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DaFrEQ 9:05am on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
I am very frustrated with this product. I am very frustrated with this product. Slow start up and in/out with disks, frustrating but just have to be patient. This is my second Sony RDR-HX720.

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Sony HDD/DVD Recorder RDR-HX720


Hong Kong, July 13, 2006 Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited today expanded its HDD/DVD recorder line-up with the new addition, the RDR-HX720, which offers a hard disk capacity of 160GB for maximum recording and playback flexibility. The RDR-HX720 features an advanced IQ recording system combining all of Sonys Intelligent and Quality recording features such as the HQ+ high quality recording mode for top picture quality, DV terminal (i.LINK) for one-touch dubbing, pause live TV, chasing playback, and easy to use GUI. The 160GB hard disk drive is capable of recording up to 249 hours. To ensure high picture quality in HDD recording, the unique HQ+ recording mode records data of higher definition and higher bit rate at an approximately 15Mbps of data transfer speed. The fast playback with audio function enables users to watch pre-recorded content at a fast playback speed with clear sound; this enables them to view pre-recorded content in a much shorter time. Users can activate the chasing playback function to begin watching a programme currently being recorded before the recording finishes. Besides, users can watch pre-recorded content whilst recording a live TV programme thanks to the simultaneous record and playback function. In addition to HDD, DVDR and DVDRW, the RDR-HX720 can also record and play back DVD+R DL Double Layer discs with a maximum capacity of 8.5GB allowing users to store up to 14 hours of recordings on a DVD disc. The HDD/DVD recorder ensures superior picture quality by combining the Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP) technology, Video DAC of 12bit/108MHz and Audio DAC of 192KHz/24bit. Transferring camcorder recordings for either copy or edit to DVD or hard disk drive is easy as users just need to connect the camcorder via the i.LINK connection and use the one-touch dubbing function to copy the entire contents of the tape of digital camcorder or use the program edit function to select only those scenes that are desired for automatic copying to DVD or hard disk drive.
DVD Recorder RDR-GX220 Sony also announced the DVD recorder RDR-GX220 with the enhanced IQ recording system incorporating high performance recording features such as high picture quality on disc recording, chasing playback/ simultaneous record and playback (only for DVD-RW VR mode), easy to use GUI and multi-format recording and playback for maximum convenience. The RDR-GX220 can record and play back a great variety of disc formats including the DVDVideo/R/RW Discs, DVD+R DL Double Layer and DivX. The eight user-friendly recording modes and timer recording functions provide maximum flexibility for playback or recording. The DVD recorder ensures high quality playback with superior picture and sound by incorporating the Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP) technology, 12bit/108MHz Video DAC and 192kHz/24bit Audio DAC. The HDD/DVD recorder RDR-HX720 and DVD recorder RDR-GX220 will be available from early August. For customer enquiries, please contact Sony 24-hour customer service hotline at (852) 2345-2966.



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