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skraja 11:43am on Monday, November 1st, 2010 
It is a very good recorder
tenaki 2:21pm on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
the 11 hours recording is one of its very best points the recordings are very good even when on this 11 hours usually the steaching of a dvd means poo... You can watch and record on different formats of DVD including DivX which is good if downloading films. Able to edit recordings, i.e.
Tetedeiench 5:41pm on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 
good sound, good zoom facilities poor night vision quality, not so clear on a dull day

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Singapore Police Force Public Auction Auction on 26 January 2011 (Wednesday) at Hotel Royal starts at 10.00am. Preview on 24 and 25 January 2011 from 10.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Location Div LOT QC Conf no Police Logistics Base CC27/10-5-2 1, Hemmant Road, 78 C27/10-15 off Guillemard Road, 78 C27/10-16-1 Singapore C34/10-11 Mr Shaji / Lawrence Fok 91 C34/10-12-2 Tel : / C34/10-12-C34/10-C34/10-15 QTY Descriptions 1) green colored bangle 2) whitish-green colored stone ring 3) yellow colored chain, marked with '999' 4) yellow colored anklet, marked with '916' 5) gold colored rings (one with green colored stone and one with brown colored stone) 6) gold colored ring with white colored stones 7) yellow colored necklace (costume Jewellery) 8) "B.H. Mayer's Mint" boxes containing four collectible coins with figurine of 'Goddess of Mercy' (two gold colored coins marked "999.9 2g" and two gold colored coins marked "999.9 5g") 9) pair of white colored ear rings 10) white colored bracelet 11) yellow colored ear stud with white colored stone 12) green colored pendent 13) pair of white colored ear rings 14) white colored necklace with a white colored pendant 15) white colored ring
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78 C27/10-16-2

"Rolex" watch (Dial is non-Rolex, watch modified), Serial No: 487B marked on the chain

90 C34/10-5

Omega wrist watch, Serial No: T00L 104
83 C29/10-16-1 C29/10-16-C34/10-C34/10-C34/10-2-1 C34/10-2-C34/10-C34/10-C34/10-C34/10-C34/10-C34/10-C31/10-C34/10-C27/10-16-3
1) silver colored 'Swatch Irony' watch, no serial number 2) silver colored 'CYMA' watch, marked '02-0295-001' 3) "Mido" gents watch, no serial number 4) black colored 'Jaga' watch, no serial number 5) "Liano" gents watch, Serial No: 104 6) "Delbano" gents watch, Serial No: 234117 7) silver colored 'XXCOM' watch, Serial No: 6046G 8) "Maxel Time" watches, no serial number 9) "Zodiac" gents watch, Serial No: 713.81.61S 10) yellow colored Seiko watch, Serial No: 696149 11) "KBAPU" watch, Serial No: 523388 12) black colored 'Imagine Diesel Time' watch, S/No: 1659G (back cover defective) 13) black colored 'Adidas' watch, Serial No: 900904 14) yellow colored 'Winston' ladies watch, no serial number 15) "Hollywood Polo" watch, no serial number

46 C15/10-2 (C108/2010) 55 C16/10-7-1 C16/10-7-C16/10-11-1 C16/10-11-2 (C109/2010) 78 C27/10-C29/10-17-6 C29/10-17-C30/10-1-1 C30/10-1-2
Nikon coolpix camera, Model: L16, S/No: 74135278 with pouch
1) Canon Powershot PC 1211 camera, Serial No: 4441101872 Canon battery 2) Canon PC 1211 camera S/N:4341000754, battery cover missing. battery NB-4L
1) FujiFlim A820 camera, Serial No: 7TL00026 with casing 2) Panasonic DMC-FX38 digital camera, S/No: FG8KA001379 Lumix camera battery 3) Casio Exilim EX-S12 digital camera, Serial No: 02607288F Casio NP-60 battery

CC29/10-17-1 C29/10-17-2

Sony VIAO Laptop, Model: PCG-3C6P, S/No: 282783847002353 Sony VIAO Laptop charger
CC29/10-19-1 C29/10-19-2 C29/10-19-3
Acer Aspire 4520 Notebook, S/No: LXAHSOYO958120AF182524 Acer Notebook battery Notebook's 3-pin AC adaptor


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Singapore Police Force Public Auction Auction on 26 January 2011 (Wednesday) at Hotel Royal starts at 10.00am. Preview on 24 and 25 January 2011 from 10.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Location Div LOT QC Conf no Police Logistics Base CC21/10-15-5 1, Hemmant Road, (Des/2010) off Guillemard Road, 74 C27/10-5-1 Singapore 438675 C27/10-5-3 Mr Shaji / Lawrence Fok 78 C27/10-12 Tel : / 83 C29/10-C31/10-1 C31/10-3 C33/10-2 C34/10-12-1 C35/10-1-1 C35/10-1-2 C35/10-1-3 C35/10-1-4 QTY Descriptions 1 1) "Be A Stars" Limited Edition Set consists of 1 plastic case with mirror and 1 bag. 1 2) blue colored pouch 1 3) white colored digital Chinese dictionary, S/No: HP8601BG4) Coby DVD/MP3/CD player, S/N:H0691070100118 with battery 1 5) pair of black colored 'Panda' binoculars. China made and marked "8x30 Field 393ft. at 1000yds" 1 6) black colored bag pack, brand: 'Zinc' 1 7) black colored Helmet, brand: 'Hyper' 1 8) Renoma wallet 1 9) grey colored pen (defective) 1 10) pair of black colored 'Puma' ladies sandals 1 11) pair of beige colored 'Adidas' sandals with yellow straps 2 12) pairs of 'Nike' sport shoes 3 13) pairs of 'Loto' socks
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1) Singsung F-CS-21K Television, Serial No: SYAN300635E 2) Aiwa TV-C1422SHR color television, S/No: 591LV1CK0067 3) LG DR275 DVD recorder, Serial No: 702SHTX172225 4) Enzer E5918 DVD player, Serial No: E5918-995 5) Phillips VR453 Video Cassette Recorder, S/No: 178U1753 6) pin-hole cameras 7) AC power adaptor 8) pairs of RCA cables 9) white colored switch with wire 10) SCV 3-spliter with 3 SCV cables 11) coils of cables 12) 2-pin 5 -way adaptors 13) keyboard, Brand: Mobilgear, Model: MGKB 15-BK 14) computer mouse, Brand: MIGNON 15) printer/scanner, Model: Epson Stylus TX110, S/N:LK9Z046576 16) CPU unit (no brand) 17) Brother scanner/printer, DCP350C, S/N: U61856K7F619065 18) 3-pin Brother printer cable 19) King Wood 14" TV, Model: TV-1400, S/N:1207-TV-1400-0947

C27/10-2 C27/10-3 C27/10-4 C27/10-6-1 C27/10-6-2 C27/10-6-3 C27/10-6-C27/10-7-2 C27/10-7-C27/10-8-1 C27/10-8-2 C27/10-8-C27/10-9-1 C27/10-9-2 C27/10-9-3
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CC27/10-10-1 C27/10-10-2 C27/10-10-3 C27/10-10-C27/10-C29/10-C29/10-C29/10-3-1 C29/10-3-2 C29/10-3-3 C29/10-3-C29/10-5-1 C29/10-5-2 C29/10-5-3 C29/10-5-C29/10-6
red/black colored 'Mertz' mountain bike with a basket attached blue colored 'Aleola' bicycle with a black colored back seat orange/black colored 'Aleola' Detona DX bicycle with back seat blue and black colored 'Aleola' bicycle red colored 'Aleola' bicycle black colored bicycle without marking silver colored 'Diamond Back' bicycle without front wheel black colored bicycle without marking black colored bicycle without marking black colored bicycle with a basket and without marking black colored bicycle without marking blue colored 'Genie' bicycle without seat black colored 'Aleoca' bicycle black/light blue/white colored 'VTT France' bicycle black colored bicycle without marking black colored bicycle without marking

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Singapore Police Force Public Auction Auction on 26 January 2011 (Wednesday) at Hotel Royal starts at 10.00am. Preview on 24 and 25 January 2011 from 10.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Location Div LOT QC Conf no Police Logistics Base CC29/10-7 1, Hemmant Road, 82 C29/10-8 off Guillemard Road, 82 C29/10-9-1 Singapore 438675 C29/10-9-2 Mr Shaji / Lawrence Fok 82 C29/10-10-1 Tel : / C29/10-10-2 C29/10-10-3 C29/10-10-C29/10-11-1 C29/10-11-C29/10-C29/10-14-1 C29/10-14-2 C29/10-14-3 C29/10-14-4 C29/10-14-C30/10-C30/10-C30/10-5-1 C30/10-5-2 C30/10-5-C30/10-C30/10-7 QTY 1 Descriptions blue colored bicycle with 'Auto gauge' sticker on the frame small red colored children 'Leonine' tricycle without seat silver colored 'ROZAINI' bicycle orange/red colored bicycle without marking black colored bicycle without marking champagne colored bicycle without marking light blue colored bicycle without marking dark blue colored 'Golden Deki' bicycle green colored bicycle without marking black colored bicycle without marking orange/black colored 'CATANA' bicycle yellow colored bicycle without marking green colored bicycle without marking silver colored 'Mertz' bicycle black colored 'Concord' bicycle silver colored 'Merida' bicycle without front wheel red and white colored bicycle with front basket blue colored bicycle with words 'Storm & Deerless' on the frame black/grey colored 'Black Tornado' mountain bicycle red/black colored 'Chase Mertz' mountain bicycle black/yellow colored 'Golden Wheel' bicycle pink colored Lady 'Picnic' bicycle red colored bicycle

CC12/10-13 (C132/2010) CC27/10-C27/10-7-1
bicycle with 'Comp.6' marking on the frame
silver colored 'Urata' mountain bicycle silver colored 'Urata' mountain bike


orange colored bicycle without marking blue colored 'Extronic' mountain bike


blue colored 'Tahara' bicycle


black colored 'GT Avalance' bicycle with bicycle's lock
Note: Items located at Jurong Police Div HQ No.2 Jurong West Ave 5 Contact Person: Mr. Tay Poh Keong HP; Office: 6316 1859
CC28/10-1-1 C28/10-1-2 C28/10-1-3 C28/10-1-4 C28/10-1-5 C28/10-1-6 C28/10-1-7 C28/10-1-8 C28/10-1-9 C28/10-1-10 C28/10-1-11 C28/10-1-12 C28/10-1-13
sets of 'View Sonic' monitors sets of computers (CPU) sets of 'Logitech' computer keyboards sets of 'Logitech' computer mouse "Ovann" headphones computer webcam telephone calculators CCTV cam computer modems search light set of speakers "Corega" switch Note: Items located at Jurong Police Div. HQ. No. 2 Jurong West Ave 5. Contact Person: Mr Tay Poh Keong @ 8112 9399
Commercial Affairs Dept. CC33/10-1 c/o Traffic Vehicles Pound No. 517 Airport Road Singapore NOTE: Please contact: Ms Sharreen Ibrahim HP: Mr Cheng Chin Mui HP: 9831 7105
12 dining chairs and 3 tables NOTE: Items are located at Traffic Vehicles Pound No. 517 Airport Road. For viewing please contact: Ms Sharreen Ibrahim - HP: or Mr Cheng Chin Mui - HP: 9831 7105

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