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Samsung VP-D230iTEKIRO Replacement Wall Car Battery Charger Kit for Samsung VP-D230 with Free MP3 MP4 Mini Speaker
This wall and car 2-in-1 battery charger kit charges the battery of Samsung VP-D230. Its slim, lightweight design makes the charger extremely convenient for travel use and it is one of the most compact battery chargers on the market. The home and car travel rapid charger charges battery in approximately 1 to 2 hours based on the battery capacity. Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.75 x 1.5 inch; Weight: 2.4oz. The charger is certified by CE & RoHS.

Brand: iTEKIRO
Part Numbers: Samsung VP-D230, Samsung.VP-D230.charger
UPC: 885855018994
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lapont 5:28pm on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 
Though it takes better still photos than a typical camcorder, it does make some performance compromises. The camera has a solid, hefty feel.
dornoy 11:48pm on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 
Overall, the Samsung VP-D230 is a very nice camcorder, apart from one thing... It is absolutely horrible to hold!!

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imagine Turning Moments into Memories
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Head Office (Suwon Korea) 416, Maetan-3Dong, Yeongtong-Gu Suwon City, Gyunggi-Do, Korea 443-742
A smarter way to shoot. The VP-HMX20 and VP-MX20 flash memory camcorders offer a more exciting approach to home movie making. With longer battery and recording time, they make sure that you never miss the opportunity to record a magical moment and give you more memories to treasure, forever. For more information, please visit


The Latest in Cutting-Edge Video Technology
If you are looking for the very latest in advanced video technology, the VP-HMX20C sets the standard. With 1920 x 1080 Full HD, the highest quality video available today, Flash memory for instant start-up with parts-free durability and convenience, a bright F1.8 HD lens, and a light, compact body packed full of useful features and sophisticated technology, the VP-HMX20C lets you do it all, or can do it all for you!
Seeing is Believing The Reality of Full HD
Samsungs VP-HMX20C captures video at todays highest resolution, 1920 x 1080 Full HD. With a full complement of advanced technological features, the VP-HMX20C provides the best image quality available and the ability to enjoy crisp, clear, natural images in a wide variety of formats. The incomparable image quality leaves you with videos so real, they must be experienced to be believed.

Full HD is Real HD

The VP-HMX20C takes video at the highest digital visual resolution available today, 1920 x 1080 Full HD. 1920 x 1080 Full HD video means much more visual information, much greater clarity, brightness and detail than ever before. It also means that your video will be an exact pixel-by-pixel match for todays very best large screen HDTVs. The result is life-like video with more natural color and clarity, without the blurring or digital noise you might well be used to.

1440 1920

8-Megapixel Stills for Large Format Photos
Samsungs Pixel-Rising technology utilizes a pixel-interpolation filter to convert recorded stills to the equivalent of 8-megapixels, enabling large format (11 x 17 in.) detailed prints of your images. This same technology allows you to enlarge part of an image while retaining extraordinary detail.


1080 1080
2304X1728 (4M pixel) 3264X2448 (8M pixel)


4:3 recording, 16:9 output 46.7M pixel/sec 16:9 recording, 16:9 output 62.2M pixel/sec
As Sensitive to Light as You Are (ISO3200) Progressive HD (1920 x 1080 Full HD)
Samsungs VP-HMX20C delivers the very highest quality video by using progressive scan technology. It records HD quality video in progressive mode (30fps), so that the video is crisp and clear, regardless of how fast moving the subject may be. Progressive scan technology produces smooth images even when videos are played back at 2x, 4x or even 8x the normal speed! Even with just 1 lux of illumination (candlelight, for example) the VPHMX20C has a High Sensitivity Mode that allows the amazing ISO3200 camcorder to take clear video or shoot 8-megapixel stills. This extra light sensitivity means you get great stills in difficult lighting situations, without the blur caused by longer exposure times.
High-Speed Capture for Slow-Motion Detail
With the high-speed capture feature, the VP-HMX20C also lets you take up to 10 seconds of video at an astonishing 300 frames per second (fps), giving you ultra-detailed, crystal clear slow motion playback, useful for analyzing a golf swing, dance movement, or any other motion that is faster than the human eye.
Blurring by Hand Shaking ISO3200 & EIS
A Wider, Brighter F1.8 Lens
The VP-HMX20Cs wide F1.8 aperture 10x Optical Zoom lens lets more light through to the sensor, giving you rich, bright, detailed images that accurately reflect what you see with the naked eye. The highperformance HD lens is manufactured to extremely exacting standards to ensure minimal image distortion and astigmatic aberration, resulting in the most natural, accurate, compelling video and stills available from a camcorder today.
Smoother Video and Clearer Stills
Samsungs Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) system gives you crisp, clean images whether you are shooting movies or taking still photos. Sophisticated software is able to detect unintentional camcorder movement and compensate with micro adjustments to the image sensor, resulting in blur-free photo stills and smoother, more natural video.

The Latest Technology and the Greatest Ease
While fully loaded with the most useful and advanced features, the VP-HMX20C is also a triumph of contemporary design. The sleek and stylish camcorder is light, compact, and durable. With Flash Memory, fewer moving parts, a longer battery life, and sophisticated software innovations, the VP-HMX20C makes taking great video and stills much, much easier. Loaded with the most advanced video technology available today, with the VP-HMX20C you can do it all, or let it do it all for you!
Quick Start Helps You Catch the Moment
Never miss another one of life's precious moments with the Quick Start capability. The VP-HMX20C is ready to shoot when you are; just turn it on and go. It doesn't get any easieror fasterthan that! With Samsung's powerful, built-in flash memory you no longer need to waste your time waiting for your camcorder to boot up, read a disk or load a tape. Our new line of camcorders will be ready to shoot in 3 seconds or lessthats 4x faster than a standard DVD camcorder! And with that kind of speed, you wont miss another precious moment.
Snap While You Shoot with Dual Recording
The VP-HMX20Cs innovative dual recording capabilities make it easy to snap a still, even while you are recording a Full-HD movie! Simply press the shutter button as you are taking video and the VP-HMX20C will take a 2-megapixel still without interrupting the video.

Advanced Noise Reduction

The cutting-edge ANR (Advanced Noise Reduction) system reduces sensor noise dramatically while reserving the original scene, which produces a more vivid and life-like video.
Easy on the Eyes; Satisfying Results
The high-resolution wide-format 2.7 LCD Touch screen makes a huge difference. The 16:9 wide-screen format matches HDTVs so what you see as you shoot will be what you see when you get home. And navigating through the VP-HMX20Cs many helpful features is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-use Touch screen.

1, 2, 3 Seconds, Shoot!

Conventional Camcorder SC-HMX20C




Face Detection for Better Results A Better, Longer Life

Samsung camcorders run more efficiently than our competitors. The result is lower power consumption and a longer battery life so you dont have to worry that dead batteries might make you miss the most important moment Recording Time 8GB Super Fine Fine Normal Battery Time 70 min. 95 min. 120 min. 90 min. With Samsungs Face Detection technology, the VP-HMX20C makes sure that the video you take is the video you want to keep. Face Detection technology is a sophisticated image processing algorithm that automatically detects up to 12 faces within the frame, adjusting focus and exposure to make sure that your video shows your subjects in the best possible light.

Swivel Hand-Grip

Our unique Swivel Hand-Grip design makes shooting difficult angles a snap. With a flick of the wrist, you can change the shoot angle of the camcorder to take the perfect video every timeall with one hand! The ergonomic design will open new doors to the way you shoot video.
HD (1920 x 1080 / 50i ) 12sec

Anynet+ (HDMI CEC)

The VP-HMX20C supports every video output terminal that is currently used by HDTVs: HDMI, Component, S-video and Composite. Plus, Samsungs unique Anynet+ technology lets you to control the camcorder with any Anynet+ enabled TV remote control. And using just one line of HDMI cable makes connection easy while keeping the quality superb; that means you can experience the highest quality digital video/audio on your HDTV without any data loss.
Faster, Smarter and Reliable
With the built-in 8GB flash memory, there are no moving parts to slow you down, no tapes or discs to lose, and no Hard Drive to protect. So the VP-HMX20C is ready to shoot when you are, keeps your video in a safe place, and gives you greater flexibility, reliability, and durability when you are out and about.

150 degree

Multi-functional Cradle
The docking cradle is one of the important features that puts Samsung camcorders head and shoulders above the competition. The cradle allows you to recharge the camcorder, use the built-in USB port, and connect to additional AV devices via HDMIall at the same time!
More than Merely Portable
The compact design allows for easy storage and packing so you'll never have to leave your camcorder behind.

Take it Easy with Easy Q

Samsungs innovative Easy Q function puts the VP-HMX20C into Full Auto mode to let you relax and enjoy what is happening while the camcorder does the work. Docking Cradle
Reliable, Flexible and Durable

When it comes to durability, Samsung's flash memory sets the standard. Compared to tape or disk-based camcorders, flash memory contains zero moving parts less to wear outresulting in a longer lifespan! The lack of moving parts also ensures that your recorded memories will survive the rigors of spills, falls and everyday mishaps.

Digital Analog Converter

AC Charger

Component AV out

Shoot and share your memories
Shoot, share, and enjoy easier home movie making with the VP-MX20 flash memory camcorder. Its Samsung chip provides higher quality images and longer battery and recording time. The footage you capture can be conveniently transferred to media players and the web, giving you the opportunity to share your memories with the world.



Digital Video Excellence

The Samsung VP-MX25/MX20 provides you with video footage of such a high quality that it brings your memories to life with vivid, natural beauty. The VP-MX25/MX20s state-of-the-art imaging technologies combine to create a camcorder that gives you the very best of everything; natural color reproduction, image stability, advanced noise reduction, the highest quality lens, and the most pristine video footage youve ever seen.
New Integrated Chip Solution with Samsung Technology
Experience the most naturally beautiful images with new Samsung technology. Advanced Color Expression, Hyper Digital Image Stabilizer, Super LCD plus, and Face Detection Auto Focus combine to make your digital image dreams a reality.

3D Noise Reduction

The VP-MX25/MX20 transcends the boundaries of convention by introducing 3D noise reduction that dramatically eliminates noise whilst maintaining the original edge and pattern of the image. By analyzing motion between the frames, the frames are split into pattern/edge frames and differential frames and are passed through separate filters which maintain the pattern and edge and remove noise. After filtering, the frames are combined once more to make a cleaner, clearer image.
Longer battery life, extended recording time, and higher quality digital imaging are enabled by the VP-MX25/MX20s Samsung chip. By designing and implementing a powerful single chip control system, power consumption is dramatically reduced, allowing you to capture more memories that can be treasured for the rest of your life.
Tradeoff between N.R. and edge loss
LFP Frame Edge Enhancement Lowpass filter is applied frame by frame for noise reduction, which causes edge loss
Original pattern is preserved due to pattern extraction between frames

Pattern Matching Frame


LMMSE Filter

Adaptive LPF

Samsung Technology

Color as vivid as your memories 3D Motion Optimizer
3D Motion Optimizer Processing creates clearer, cleaner images. Unlike conventional 2D processing, 3D processing compares previous and following frames, divides the current frame into pixel blocks, detects noise occurrence, and eliminates it efficiently without filtering the entire image. Digital Natural Color Processing creates an expanded palette of colors that are closer to those seen in nature. By internally adjusting images beyond RGB into 4 color CMYG spectral color matching, the VPMX25/MX20 is able to accurately recreate colors that are closer to those your eyes see, closer to your memories, and closer to reality.


Target pixel Analyzing targets Not analyzing pixels

VP-MX25 / MX20

Spectral Values

0 CCIR709 / sRGB

0 CCIR709 / sRGB 300

Target frame Before

Target frame Spatial analysis

Next frame Time analysis

Shoot without a care
For your convenience the stylish Samsung VP-MX25/MX20 is loaded with powerful features that are designed to make your life easier and your video footage better. The worlds longest battery life and recording time are enabled by recording in H.264 codec, providing you with footage that can be played on the H.264 supporting MP3 players and PMPs without transcoding.

Hyper D.I.S

Unstable hands can cause camcorder footage to be shaky and blurred. Thanks to its advanced computational power, the VP-MX25/MX20 realizes precision image stabilizing by multi-directional motion analysis unlike most other digital image stabilizers using bi-directional one. Enjoy clean and steady footage.
Upgraded gamma correction
Real, natural color reproduction is enabled by our upgraded gamma correction. Conventional adjustment separates the Gamma Curve into 8 steps but the Samsung chip divides it into 128 steps and adjusts each of the RGB curves individually, to give an exquisitely detailed range of color expression.
Occurs Discontinuity Improved Gamma Curve
More recording time, more memories to treasure
Enjoy recording the highest quality video footage for longer with the VPMX25/MX20. Thanks to high performance H.264 Codec, Samsung VPMX25/MX20 record more of your memories than MPEG2 codec adapted camcorders. Within the same capacity, VP-MX25/MX20 records 1.5 times more than MPEG2 codec. Its compressed video files are faster to e-mail and upload to the web, which makes sharing as easy as can be, with no loss of Image quality.

Recording Time on 1 DVD Disc

35 Min

Share your memories, share your life
Sharing your life with friends and family becomes easier with the VPMX25/MX20. By selecting Web & Mobile mode, you can shoot in a format perfected for H.264 supporting MP3 players and YouTube. The video files recorded by the VP-MX25/MX20 can easily be applied to a transfer program and played on an H.264 supporting MP3 player. The YouTube uploader in the Mediashow software bundle enables direct YouTube upload which bypasses the YouTube homesite.

Super LCD screen clarity

The VP-MX25/MX20s LCD screen maintains its visibility on even the sunniest of days. With Advanced Outdoor LCD Enhancement, the VPMX25/MX20 is able to compensate up to 50,000 lux of light, an improvement of 30,000 lux on the industry standard. This dramatic improvement is enabled by an upgraded 3-D LUT (Look Up Table) algorithm that provides images that retain their detail, brightness, contrast, and clarity whatever the weather.
Outdoor ~50,000 Lux Perceived Color Appearance Processing

Conventional Gamma Curve

H.264 (VP-MX25 /MX20)
MP3 Player & YouTube Connection

20 Min

USB or Card

Conventional : Y/C Gamma

Samsung : Y/C Gamma
Samsung Memory Camcorder MX20 with H.264 Codec 32G Memory
Competitor HDD cam with MPEG2 30G Competitor Memory Card with MPEG2 32G

Outdoor ~20,000 Lux

Memory Card

SD Memory


12hrs 40mins

7hrs 10mins

7hrs 20mins

Download to MP3 Player Upload to YouTube by MediaShow (Samsung Software)

Conventional LCD

36 DVD Disc

22 DVD Disc

Samsung LCD
LCD Enhancement Technology Powered by 3D-LUT (Look up table) compensation


A world class lens, a world class camcorder
R_LUT 100.00 200.00 0.00 100.00 200.00 B_LUT
Battery life that wont let you down
With its Long Time Battery, the Samsung VP-MX25/MX20 allows you to record, play, and have fun for as long as you like. Long Time Battery gives an incredible 3 hours of recording freedom (1.9W, 850mAh) compared with Company As 1 hour 10minutes (2.9W, 1000mAh) and Company Bs 1 hour 20 minutes (3.8W, 800mAh), giving you all the time you need to make memories that last a lifetime.

As stylish as you are

With sensational Samsung style, the VP-MX25/MX20 delivers the most comfortable camcorder experience imaginable. With an ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels, it fits exquisitely into your palm and is held securely in place by the fully flexible swivel grip. With a built-in lens cover, UV coating, easy thumb operation buttons, and secondary zoom and record buttons you can enjoy its beauty with confidence.

100.00 0.00 0.00

Face Detection AF technology
Unlike conventional camcorders, the VP-MX25/MX20s advanced Face Detection AF technology targets the faces in the screen. With intelligent face detection auto-focus, faces are always focused-on, even if they are not in the center of the screen. Samsungs Face Detection AF enables you to capture clearer, higher quality video.
The most crucial factor in deciding video quality of a camcorder is its lens. Thats why the VP-MX25/MX20 is equipped with a high quality Schneider Kreuznach lens. World famous for premium optics, Schneider Kreuznach lenses provide improved distortion aberration and astigmatic aberration for superior, natural-looking images. With its 34x optical zoom, the VP-MX25/MX20s Schneider Kreuznach lens takes you as close to the action as you could ever want to be.

Built-in Lens Cover

Swivel Handgrip
Secondary Zoom / Rec. Buttons

Easy Thumb Operation

Creating home movie magic
Enjoy all the fun of home movie making with the Samsung VP-MX25/MX20. Professional video quality is delivered with a simplicity that enables anyone to feel comfortable. Its easy to use, and packed with intuitive features that allow you to shoot amazing footage with a minimum of fuss. Enjoy all the fun of home movie making with Samsung.


Sensor Lens Image Sensor Gross Pixel Effective Pixel (Movie / Still) Lens Optical Zoom / Digital Zoom F Number Focal Length Filter Diameter Lens Cover Image Stabilizer Minimum Illumination Scene Mode (Program AE) Focus Wind cut LCD Aspect Ratio LCD Enhancer Viewfinder Storage Media 1 Storage Media 2 Storage Media 3 Video Format (Flash Memory) Audio Still Picture Video(PAL) Still Picture Resolution I/O Interface USB IEEE1394 AV S-Video component HDMI External Mic. Input PC camera Model Code Capacity i-check Battery Time Power Consumption GUI Language Accessory Shoe Remote Controller Soft Pouch AV Cable Component Cable USB Cable Cradle Battery Video Editing S/W 1/1.8" CMOS 6.4M 2.1M / 4.0M HD 10x / 100x F.1.8~2.5 f=6.3 ~ 63mm 49mm Built-in(Auto) EIS 1 Lux(Color Nite Mode) AF / MF / Touch O 2.7" / 230K 16:9 Wide O X Built-in Flash (8GB) SDHC / MMC + Slot H.264 AAC JPEG HD : 1920 x 1080 ( 50i / 25p ) SD : 720 x 576 8M (Interpolation) 6M / 4M / 3M / 1.5M / 340K O (USB 2.0) X O (Output only) O (Output only) O (Output only) O (Output only) O (Output only) X IA-BP85ST 7.4V / 850mAh O 80min 4.1W 23 X O O O O O O O Media Show 4.0 66.0 x 67.2 x 139 456g
1/6" CCD 800K 400K Schneider Kreuznach 34x / 1200x F.1.6~4.3 f=2.3 ~ 78.2mm 30mm Built-in Hyper D.I.S. 3 Lux AF / MF O 2.7" / 112K 16:9 Wide O X SDHC / MMC + Slot X H.264 AAC X 720 x 576 / 50i X O (USB 2.0) X O (Output only) X X X X X IA-BP85ST 7.4V / 850mAh O 180min 2.0W 24 X X O O X O X O Media Show 4.0 60.5 x 60 x 125 270g

Camera Function


Storage Media

1/6" CCD 1/6" CCD 800K 800K 400K/480K 400K Schneider Kreuznach Schneider Kreuznach 34x / 1200x 34x / 1200x F.1.6~4.3 F.1.6~4.3 f=2.3 ~ 78.2mm f=2.3 ~ 78.2mm 30mm 30mm Built-in Built-in Hyper D.I.S. Hyper D.I.S. 3 Lux 3 Lux Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Fluorescent / Tungsten / Custom WB AF / MF AF / MF O O 2.7" / 112K 2.7" / 112K 16:9 Wide 16:9 Wide O O X X Built-in Flash (16GB) Built-in Flash (8GB) SDHC / MMC + Slot SDHC / MMC + Slot H.264 AAC 800x600 JPEG 720 x 576 / 50i 800 x 600 O (USB 2.0) X O (Output only) X X X X X IA-BP85ST 7.4V / 850mAh O 180min 2.0W 24 X X O O X O O O Media Show 4.0 60.5 x 60 x 125 270g H.264 AAC X 720 x 576 / 50i X O (USB 2.0) X O (Output only) X X X X X IA-BP85ST 7.4V / 850mAh O 180min 2.0W 24 X X O O X O O O Media Show 4.0 60.5 x 60 x 125 270g

Recording Format

Free style shooting
The VP-MX25/MX20s multi-positional swivel hand grip offers full flexibility and freedom of movement for the full range of shooting positions. The innovative swivel grip allowing you to seamlessly move the camcorder between regular and low level positions, giving you complete control over how and what you shoot.

Dual Time Zone function

For your convenience the VP-MX25/MX20 is equipped with World Time Setting. This feature allows you to select the city and time zone that you are visiting without having to change your hometown time setting. Simply select the Visit time, select where you are, and when you get home again, just select Home and the time will be reset as if youd never gone away.
Can select home or visit place time City-based time set


Time Zone


Home: 10/20 12:30 AM Visit: 10/21 08:30 AM - 04:00

Home 10/2012:30 AM


Date / Time Set

180 degree
Date/Time Time Difference

Bundle Accessory

Intelligent scene setting
The iScene function provides you with specialized recording modes for a variety of scenes, making capturing perfect video footage easier than ever before. iScene offers preset recording environments for Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, Beach, Snow, High Speed, Food, and Waterfall scenes by optimizing the White Balance, Exposure, and Shutter time.

Interval Recording

By setting time intervals for frame capture, you can take full advantage of the Interval Recording function. This feature, using selective frame capture enables you to record over an extended period of time so that you can see the effects of long term recording condensed into a shorter time frame. Imagine the passage of clouds through the sky or the suns descent over the water.

Longtime Scene

Color Dimension ( W x H x D)mm Weight
Product designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Recording Time (Flash Memory)
Memory Size Super fine(5Mbps) Fine (4Mbps) Normal (3Mbps) Web & Mobile (2Mbps)

8GB(min.) 310 460

16GB(min.) 620 920

32GB(min.) 1240 1840

Intelligent check
The iCheck function gives you instant access to remaining battery and storage information without having to turn the camcorder on. Simply press the iCheck button the VP-MX25/MX20 displays remaining battery and storage time on the LCD and then turns off automatically.

12 Hours

Bundle Accessory VP-HMX20C
Power Adaptor AV Cable USB Cable Component Cable Remote Controller Battery Pack

Selective Frame Capture

Condensed Scene


6 minutes


Quick Guide (N.A. only)


Power Adaptor AV Cable USB Cable Battery Pack Cradle S/W CD

Quick Guide



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