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Sony HVL-F1000Sony HVL F1000 - Hot-shoe clip-on flash - Black

Sony - Hot-shoe

Sony offers the HVL-F1000 auto flash for digital still cameras with a coverage range of up to 10 meters. Auto Lighting adjustment works with camera TTL flash metering system. The package includes bracket for use with MVC-FD90 and DSC-S70.

Here you can find all about Sony HVL-F1000, for example external flash and manual. You can also write a review.
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cocodrilo88 6:46pm on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
Droped the ball I am unhappy with the fact that I never recived my order I purchesed it on June 6th then was informed that it would not be delivered u... Sony HVLF1000 External Flash Good Flash for tight and open areas. Product is great quality & seller was quick.
viagra35 2:53am on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
Pros: Excellent product! This REALLY makes photography in low- no light areas a breeze!... Read review at Dell The flash is great for what it does. It is not for sports photography, to say the least. The quality is really great though.
shaun.fensom 7:57pm on Monday, July 5th, 2010 
Worse Than A Flashlight I bought this for a Sony DSC-F717 and it is atrocious at best.
maakbaba 10:46pm on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 
My flash went out and I had to buy something. I thought I was getting [...] having to buy this and it does have its limitations. It is big and bulky.

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1 ffnen Sie den Batteriefachdeckel. 2 Legen Sie die vier Batterien entsprechend der Polarittsmarkierung im Batteriefach ein. 3 Schlieen Sie den Deckel.
Hinweise Verwenden Sie vier Batterien desselben Typs. Beachten Sie den 3 # Pol der Batterien. Wenn die Batterien mit falscher Polaritt eingelegt werden, knnen sie auslaufen und Beschdigungen verursachen.
3 This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the products enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to consitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
Mise en place des piles (Voir Figure B)
Utilisez quatre piles alcalines AAA. Le flash vido peut ne pas fonctionner correctement si vous utilisez dautres piles.


Guide number Equivalent to 28 Recommended distance 1 to 8 m Dimensions About 92 mm (About 2 2/3/2/3 inches) (w/h/d) (Projections are not included in the dimensions) Mass About 190g (6 2/3 oz.) Supplied accessory Shoe adapter (1) Pouch (1) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Anbringen des Blitzes

(Siehe Abb. C)
1 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 2 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Achten Sie darauf, dass das Blitzfenster nach vorne zeigt.
1 Ouvrez le couvercle des piles. 2 Insrez quatre piles dans le sens indiqu dans le botier de piles. 3 Fermez le couvercle des piles.
Remarques Veillez insrer quatre piles de mme type. Vrifiez la position des ples 3 et # des piles. Des piles insres dans le mauvais sens peuvent fuir ou clater.
Flashing section Fentre du flash Blitzkopf 2Accessory shoe Griffe porteaccessoires Zubehrschuh
This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. 1Knob Bague Befestigungsrad NOTE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, these is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment.

3 Tournez la bague dans le sens de la flche pour bloquer le flash.
Si vous possdez un appareil photo sans griffe porte-accessoires, utilisez ladaptateur (fourni). Fixez ladaptateur de flash par la douille de pied photographique de lappareil photo numrique.
Anschluss des Kabels (Siehe Abb. D)
1 Schlieen Sie das Kabel des Blitzes an der digitalen Standbildkamera an. 2 Befestigen Sie das Kabel an der Klaue. -Buchse der

Installing the batteries

(See Figure B)
Use four AAA alkali batteries. Flash may not operate correctly if other batteries are used.


1Knob Bague Montageschraube This appliance is exclusively for use on digital still cameras with the (flash) terminal made by SONY. It allows you to take photos with digital still cameras in dark or backlit conditions. As it is provided with an automatic metering system, white dropout does not occur.
1 Open the battery cover. 2 Insert the four batteries in the directions marked inside the battery case. 3 Close the battery cover.
Notes Be sure to use four batteries of the same type. Be sure to confirm the 3 # poles of the batteries. Inserting the batteries with the poles in the wrong direction may cause leakage or ruptures.

Branchement du cble

((Voir Figure D)

Technische Daten

Leitzahl Empfohlener Abstandsbereich Abmessungen Gewicht Mitgeliefertes Zubehr Entsprechend bis 8 m ca. 92 mm (B/H/T), ausschl. vorspringender Teile ca. 190 g Schuhadapter (1) Eti (1)
Spcifications Mounting the flash

(See Figure C)

1 Turn the knob in the direction of the arrow. 2 Slide into the accessory shoe towards the front, and mount firmly.
Make sure that the flashing section faces the front.
Numro de guide ? ? ? Equivalent 28 Distance recommande m Dimensions Approx. 92 mm (Approx. 2 2/3/2/3 pouces) (l/h/p) (Projections non comprises) Poids Approx. 190 g (6 2/3 po.) Accessoires fournis Adaptateur de flash (1) Pochette (1) La conception et les spcifications peuvent tre modifies sans pravis.


3Knob Bague Befestigungsrad 2Accessory shoe Griffe porte-accessoires Zubehrschuh The flash cannot be used on camcorders. Misfiring sometimes occurs when the POWER switch is turned on and off continuously. When the flash is used in low-temperature conditions, battery performance is reduced. For example, the number of flashes becomes lower than that in room temperature (about 20C), and the charging time becomes longer. We recommend preparing new batteries. Note, however, that even batteries whose performance has dropped due to low temperatures are restored by returning them to room temperature. Do not leave or store the flash in temperatures that exceed 40C. Doing so might adversely affect the internal structure of video flash. (In particular, take care not to leave the flash in automobiles during summer.)

1 Branchez le cble du flash vido sur la borne (flash) de lappareil photo numrique. 2 Insrez le cble dans les griffes pour le maintenir en place.
nderungen, die dem technischen Fortschritt dienen, bleiben vorbehalten.
3 Turn the knob in the direction of the arrow to tighten.
If you have a digital still camera without an accessory show, use the shoe adapter (provided). Mount the shoe adapter in the screw hole for the tripod on the digital still camera.

Bezeichnung der Teile

Weitwinkelvorsatz Blitzfenster Sensor fr Belichtungeinstellung Kabel Xxxxxxxxx READY-Lampe Befestigungsrad POWER-Schalter

(Siehe Abb. A)

1Cable Cble Kabel 2Cable Cble Kabel
1 Turn the knob in the direction of the arrow to tighten. 2 Slide into the accessory shoe towards the front, and mount firmly.


Remove the flash from the digital still camera. Clean the flash with a dry soft cloth. In case of stubborn stains, use a cloth lightly dampened with a mild detergent solution, then wipe the unit clean with a dry soft cloth. Never use strong solvents, such as thinner or benzine, as these damage the surface finish.

Connecting the cable

(See Figure D)
1 Connect the cable from the flash to the (flash) terminal on the digital still camera. 2 Insert the cable between the claws to fasten in place.


Using the flash

(See Figure E)

Mounting the wide panel

(See Figure H)

Use the wide panel when the wide conversion lens is used. The wide panel widens the illumination angle of the flash. (The maximum light intensity drops when the wide panel is mounted.)
Utilisation du flash vido

(Voir Figure E)

Le Mavica (MVC-FD95) est reprsent ici sur les illustrations. Reportezvous au mode demploi de lappareil photo numrique pour des informations plus dtailles sur lappareil photo numrique proprement dit.
The digital still camera with an accessory shoe is used here for illustration purposes. Refer to the Operation Manual of the digital still camera for each detailed operation.
Slide the POWER switch on the digital still camera to the right to turn ON. Set the PLAY/STILL/MOVIE switch on the digital still camera to STILL. (Flash does not function in the PLAY or MOVIE modes.) Press the flash button on the digital still camera to light the flash indication.
Each press of the flash button changes the indication in the following order. AUTO (no display) t Red-eye reduction t Forced firing t Firing prohibited
Gently draw out the wide panel. Pull the wide panel down towards the flashing section side.
Follow the above procedure to return the wide panel to its original position.

Remarques Si langle de flash indirect est trop petit, la lumire directe et la lumire rflchie atteindront ensemble le sujet ce qui produira un clairage irrgulier. Choisissez une surface rflchissante proche du blanc, qui a le meilleur facteur de rflexion. Il nest pas possible dobtenir des couleurs naturelles avec les surfaces rflchissantes qui ne sont pas blanches. Avec une surface ayant un petit facteur de rflexion la distance de prise de vues est rduite.

Verwendung des Blitzes

(Siehe Abb. E)
Anbringen des Weitwinkelvorsatzes

(Siehe Abb H)

Wenn Sie mit der Standbildkamera einen Weitwinkelbereich aufnehmen, bringen Sie den Weitwinkelvorsatz am Blitz an. Dieser vergrert die ausgeleuchtete Flche (die maximale Lichtintensitt verringert sich jedoch).
Die Abbildung in dieser Anleitung zeigt die Mavica MVC-FD95. Einzelheiten zur Bedienung der Standbildkamera entnehmen Sie bitte der Anleitung der Standbildkamera.


Meaning of READY lamp states
When it flashes (orange) Flash is charging. Firing is not possible. When it light (orange) Flash is ready for firing. (Flash does not fire if the subject is bright with the digital still camera in the firing prohibited mode, red-eye reduction mode or auto mode.) When it flashes fast (red) The batteries are run down. Replace with new batteries. (Charging takes longer if the video flash has not been used for a long time. In this case, turn the power switch ON again.) When it flashes slow (red) A communications error with the digital still camera has occurred. Disconnect and connect the cable. When the READY does not light (POWER switch ON) The cable is not correctly connected to the (flash) terminal. Connect correctly. The PLAY/STILL/MOVIE switch is not in the STILL mode. Set to the STILL mode.
Faites glisser le commutateur POWER de lappareil photo numrique vers la droite pour le mettre sous tension. Rglez le commutateur PLAY/STILL/MOVIE de lappareil photo numrique sur STILL. (Le flash vido ne fonctionne pas dans les modes PLAY ou MOVIE.) Appuyez sur la touche de flash de lappareil photo numrique pour allumer lindicateur de flash.
A chaque pression de la touche de flash, lindicateur change de la faon suivante. Automatique (pas dindicateur) t Rduction yeux rouges t Toujours flash t Sans flash
Utilisation du panneau grand-angle

Rotation de la fentre de flash

(Voir Figure F)

La fentre de flash peut tre incline de 5 vers le bas et de 90 vers le haut. Le flash vido doit tre utilis aux positions fixes, 5 vers le bas, et 45, 60, 75 et 90 vers le haut. La position 5 vers le bas doit tre utilise pour la photographie 2 mtres de distance au maximum. La lumire du flash peut alors clairer suffisamment la surface environnante au bas du sujet. Remarques La distance conseille demploi du flash vido est de un huit mtres (posemtre automatique sans gradation). Pendant la photographie, ne couvrez pas le posemtre du flash vido avec les doigts, par exemple. Le flash vido ne pourra pas dtecter la distance jusquau sujet et rgler lintensit de la lumire.

Bounce flash photography

Wide panel Panneau grandangle Weitwinkelvorsatz

(See Figure G)

If there is a wall or similar object behind the subject, fire the flashing section pointed at a white ceiling or wall to light the subject using reflected light. As the reflected light spreads in and around the subject over a wide area to light the subject, you can create softer images with fewer shadows on the subject and wall.
Reflexionsblitz (Siehe Abb. G)
Wenn sich das Motiv vor einer Wand o. befindet, sollten Sie den Blitzkopf gegen eine weie Decke oder Wand richten, damit das Motiv durch das reflektierte Licht aufgehellt wird. Das reflektierte Licht leuchtet das Motiv gleichmig aus, so dass weniger harte Schatten (auf dem Motiv oder an der Wand) entstehen und das Bild insgesamt ausgewogener wird.
Photographie au flash indirect

(Voir Figure G)

Si le sujet se trouve devant un mur ou un objet similaire, dirigez la fentre du flash vers le plafond ou un mur blanc pour que le sujet soit clair par la lumire rflchie. Comme la lumire rflchie claire le sujet et tout ce qui est autour, il est possible dobtenir des images douces avec moins dombres sur le sujet et le mur.
Decide on the angle of the flashing section so that the angle of incidence and reflecting angle on the reflecting surface are equal.
The shooting distance is the total distance obtained by adding the distance from the flashing section to the reflecting surface to the distance from the reflecting surface to the subject.
Richten Sie den Blitzkopf so aus, dass Einfalls- und Ausfallswinkel gleich sind.
Der Gesamtabstand ist die Summe aus Abstand Blitzkopf zur Reflexionsflche und Abstand Reflexionsflche zu Motiv.
Drcken Sie den Auslser an der Standbildkamera.
Press the shutter button on the digital still camera.
Notes A small bounce flash angle causes the light to directly strike the subject together with the reflected light, resulting in uneven illumination. Choose a reflecting surface that is near white having high reflectance. Correct colouring cannot be obtained with reflecting surfaces other than white. Also, small reflectance shortens the effective shooting distance.


Sto-Fen Products

The Omni-Bounce creates a Diffused Bare Bulb Effect. Giving even coverage across the entire frame, with lenses from 15mm to 200mm in the 35mm format. (And equal in other formats as well.) The Omni-Bounce is easy to use and goes onto and off of your flash in seconds with custom fitting, except UNI, and No Velcro. Designed for years of service with out the bulk of some other Diffusers, it is small enough to fit easily into your gadget bag or pocket. Item# Manf# Description Omni-Bounce MSRP
CSF01080. OM-B CSF01097. OM-C CSF01158. OM-MZ40 CSF01257. OM-SB5 CSF01264. OM-PZ8 CSF01288. OM-600 CSF01295. OM-EY CSF01301. OM-EW CSF01349. OM-400 CSF01608. OM-MZ80 CSF01370. OM-900 CSF03879. OM-HV58 CSF01394. OM-EV
Vivitar 283, 285, 3700, 4600 & 5600 Zoom Head, Canon 420 & 430 EZ.. 19.95 Canon 380EX, Nikon SB-24, 25 & 26, Metz 40-MZ2 & 54MZ3 Minolta 5200i & 5400xi/hs, Sunpak 440MZAF, Contax TLA280, Olympus FL40 & G40, Pentax AF500FTZ, Sigma 500 & 530, Vivitar DF200 and Similar Sized Units Panasonic DMW FL 500E..... 19.95 Metz 40MZ 1i & 3i and NEW Pentax AF540FGZ.... 19.95 Nikon SB-50DX, SB-80DX, SB-800 & Sony HVL- F1000 & FH1000... 19.95 Minolta 3600, Pentax AF360FGZ and NEW Sony HVL F36... 19.95 Nikon SB600 & Olympus FL36, Panasonic DMW FL 360E NEW Sunpak PZ42X... 19.95 Canon 580EX & 580EXII.... 19.95 Canon 430EX & 430EXII.... 19.95 Nikon SB-400..... 19.95 Metz 48 & Metz 58 Series..... 19.95 Nikon SB900...... 19.95 Sony HVL F58AM...... 19.95 Canon 270EX..... 19.95


The Two-Way Bounce is a pocket size Bounce Card that gives you the advantage of bouncing without the need of a ceiling. The unit is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket and yet delivers a big punch of light. The package also includes a mini Panel that provides a kicker light for fill lighting use. All units, except UNI, are custom mounted with adapter provided and require No Velcro. Adapters can be reversed for shoot thru panel lighting as well.
Item# Manf# Description Two-Way Bounce MSRP
CSF02063. TW-UNI CSF02025. TW-285 CSF02018. TW-199A CSF02049. TW-422 CSF02032. TW-411 CSF02056. TW-B
Universal Mount..... 19.95 Vivitar 285...... 19.95 Canon 199-A...... 19.95 Sunpak 422, 433, 444, 383 & 30DX.... 19.95 Sunpak 411..... 19.95 Vivitar 283, 3700, 4600 & 5600 Std, Canon 380EX, 420 & 430 EZ, Nikon SB-24... 19.95


Item# Manf# Description Specialty Omni Group MSRP
CSF01318. OM-24XSET Omni Set for the Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite... 24.95 CSF01332. OM-SBR200SE Omni Set for Nikon SB-R200 R1 & R1C1 Wireless Close Up Speedlight System.. 24.95 CSF01073. OM-F1 Omni-Flip for Pop Up flash units on Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax & Similar... 19.95
Address: 111 Asia Place, Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Phone: (201) 939-7722

The Green and Gold Omni Units are used for special lighting situations. 1. The Green for Fluorescent Lighting in conjunction with an FLD or 30M filter on the Camera Lens. 2. The Gold for Warming Skin tones and for overall warming in flash filled available light shots. 3. They are mounted the same as the regular Omni for your Flash Unit.


Description Green and Gold Omni
CSF03084. OC-600SET CSF03015. OC-60SET CSF03022. OC-CBSET CSF03091. OC-EWSET CSF03039. OC-EXSET CSF03077. OC-EYSET CSF03046. OC-EZSET CSF03053. OC-MZSET CSF03060. OC-SBSET CSF06078. OC-600GL CSF05088. OC-600GR CSF06016. OC-60GL CSF05019. OC-60GR CSF06023. OC-CBGL CSF05026. OC-CBGR CSF06085. OC-EWGL CSF05095. OC-EWGR CSF06030. OC-EXGL CSF05033. OC-EXGR CSF06061. OC-EYGL CSF05071. OC-EYGR CSF06047. OC-EZGL CSF05040. OC-EZGR CSF06054. OC-MZGL CSF05057. OC-MZGR CSF06009. OC-SBGL CSF05064. OC-SBGR CSF06092. OC-MZ80GL CSF06108. OC-900GL CSF06115. OC-HV58GL
Gold & Green Omni for 600 Applications.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni for Metz 60 Series.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni Set for C/B Applications..... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni for EW Applications.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni for EX Applications.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni for EY Applications.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni Set for EZ Applications.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni for MZ3/PZ4 Applications.... 29.95 Gold & Green Omni for SB5 Applications.... 29.95
Gold Omni for 600 Applications.... 17.95 Green Omni for 600 Applications..... 17.95 Gold Omni for Metz 60 Series..... 17.95 Green Omni for Metz 60 Series..... 17.95 Gold Omni for C/B Applications.... 17.95 Green Omni for C/B Applications..... 17.95 Gold Omni for EW Applications..... 17.95 Green Omni for EW Applications..... 17.95 Gold Omni for EX Applications.... 17.95 Green Omni for EX Applications.... 17.95 Gold Omni for EY Applications.... 17.95 Green Omni for EY Applications.... 17.95 Gold Omni for EZ Applications.... 17.95 Green Omni for EZ Applications.... 17.95 Gold Omni for MZ3/PZ4 Applications.... 17.95 Green Omni for MZ3/PZ4 Applications.... 17.95 Gold Omni for SB5 Applications.... 17.95 Omni Green for SB5 Applications..... 17.95 Omni Gold for Metz 48 & Metz 58 Series.... 17.95 Omni Gold for Nikon SB900..... 17.95 Omni Gold forSony HVL F58AM.... 17.95


CSF04012. SS-283 CSF04029. SS-285 Vivitar 283...... 9.95 Vivitar 285...... 9.95
Use this page as an order form and e-mail or fax to the location listed below


Technical specifications

Enclosure ColorBlack
Enclosure MaterialPlastic
Camera Flash
TypeHot-shoe clip-on flash
Supported Exposure ControlTTL
Shooting Range33 ft
Color TemperatureDaylight
FeaturesRatio control, X-sync
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - parts and labor - 90 days Limited warranty - parts - 1 year
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberHVL-F1000
GTIN04901780612680, 07612758146874



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