frequency for your monitor. (You can enter the frequency directly.) Set a vertical frequency for your monitor. (You can enter the frequency directly.) Enter the model name of your monitor. This information will not affect the actual execution of X-Window.
10. You have finished setting up your monitor. Execute X-Window after setting other requested hardware.
Natural Color Natural Color Software Program

One of the recent problems in using a computer is that the color of the images printed out by a printer or other images scanned by a scanner or a digital camera are not the same as those shown on the monitor. The Natural Color S/W is the very solution for this problem. It is a color administration system developed by Samsung Electronics in association with Korea Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). This system is available only for Samsung monitors and makes the color of the images on the monitor the same as the printed or scanned images. For more information, refer to Help (F1) in the software program.
How to install the Natural Color software
Insert the CD included with the Samsung monitor into the CD-ROM Drive. Then, the initial screen of the program Natural Color will be executed. Click Natural Color on the initial screen to install the Natural Color software. To install the program manually, insert the CD included with the Samsung monitor into the CD-ROM Drive, click the [Start] button of Windows and then select [Run.]. Enter D:\color\NCProSetup.exe and then press the [Enter] key. (If the drive where the CD is inserted is not D:\, enter the applicable drive.)
How to delete the Natural Color software program
Select "Setting/Control Panel" on the "Start" menu and then double-click "Add/Delete a program". Select Natural Color from the list and then click the "Add/Delete" button.

Adjusting the Monitor

Picture Available Modes
PC / DVI TV Component HDMI Note The default setting may be different depending on the selected Input Mode (input signal source selected in External Input List) and the selected resolution.
Picture : PC / DVI MagicBright
MagicBright is a feature providing optimum viewing environment depending on the contents of the image you are watching. Currently five different modes are available: Entertain, Internet, Text, Dynamic Contrast and Custom. Each mode has its own pre-configured brightness value. Entertain High Brightness For watching motion pictures such as a DVD or VCD Internet For working with a mixture of images such as texts and graphics. Text For documents or works involving heavy text. Dynamic Contrast
Adjusting the Monitor Dynamic Contrast automatically detects the distribution of the visual signal and adjusts to create an optimum contrast. Custom Although the values are carefully chosen by our engineers, the pre-configured values may not be comfortable to your eyes depending on your taste. If this is the case, adjust the Brightness and Contrast by using the OSD menu. MENU , MENU,EXIT

Sound Available Modes


Adjusting the Monitor

Component HDMI Note
The default setting may different depending on the selected Input Mode (input signal source selected in External Input List) and the selected resolution.
The Monitor has a built-in high fidelity stereo amplifier. Standard Choose Standard for the standard factory settings. Music Choose Music when watching music videos or concerts. Movie Choose Movie when viewing movies. Speech Choose Speech when watching a show that is mostly dialogue (i.e., news). Custom Choose Custom if you want to adjust the settings according to personal preference. MENU , , MENU,EXIT


You can adjust the left and right sound balance and the low or high volume as required. MENU , , , , , MENU,EXIT
Multi-Track Options Preferred Language
You can select the audio language. (Available in DTV Mode Only) MENU , , , MENU,EXIT

Multi-Track Sound

Mono : Choose for channels that are broadcasting in mono or if you are having difficulty receiving a stereo signal. Stereo : Choose for channels that are broadcasting in stereo. SAP : Choose to listen to the Separate Audio Program, which is usually a foreign-language translation.
(Available in Analog TV Mode Only) MENU , , , MENU,EXIT

Auto Volume

Reduces the differences in volume level among broadcasters. Off On , , , MENU,EXIT

TV Speaker

If you set this menu "On", sound output from the speakers is muted in case of using the home theater. Off On , , , MENU,EXIT

Channel Available Modes

PC / DVI TV Component HDMI Note The default setting may different depending on the selected Input Mode (input signal source selected in External Input List) and the selected resolution.


Adjusting the Monitor You can select a normal or wired channel. If ANT IN are connected, select the antenna input you want. If the antenna input is not selected properly, noise may appear on the screen. Air Cable , , MENU,EXIT

Auto Program

The TV automatically cycles through all of the available channels and stores them in memory. In rare cases, "Auto program" may miss a few channels due to weak signals and the channels may not be added to the channel memory. Air Cable Auto , , , , , , MENU,EXIT

Size Default, Smart, Standard, Large
Font Style Default, Style0, Style1, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5, Style6, Style7
Foreground Color Default, White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan
Background Color Default, White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan
Foreground Opacity Default, Transparent, Translucent, Solid, Flashing
Background Opacity Default, Transparent, Translucent, Solid, Flashing
Return to Default , , , , MENU,EXIT


Digital Caption Options are available only when Service1~Service6 can be selected in Caption Mode. Service1~Service6 in digital caption mode may not be available depending on the broadcast.


A melody sound can be set to come on when the monitor is powered On or Off. Off : Turns off the melody function. Low : Sets the melody volume to low. Medium : Sets the melody volume to medium. High : Sets the melody volume to high. , , , MENU,EXIT

Light Effect

You can turn on/off the LED on the front of monitor according to the situation. Use it for saving power or when the LED dazzles your eyes. Off : LED will not come on. In Standby : Turns the LED on in standby mode. In Watching TV : Turns the LED on while watching TV. Always : LED is always on. , , , MENU,EXIT

Light Level

Use to adjust the light level i.e., the brightness of the light. MENU , , , MENU,EXIT

Energy Saving

This feature adjusts the brightness of the TV in order to reduce power consumption. When watching TV at night, set the "Energy Saving" mode option to "High" to reduce eye fatigue as well as power consumption. Off : Turns off the energy saving function. Low : Sets the TV to low energy saving mode. Medium : Sets the TV to medium energy saving mode. High : Sets the TV to high energy saving mode. , , , MENU,EXIT

SW Upgrade

Use to upgrade the software. USB , , MENU,EXIT

Input Available Modes

Source List
Use to select PC, TV or other external input source connected to the Monitor.Use to select the screen of your choice.
Adjusting the Monitor The direct button on the remote control is "SOURCE" button. PC DVI TV Component HDMI1 HDMI2 , ,

Edit Name

Name the input device connected to the input jacks to make your input source selection easier PC DVI Component HDMI1 HDMI2 , , , MENU,EXIT


Self-Test Feature Check
Note Your monitor provides a self test feature that allows you to check whether your monitor is functioning properly.
1. 2. 3. Turn off both your computer and the monitor. Unplug the video cable from the back of the computer. Turn on the monitor. If the monitor is functioning properly, you will see a box in the illustration below.
This box appears during normal operation if the video cable becomes disconnected or damaged. 4. Turn off your monitor and reconnect the video cable; then turn on both your computer and the monitor.
If your monitor screen remains blank after using the previous procedure, check your video controller and computer system; your monitor is functioning properly.

Not Optimum Mode

If there is something wrong with the input signal, a message appears on the screen or the screen goes blank although the power indicator LED is still on. The message may indicate that the monitor is out of scan range or that you need to check the signal cable.
Note Refer to Specifications > Preset Timing Modes for the resolutions or frequencies that are supported by the monitor.

Maintenance and Cleaning

1. Maintaining the Monitor Case. Clean with a soft cloth after disconnecting the power cord.
Do not use benzene, thinner or other flammable substances, or a wet cloth. We recommend a Samsung cleansing agent is used to prevent damage to the screen.
2. Maintaining the Flat Panel Display Screen. Clean with a soft cloth (cotton flannel) smoothly. Never use acetone, benzene or thinner. (They may cause flaws or deformation of the screen surface.) The user will be required to pay costs and related expenses for repair of damages caused by improper cleaning and usage.
Symptoms and Recommended Actions

4. Problems related to Remote Control
Note Problems related to the remote control and their solutions are listed. Q: A: A: A: The remote control buttons do not respond. Check the battery polarities (+/-). Check if the batteries have been exhausted. Check if the power is on.
Troubleshooting A: A: Check if the power cord is securely connected. Check if a special fluorescent or neon lamp is on in the vicinity
5. You may see small particles if you look closely at the edge of the bezel surrounding the screen.
This is part of the products design and is not a defect.


Q: A: A: Q: A: How can I change the frequency? The frequency can be changed by reconfiguring the video card. Note that video card support can vary, depending on the version of the driver used. (Refer to the computer or the video card manual for details.) How can I adjusts the resolution? Windows XP: Set the resolution in the Control Panel Appearance and Themes Display Settings. A: Windows ME/2000: Set the resolution in the Control Panel Display Settings. * Contact the video card manufacturer for details. Q: A: How can I set the Power Saving function? Windows XP: Set the resolution in the Control Panel Appearance and Themes Display Screen Saver. Set the function in the BIOS-SETUP of the computer. (Refer to the Windows / Computer Manual). A: Windows ME/2000: Set the resolution at the Control Panel Display Screen Saver. Set the function in the BIOS-SETUP of the computer. (Refer to the Windows / Computer Manual). Q: A: How can I clean the outer case/LCD Panel? Disconnect the power cord and then clean the monitor with a soft cloth, using either a cleaning solution or plain water. Do not leave any detergent or scratches on the case. Do not let any water enter the monitor. Q: A: What are the benefits of digital broadcasting? Digital TV broadcasting generates less noise and provides clearer visuals and sound than analog TV broadcasting does. As services develop, you can also enjoy various information services because various kinds of data besides video and audio can be sent. For example, while watching a sports game, you can view various data on your favorite player or you can view all or selected screens which have been captured from different angles for a
Troubleshooting specific scene. In addition, you can retrive information on a previous story or drama or you can buy home shopping products such as an accessory currently on TV. Digital TV broadcasting allows you to easily access various information services in your home creating a more information-oriented home. Q: A: A: What is the difference between HDTV and SDTV? There are various types of digital TVs. The most widely known types of digital TV are HDTV and SDTV. They are classified according to the screen quality and the video specifications. A: HDTV (High Definition TV): High screen quality, very clear TV. SDTV (Standard Definition TV): Common standard digital TV.

This monitor is EPA ENERGY STAR compliant and ENERGY2000 compliant when used with a computer equipped with VESA DPM functionality. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, SAMSUNG has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

Preset Timing Modes

If the signal transferred from the computer is the same as the following Preset Timing Modes, the screen will be adjusted automatically. However, if the signal differs, the screen may go blank while the power LED is on. Refer to the video card manual and adjusts the screen as follows. Display Mode Horizontal Frequency (kHz) 31.469 31.469 31.469 35.000 49.726 68.681 37.861 37.500 35.156 37.879 48.077 46.875 48.363 56.476 60.023 67.500 60.000 63.981 79.976 65.290 Vertical Frequency (Hz) 70.086 59.940 70.087 66.667 74.551 75.062 72.809 75.000 56.250 60.317 72.188 75.000 60.004 70.069 75.029 75.000 60.000 60.020 75.025 59.954 Pixel Clock (MHz) 25.175 25.175 28.322 30.240 57.284 100.000 31.500 31.500 36.000 40.000 50.000 49.500 65.000 75.000 78.750 108.000 108.000 108.000 135.000 146.250 Sync Polarity (H/V) +/-/-/+ -/-/-/-/-/+/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ -/-/+/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ -/+
IBM, 640 x 350 IBM, 640 x 480 IBM, 720 x 400 MAC, 640 x 480 MAC, 832 x 624 MAC, 1152 x 870 VESA, 640 x 480 VESA, 640 x 480 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 1024 x 768 VESA, 1024 x 768 VESA, 1024 x 768 VESA, 1152 x 864 VESA, 1280 x 960 VESA, 1280 x 1024 VESA, 1280 x 1024 VESA, 1680 x 1050
Horizontal Frequency The time to scan one line connecting the right edge to the left edge of the screen horizontally is called the Horizontal Cycle and the inverse number of the Horizontal Cycle is called the Horizontal Frequency. Unit: kHz Vertical Frequency Like a fluorescent lamp, the screen has to repeat the same image many times per second to display an image to the user. The frequency of this repetition is called the Vertical Frequency or Refresh Rate. Unit: Hz
General Model Name LCD Panel Size 22 inch (55 cm) SyncMaster T220HD

IBM, 640 x 350

Display Mode
Horizontal Frequency (kHz) 31.469 31.469 35.000 49.726 68.681 37.861 37.500 35.156 37.879 48.077 46.875 48.363 56.476 60.023 67.500 60.000 63.981 79.976 65.290
Vertical Frequency (Hz) 59.940 70.087 66.667 74.551 75.062 72.809 75.000 56.250 60.317 72.188 75.000 60.004 70.069 75.029 75.000 60.000 60.020 75.025 59.954
Pixel Clock (MHz) 25.175 28.322 30.240 57.284 100.000 31.500 31.500 36.000 40.000 50.000 49.500 65.000 75.000 78.750 108.000 108.000 108.000 135.000 146.250
Sync Polarity (H/V) -/-/+ -/-/-/-/-/+/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ -/-/+/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ -/+
IBM, 640 x 480 IBM, 720 x 400 MAC, 640 x 480 MAC, 832 x 624 MAC, 1152 x 870 VESA, 640 x 480 VESA, 640 x 480 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, 1024 x 768 VESA, 1024 x 768 VESA, 1024 x 768 VESA, 1152 x 864 VESA, 1280 x 960 VESA, 1280 x 1024 VESA, 1280 x 1024 VESA, 1680 x 1050


For Better Display
Adjust the computer resolution and screen injection rate (refresh rate) on the computer as described below to enjoy the best picture quality. You can have an uneven picture quality on screen if the best picture quality is not provided for TFT-LCD. Resolution: 1680 x 1050 Vertical frequency (refresh rate): 60 Hz
TFT-LCD panels manufactured by using advanced semiconductor technology with a precision of 1ppm (one millionth) and above is used for this product. But the pixels of RED, GREEN, BLUE and WHITE color seem to be bright sometimes or some of black pixels could be seen. This is not from bad quality and you can use it without any problems. For example, the number of TFT-LCD sub pixels contained in this product are 5,292,000.
When cleaning the monitor and the panel outside, please apply the recommended small amount of cleaner by using a soft cloth to polish. Do not force the LCD area but rub softly. If excessive force is applied, you may stain it. If you are not satisfied with the picture quality, you can get better quality of picture by performing the "Auto Adjustment function" in display screen that is appeared as window termination button is pressed. If there's still noise after the automatic adjustment, use the Fine/Coarse adjustment function. When viewing a fixed screen for an extended period of time, a residual image or blurriness may appear. Change the mode to energy save or set a screensaver to move the picture when you need to be away from the monitor for an extended period of time. Do not display a still image( such as on a video game or when hooking up a DVD to this LCD_TV ) on the Color TFT-LCD ( Thin Film Transister Liquid Crystal Display) panel for a long time as it can cause screen image retention. This image retention is also known as "screen burn". To avoid such image retention, reduce the degree of brightness and contrast of this screen when displaying a still image. Watching Digital Broadcasting Correctly Digital 16:9 HD Broadcasting Screen Digital SD Broadcasting Screen Digital 4:3 Broadcasting Screen

This screen is shown when This screen is shown when This screen is shown when scenes are captured using dig- scenes are converted to ana- scenes created via analog sigital broadcasting equipment log broadcasting signals benals are displayed while fore being sent. Humans and
Information and they are sent in HDTV objects appear heavier than in watching HDTV broadcast(16:9) mode. reality. ing. Note If temporary stops, mosaic screens, or jagged screens occur, this is not a TV problem. Contact your cable broadcasting company for a check-up. For information on how to connect and use your video, DVD, DVD combo, home theater, PC, etc., refer to their respective user manuals.
PRODUCT INFORMATION (Image Retention Free)
LCD Monitors and TVs may have image retention when switching from one image to another especially after displaying a stationary image for a long time. This guide is to demonstrate correct usage of LCD products in order to protect them from Image retention. Warranty Warranty does not cover any damage caused by image retention. Burn-in is not covered by the warranty. What is Image retention ? During normal operation of a LCD panel, pixel image retention doesn't occur. However, if the same image is displayed for a long time, a slight difference in electric charge accumulates between the two electrodes which encase the liquid crystal. This may cause the liquid crystal to build up in a certain areas of the display. Thus, the previous image is retained when switching to a new video image. All display products, including LCD, are subject to image retention. This is not a product defect. Please follow the suggestions below to protect your LCD from image retention.
Power Off, Screen Saver, or Power Save Mode Ex) Turn the power off when using a stationary pattern. Turn the power off for 4 hours after 20 hours in use Turn the power off for 2 hours after 12 hours in use
Use a Screen saver if possible Screen saver in one color or a moving image is recommended.
Set the Monitor to power off with the PC Display Properties Power Scheme. Suggestions for specific applications
Ex) Airports, Transit Stations, Stock Markets, Banks, and Controlling Systems We recommend that you follow set up of your display system program as below: Display Information together with Logo or Moving image cycle.
Information Ex) Cycle : Display Information for 1 hour followed by a Display Logo or moving image for 1 minute. Change the Color Information periodically (Use 2 different colors). Ex) Rotate the Color Information with 2 colors every 30 minutes.
Avoid using a combination of characters and background color with large difference in luminance. Avoid using Grey colors, which can cause Image retention easily. Avoid: Colors with big difference in luminance (Black & White, Grey) Ex)
Recommended settings: Bright colors with little difference in luminance Change the characters color and background color every 30 minutes Ex)



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Europe GERMANY HUNGARY ITALIA LUXEMBURG NETHERLANDS NORWAY POLAND 01805 - SAMSUNG (726-7864) ( 0,14/Min) 06-80-SAMSUNG (726-7864) 800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) 0035 (0)
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Sync Signal Sync (Synchronized) Signals refer to the standard signals that are required to display desired colors on the monitor. They are divided into Vertical and Horizontal Sync Signals. These signals display normal color images by the set resolution and frequency. Separate Composite



Samsung SyncMaster 225UW
For Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
The Samsung SyncMaster 225UW is a 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor that uses Microsofts unified communications solutions to streamline all communication functions into a single platform, offering end users a simplified experience that ultimately drives workplace productivity, increases security and reduces costs.
Communications Made Simple
With Microsofts unified communications software package, the SyncMaster 225UW monitor is enabled to integrate all communications systems, from e-mail and instant messaging to Smartphone and VoIP, all of which can be accessed with a single password and log-in. Whether communicating across cubicles or across continents, the SyncMaster 225UW facilitates a top-quality audio and visual communication experience. Equipped with a built-in 2.0M pixel high-resolution webcam, dual-array microphone and speakers, the SyncMaster 225UW is an ideal choice for trueto-life Web conferencing, thereby reducing the need for frequent business travel and decreasing long distance phone costs. The SyncMaster 225UW supports Microsofts presence management features, which lets
users know which of their colleagues are available at any given time and will be automatically routed to the correct communication device, thereby saving time and ultimately driving productivity. With the 225UW, communication is not only simplified, it is also secure. By utilizing the proven stability of Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, IT professionals are given the full peace of mind of universal communications security. In addition to its unified communications capabilities, the SyncMaster 225UW widescreen monitor has qualified for Microsofts Windows Vista Premium Certification, therefore ensuring the full range of features and benefits of a Windows Vista operating system.
22-inch widescreen monitor offers sleek design, high-end features
The SyncMaster 225UW provides premium performance, value and style. With a high resolution of 1680 x 1050, coupled with a wide 16:10 aspect ratio, the SyncMaster 225UW offers superior image quality and enhanced productivity for a range of professional applications. Featuring a 5ms response time, a 700:1 contrast ratio and 300cd/m2 brightness, the model is equipped to produce crisp, true-to-life images, while the wide 170/160 viewing angle further enhances the overall viewing experience. The monitor also incorporates a 2 port USB hub and dual inputs (DVI-D & Analog). The widescreen monitor is packaged in a sleek design, with a high-gloss shiny black bezel and a stylish square-based stand. The monitor also features a set of touch-sensitive buttons, enhancing overall ease-of-use and adding an ultra-modern feel.
The SyncMaster 225UW will be available in June for an MSRP of $449.99. Like all Samsung displays, the SyncMaster 225UW is backed by a three-year limited warranty on labor and parts, including the backlight, as well as toll-free technical support for the life of the display.

Samsung Electronics America
3351 Michelson Drive Suite 250 Irvine, CA 92612 (T) 1-800-Samsung



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