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Sony DPP-FP65About Sony DPP-FP65
Here you can find all about Sony DPP-FP65 like driver and other informations. For example: cartridge.

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Digital Photo Printer

Insert the print paper into the paper tray.
Insert the paper tray and ink ribbon into the printer.

Read This First

Welcome to the Sony DPP-FP65/FP75 Digital Photo Printer. This leaflet explains preparations and basic printing procedures. To enjoy a variety of printing options or customize your printer, please read the operating instructions also supplied.
1Open the paper tray cover.

1Open the doors.

Hold the parts on both sides of the paper tray cover (shown with arrows) and open the paper tray cover.
2Open the slide cover of the paper tray.
2Set the print paper into the paper tray.
Insert the print paper into the paper tray with the printing surface (the side with no imprint) facing up. emove the protective sheet. R
3Insert the paper tray and ink ribbon until each

clicks into place.

Printing surface (the side with no imprint)
You cannot print on a protective sheet. (Doing so may cause a malfunction.)


Checking the contents of the package
(Illustrations used in this leaflet are for the DPP-FP75. The button locations and names for the DPP-FP65 are identical.)
Printer (1) Cleaning cartridge (1)/ Cleaning sheet (1)
(Used for cleaning inside the printer.)
You can use Sony optional color print packs designed for this printer, only. You cannot use the other print packs. For color print packs you can use, refer to About print packs also supplied. You can set up to 20 sheets of print paper.

Removing the ink ribbon

Open the ink ribbon compartment door, push up the blue eject lever, and remove the used ink ribbon.
Do not touch the printing surface!
Do not cut off from perforated portions!

Do not bend!

Paper tray (1)

CD-ROM (1)

Operating Instructions (1)
3 Close the paper tray cover.
If you cannot close the tray cover
Stretch out the slide cover, and then close the tray cover.

AC adaptor (1)

About print packs (1)
Read This First (this leaflet) (1)

AC power cord (1)

Warranty (1)
(In some regions, the warranty is not supplied.)
Sony End User Software License Agreement (1)
When storing the print paper in the paper tray
Remove the paper tray from the printer and shut the slide cover.
The plug shape and specifications of the AC power cord differ depending on the region in which you purchased the printer.
Connect to the AC power source.
1Insert the plug of the AC adaptor into the DC IN 24 V jack on

the back of the printer.

Insert the memory card containing an image for printing into the appropriate slot with its terminal side facing toward the slot.
Insert a memory card into the slot.
2Connect one plug of the AC power cord to the connector of
the AC adaptor and the other plug to the wall outlet.
Install the printer in a location with 10 cm (13/32 inch) or more of space at the rear. 10 cm (13/32 inch) Memory Stick (Memory Stick Duo) To DC IN 24V connector AC adaptor To the wall outlet AC power cord SD Card xD-Picture Card

Turn on the printer.

An image stored on the memory card is displayed.
Select an image for printing.
Press / button repeatedly until the image that you want to print appears.
Insert a memory card with its label side facing up. When carrying your printer, make sure to remove the memory card, AC adaptor, cables or cords, and paper tray. Otherwise, the printer may be damaged.
Incompatible USB device is connected.
Page 30 in the Operating Instructions

Press the PRINT button.

What you can do with the digital photo printer (See the Operating Instruction for the operations below.)
You can make a variety of prints as listed below:
Printing from a PictBridge or other camera
About error display (extract)
This section explains error displays. For the rest of error displays, refer to pages 45 to 47 of the Operating Instructions.

The printing process

The printer employs a dye sublimation printing system. In this printing system, the thermal print head heats up as it passes over the yellow, magenta, and then cyan layer of the ink ribbon, causing the dyes to vaporize and permeate the surface of the print paper. Then the final cycle lays a laminate layer as an overcoating to protect the printed surface:
The direction the ink film moves inside the ink ribbon

Direct Printing

You can print directly from a memory card or an external device such as photo storage device. Incompatible memory card is inserted.
Page 31 in the Operating Instructions Page 16 in the Operating Instructions
Printing via Bluetooth communication
An error has occurred with a memory card.
Page 16 in the Operating Instructions Laminate film Cyan Magenta Yellow Print Paper
Ink ribbon is not inserted, or has run out. Insert an ink ribbon of the displayed size.
Page 9 in the Operating Instructions

Layout print

Page 23 in the Operating Instructions Page 32 in the Operating Instructions
Print paper is not set, or the paper tray is not inserted. Set print paper of the displayed size into the paper tray and insert the paper tray into the printer.

Page 10 in the Operating Instructions Print paper , or ink ribbon is not correct. Insert an ink ribbon or print paper of the displayed size and press PRINT. Pages 9 to 10 in the Operating Instructions

ID Photo print

Page 24 in the Operating Instructions

Printing from a PC

Batch printing (Index Print/DPOF Print/Print All)
Page 25 in the Operating Instructions
Paper jam. Remove the jammed paper.
Page 58 in the Operating Instructions

Red-eye correction

Page 20 in the Operating Instructions
Some error has occurred with the printer. Turn off and then on the printer, and then try printing again.
Page 16 in the Operating Instructions Pages 34 to 44 in the Operating Instructions
The ink ribbon cannot be reused. After you print 40 sheets of print paper, the ink ribbon runs out. You cannot reuse it by rewinding. Print paper emerges from the back and front paper outlets each time a color is printed. Please wait until printing is completed and the print paper is automatically ejected onto the paper tray.



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