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Konica Bizhub C35Konica bizhub C35 Multifunction Copier

Konica Minolta - Laser - Color - Printer - Copier - Scanner - Fax

Move documents faster and more efficiently with the Konica Minolta Bizhub C35 is a color multifunction laser printer. The Konica Minolta Bizhub C-35 is designed to be a flexible solution for small workgroups and businesses. The Konica Minolta Bizhub C 35's functions include copy print scan and fax in color and B&W at speeds up to 31 ppm

Brand: Konica Minolta
Part Number: c35
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bizhub C35

All the power of bizhub now in A4

Office system bizhub C35

bizhub C35, office system
Perfectly complements communication anywhere
Konica Minoltas new A4 colour multifunctional combines great performance with excellent value. The extraordinary device suits different environments to perfection as its versatile nature lends itself to both large and small organisations as either a hub or local placements.
Complementing existing A3 machines
The bizhub C35 offers an attractive and frequently needed functionality to serve workgroups in decentralised installations as a compact colour A4 device. Its quiet operation and low power consumption make it ideal to work with. The bizhub C35 perfectly coexists on any network, processes confidential data with discretion, and complements existing A3 systems. Also, thanks to identical administration tools it enables the central management of all devices.
Full multifunctionality as standard
As the central communication system for small businesses, branch offices, shops and similar environments, the bizhub C35 brings complete multifunctionality to any such location and scores with its compact size and ease of use. Its copying, printing and scanning functionalities are enhanced by both colour and fax capability as standard. Perfectly equipped, the bizhub C35 impresses with fast 30 ppm in colour and black and white as well as standard duplexing with 100% performance.

Colour, Black&White



TWAIN network












Super G3 Fax
The A4 communicator innovative technology

Compact user comfort

Featuring a small footprint, compact size and low weight, the bizhub C35 is the perfect A4 multifunctional that is always close at hand but doesnt ask for a lot of space. With its attractive InfoLine design, including an easy-to-use colour touch-screen display that can be tilted to guarantee excellent visibility from any angle, it blends in perfectly with the other products in the bizhub range. This, as well as the bizhub C35s quiet operation, ensures the highest user comfort and absolute convenience for anyone and any kind of every-day office job.

Impressive image quality

The bizhub C35 provides the advanced technology and proprietary toner system to deliver truly outstanding image quality. The tiny and uniformly shaped toner particles of Konica Minoltas Simitri HD polymerised toner achieve an image quality second to none. Razor-sharp text and lines, and a smooth and highly durable print finish ensure longer lasting prints of better quality whilst supporting a faultless eco-performance.
Ecologically sound Advanced technology
Using latest Emperon controller technology, the bizhub C35 integrates seamlessly into most networks while offering compatibility with standard operating systems and most business applications. Its 800 MHz page-processor, 120 GB HDD and innovative, high-speed 1.5 GB memory let it perform like a professional, with Gigabit Ethernet another of its highlights. PostScript and PCL are available as standard via the Emperon system which is equipped for the future thanks to its standard XPS controller. In addition, PCI Express represents the latest PCI bus technology for extra speed enhancement and further improved performance. Various newly introduced eco-technologies minimise the bizhub C35s environmental impact and make it worthy of the renowned eco-labels Blue Angel and Energy Star. The bizhub C35 incorporates Konica Minoltas highly efficient energy-saving features, utilises recycled materials, and employs ozone-free parts to make it an environmentally sound product. Its low energy consumption is largely due to Konica Minoltas state-of-the-art fusing technology. The use of Simitri HD polymerised toner enables fixing at lower temperatures, which minimises the warm-up period while maximising energy efficiency. In addition, the polymerisation process of Simitri HD toner has considerably less environmental impact than the production of conventional toner. Key features Small footprint Quiet operation Emperon Simitri HD Key benefits Finds its place anywhere, even in the smallest corner Ideal to work side by side with for immediate access Attractive versatility and compatibility with most office applications Combines eco-friendliness with good image quality

The A4 communicator attractive versatility
Productive printer and copier
The bizhub C35 provides its users with a straightforward and convenient printing and copying functionality for internal and external communication, reports, presentations and so much more. Featuring a standard duplex document feeder, duplex unit and a generous paper capacity of up to 1,350 sheets, the multifunctional device is perfectly equipped to handle all every-day print and copy jobs with ease and flexibility. Productivity is ensured with fast 30 ppm in colour and black and white, a short first copy time, as well as 100% processing speed in the document feeder and in duplex printing/copying. Plus the bizhub C35s competent media capability can handle media of up to 210gsm in duplex. The standard paper capacity of one paper tray and a bypass can be upgraded with one or two additional cassettes and a practical cabinet can also be used to present the bizhub C35 at a comfortable height. As with the A3 devices, further essential conveniences are available with the support for PCL, PostScript and XPS as standard. The printer drivers award-winning My Tab feature lets users compile and display their frequently used print settings on a single tab in an easy-to-use menu format. Efficiency is enhanced with print features such as the n-up function, duplex printing to save paper and filing space, or the practical and convenient overlay function, e.g. for the instant creation of letterheads.
Efficient scanner and fax
Scanning is an essential feature on any office multifunctional to facilitate the sharing and distribution of information. Users of the bizhub C35 benefit from its generous scanning functionality that gives them scan to eMail, FTP SMB, USB and hard , disk. Scan formats include TIFF, JPEG, XPS and PDF as well as compact and encrypted PDF. User flexibility is enhanced with the clever scan to USB and USB direct print features that enable time-saving direct scanning from the bizhub C35 to the USB stick as well as direct printing from the stick, both without any detour via the PC. The bizhub C35s Super G3 fax functionality includes analogue and PC fax capabilities. PC fax in particular is considered an essential feature by many, as sending faxes directly from the PC saves having to print each and every fax document.

The A4 communicator efficient administration and cost control

Central administration

The standard PageScope Net Care Device Manager* facilitates the central implementation of system network configurations and central status monitoring. The application provides fast access and simple monitoring of individual or all devices on the network, helping to maximise the uptime of all monitored equipment. The PageScope Data Administrator* is synonymous for all-encompassing account and data management. It streamlines the integration of new equipment into existing workflows and simplifies the programming of eMail addresses. Authentication and account data can be individually programmed per user, including limited access rights to specific functions such as colour printing. With that the Data Administrator also helps to cut costs and control output volumes. The PageScope Account Manager* provides the convenient central collection of detailed counter readings and the ensuing cost calculation.
* Available from Autumn 2010
Key features Multifunctionality Central administration
Key benefits Saves space as it replaces four separate devices Facilitates the administrators task, saves time and effort
User authentication Cost transparency, control, and accounting and cost reduction
The A4 communicator essential security
n Konica Minoltas extensive standard security
functionality ensures reliable access and cost control also in the bizhub C35. If required, access to the system can be restricted so that users have to authenticate directly at the units operator panel. The Data Administrator facilitates user account management and the set-up of function restrictions, such as colour printing, copying or scanning. The collection of detailed counter readings is simple and convenient with the PageScope Account Manager and facilitates the allocation of costs to users or departments. The essential secure printing function is of particular importance when sensitive data and critical information need to be output. (128-bit AES, Advanced Encryption Standard) protects all data on the hard disc against unauthorised use. An advanced HDD overwrite function includes 8 modes and ensures the reliable deletion of sensitive data from the hard disc.
n With this comprehensive security functionality, the
bizhub C35 is fully in compliance with ISO 15408 (in evaluation). Key features Security Key Benefits Safeguards data and communication within and outside the company
n With client authentication via IEEE 802.1x,

the bizhub C35 can be connected to secure networks. Safe network communication from and to the device is ensured by encryption with the IPsec protocol, IP filtering and IPP Over SSL. The standard HDD encryption feature
Option diagram & descriptions
Lower paper feeder PF-P108 Lower paper feeder PF-P108

Simple cabinet

bizhub C35 Basic system PF-P108 Simple cabinet
A4 communicator with 30 ppm in b/w and colour. Standard Emperon controller with PCL, PostScript and XPS support. Paper capacity of 250 + 100 sheets. Automatic duplex unit and automatic duplex feeder standard. 1.5 GB memory and 120 GB hard disc and Gigabit Ethernet standard. L ower paper feeder, A4, 500 sheets, up to 90 gsm Ensures correct height and provides paper storage capacity
technical specifications, bizhub C35

Technical specifications

n Copier specifications
Copying process Toner system Copy/print speed A4 (mono/colour) Auto duplex speed A4 (mono/colour) 1st copy time (mono/colour) Warm-up time Copy resolution Gradation Multi-copy Original format Magnification Copy functions Electrostatic laser copy Simitri HD - polymerised toner Up to 30/30 cpm Up to 30/30 cpm 10.1/12.0 sec. Approx. 45 sec.* 600 x 600 dpi 256 gradations Max. A400% in 0.1% steps Duplex copy; 2in1; 4in1; Proof copy; Program/Recall Jobs; Density adjustment; Electronic collation; ID Copy

n System specifications

System memory System hard disc Interface Network protocols Frame types Automatic document feeder Printable paper size Printable paper weight Paper input capacity Tray 1 Tray 2 (optional) Tray 3 (optional) Manual bypass Automatic duplexing Output capacity Power consumption System dimensions (W x D x H, mm) System weight 1.5 GB 120 GB 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Ethernet; USB 2.0 TCP/IP (IPv4 / IPv6); IPX/SPX; AppleTalk (EtherTalk); SMB; LPD; IPP; SNMP; HTTP; HTTPS Ethernet 802.2; Ethernet 802.3; Ethernet II; Ethernet SNAP Up to 50 originals A5 A4 A6 A4; customised paper sizes gsm Standard: 350 sheets Max.: 1,350 sheets 250 sheets; A6 A4; gsm; 500 sheets; gsm; Asheets; gsm; Asheets; A6 A4; gsm; Custom (x mm) A4; gsm Max. 250 sheets face down 220-240 V / 50/60Hz; Less than 1.3 KW 530 x 508 x 550 Approx. 39 kg

n Printer specifications

Print resolution 1st print time (mono/colour) Controller CPU Page description languages Operating systems Printer fonts Print functions 600 dpi 12.9/12.9 sec. 800 MHz PostScript 3 (CSPI 3016) PCL6 (XL 3.0); PCL5e/c XPS PDF Direct Printing (Version 1.7) JPEG/TIFF Direct Print Windows 2000/XP 32/XP 64 Windows VISTA 32/64 Windows Server 2003/2003x64/2008/2008x64 Windows 7 DPWS support Macintosh OSX 10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4/10.5 Linux: SUSE; Red Hat Citrix Netware 4/5/6 80x PCL Latin; 137x PostScript 3 Emulation Latin Direct print of PDF (version 1.7), JPEG, TIFF, XPS; Overlay; watermark; n-up; poster; booklet page order; collating

n System features

Security Accounting Software ISO15408 EAL3 (in evaluation) IP filtering and port blocking SSL2, SSL3 and TLS 1.0 network communication IPsec support IEEE 802.1x support User authentication Secure print Hard disc overwrite (8 standard types) Hard disc data encryption (AES 128) Up to 1,000 (Users + Accounts) Active Directory; NTLM V.1; NTLM V.2; NDS; LDAP support User function access definition PageScope Net Care Device Manger PageScope Data Administrator PageScope Direct Print

n Scanner specifications

Scan speed Scan resolution Scan modes File formats Scan destinations Scan functions Colour/Mono up to 30 opm (300 dpi via DF) Max.: 600 x 600 dpi Network TWAIN scan WIA scan Scan-to-eMail Scan-to-FTP Scan-to-SMB Scan-to-HDD Scan-to-WebDAV Scan-to-DPWS Scan-to-USB JPEG; TIFF; PDF; Compact PDF; Encrypted PDF; XPS Up to 2,000 (single); Up to 100 (group); LDAP support Up to 400 job programs
*Warm up time may vary depending on the operating environment and usage

n Fax specifications

Fax standard Fax transmission Fax resolution Fax compression Fax modem Fax destinations Fax functions Super G3 Analogue; PC-Fax Max.: 400 x 400 dpi (Super Fine) MH; MR; MMR; JBIG Up to 33.6 Kbps Up to 2,000 (single); Up to 100 (group) Time shift; Fax forwarding; Up to 400 job programs
All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-size paper of 80 gsm quality. All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing speeds refer to A4-size paper that is scanned, copied or printed crosswise in multipage, simplex mode. The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications, network protocols as well as network and system configurations. n The stated life expectancy of each consumable is based on specific operating conditions such as page coverage for a particular page size (5 % coverage of A4). The actual consumables life will vary depending on the use and other printing variables including page coverage, page size, media type, continuous or intermittent printing, ambient temperature and humidity. n Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories. n Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. n Konica Minolta does not warrant that any prices or specifications mentioned will be error-free. n Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. n All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged. n SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries


Big on technology. Small in size.

Black & White Bl

Full Colour
The small bizhub that changes your office in big ways.
The bizhub C35 is also the suitable size and function for franchises and satellite offices.
A compact solution that enhances business efficiency and reduces TCO.
Large offices or offices with multiple rooms often have the inconveniences of having A3 colour MFPs located either far away or in the next room. Introducing the bizhub C35, an A4 colour MFP with the performance and productivity similar to most A3 colour MFPs in a compact A4 printer size. The C35 is just the right size to be placed within arms reach for enhanced business efficiency. In addition, for office networks that include a black & white MFP and a colour printer, or a colour printer and a fax, the bizhub C35 brings them all together in a single unit. This sort of efficient consolidation helps to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Konica Minoltas Solutions of i include our extensive lineup of MFPs, printers, and software applications, were designed for you, the individual.
A total height of only 550mm!
A3 machines are approximately 900mm when placed on a desktop

Standard Features



It can even be placed on a desktop! 2 bizhub C35
*Reverse Automatic Document Feeder
All-in-one design with standard faxing, scanning and duplex printing functions
The bizhub C35 has all the essential features needed as a distributed MFP for large offices. In addition to standard Super G3 faxing, network printing, and network scanning and copying functions, the C35 also provides a host of other standard features including a variety of security functions, RADF (Reverse Automatic Document Feeder), duplex printing, and a 120GB HDD. It is also suitable in size and function as a main machine for franchises and satellite offices. Large 4.3-inch full colour LCD touch-screen display
Outstanding productivity comparable with our high-end machines
Whether in colour or black & white, the C35 offers high-speed outputs of 30 pages per minute. It also provides 100%1 productivity for duplex printing. The C35s multi-access feature allows simultaneous scanning and printing for increased efficiency. Furthermore, the 1,350-sheet 2 large-capacity paper supply reduces the downtime needed for paper replacements, and the standard 60~210g/m2 paper cassette accommodates a large variety of paper weights, even for duplex printing projects.
bizhub C35 is extremely simple to operate with an easy-to-see 32,000-colour high-resolution LCD display, easy-to-use large buttons, and icons that are recognisable at a glance.
Excludes mixed colour and black & white documents. 1,350 sheets max., when using two optional PF-P08 paper cassettes.
Enhanced integration with high-end bizhub series machines
In addition to centralised management made possible with PageScope Enterprise Suite software, a variety of user authentication systems including IC card authentication*, external-server authentication and MFP authentication are also available to the bizhub C35. Moreover, numerous functions, including reliable security and high-level networking allow seamless operations with our high-end machines. In addition, an easy to see and use control panel and Universal Design make C35 more user-friendly in a variety of ways. With seamless operations, C35 can be used as an extension to your existing office network of A3 MFPs without inconvenience.
* Optional authentication unit is require.
Newly developed ASIC for high quality documents
Equipped with a new ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) which offers the latest image processing algorithms, the bizhub C35 inherits the image enhancement technologies proven on Konica Minoltas A3 MFPs. This represents our ongoing pursuit to provide beautiful business documents and reproduction of characters. In addition, the C35s printer controller is equipped with Konica Minoltas genuine Emperon Print System, which includes PS mode and PCL mode, providing high level outputs that are consistently on par with our higher-end machines.

Universal Printer Driver can be shared with other devices
bizhub C35 is supported by Konica Minoltas state-of-the-art Universal Printer Driver (UPD) allowing it to be shared with other Konica Minolta MFPs and printers from a single interface. With the UPD, you can even print from your laptop PC while away on business at a branch office, or in an office with multiple bizhubs without having to access a new driver. Furthermore, the UPDs basic functions are compatible with a variety of third-party networked MFPs and printers, to minimise the hassle of changing drivers for each brand.
* The UPD must be downloaded from the Konica Minolta website (free of charge). * Applicable functions with the UPD will vary according to device.
The C35s small footprint conserves office floor space*.
* Optional Desk (DK-P01) is required for floor set-up


Smaller Footprint

bizhub C35

Environmental Friendly
To lessen the burden on the environment, bizhub C35 uses Simitri HD toner with biomass*, an advanced version of Simitri toner with biomass* which Konica Minolta has been producing since 2000 using plant-based resources. In addition, Konica Minolta has newly developed an ozone-free charge roller, reduced the number of parts, and utilised recycled materials. Furthermore, by reducing energy consumption and clearing the new international standard values set by the Energy Star program (Tier 2), the C35 offers both ecology and economy through reduced CO2 emissions.
*: Biomass is a renewable organic resource made up of biological materials and excludes fossil fuels.
Drum Newly developed ozone-free charge roller

bizhub C35 3

bizhub C35 Functions

Copy Functions

Text, Photo, Text/Photo modes Auto density adjustment Auto paper selection (Original must be specified) Auto zoom selection (Original must be specified) Mixed originals (Letter and Legal only) Image rotation Program registration (up to 15) 2-in-1/4-in-1 copy Interrupt mode Slightly reduced copy Margin setting (position/size) Card Shot Separate Scan

Fax Functions

G3 Fax Text, Photo, Text/Photo modes 2-sided transmission Memory transmission Timer transmission Memory RX (print as needed) Memory reception (save when printing fails) Fax forwarding (Temporary Forward Transmission not supported) Polling reception Sequential multiple station transmission F-code ECM OFF V.34 OFF Transmission report Internet Fax (Simple mode only) PC Fax Cover sheet (PC Fax) Acquiring address information from MFP (PC Fax)

Print Functions

Document, Photo, DTP, Web, CAD modes Edge Enhancement Poster mode (2x2, 3x3, 4x4 PS only) N-in-1, N x N 2/4/6/9/16 in 1 (2x2, 3x3, 4x4 PCL only) Booklet Multiple protocol compatibility Stamp (Watermark) Overlay Cover sheet 180 rotation Blank page control (PCL only) Margin setting (position/size) Print status notification (Application) PDF/TIFF/JPEG/XPS Direct Print USB Direct Print ICC profiles download Toner Save Mode My Tab Black Overprint Auto Trapping PPML-Variable Data Printing Support for new function in latest PDF version 1.7 Save in HDD

Scanning/Fax Functions

One-touch registration (up to 2,000) Program transmission (up to 400) LDAP search (One registered

server only)

Security & Management Functions
Built-in Authentication Non-Contact IC Card Authentication (Optional authentication unit is required) ID & Print (Optional authentication unit is required) External Server Authentication NDS authentication over TCP/IP Department management (Account Name, Password) (PageScope Web Connection only) Secure Print (Win/Mac OSX only) Copy Protect (PC print (PCL) only) Scan to E-mail SMTP authentication, POP3 before SMTP SMTP over SSL/Start TLS Encrypted PDF S/MIME IEEE 802.1X support IP Filtering SSL/TLS Protocol Overwrite all data in the HDD HDD data encryption Confidential transmission Password transmission/reception (F-code) Automatic fax destination verification and transmission (CSI: Called Subscriber ID) Fax number confirmation ISO15408

Copy/Print Functions

Multi-job Duplex copy/print Enlarge/reduce/zoom Sort Group Auto tray switch Proof copy/print

Scanning Functions

Auto Colour Selection Mixed original scanning (Letter and Legal only) Separate Scan Multi-Method Send (with restrictions) Scan to E-mail E-mail subject/E-mail body text Scan to SMB Scan to FTP E-mail notification of Scan to SMB/FTP URL Scan to WebDAV Scan to USB TWAIN Scan (Raw mode only) Windows WIA Scan WS-Scan Compact PDF File type (TIFF/PDF/JPEG/XPS) Save in HDD

Other Functions

Help Status Notifier B/W Printing When Colour Toner Runs Out IPv6 Protocol DPWS supported (Windows Vista) CPU (800MHz) HDD (120GB) Emperon Interface: Ethernet (1000Base-T/ 100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB 2.0, USB Host bEST LCD (Colour 96.7 x 55.5mm) Maximum total capacity (1,350 sheets) Paper capacity: 1st tray (250 sheets) 2nd tray (Optional) Multiple Bypass Tray (100 sheets) Multiple Bypass Tray paper weight support (210g/m2) Auto Duplex
bizhub C35 General Specifications
Desk top Full-Colour Printer/Copier/Scanner Full-Colour Scan 600dpi x 600dpi Print 600dpi x 600dpi Gradation 256 colour shades per pixel (8-bit) Memory Capacity 1.5GB (Std/Max) HDD 120GB (shared print, copy, scan and fax) Original Type Sheets, Books, Objects Max. Original Size Max. A4 or 8.5" x 14" Output Size Tray 1 (Standard) A4, A5, B5, A6, B6, 16K (Multiple Bypass Tray) 4" x 6", 5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" Tray 2 (First Cassette) A4, A5, B5, A6, B6, 16K (Standard) (Universal Tray) 4" x 6", 5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" Tray 3 and 4 A4, B5 (Second and Third Cassette) 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" (Optional) (Universal Tray) Image Loss Copy Max. 4.0mm for Top/bottom/right/left edge Print Max. 4.2mm for Top/bottom/right/left edge Warm-Up Time (23C, std. voltage) 45 sec. or less (May vary depending on the operating environment and usage.) First Copy Time 1 Colour 12.0 sec. B/W 10.1 sec. Copy Speed Colour A4: 30 ppm B/W A4: 30 ppm Copy Magnification Fixed Same Magnification 1:1 1.0% or less Scaling Up 1:1.154 / 1.224 / 1.294 / 1.414 / 1.545 / 1.631 / 2.000 Scaling Down 1:0.866 / 0.816 / 0.785 / 0.707 / 0.647 / 0.607 / 0.500 Preset 3 types Zoom Flatbed 25 to 400%, 0.1% increments ADF 25 to 200%, 0.1% increments Paper Capacity Standard 100-sheet multiple bypass tray, 250-sheet universal tray (80g/m2 paper) Max. 1,350 sheets (total, with options) Paper Weight 60-210 g/m2 Multiple Copy 1- 999 sheets Power Requirements 220-240V (50-60Hz) Max. Power Consumption 1.3kW or less Dimensions [W] [D] [H] 555mm 508mm 550mm (21-3/4" x 20" x 21-3/4") Weight 39kg (86lb) Space Requirements [W] [D] 1,068mm 954mm (42" 37-1/2")

Scanning Specifications (Standard)
Type Interface Driver Protocol Scanning Speed (300dpi) Scanning Size Full-Colour Scanner Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T), USB Host Network TWAIN Driver, WIA (1.0/2.0) Driver (for Windows only) TCP/IP (FTP, SMB, SMTP, WebDAV, WS-Scan) A4: 30/30ppm Max. A4/Legal Max. 215.9 x 1,000mm (Only fax is possible for sizes exceeding 355.6mm in length) TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, Encrypted PDF, JPEG*, XPS Page Setting 150dpi x 150dpi, 200dpi x 200dpi, 300dpi x 300dpi, 600dpi x 600dpi (Network TWAIN: 150dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi, 1200dpi, 2400dpi, 4800dpi) Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP Scan to SMB, Scan to HDD, , Scan to WebDAV, Scan to USB, WS-Scan, Windows WIA Scan *JPEG is single page only.
Type Colour Support Copy Resolution
B&W/ Colour Flatbed Scan ADF Scan
Output Format (Single Page/Multi-Page) Scanning Resolution Main Function
Fax Specifications (Standard)
Communication Compatible Lines Line Density Super G3 Public Switch Telephone Network, PBX Std.: 200 100dpi (8 dot/mm 3.85 line/mm) Fine: 200 200dpi (8 dot/mm 7 line/mm).7 Super Fine: 400 400dpi (16 dot/mm 15.4 line/mm) 2.4 to 33.6kbps MH/MR/MMR/JBIG Max. A4/Legal Max. 215.9 x 1,000mm (STD/Fine/Super Fine) Max. A4/Legal (Long Length Record Max.1,000mm - following the page division) Less than 3 sec. (A4, V.34, 33.6kbps, JBIG) A4: 30ppm 1 2,500
Modem Speed Compression Sending Paper Size
Flatbed Scan ADF Scan Recording Paper Size Transmission Speed Scanning Speed Number of Abbr. Dials Number of Program Dials Number of Group Dials Sequential Multiple Station Transmission
Excluding Super Fine. 2Maximum values include Scan to XX.

System Options

Working Table WT-P01


A4/full size/using the first tray/scanning from the original glass surface.
Printer Specifications (Standard)
Type CPU Memory Print Speed HDD Print Resolution PDL Protocol Support OS Embedded MV78100 (800MHz) Shared with the copier Same as Copy Speed (when using the same original) 120 GB (Shared with the copier) 600dpi x 600dpi PostScript3 Emulation, PCL5e/c/PCL6, XPS PDF Direct Printing, JPEG/TIFF/XPS Direct Print TCP/IP EtherTalk, IPX/SPX, UPD, IPv6 , Windows 2000, Windows XP/XP 64bit, Windows Server 2003/ Server 2003 64bit, Windows Vista/ Vista 64bit, Windows Server 2008/Server 2008 64bit, Windows 7 (Not certified by WHQL) Windows 2000, Windows XP/XP 64bit, Windows Server 2003/ Server 2003 64bit, Windows Vista/Vista 64bit, Windows Server 2008/Server 2008 64bit, Mac OSX (10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4/10.5), LINUX, Windows 7 (Not certified by WHQL) Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 (Not certified by WHQL) 80 fonts 137 fonts Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T), USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Multiple Bypass Tray opened
Maximum (with the control panel in the centre position)

525 48

Paper Feed Unit PF-P08

Equipped with a paper drawer that supplies 500 sheets. * A maximum of two optional PF-P08 paper feed units may be added.

1,233 100

XPS Fonts Interface PCL PS

Desk DK-P01

Right door opened
Product appearance, configuration and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.
The Konica Minolta logo and the symbol mark, and The essentials of imaging are registered trademarks or trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA HOLDINGS, INC. bizhub, bizhub PRESS, Magicolor, PagePro, PageScope, Simitri and S.E.A.D. are registered trademarks or trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. All other Konica Minolta brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Adobe and PostScript are registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
Ecology & Environment
KONICA MINOLTA products are designed with the environment in mind.
Energy Star Blue Angel Mark (BAM) RoHS Compliance WEEE Compliance Eco-friendly Toners Production at ISO Certified Factories
ISO15408 (EAL Level 3) Certification
These products comply with the security requirements of ISO15408 (EAL Level 3). * The ISO 15408 certification applies only to IT security
capabilities. This certification is NOT a product guarantee.
Requirements for safe use
Please read and follow the instruction manual to ensure safe operation. Only operate using appropriate power supply and voltage. Connecting the earth wire to an inappropriate place may cause explosion or electric shock. Please connect accordingly (Taiwan and the Philippines only). This catalogue was printed using soy ink.
9251-3186-11 O1102(E)-B1 Printed in Japan



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manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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