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Umax Astra 1220U Quickstart Guide

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Umax Astra 1220UAbout Umax Astra 1220U
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rodmmm 10:20pm on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 
This is among the lousiest scanners I have ever owned (and I have used many) Easy to use software Lousy scan quality, no power switch.
ABCD 5:00am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 
Drivers for XP? I do not really understand the missing or scarcely obtainable driver for XP matter.
kaosent 1:49pm on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 
Easy to use software Lousy scan quality, no power switch, wierd power saving design,inside traps dust

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Umax Astra 1220U color scanner for the iMac
If you need to scan with your iMac, right now the Umax 1220U color scanner is the one of a few scanners available now. If you need a Umax Astra 1220U driver for your iMac get it at Umax's FTP Site -
Dimensions of the scanner The Umax Astra 1220U is a full 36-bit scanner scanning at a resolution of 600 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi), with 9600 dpi enhanced. It can scan up to 8.5" x 11.7" documents with no problem. Its USB connector makes this scanner easy to set up. The actual scanner is 12" x 18.5" in size, so it will take a moderate chunk of real estate on you desk. Its weight is fairly light, as most of the insides is air. The scanning mechanism moves from the top to bottom when it is scanning. Its quality is very good, even better. I have been pleased with the results. If you have a slave PC(or not) at your establishment, this scanner will work with Windows 95 OSR2 with USB extensions or Windows 98. The software that comes with the scanner also works on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Not bad overall, no legal size, not a lot of money. I give this an A+.
What can you expect Speed. Compared to other scanners made by Umax and HP, the 1220U really screams. Setup is easy, as it is USB. Just plug it into an available USB port, plug the scanner into a power socket, turn on the scanner, load the software, reboot and Presto! You are in business. It helps that some of the software is called Presto!, so you have some magic on your side. :) If you turn on the scanner after your iMac has been on, don't worry it will fire up and scan as usual. I give this an A+.
What is included? A slew of software is included. You will get Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.1, Presto! Page Manager, Presto! Image Folio, Presto! Photo Album, OmniPage LE and VistaScan. The software selection is pretty good. More advanced software would add additional cost. If you need higher end software, the 1220U will interface with it as it supports plug-in technology. Adobe PhotoDeluxe - a good basic photo editing software. Not quite Photoshop, perfect for home use.
Presto! Page Manager - a good digital filing cabinet. It lets you organize your images with ease. It provides basic OCR capability, and lets you drag and drop an image on any application. Presto! Image Folio - another good basic photo editing software. Presto! Photo Album - a virtual photo album. The application is not very Mac-like. OmniPage LE - turns scanned text into editable text. VistaScan - The scanning engine. Overall not bad. It could be better. The Presto! applications launch like they are not PowerPC code, a bit slow (under Mac OS 8.1). Once they are loaded their performance is good. Once Mac OS 8.5 was installed, they loaded fast!! OmniPage LE is best used with PICT files, the TIFF importer is a bit picky. OmniPage OCR recognition is good. Adobe PhotoDeluxe is a very good photo editor. Worthwhile using, too bad it is still version 1.1. :( VistaScan is elegant and easy to use. Provides a beginner and advanced mode to scanning. Beginner scanning mode Advanced scanning mode

I give this a A.

Integration with existing software With the plug-in technology this scanner supports, Photoshop had no problems linking to the scanner and receiving the scanned images. This made the overall final piece easier as I did not have to load and additional piece of software after the image was scanned. If you want to use the VistaScan application to scan software to be edited later by a different application with no plug-in support, you can. Several file formats are supported including Photoshop 2.5, JPEG, GIF, PICT and more. I give this an A+.
Cost The scanner costs $149.00 with a $20.00 rebate as of 10/21/98. Pretty good value for the price. Most 36-bit scanners cost as much if not more. Several 30-bit scanners cost less then $100.00. The difference is the quality of the final scan. I would recommend a 36-bit or higher.
The bottom line The Umax Astra 1220U scanner was a very positive experience. Its ease of setup and use made it a pleasure to scan with. The price of $129.00 is not bad either. I have seen worse. Now there are a lot of other scanners for iMac. I still think I made a good decision. This is the only USB scanner I have seen or heard about which has a networking option.
This The iMac 512 Classic PDF document is copyright 1999 by G.Younk. Permission is needed to reproduce this on any electronic or printed medium.



My report on Mac OS 8.5 on the iMac
The latest Mac OS upgrade is worth it's weight in gold and more!
What it did for me. It saved me time. A lot of time! It has solved a few problems I have been having with my iMac. I learned ways around these, but Mac OS 8.5 now prevents me from doing this. I just turn on my iMac and work with all of the applications I have. Steve Jobs was right, I have a new Mac! I faxed it in if you can, it took 6 days for me to get my copy of Mac OS 8.5.
More detail The problems I have had: Photoshop LE - It would lockup while opening a document if Open Transport was loaded. Presto! applications - These came with my Umax Astra 1220U scanner. They launched like a 68040 Macintosh. Once Mac OS 8.5 was installed, they acted like PowerPC versions. Fast! Virtual PC - Switching from Virtual PC to another Mac program is now fast. Otherwise it would wait about 10-20 seconds before the other Mac application would activate. My applications work with no problems. They include: Norton Utiltiies 4.0, Norton AntiVirus 5.0, PageMill 2.0, SiteMill 2.0, Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition, PhotoShop LE, Presto! PageManager, Umax VistaScan, PhotoDeluxe 1.1, Netscape Navagator 4.0, Internet Explorer 4.0, Outlook Express, ClarisWorks 5, Spring Cleaning 2.0, Disk Doubler 4.0, Timbuktu Pro 4.0, and Lords of the Realm II.
What's Cool! The installation worked flawessly. It preserved my settings in the Control Panel, my preferences and my Internet setup. New toys to play with: Sherlock - The ultimate search tool! Make sure you visit Apple's site of Sherlock! It lets you search for a file, information inside of a file, or information on the Internet. A single source of searching! Internet Control Panel - This lets you organize your Internet settings and lets you pick which browser you want!
Network Browser - This tool lets you see all of the volumes on a file server without going back to the Chooser for additional volumes. Application menu - This menu can be placed anywhere showing you which applications are open. Appearance Control Panel - This will let you have sounds for opening a window, picking out a menu bar, etc. Plus it lets you smooth your screen fonts out, so they will appear a bit more smooth. File Exchange Control Panel - More compatible with the Windows files you might need to work with.
The bottom line I feel this upgrade is worth it. The speed it gave my iMac is unbearable. I can't stand it!
Mac OS 8.5 Clean Install option
I have detailed the steps below on finishing a clean install when you upgrade to Mac OS 8.5 on the iMac. Thanks to Allen for suggesting me to do this!
Step #1 - The 8.5 CD The Mac OS 8.5 CD is the starting place. HFS+ is something you should consider, it will reduce the amount of space that is used on your hard drive. All of the major hard drive utilities now support is fully. There is no reason not to anymore. Be prepared to re-enter some of your settings; this includes software keys or registration numbers, phone numbers and passwords. When you run the Install application, you will have an option buried in there to do the clean install. Click on the Options button at the Select Destination screen. You will see the following dialog box, click and checkmark the Perform Clean Installation. Then press the OK button.
This will create a new System Folder on your iMac hard drive. Follow the steps and choose what else you want to install. If you want more control of what gets loaded, cleck on the Customize button at the Install Mac OS 8.5 screen. It will present you with this window:
You can choose what you want to install.
Items you might want to install: Mac OS 8.5 (79.5MB) - You need this for the new Operating System This includes: Sherlock 2.0, QuickTime 3.02, Location Manger 2.0, Iomega Drivers 6.12, Disk First Aid, Drive Setup and the Mac OS Help Internet Access (28.1MB) - If you want to get on the Internet, you must load this. This includes: Internet Explorer 4.01, Outlook Express 4.0, Stuffit Expander 4.5, DropStuff installer, Internet setup Utilities and the Web fonts Apple Remote Access (2.7MB) - This will allow you to dial up your Internet Service Provider. The above should of loaded this for you, in my opinion. Personal Web Sharing (1.4MB) - If you want to have a mini-web server, this is for you! QuickDraw 3D (6.6MB) - This will show you 3 dimensional images. Text-to-Speech (10.3MB) - The iMac will talk to you for any dialog boxes that need attention, or the iMac can read you any text you want. Mac OS Runtime for Java (15.7MB) - If your web browser does not support Java and you want to run Java applets, load this. ColorSync (1.8MB) - This helps you view consistant color on your monitor, scanner and printer. QuickDraw GX (4MB) - Unfortuately the Apple world is slowly moving away from QuickDraw GX. It lets you do cool printer stuff with any QuickDraw printer that you can do with PostScript printers. English Speech Recognition (15.8MB) - Lets you control your iMac with your voice. Cool!

Multilingual Internet Access (15.8MB) - Lets you see web pages using thier default language; (French, Chinese, etc.) One you have made your choices, proceed to load Mac OS 8.5
Step #2 - Figure out what you need Remember after doing a clean install, all of your preferences and installed system stuff will be in the Previous System Folder on your iMac hard drive. Open it up and lets look inside. Control Panel: This lets you change settings on your iMac. Extensions: This is enhancements to the Mac OS by Apples or third-party products. Preferences: This is the settings which applications and Control Panels make. Startup Items: Anything which autostarts on the iMac start up process. Shutdown Items: Anything you run during the iMac Shutdown process. Fonts: All the fonts you can use go here. There are more folders, many applications create a folder for its own use, keep track of these. If you want to see how much stuff you replaced, label all of the existing files a blue color. Use red for the stuff you are placing in there.
Step #3 - Moving the good stuff What to move: Anything which resembles something you will need to change in the future. If it already exists, don't replace it. Examples include: Norton FileSaver, Color SW 1500 (printer file), iMac Demo Extension, MacLinkPlus. Move any folders inside the above folders that don't exist, as the applications probably need these too. Examples include: Norton folders, RealAudio folder, Microsoft (MS) folders, Modem Scripts folder, any AntiVirus folders, Timbuktu folder. Move any other folders which you don't have in the System Folder. Examples include: CMSCP folder, Expresso folder, Microsoft (MS) folders. Move any loose files which you don't have in the System Folder. Examples include: Advance.set, @UMAX_Preview, CWReg.dat. The scrapbook file is the holding tank for the Scrapbook, move it if you have placed something in the Scrapbook and you want it saved. The Preference folder is the most important folder. With out some of the files in there, your registered applications will think you have not registered them. Move any application specific folder. Examples include: Explorer, Extension Manager Preferences, Location Manager Prefs, Netscape Users, any Antivirus folders, Translated Documents.

Move any files you need that you recognize for any application or system file. Examples include: Virtual PC Prefs, Display Prefs, any file with Registration in it, ColorSync Prefs, ClarisWorks prefs, Internet Prefs, Netscape Registry, Quicktime Prefs. Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh will self-heal itself. It will re-install anything that is missing. A good idea, except Microsoft did not do this with any version of their Windows software. On the Mac first!
Results Your applications will work again as if you did a regular upgrade install. If there were any applications which did not work under the Mac OS 8.1, they should under Mac OS 8.5. I found this out with some of my applications which did not work well. (Photoshop LE, Presto! apps) If an application still does not work, you probably missed something it needs. Try experimenting with the not so obvious items. If that still does not work, re-install the application. Find them below.
I can't find everything that came with the iMac! Some of the software that came with the iMac is located in certain spots. This area covers the Revision "A" iMacs, I don't have a Revision "B" or later iMac. The CDs which came with the iMac has all of the software somewhere on them. Software Restore CD (to find these, double click on the iMac HD.img icon in the Configurations folder, it will mount): In the Applications folder: Adobe Acrobat, ClarisWorks (AppleWorks), FAXstf, Nanosaur, Quicken Deluxe 98, WS Guide to Good Cooking In the Apple Extras folder: Mac OS Runtime for Java, QuickDraw 3D, Mac OS Tutorial, Mac OS Info Center and Applescript In the Internet folder: Netscape Navigator, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, America Online, Stuffit Expander and Total Access In the Utilities folder: Disk First Aid and Drive Setup On the root of the Macintosh HD: QuickTime and Remote Access Client Software Install CD: In the Applications folder: Adobe Acrobat, ClarisWorks (AppleWorks), FAXstf, and Nanosaur In the Internet folder: America Online and EarthLink In the Utilities folder: Disk First Aid, Drive Setup and Disk Copy 5
In the Software Installers folder: Remote Access Client, English Text-to-Speech, Info Center, Internet Access, Location Manager, Mac OS Runtime for Java, Mac OS Tutorial, OpenDoc, Personal Web Sharing, QuickDraw 3D, QuickDraw GX, and various System Softeware including; Open Transport, LaserWriter, iMac, ColorSync, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 8.1 Update In the CD Extras folder: CD Player, Hypercard Player, iMac Game Controller Support, Internal Modem, QuickDraw 3D Extras, QuickTime, Spanish Txt-to-Speech and the Universal Access. Software that had it's own CD: Williams-Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking, Quicken Deluxe 98, Kai's PhotoSoap and MDK.

If you need to re-install some pre-loaded software, you can do it!
The bottom line If you do an upgrade install and everything works fine, great! If you did and the iMac is not as fast as it was under Mac OS 8.1, or if something does not work maybe trying the clean install will help. If the clean install does not work: Boot up the iMac with the iMac Software Restore CD Trash the present System Folder Rename the Previous System Folder to System Folder Restart the iMac. Everything should be back to normal.

Thank you for your time!

This The iMac 512 Classic PDF document is copyright 1999 by G.Younk. Permission is needed to reproduce this on any electronic or printed medium.



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