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Panasonic KX-FLB756Panasonic KX FLB756 Monochrome Laser - Fax / copier / printer / scanner

Panasonic - Laser - Monochrome - With Copier - With Printer - With Scanner - 10 ppm - 33.6 kbps

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KX-FLB756 (001-009)


9:06 PM

Page 1
Flat-Bed Multi-Function Laser Fax

Operating Instructions

Model No.


FOR FAX ADVANTAGE ASSISTANCE: (VOICE) CALL 1-800-HELP-FAX (1-800-435-7329) E-MAIL TO for customers in the U.S.A. or Puerto Rico REFER TO for customers in the U.S.A. or Puerto Rico
Please read these Operating Instructions before using the unit and save for future reference. This model is designed to be used only in the U.S.A.

Page 2

Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic facsimile.
Things you should keep a record of Attach your sales receipt here
For your future reference Date of purchase Dealers name and address Dealers telephone number Serial number
(found on the rear of the unit)


The Telephone Protection Act of 1991 requires the following information to be clearly stated either at the top or bottom margin of the first message page when transmitting messages via telephone facsimile: date and time of transmission, identification of the business, entity or person(s) sending the facsimile, and telephone number of the business, entity or person(s). To program this information into your unit, complete all the instructions on pages 18 to 21. G Do not rub or use an eraser on the printed side of recording paper, as the print may smear.

Energy Star:

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Panasonic has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark.


Microsoft, Windows and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. G Pentium is a registered trademark or trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. G 3M is a trademark or registered trademark of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. G Avery is a registered trademark of Avery Dennison Corporation. G XEROX is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation. G All other trademarks identified herein are the property of their respective owners.


This manual is copyrighted by Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. (PCC) and its licensee. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or part, without the prior written consent of PCC and its licensee.
Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. 2003

Page 3

Safety instructions
Important safety instructions!
When using this unit, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury. 1. Read and understand all instructions. 2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this unit. 3. Unplug this unit from power outlets before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. 4. Do not use this unit near water, for example near a bathtub, wash bowl, kitchen sink, or the like. 5. Place the unit securely on a stable surface. Serious damage and/or injury may result if the unit falls. 6. Do not cover slots and openings on the unit. They are provided for ventilation and protection against overheating. Never place the unit near radiators, or in a place where proper ventilation is not provided. 7. Use only the power source marked on the unit. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home, consult your dealer or local power company. 8. For safety purposes this unit is equipped with a grounded plug. If you do not have this type of outlet, please have one installed. Do not defeat this safety feature by tampering with the plug. 9. Do not place objects on the power cord. Install the unit where no one can step or trip on the cord. 10. Do not overload wall outlets and extension cords. This can result in the risk of fire or electric shock. 11. Never push any objects through slots in this unit. This may result in the risk of fire or electric shock. Never spill any liquid on the unit. 12. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble this unit. Take the unit to an authorized service center when service is required. Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltages or other risks. Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock when the unit is subsequently used. 13. Unplug this unit from the wall outlet and refer servicing to an authorized service center when the following conditions occur: A. When the power supply cord or plug is damaged or frayed. B. If liquid has been spilled into the unit. C. If the unit has been exposed to rain or water. D. If the unit does not work normally by following the operating instructions. Adjust only controls covered by the operating instructions. Improper adjustment may require extensive work by an authorized service center. E. If the unit has been dropped or physically damaged. F. If the unit exhibits a distinct change in performance. 14. During thunderstorms, avoid using telephones except cordless types. There may be a remote risk of an electric shock from lightning. 15. Do not use this unit to report a gas leak, when in the vicinity of the leak.


KX-FLB756 (010-018)

9:07 PM

Page 10

Finding the Controls


Front view

Document guides Recording paper entrance Paper tray Document exit ADF (Auto Document Feeder) cover Document entrance Recording paper exit Document cover Printer cover Paper stacker extender Paper stacker*
* The paper stacker may not be shown in all illustrations.

Recording paper guides

Printer cover open button

Rear view!

Power inlet Parallel interface connector USB interface connector Speaker ADF (Auto Document Feeder) cable External telephone jack Telephone line jack

Page 11

To redial the last number dialed. G To insert a pause during dialing.
To turn on/off AUTO ANSWER (p. 40, 41).
To initiate or exit programming.
To mute your voice to the other party during a conversation. Press this button again to resume the conversation.
To print a quick reference (p. 9).
To use Caller ID service (p. 28, 30). G To confirm a stored telephone number (p. 28). Display
To make a collated copy (p. 49).
To initiate copying (p. 48).
To access special telephone services such as call waiting or for transferring extension calls.
To dial without lifting the handset.
To adjust volume (p. 22). To search for a stored name (p. 26, 34). G To select features or feature settings during programming (p. 60). G To navigate to the next operation.
To select a resolution (p. 31, 48).
To select stations 712 for one-touch dial (p. 23, 26, 34).
To change from pulse to tone temporarily during dialing when your line has rotary pulse services.
To scan the document into memory (p. 31, 32, 49). G To use the fax machine as a scanner when connected to a computer (p. 56).
To use one-touch dial (p. 23, 26, 34). To transmit a document to multiple entries (p. 36, 39).
To stop an operation or cancel programming.
To initiate fax transmission or reception. To store a setting during programming.

Page 12

Connecting the document cover!
Gently insert the two tabs on the document cover into the slots on the unit (#), then close the document cover ($).

2 Document cover Tabs 1

Connect the ADF cable to the jack on the back of the unit. G The arrow ( ) on the ADF cable must be facing down.

Arrow (

ADF cable
Unlocking the shipping lock!
The shipping lock is to avoid damaging the scanner when transporting. Before using the unit, unlock the shipping lock.
Press down the printer cover open button then open the printer cover. Printer cover Printer cover open button
Slide the shipping lock down to unlock it. G The label for unlocking the shipping lock is attached to the unit. Remove and read it. Shipping lock Unlocked position

This unit is compatible with the Caller ID service offered by your local telephone company. To use this feature, you must subscribe to the Caller ID service. Change the FAX ring setting (feature #06 on page 61) to 2 or more rings beforehand.
How Caller ID is displayed
The calling partys name or telephone number will be displayed after the first ring. You then have the option of whether or not to answer the call depending on the caller. The unit will automatically store the caller information (name, telephone number and the time of the call). You can view the caller information (see the next page) and print the Caller ID list (p. 80). Note:
the unit is connected to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, you may not receive the caller information. Consult your PBX supplier. G If the unit cannot receive caller information, the following will be displayed. OUT OF AREA The caller dialed from an area which does not provide Caller ID service. PRIVATE CALLER LONG DISTANCE The caller requested not to send caller information. The caller made a long distance call.
To confirm caller information using the Caller ID list
The unit will store information for the most recent 30 callers. To print manually, see page 80. To print automatically after every 30 new calls, activate feature #26 (p. 64).

6:41 PM

Page 28
Viewing and calling back using caller information!
You can easily view caller information and call back. Important: G Calling back will not be possible in the following cases: The telephone number includes data other than numbers (i.e. : or #). The caller information does not include a telephone number.
Press b. Example: 2 NEW CALLS PRESS NAVI.[+ -] (2 new calls are received) Press + to search from the most recent caller information. Press - to search from the oldest caller information. G To send a fax using the scanner glass, see page 32. Press q or lift the handset to call back the displayed party. G The unit will start dialing automatically. G To send a fax using the auto document feeder insert the document FACE DOWN into the feeder and press i (p. 31).
To display the callers telephone number

Activating the Distinctive Ring feature

G The G You

Press #, then 31. DISTINCTIVE RING [] MODE=OFF Press + or - to select ON. DISTINCTIVE RING [] MODE=ON Press w. SETUP ITEM [ ] SET

Press p.

AUTO ANSWER light is ON. cannot change the receiving mode while the Distinctive Ring feature is activated.

How to receive calls

If the incoming call is for the fax number, the fax machine will ring with the assigned ring pattern and automatically start fax reception. If the incoming call is for the phone number, the fax machine will keep on ringing.

Page 47

Using three or more phone numbers in a single telephone line!
You may wish to use three or more phone numbers for a single telephone line to distinguish which number the call was addressed to. A different ring pattern must be assigned for each number. Example: Using three phone numbers Telephone number Ring pattern Standard ring Double ring Triple ring Use Standard ring (one long ring) Personal Business Fax 1st ring 2nd ring B To use one phone number for the fax, program the ring pattern assigned for the fax in feature #32. In the example, the ring pattern assigned for fax is a triple ring, so you should program C (triple ring). Ring pattern Settings in feature #32 A
Double ring (two short rings)

1st ring

2nd ring C
Triple ring (short-long-short rings) 1st ring 2nd ring
Other triple ring (short-shortlong rings) 1st ring 2nd ring
Programming the ring pattern assigned for fax!
Set feature #31 to ON (page 46). Press p. SYSTEM SET UP PRESS NAVI.[I Press #, then 32. FAX RING PATTERN [] RING=B-D
Press + or - repeatedly to select the ring pattern assigned for fax. A: Standard ring (one long ring) B: Double ring (two short rings) C: Triple ring (short-long-short-rings) D: Other triple ring (short-short-long rings) BD (default setting): For the ring pattern of B, C and D Press w. Press p. MENU

Page 48

Making a copy!
The unit can make single or multiple copies (up to 99). Using the auto document feeder G Confirm that there are no documents on the scanner glass. 1. Adjust the width of the document guides to the size of the document. 2. Insert the document (up to 15 pages) FACE DOWN into the feeder until the unit grasps the document and a single beep is heard. Display: !!!STANDARD


Document cover
Using the scanner glass G Confirm that there are no documents in the auto document feeder. 1. Open the document cover. 2. Place the document FACE DOWN on the scanner glass, matching the top edge of the document to the TOP mark on the unit. 3. Close the document cover. G If the original is a thick book, do not close the document cover. necessary, press u repeatedly to select the desired setting (see below). G Make sure the handset is on the cradle.

Display: 3. Place the next page.
4. Press. G To copy more pages, repeat steps 3 and 4. 5. Press d.
unit will store the documents into memory while collating the copies. If memory becomes full while storing, the unit will only print out the stored pages. G After copying, the collating feature will turn off automatically.

KX-FLB756 (050-057)

9:14 PM

Page 50

Connecting to a computer!
Panasonic Multi-Function Station software enables your fax machine to carry out the following functions: Printing on plain paper, transparencies, labels and envelopes Scanning documents and converting an image into text with Readiris OCR software Scanning from other applications for Microsoft Windows that support TWAIN scanning Storing, editing or erasing entries in directories from your PC Programming the basic and advanced features from your PC Sending, receiving fax documents using your PC To run Multi-Function Station software, you need the following: OS: Works with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Windows NT 4.0 CPU: Windows 95/98: Pentium 90 MHz or higher processor Windows Me: Pentium 150 MHz or higher processor Windows NT4.0: Pentium 133 MHz or higher processor Windows 2000: Pentium 166 MHz or higher processor Windows XP: Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor Memory minimum: Windows 95/98/NT4.0: 24 MB (32 MB or more is recommended.) Windows Me: 32 MB (64 MB or more is recommended.) Windows 2000: 64 MB Windows XP: 128 MB Hard disk: More than 50 MB available space Other: Parallel (IEEE1284) port or USB port, and CD-ROM drive When using an IEEE1284 compliant parallel cable: Shielded parallel cable (amphenol 36 pin) must be purchased separately.
When using a USB cable (Windows 95/NT4.0 do not offer USB support): Shielded USB cable must be purchased separately. After connecting the USB cable, you must set the cable type to USB (feature #15 on page 62).
If you want to replace the parallel cable with a USB cable and vice versa, see page 72.

Page 51

Installing Multi-Function Station software!
Connect the fax machine to the PC (page 50). G To use via USB connection, you must set the cable type to USB (feature #15 on page 62). The default setting is PARALLEL. Start Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/ XP and close all other applications.
The installation will start.
The following dialog box will appear. Click [Cancel] to close it.
Follow the instructions on the screen until all files have been installed. G Readiris OCR software can also be installed. For details about OCR software, see page 56. G If the fax machine is not connected to your computer, the [Port Selection] dialog box will appear. Select the port number which you want to use. If the fax machine is connected to your computer, the port number will be automatically detected.


memory (telephone numbers, parameters, etc.) has been erased. Re-program. ADF cover is open. Close it. printer cover is open. Close it.


tried to change the cable type setting (feature #15 on page 62), while the fax machine has a document in memory. Finish sending faxes, print out the document in memory (p. 42) or cancel delayed transmission (feature #25 on page 63) and try again. is no space to store new entries in navigator directory. Erase unnecessary entries (p. 25). paper was not fed into the unit properly. Reinsert the recording paper (p. 76). unit has a document in memory. See the other displayed message instructions to print out the document.



G Recording

memory is full of received documents due to a lack of recording paper or a recording paper jam. Install paper (p.16) or clear the jammed paper (p. 75). G When performing memory transmission, the document being stored exceeds the memory capacity of the unit. Transmit the entire document manually.

Page 68

Display message LINE IN USE
Cause & solution cannot change the cable type setting (feature #15 on page 62) while using the handset or the monitor. Hang up and try again.


making a copy, the document being stored exceeds the memory capacity of the unit. Press { to clear the message. Divide the document into sections. is something wrong with the modem circuit. Contact our service personnel. other partys fax machine is busy or has run out of recording paper. Try again.




paper is not installed or the unit has run out of paper. Install paper (p. 16). G Recording paper is not fed into the unit properly. Reinstall paper (p. 16).
recording paper jam occurred. Clear the jammed paper (p. 75).
cable or the PC power cord is not connected correctly. Check the connections (p. 50). G The software is not running on the PC. Restart the software and try again.
unit is warming up. Wait for a while.
other partys fax machine is busy or has run out of recording paper. Try again.


G Attempted
document is jammed. Remove the jammed document (p. 77). to transmit a document longer than 600 mm. Press { to remove the document. Divide the document into two or more sheets and try again. toner cartridge is empty. Replace the toner cartridge (p. 73).


remaining toner is low. Replace the toner cartridge as soon as possible (p. 73). We recommend you replace the drum unit every third time you replace the toner cartridge. To check the drum life and quality, please print the printer test list (p. 80). transmission error occurred. Try again.

Fax receiving

I cannot receive documents. G The telephone line cord is connected to the EXT jack on the unit. Connect to the LINE jack (p. 17). G When you have a single telephone line and subscribe to a telephone companys voice mail service, you must also subscribe to the Distinctive Ring Service (p. 46). I cannot receive documents automatically. G The receiving mode is set to TEL mode. Set to FAX ONLY mode (p. 43). G The time taken to answer the call is too long. Decrease the number of rings of feature #06 (p. 61). The display shows the following, but faxes are not received. CONNECTING..

Receiving mode

I cannot select the desired receiving mode. G If you want to set FAX ONLY mode: press PQ to turn on the FAX ON light.
incoming call is not a fax. Change the receiving mode to TEL mode (p. 42).
A blank sheet is ejected. G The other party placed the document in their fax machine the wrong way. Check with the other party. A white line or a dirty pattern appears on your recording paper. G The white plate, scanner glass or lower glass are dirty. Clean them (p. 7779). (continued)
you want to set TEL mode: press PQ to turn off the FAX ON light.
Distinctive Ring of feature #31 is activated (page 46). The other party complains that they cannot send a document. G The unit is not set to FAX ONLY mode. Press PQ to turn on the FAX ON light.

Page 71

The unit does not make a copy. G You cannot make a copy during programming. Make the copy after programming or stop programming. A black line, a white line or a dirty pattern appears on the copied document. G The white plate, scanner glass or lower glass are dirty. Clean them (p. 7779). The printing quality is poor. Original Copy I cannot retrieve recorded voice messages on the answering machine from a remote location. G You did not program your remote access code into your fax machine correctly. Program the same code that is programmed on the answering machine on the fax machine with feature #12 (p. 62). I pressed the remote access code to access the answering machine remotely, but the line was disconnected. G The code may include # which is used for certain features provided by telephone companies. Change the code on the answering machine to another code which does not include #. Also change the code of the fax machine with feature #12 (p. 62). Callers complain that they cannot send a document. G Your answering machine has run out of recording tape. Rewind the tape to record messages. G You set the answering machine to only give a greeting message.

G Some

Levers Pull up the right edge of the used toner cartridge (#). Remove the cartridge from the drum unit ($). G The toner may stick to the cartridge and the drum unit. Be careful when handling. See page 5 for details. G Do not drop the toner on the green drum surface. G Put the used toner cartridge into the protection bag. If you replace the drum unit at the same time, remove the new drum unit from the protection bag. Remove the protection bar from the drum unit. With Panasonic face up on the toner cartridge, match the red arrows on the cartridge and the drum unit. New drum unit

Used toner cartridge 2

Drum unit Green drum surface
Hold here. Protection bar Red arrows New toner cartridge Drum unit

Page 75

Replacement / Jams


Install the drum and toner unit by holding the tabs. G If the lower glass is dirty, clean it with a soft and dry cloth. Drum and toner unit

G Waste

Waste disposal method
material may be dumped or incinerated under conditions which meet all country and local environmental regulations.

Recording paper jam!

When the recording paper has jammed in the unit
The display will show the following. Display: PAPER JAMMED
Press down the printer cover open button then open the printer cover. Printer cover Printer cover open button (continued) For fax advantage assistance, call 1-800-435-7329.

Page 76

When the recording paper has jammed near the drum and toner unit: Remove the jammed paper carefully by pulling it toward you. Jammed paper When the recording paper has jammed near the recording paper exit (Fuser unit): Remove the recording paper (#), then remove the drum and toner unit to allow the jammed paper to pull free from the rear cabinet ($).
Jammed paper Remove the jammed paper from the fuser unit by pulling it upwards carefully.
Do not touch the bottom of this cover. It is very hot.
Close the printer cover by pushing down on both sides until locked (#). Straighten and reinsert the recording paper into the recording paper entrance ($).

Recording paper entrance

When the recording paper is not fed into the unit properly
The display will show the following. Display: FAILED PICK UP Recording paper entrance
Remove the recording paper. Straighten and reinsert it into the recording paper entrance.

Page 77

Jams / Cleaning

Document jams - sending!

Lift, and hold open the ADF cover. G Do not pull out the jammed document forcibly before lifting the ADF cover. Remove the jammed document carefully. G If you cannot remove the jammed document, open the document cover, remove the document, then close the document cover. Jammed document Document cover

ADF cover

Jammed document

Close the ADF cover.

White plate and glasses!
If a black line, a white line or a dirty pattern appears on your recording paper, on your original, or on the fax document received by the other party, clean the white plate, scanner glass and lower glass.
White plate and scanner glass

Open the document cover.

Clean the white plate and scanner glass with a soft and dry cloth. White plate Document cover
Close the document cover.

Page 78

Caution: G Be careful when handling the drum and toner unit. See the caution for the drum unit on page 73 for details. G Do not use paper products, such as paper towels or tissues, to clean the inside of the unit. The area near the lower glass is hot. We recommend to clean the lower glass after the unit cools.
Disconnect the power cord and the telephone line cord.
Power cord Press down the printer cover open button then open the printer cover.
Printer cover Printer cover open button
Remove the drum and toner unit by holding the two tabs. Drum and toner unit
Clean the lower glass with a soft and dry cloth.

Lower glass Caution:

Reinstall the drum and toner unit by holding the tabs. Drum and toner unit

9:18 PM

Page 79
Reconnect the power cord and the telephone line cord.
Power cord Telephone line cord

Document feeder rollers!

If misfeeding of your original occurs frequently, clean the document feeder rollers.
Lift, and hold open the ADF cover.
Clean the document feeder rollers with a soft and dry cloth.

Document feeder rollers

KX-FLB756 (080-085)

9:19 PM

Page 80

Printed Reports

Reference lists and reports!
You can print out the following lists and reports for your reference. Setup list: provides you with the current settings of the basic and advanced programming features (p. 6165). Telephone number list: provides you with names and telephone numbers which are stored in one-touch dial and navigator directory. Journal report: keeps records of fax transmission and reception. This report will be printed automatically after every 30 fax communications (feature #22 on page 63). Broadcast programming list: provides you with entries which are stored in the broadcast feature (p. 36). Printer test list: allows you to check the print quality of your unit. If the test print has a dirty pattern, or blurred points or lines, clean the lower glass (p. 78). If printing quality is still poor, replace the toner cartridge and drum unit. Caller ID list: keeps records of the last 30 callers after subscribing to a Caller ID service. This report will be printed automatically after every 30 callers (feature #26 on page 64).

Press p repeatedly until the following is displayed. PRINT REPORT Display: PRESS NAVI.[I H] Press ( or ) until the desired item is displayed. SETUP LIST PRESS SET TEL NO. LIST PRESS SET JOURNAL REPORT PRESS SET BROADCAST LIST PRESS SET PRINTER TEST PRESS SET CALLER ID LIST PRESS SET
Press w to start printing. PRINTING stop printing, press {. G After printing, the printed item will be displayed.


2:05 PM

Page 81

FCC Information
List of FCC requirements and information!
This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On the rear of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the format US:ACJ----------. If requested, this number must be provided to the telephone company. Registration No.(found on the rear of the unit) Ringer Equivalence No. (REN)..(found on the rear of the unit) A plug and jack used to connect this equipment to the premises wiring and telephone network must comply with the applicable FCC Part 68 rules and requirements adopted by the ACTA. A compliant telephone cord and modular plug is provided with this product. It is designed to be connected to a compatible modular jack that is also compliant. The REN is used to determine the number of devices that may be connected to a telephone line. Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. In most but not all areas, the sum of RENs should not exceed five (5.0). To be certain of the number of devices that may be connected to a line, as determined by the total RENs, contact the local telephone company. For products approved after July 23,2001,the REN for this product is part of the product identifier that has the format US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. The digits represented by ## are the REN without a decimal point (e.g.,03 is a REN of 0.3). If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required. But if advance notice isn't practical, the telephone company will notify the customer as soon as possible. Also, you will be advised of your right to file a complaint with the FCC if you believe it is necessary. The telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment, operations or procedures that could affect the operation of the equipment. If this happens the telephone company will provide advance notice in order for you to make necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service. If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair or warranty information, please contact a Factory Servicenter or other Authorized Servicer. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is resolved. Connection to party line service is subject to state tariffs. Contact the state public utility commission, public service commission or corporation commission for information. This equipment is hearing aid compatible as defined by the FCC in 47 CFR Section 68.316. If your home has specially wired alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, ensure the installation of this equipment does not disable your alarm equipment. If you have questions about what will disable alarm equipment, consult your telephone company or a qualified installer. WHEN PROGRAMMING EMERGENCY NUMBERS AND(OR) MAKING TEST CALLS TO EMERGENCY NUMBERS: 1) Remain on the line and briefly explain to the dispatcher the reason for the call. 2) Perform such activities in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evenings.

ITU-T No. 1 Test Chart

Note: G Any details given in these instructions are subject to change without notice. G The pictures and illustrations in these instructions may vary slightly from the actual product.

Page 85

I Paper specifications: Plain paper/Transparency: Letter: Legal: A4: 216 mm x 279 mm (812" x 11" ) 216 mm x 356 mm (812" x 14" ) 210 mm x 297 mm (814" x 111116" )


COM10: 105 mm x 241 mm (418" x 912" ) DL: 110 mm x 220 mm (4516" x 858" )
Note: G Do not use the following types of paper: Paper with a cotton and/or fiber content that is over 20%, such as letterhead paper or paper used for resumes. Extremely smooth or shiny paper, or paper that is highly textured. Coated, damaged or wrinkled paper. Paper with irregularities, such as tabs or staples. Paper which has dust, lint or oil stains. Paper that will melt, vaporize, discolor, scorch or emit dangerous fumes, near 200 C (392 F), such as vellum paper. These materials may transfer onto the fusing roller and cause damage. Inkjet paper. Moist paper. G Some paper only accepts print on one side. Try using the other side of the paper if you are not happy with the print quality or if misfeeding occurs. G For proper feeding and best print quality, we recommend using long-grained paper. G Do not use paper of different types or thickness at the same time. This may cause a paper jam. G Avoid double-sided printing. G Do not use paper printed from this unit for double-sided printing with other copiers or printers. This may cause a paper jam. G To avoid curling, do not open paper packs until you are ready to use the paper. Store unused paper in the original packaging, in a cool and dry location. I Toner life Toner life depends on the amount of content in a received, copied or printed document. The following is the approximate relationship between image area and toner life for Model No. KX-FA76 toner cartridge. Toner life varies in actual usage. 5% image area 10% image area 15% image area
Approx. 2,000 sheets of letter size paper can be printed.
Approx. 1,000 sheets of letter size paper can be printed.
Approx. 650 sheets of letter size paper can be printed.
Note: G The image area changes with the depth, thickness and size of the characters. G If you change the toner save setting to on, the toner cartridge will last approx. 40% longer. I Drum life The included drum unit or Model No. KX-FA77D can print approx. 6,000 sheets of letter size paper regardless of the content of the image area.

KX-FLB756 (086-092)

9:20 PM

Page 86

Program index!

Basic features

Code Feature name #01 #02 #03 #04 #06 #12 #13 #15 #16 #17 Date and time..18 Your logo..19 Your facsimile telephone number.21 Sending report..32, 61 FAX ring setting..61 Remote activation ID.62 Dialing mode..62 Cable selection..62 Paper size..62 Ringer pattern.22, 62

Advanced features

Code Feature name #22 #23 #25 #26 #31 #32 #37 #39 #41 #44 #68 #76 #79 #80 Journal report.32, 63 Overseas mode..63 Delayed transmission..63 Caller ID list..64 Distinctive Ring..46, 64 Ring pattern..47, 64 Auto reduction.64 Display contrast..64 Remote fax activation code..45, 64 Fax receiving alert..64 ECM selection.65 Connecting tone..65 Toner save..65 Reset advanced features..65

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A Accessories.8 (Paper stacker).15 (Paper tray).15 Advanced features.6365 Alert (Memory reception) (Feature #44).64 Answering machine.44 Auto document feeder.31, 48 Auto reduction (Feature #37).42, 64 Basic features.61, 62 Broadcast transmission.36 Buttons / Keys (AUTO ANSWER).42, 43 (BROADCAST).36, 39 (CALLER ID).28, 30 (COLLATE).49 (Delete).19 (HELP).9 (Insert).19 (LOWER).23, 26, 34 (MANUAL BROAD).36, 39 (MONITOR).26 (REDIAL).31 (RESOLUTION).31, 48 (SCAN).31, 32, 49, 56 (Station).23, 26, 34 Cable selection (Feature #15).50, 62 Caller ID.27 (Calling back).28 (Storing).30, 57 Caller ID list (Feature #26).27, 64 Character table.20 Cleaning.7779 Communication messages.66 Connecting tone (Feature #76).65 Connections.17, 50 Copy.48 (Collation).49 (Enlarge).49 (Reduce).49 D Date and time (Feature #01).18, 61 Delayed transmission (Feature #25).63 Dialing mode (Feature #13).62 Display (Contrast)(Feature #39).64 (Error messages).67, 68 Distinctive ring service (Feature #31).46, 64 Document size.33 Drum life.85 Drum unit.13, 73 ECM selection (Feature #68).65 Envelope.55 Error messages.6668 Extension telephone.45 Facsimile telephone number (Feature #03).21, 61 Fax activation code (Feature #41).45, 64 Fax auto redial.35 FAX ONLY mode.43 Fax receiving.40, 41 Help.9, 52 Jams (Document).77 (Paper).75, 76 Journal report (Feature #22).32, 63 Label.54 Logo (Feature #02).19, 61 Memory reception.42 Multi-Function Station software (Activating).52 (Installing).51 Navigator directory (Making a phone call).26 (Selecting characters).20 (Sending faxes).34 (Storing).24, 57

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O OCR software.56 One-touch dial (Making a phone call).26 (Sending faxes).34 (Storing).23, 57 Overseas mode (Feature #23).63 Paper size (Feature #16).62 Parallel cable.50 Power failure.72 Printer.53 Printing paper size.53, 85 Receiving alert (Feature #44).64 Receiving setting.40, 41 Recording paper.16 Remote activation ID (Feature #12).62 Remote control.57 Reports (Broadcast programming).80 (Broadcast sending).39 (Caller ID).27, 57, 64 (Journal).32, 57, 80 (Power down).72 (Printer test).80 (Sending).32 (Setup).80 (Telephone number).80 Reset (Feature #80).65 Resolution.31, 48 Ringer pattern (Feature #17).22, 62 Ring pattern for Distinctive Ring (Feature #32).47, 64 Ring setting (FAX ONLY)(Feature #06).61 Scanner.56 Scanner glass.32, 48 Sending (Broadcast).39 (Manually).31, 32 (Navigator directory).34 (One-touch dial).34 (Quick scan).31 T Sending report (Feature #04).32, 61 Set default (Feature #80).65 Shipping lock.12, 67 Storing (Broadcast).36, 57 (Navigator directory).24, 57 (One-touch dial).23, 57 TEL mode.42 Toner cartridge.13, 73 Toner life.85 Toner save (Feature #79).14, 65 Transparency.54 USB cable.50 Viewer.56 Volume.22

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KX-FLB756 Proof of Purchase
Free peace of mind, direct from Panasonic NO EXTRA COST


1-year limited warranty 1: parts, labor, and toll-free help line 2 Free overnight replacement 3 and repair program
If our 1-800-HELP-FAX technicians determine that your unit may be an out-of-box failure 5, we will attempt to provide you with a factory-new replacement unit 6. You must ship a copy of your receipt with your original unit to verify that you purchased the unit within 10 days prior to your 1-800-HELP-FAX call. Requirements: You must give our technicians a valid credit card number (Discover, VISA, Master Card, or American Express/Optima). Product that is not returned to Panasonic by 10 business days after shipment of the replacement product will be charged to your credit card account at Panasonics Suggested Retail Price (see dealer for details). If your original unit is not eligible for warranty service, your card will be charged for the non-warranty repair of the unit at Panasonics current rate for parts and labor and for any shipping charges associated with this program. If you do not wish to pay out-of-warranty repair costs, you will be responsible for returning the replacement unit to Panasonic and for paying all shipping charges associated with this program including the overnight delivery of the replacement product to you, shipment of the problem unit to Panasonic, shipment of the replacement unit back to Panasonic and the return of your original unit back to you. Credit status will be verified prior to sending the replacement product. 1. See dealer for limited warranty details. 2. After the fax advantage program, contact our Continued Services Technical Support Line at 1-900-555-PANA (1-900-555-7262), for fee based technical support. 3. Replacement unit is refurbished. 4. Replacement program is only available in the 50 United States and is subject to termination at any time without advance notice. 5. Out-of-box failure is an inoperable unit that was purchased no more than 10 days prior to your 1-800-HELP-FAX call, and would otherwise qualify for warranty service under the terms and conditions of the limited warranty. 6. Panasonic reserves the right to send a refurbished unit.


Technical specifications

Device TypeFax / copier / printer / scanner
Copier TypeDigital
Fax TypePlain paper
Printing TechnologyLaser - monochrome
Width17.4 in
Depth18.1 in
Height8.5 in
Weight20.3 lbs
Gray Scale Half-Tones64
Max Printing ResolutionUp to 600 x 600 dpi
Max Printing SpeedUp to 10 ppm
Optical Resolution300 x 300 dpi
Fax Machine
Max Transmission Speed33.6 Kbps
Data Compression SystemMH, MR, MMR
Total Memory CapacityUp to 150 pages
HandsetCorded handset
Fax Machine Features
Caller IDYes
FeaturesDistinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD), answering machine interface
Document & Media Handling
Max Original Size8.5 in x 23.6 in
Original TypeSheets
Document Feeder Capacity15 sheets
Max Copy SizeLegal (8.5 in x 14 in)
Supported Media TypeTransparencies, envelopes, plain paper, cards
Document & Media Handling DetailsADF - 15 sheets - Legal (8.5 in x 14 in)
PC Connectivity
PC Connection AvailabilityYes
PC ConnectionParallel, USB
Operating System SupportMS Windows XP, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 95, MS Windows NT 4.0, MS Windows ME, MS Windows 98
Power Consumption Operational900 Watt
Power Consumption Standby6 Watt
Environmental Standards
ENERGY STAR QualifiedYes
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberKX-FLB756



DCM485 DEH-P4650MP ES 50 371LM 9000DN 29PT8306 12 32PFL9603 DC C50 PS B23 Toughbook CF18 GC-399SLQ ZWC1300W CY-VMR5800N VGP-BMS33 N KS-LH6R DR-BT20NX PL42C450 AVR-485S Control Finepix A201 Bearpaw-4800TA-PRO Voyager 510S LP-XG1 B2131 P24FHD SR-S20NTC CFD-E95L KX-TS600FXB LE32A455c1D DSC-W220 B 22LG3010 KDC-C504 Deluxe 3720 DEC XW-DV525 Turbo-13R QSG1000X SPD-S LXT310 NAD 510 TD-6V ZSA10 Versatis 790 Eacute O Sub-compact ZR45MC DMR-EZ45VEB UE-46B7020 SF-2022 GPS III NV-GS15EGE MP10 E System-2004 CEM2872 Supertorque 310 315 BDV1085 Factor PC 26PF5321D WF8600NHW XEH L450D Gardtec 800 Guide RP-1000 DEH-50UB TA-DE590 SR7300OSE F20C4N MZ-50 DX-7355 Motorola E398 LP500 Reference Book DM-5090 7600GT IMP-550 SU-V98 PW80-2006 DC1414 FT-2000D Calculator CDP-CX260 Samsung I600 EMP-7800 FC6095 27pt841999 Mc1602 Monitor 3313 MH7947S LWE122RC-5 Dvdr520H-37B SR-L3616A R3420 W YZ450F-2007 Deskjet 3900 CQ138T-ST 9004 CTC EP-7 IIE DBS 2781 KV-21V4B


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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