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Polaris VAC-sweep 280Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner F-5
This resilient cleaner is powered by double jets to sweep and scrub the bottom, walls, and stairs of your pool. The Polaris 280 runs off a separate booster pump for maximum efficiency and rapid cleaning power. Includes 31' of hose.

Brand: Polaris Vac-Sweep
Part Numbers: F-5, F5
UPC: 0738919003705, 738919003705
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jkmnhdjdjk 3:05pm on Monday, April 19th, 2010 
Great barn vacuum! The Shop-Vac 4050010 Shop Sweep was purchased to use in a horse barn. So far, so good! It works beautifully picking up the fine.
reb 2:17pm on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 
Saves tons of time!!! This is one fantastic shop vac design. I bought this item because I got tired of sweeping my cement patio weekly.
henrybaxter 3:52am on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
Loud and kickstand issue This vacuum is significantly louder than my wet/dry canister shop vacuum and the kickstand is poorly designed with the result... shopvac i/o sweeper this is an OK sweeper but cheaply made for the price.

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For all in ground pools Works with a booster pump

t h ose w

h o ' v e fi g u r e d o u

t i t'

re s mo
han clean it pool t na im i sw to n
The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is designed for all in-ground pools and runs off a booster pump.


Double jets provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning (3 hours or less). Sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size pool. Runs off a separate booster pump, working independently from the rest of your pool system. Unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system. Available in a Black Max Model to complement dark bottom pools.

280 Black Max

Polaris SpaWand Our SpaWand is a simple, effective hand-held device that quickly cleans your spa, pool steps, swimouts and other small bodies of water without hoses or hookups. Polaris WaterStars Add beauty and drama to your pool with a Polaris WaterStars fountain.

Polaris WaterStars

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is designed for the following types of debris:
2002 Polaris Pool Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. SL-200 11/03





Important Information
Before installing the Polaris, make sure the pool filter is clean. New plumbing lines should be flushed out before installing the Polaris. The Polaris should not be used to remove plaster dust in new pools. Except when checking the wheel RPM, do not handle the Polaris while it is operating. Always remove the Polaris before swimmers enter the pool. Disconnect the Polaris from the pool wall when cleaning or backwashing the pool filter. Always remove the Polaris from the pool before chemical shock treatments. After cleaning or backwashing, let the filtration system run for at least five minutes before re-connecting the Polaris.
For customer service or support:
Please mail Warranty Card immediately. For on-line support: To contact Polaris: US and Canada Customer Service 2620 Commerce Way Vista, CA 92081-8438 1-800-822-7933
Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Limited Warranty
This one year limited warranty is extended to the original consumer purchaser of this Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner manufactured by Zodiac Pool Care, Inc., from date of manufacture of the unit as established by the serial number, or one year from date of purchase with proof of purchase, whichever is later. Zodiac warrants this product, including all parts and components thereof, to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Normal replacement items such as bags, tires, sweep hoses or sweep hose scrubbers which have been worn out by use or improper installation are not covered by this warranty. The Polaris 280 frame is warranted for a period of five years. This limited warranty does not apply if the failure is caused or contributed to by any of the following: improper handling, improper usage, improper storage, winter freezing, abuse, improper installation, removal of the in-line filter screen, unsuitable application of the unit, improper maintenance, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance, damage in transit or during installation, or damage from repairs/alterations made or attempted by anyone other than Zodiac or one of its Authorized Service Centers. In no event shall Zodiac be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature or for damages to persons or property, including damage to vinyl liners, plaster, tile, aggregate-based and other pool surfaces, or damages resulting from the use of this product with a substandard pool circulation system or chemical imbalance. Authorization to return a unit or part to the plant of manufacture must be obtained from the Zodiac Customer Service Department. Check with your dealer for the local procedure before exercising this warranty. If further directions or instructions should be required, contact the Customer Service Department at 1-800-822-7933 (USA and Canada only) or (760) 599-9600. Be sure to insure the shipment against loss or damage in transit. This limited warranty is valid only in the United States of America, Canada and Australia, and it does not apply to Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners sold or installed in any other country. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Automatic Pool Cleaners sold in the United Kingdom are warranted for a period of two years from date of invoicing to the first user.

WARNING: USE OF POLARIS 280 IN A VINYL LINER POOL Certain vinyl liner patterns are particularly susceptible to rapid surface wear or pattern removal caused by objects coming into contact with the vinyl surface, including pool brushes, pool toys, floats, fountains, chlorine dispensers, and automatic pool cleaners. Some vinyl liner patterns can be seriously scratched or abraded simply by rubbing the surface with a pool brush. Ink from the pattern can also rub off during the installation process or when it comes into contact with objects in the pool. Zodiac is not responsible for, and the Limited Warranty does not cover, pattern removal, abrasion or markings on vinyl liners. U.S. Patents: 6,908,550: 4,589,986; 5,863,425; D409,341. Foreign Patents: 732645; 2,260,903; 85149; 135,543; 2,072,463; 981274; 142,198; and other patents pending. Unique product shape is a registered trademark.

Introduction English
Congratulations on the purchase of your new automatic pool cleaner, and thank you for choosing Polaris. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is designed to give you years of dependable and efficient service. Like most mechanical devices, it will require periodic adjustments, routine maintenance, and the replacement of cer tain hardworking par ts. Please have your cleaner checked occasionally by your local Polaris dealer or authorized service center. Always insist on genuine Polaris replacement parts. Non-Polaris parts are not made to our specifications. They may have an adverse effect on the operation of your Polaris or may even damage it. For best results, the Polaris 280 should be installed by a pool professional. For those with experience and confidence in handling plumbing and mechanical equipment, installation is outlined in this manual.
Polaris 280 Complete Cleaner
1. All-Purpose Zippered Bag 2. Head Float 3. Sweep Hose 4. Sweep Hose Scrubber 5. Cleaner Body 6. Feed Hose 07. Hose Floats 08. Back-up Valve 09. In-Line Filter Assembly 10. Quick Disconnect with Universal Wall Fitting (UWF) 11. Restrictor Disks (one red and one blue)
Quick Installation Instructions English
Install the Universal Wall Fitting
Installs in minutes on pools with a dedicated cleaner return line and a threaded 1-1/2 female pipe fitting. 1. Turn on the filtration pump and flush out the plumbing line.Turn pump off. 2. Remove the UWF from the Quick Disconnect and screw the UWF with the blue restrictor disk into the return opening. 3. Turn the Quick Disconnect clockwise into the UWF and pull away to secure.

Return Line Restrictor Disk Universal Wall Fitting Quick Disconnect Pressure Relief Valve
Adjust Feed Hose To Fit Pool Length
Measure the deepest part of the pool. Cut leader hose, from end that attaches to feed hose, so length is equal to the greatest depth of the pool. Attach leader hose to feed hose and connect hose to the pool wall at the return line. Extend hose to farthest point of pool. The hose end must be within 6" longer or shorter of the farthest point. See dotted circle. Hose too long? Separate hose at center swivel. Cut equal amounts of the overage from each 10-foot feed hose section. Hose too short? Buy an additional feed hose section (part #9-100-3104), one swivel (part #D20) and two hose nuts (part #D15) from an authorized Polaris dealer. After adjusting hose, position hose floats as shown.
In-Line Filter Center Swivel Return Line Feed Hose Floats 1.5 to 3' apart

Leader Hose

Length = Max. Depth
Leader Hose Floats 2-3' apart

Assemble the Cleaner

1. Use the nut to attach the feed hose to the feed pipe. 2. Pull out the bag and attach the bag collar to the feed hose. 3. Position the head float 1/2 to 1 inch back from feed pipe. 4. Turn on the pool filtration pump and allow it to prime before turning on the booster pump.
Head Float Bag Collar Hose Nut Feed Pipe

Check for Proper RPM

Before operating the Polaris, check for proper wheel revolutions per minute (RPM). For maximum efficiency, the Polaris should operate between 28 and 32 RPM. 1. Mark the single-wheel side tire. 2. Turn pump on, hold cleaner below water level and count wheel revolutions for 1 minute.

Single-wheel side

If count is less than 28 RPM: Check the filter screen in the in-line filter for debris that restricts water flow. Clean the skimmer, filter and pump basket, clearing debris that restricts water flow. Check the hoses, connections and swivels for leaks that cause loss of water pressure. Remove the blue restrictor disk from the UWF. If an adjustable gate valve is installed on the booster pump or cleaner line, open it completely so water can flow freely to the Polaris.

Sweep Hose

If count is more than 32 RPM: Replace the blue restrictor disk in the UWF with the red restrictor. If the flow is still too high, unscrew the pressure relief valve until the proper RPM is reached. Note: The pressure relief valve should only be adjusted when a restrictor is installed. If an adjustable valve is installed after the booster pump, adjust it to reduce the water flow to the cleaner.
Fine Tuning The Polaris Cleaner English
Pushes Unit Left D vacuums, sweeps and The Polaris 280 place l unit vers la gauche scrubs all surfaces randomly throughout the pool. Dr ckt Ger t Nach Links Approximately every unidad hacia la izquierda Empuja la 3 minutes the cleaner goes into back-up mode. This action pulls the pool l unit a sinistra Polaris away from Spingeobstacles and increases its random pattern. Empurra a unidade para a esquerda

Thrust Jet Adjustment

Pu sh e
The thrust jet powers the direction of the Polaris. Factory Pushes Unit Right D back, but depending position is straightplace l unit vers la droite on the pool, other Dr ckt Ger settings may be helpful. t nach rechts
Push eft es it L U Un es Clim s eas bin r nc 12

t igh tR ni g

Sweep Hose Adjustment
Empuja la unidad hacia la derecha Spinge l unit a destra Empurra a unidade para a direita
The sweep hose should move in a gentle sweeping motion. To adjust, turn off the booster pump and turn the sweep hose Increases Climbing adjustment screw. Turn clockwise grimpe Augmente la force de to decrease the motion.

6 n bi s e s C li m

Routine Maintenance
Erh ht Steigung Aumenta la ascensi n Aumenta la salita Aumenta a subida
Cleaning the Decreases Climbing Bag
Remove the bagDiminue from the feed hose. Twist the bag connector until it disengages with a collar la force de grimpe Verringert Steigung clicking sound from the feed ascensi Pull off the filter bag, open the closure and dump out the pipe. n Disminuye la debris. To reinstall, align markings on connector and feed pipe. Click connector into position Diminuisce la salita on pipe and reattach Diminui a subidahose. bag collar to

Bag Collar

Empty the bag when it is half full, especially if the dirt load is sand. It is easier to empty the bag when it is dry. Alternate between two bags.

Zipper Closure

Cleaning the Filters
Always disconnect the Polaris before cleaning or backwashing the pool filter, and let the filtration system run for at least five minutes before reconnecting the cleaner. To clean the in-line filter screen, pull it out of the filter assembly, rinse it and press it firmly back into place

Storage and Winterizing

Never store the Polaris in direct sunlight. When storing for the winter, drain out all the water (freeze damage is not covered under the warranty). Remove the UWF from the pool wall by attaching the Quick Disconnect and using pulling pressure to unscrew. If necessary, use the UWF Removal Tool (part #10-102-00) available from any authorized Polaris dealer.
For on-line support:

Exploded Parts Diagram

Install dished side out


Serial Number

Pool Wall

10-foot Hose

To The Polaris

10-foot Leader Hose

No. Part #

K13 C40 K5 A20 9-100-3105 B25 B5 B10 B15 B20 K30 K20 C66 C76 C45 C70 C60 C55 C64 C10


C6 C65 C131 C16 C30 C32 C25 C36 K10 K25 K145 C80 C83 9-100-7170 A40 C86 C120 C110 9-100-1018 10-112-00

6-500-00 9-100-9001 10-108-00 6-505-00 9-100-9002 D29 D15 ** 48-080 48-222 D10 D45 D20 D50 G52 G54 G57 G53
Universal Wall Fitting (UWF) UWF Connector Assembly UWF Restrictor Kit O-Ring, UWF/QD Pressure Relief Valve, Black Quick Disconnect, UWF Nut, Feed Hose Adapter Hose, 8-1/2" In-Line Filter Assembly Screen, In-Line Filter Float, Feed Hose Feed Hose, 10 Ft Swivel, Ball Bearing Feed Hose, Leader, 10 Ft Back-up Valve Kit Case Kit for G52 Collar, Back-up Valve Mechanism for G52
All-Purpose Zippered Bag* Screw, 10-32 x 3/8" SS Pan Top Float, Head Sweep Hose Scrubber* Orifice Tip w/Orifice Tip Guard Sweep Hose Complete* Wear Rings* Sweep Hose Attach Clamp Adjust. Screw, Sweep Hose Feed Pipe with Elbow Vacuum Tube Axle, Large (w/Sand/Gravel Grd) Screw, 10-32 x 7/8" SS Pan Lock Washer for C36 Axle Plate for C65/C66 Ball Bearings, Wheels Wheel Screw, Plastic Wheel Washer, Plastic Tire, MaxTrax*
Wheel, Large (No Bearings Incl.) 3 Axle, Large (Rear Wheel Only) 1 Thrust Jet Kit 1 Idler Wheel, Small 1 Screw, 4-40 x 3/16" SS Pan 1 Screw, 6-32 x 1/2" SS Pan Head 1 Spring for CSwing Axle Kit 1 Base with Bracket 1 Water Management System 1 Frame 1 Ball Bearings, Turbine 2 Turbine Shaft Tubes 1 Hose Clamp for WMS 2 Turbine Shaft Shield 1 Drive Shaft Assembly 1 Hose for C110, 7-1/2" 1 Turbine Cover with Elbow 1 Bag Collar 1 Restrictor Disks, Red and Blue 2
*Wear items not covered by warranty.
19 K13 C40 K5 A20 9-100-3105 B25 B5 B10 B15 B20 K30 K20 C66 C76 C45 C70 C60 C55 C64

Qty No. Part #

38 C10 C6 K26 C131 K27 K28 C18 K29 K25 K145 C80 C83 9-100-7170 A40 C86 C120 C110 9-100-1018 10-112-00
56 6-500-00 9-100-9001 10-108-00 6-505-00 9-100-9002 D29 D15 ** 48-080 48-222 D10 D45 D20 D50 G52 G54 G57 G53
Universal Wall Fitting (UWF) UWF Connector Assembly UWF Restrictor Kit O-Ring, UWF/QD Pressure Relief Valve, Black Quick Disconnect, UWF Nut, Feed Hose Adapter Hose, 8-1/2" In-Line Filter Assembly Screen, In-Line Filter Float, Feed Hose Feed Hose, 10 Ft Swivel, Ball Bearing Feed Hose, Leader, 10 Ft Back-Up Valve Kit Case Kit for G52 Collar, Back-Up Valve Mechanism for G52
All-Purpose Zippered Bag* 1 Screw, 10-32 x 3/8" SS Pan 20 Top Float, Head 1 Sweep Hose Scrubber* Orifice Tip with Orifice Tip Guard Sweep Hose Complete* 8 Wear Rings* 1 Sweep Hose Attach Clamp Adjustment Screw, Sweep Hose Feed Pipe with Elbow 1 Vacuum Tube Axle, Large (w/Sand/Gravel Guard) Screw, 10-32 x 7/8" SS Pan 7 Lock Washer for CAxle Plate for C65/CBall Bearings, Wheels 4 Wheel Screw, Plastic 4 Wheel Washer, Plastic

Tire, MaxTrax * Wheel, Large (No Bearings Incl.) Axle Block -TankTrax Thrust Jet Kit Idler Wheel -TankTrax Swing Axle Kit -TankTrax Tire, TankTrax* Base - TankTrax Water Management System Frame Ball Bearings, Turbine Turbine Shaft Tubes Hose Clamp for WMS Turbine Shaft Shield Drive Shaft Assembly Hose for C110, 7-1/2" Turbine Cover with Elbow Bag Collar Restrictor Disks, Red and Blue

Troubleshooting English

If the Polaris cleaner displays the following actions, adjustments may be necessary to restore performance. Refer to exploded parts diagram for part references. Action: Hangs up on steps or other obstacles for longer than 3 minutes. 1. Check the wheel RPM. 2. Verify the back-up valve is cycling. 3. Adjust the thrust jet. 4. Remove unnecessary pool hardware or install a Ladder Guard Kit (order part #G21 from a Polaris dealer). Action: Solution: Polaris is sluggish, running with less power than normal. 1. Check the filter screen in the in-line filter and clean, if necessary. 2. Clean the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter. 3. Check all of the hoses, connections, and swivels for leaks that could cause loss of water pressure. 4. Check the wheel RPM. Action: Polaris flies around the pool and/or does not make contact with the bottom. 1. Confirm that the blue restrictor disk is installed in the UWF to decrease water flow. Or, install the red restrictor disk to decrease water flow even more. 2. Check the wheel RPM. If more than 32 RPM, unscrew the pressure relief valve to decrease water flow to the cleaner. Note: The pressure relief valve should only be adjusted when a restrictor is installed. Action: Solution: Action: Solution: 3. Verify the back-up valve is cycling. Hold the valve out of the water and watch the jet. It should come on and go off. Polaris does not back up. 1. Verify the back-up valve is cycling. 2. Check the wheel RPM. 3. If the bag is full, empty it. 4. If head float has water in it, replace it. 5. Make sure feed hose is floating. Action: Solution: Polaris only turns in one direction. 1. Adjust the thrust jet. 2. Make sure feed hose is floating. Feed hose becomes tangled. 1. Remeasure the hose to verify that it is adjusted to the proper length for the pool shape. 2. With the Polaris operating, check that the swivels in the hose and the hose connections turn freely. 3. Make sure feed hose is floating. 4. With the Polaris turned off, spin each of the wheels. All wheels should turn together. Action: Solution: Sweep hose is sucked into the vacuum tube. 1. Make sure the opening at the end of the sweep hose is not blocked by the sweep hose scrubber. 2. Adjust the sweep hose to a gentle sweeping motion.


Sweep hose sprays too much water out of the pool. 1. Adjust the speed of the sweep hose by tightening the adjustment screw. 2. Replace the sweep hose scrubber if it is worn or missing. 3. Add a sweep hose weight (order part #B2) to keep the sweep hose from spraying.

Troubleshooting Worksheet
If these solutions do not result in improved performance, contact the Polaris dealer who sold you the cleaner or call Customer Service. In order to provide faster and more convenient service, please have the following information available at the time of your call or when taking the Polaris in for service.

Action: Solution:

The cleaner does not clean the entire pool. 1. Check the hose length reaches within 6 of the farthest point of the pool. If not, order a new hose section from your Polaris dealer. 2. Check thrust jet for straight back position that optimizes random turning. 3. While the cleaner is operating, hold it upside down and look into the vacuum tube. There should be two distinct, even jets of water. If there are not, contact Customer Service or a Polaris authorized Service Center for assistance.

1. 2. 3.

Serial #:________________________ Wheel RPM:__________________ Is the back-up valve cycling? Yes No
Is the feed hose the proper length? Yes No
Are the swivels rotating freely? Yes No
How often do you clean the filter screen in the in-line filter? Never Twice a Week Once a Week Once a Month
The cleaner is running in circles on its side. 1. Check filter bag, if full it can weigh the cleaner down on one side. 2. Remove the head float and shake it. If there is water in the float, order a new one. 3. Check the hose floats to make sure they are spaced evenly.
Are the vacuum jets obstructed?
(While the cleaner is operating, hold it upside down and look into the vacuum tube. There should be two distinct, even jets of water.)

Yes 8.

Is the drive train functioning?
(As you spin each wheel independently, all the wheels should spin.)

Informations importantes

Avant d'installer le Polaris, s'assurer que le filtre de la piscine est propre. Rincer les nouvelles conduites avant dinstaller le Polaris. Ne pas utiliser le Polaris pour enlever la poussire de pltre dans les nouvelles piscines. Ne pas manipuler le Polaris pendant son fonctionnement, moins que ce soit pour Vrifier la vitesse de rotation de la roue. Toujours enlever le Polaris avant qu'un nageur entre dans la piscine. Toujours dconnecter le Polaris de la paroi de la piscine avant de procder au nettoyage ou au lavage contre-courant du filtre. Toujours enlever le Polaris de la piscine avant de procder un traitement chimique de choc. Aprs le nettoyage ou le lavage contre-courant, laisser le systme de filtrage en marche pendant au moins cinq minutes avant de reconnecter le Polaris.


The Products are in conformity with the following Directives: Machinery Safety Directive 98/37/EC The Products also comply with the following international and harmonized domestic standards: None. There are no known standards for swimming pool cleaning equipment.


Declaration I hereby declare that the equipment named above has been designed to comply with the relevant sections of the above referenced specifications. The unit complies with all essential requirements of the directives. I declare under sole responsibility that the foregoing information is true and correct.
___________________________________ David Peterson, Vice President Engineering

________________ Date

2006 Polaris Pools Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. TL-200 11/06



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