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Appendix B Specifications
This appendix provides default factory settings and technical specifications for the ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point.

Default Factory Settings

You can use the reset button located on the rear panel of your device to reset all settings to their factory defaults. This is called a hard reset. To perform a hard reset, push and hold the reset button for three seconds. Your device will return to the factory configuration settings shown in Table B-1.
Table B-1. Access Point Default Configuration Settings
Feature AP Login User Login URL User Name (case sensitive) Login Password (case sensitive) Ethernet Connection Ethernet MAC Address Port Speed Basic Settings AP Name Country / Region IP Address Subnet Mask DHCP Client Spanning Tree Protocol VLAN (802.1Q) netgearxxxxxx, where xxxxxx are the last six digits of the wireless access point's MAC address United States (in North America; otherwise, varies by region) Disabled Enabled Enabled See bottom label. 10/100 admin password Description

B-1 v1.0, October 2007

NETGEAR ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point WG302v2 Reference Manual Table B-1. Access Point Default Configuration Settings
Feature Untagged Packet and VLAN Mapping Untagged VLAN ID Time Zone Time Zone Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time Wireless Settings Wireless Communication (Radio) 802.11g Network Name (SSID) Broadcast SSID 802.11g Radio Frequency Channel Data Rate Output Power Security Profile Settings Profile Name SSID Security VLAN ID Status Radius Server Settings Authentication Server IP Address Authentication Server Port Accounting Server IP Address Accounting Server Port NETGEAR Open System 1 Enabled (all other security profiles are disabled) Enabled NETGEAR Enabled Channel 11 Auto* Full Description Disabled 1 GMT Disabled

B-2 v1.0, October 2007

Feature Remote Management SSH SNMP Public Community Name Private Community Name Community Name for Traps IP Address to Receive Traps DHCP Server Settings DHCP Server Starting IP Address Ending IP Address Netmask Lease Wireless LAN Parameters Super-G Mode RTS Threshold Fragmentation Length Beacon Interval DTIM Interval WMM Support SpectraLink Support Other Settings MAC Access Control Rogue AP Detection Activity Log HTTP Redirect Wireless Bridging and Repeating Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled 2,346 2,1 Disabled Disabled Disabled 255.255.255.Seconds (1 Day) Enabled Enabled public private NETGEAR WG302v2 Description
* Maximum Wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate.
Specifications v1.0, October 2007
NETGEAR ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point WG302v2 Reference Manual
Specifications for the WG302v2
The following table describes the WG302v2 technical specifications.
Table B-2. WG302v2 Technical Specifications
Parameter Network Management Maximum Clients Status LEDs Power Adapter Electromagnetic Compliance Environmental Specifications Data Encoding: ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point Web-based configuration and status monitoring Limited by the amount of wireless network traffic generated by each node; typically 30 to 70 nodes. Power/Ethernet LAN/Wireless LAN/Test 12V DC, 1.2 A FCC Part 15 Class B and Class E, CE and C-Tick Operating temperature: 0 to 50 C Operating humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing 802.11b: 1 and 2 Mbps, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) 802.11b: 5.5 and 11 Mbps, Complementary Code Keying (CCK) 802.11g: All rates, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Limited by the amount of wireless network traffic generated by each node. Typically 10-40 nodes. 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54, and 108 Mbps (Auto-rate capable) 2.412 ~ 2.462 GHz (US) 2.457 ~ 2.462 GHz (Spain) 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz (Japan) 2.457 ~ 2.472 GHz (France) 2.412 ~ 2.472 GHz (Europe ETSI) 40-bits (also called 64-bits), 128- and 152-bits WEP data encryption Two (2) external 5 dBi 2.4 GHz detachable antennas
Maximum Computers Per Wireless Network: 802.11b/g Radio Data Rate 802.11b and g Operating Frequencies 802.11g Encryption Antenna

B-4 v1.0, October 2007


Chapter 5 Troubleshooting
This chapter provides information about troubleshooting your ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point. After each problem description, instructions are given to help you diagnose and solve the problem. For the common problems listed, go to the section indicated. Is the WG302v2 on? Go to Front Panel on page 1-5. Have I connected the wireless access point correctly? Go to Installing the ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point on page 2-3. I cannot remember the wireless access points configuration password. Go to Viewing the Activity Log on page 3-9. If you have trouble setting up your WG302v2, check the tips below.
No lights are lit on the access point.
It takes a few seconds for the power indicator to light up. Wait a minute and check the power light status on the access point. If the access point has no power. Make sure the power cord is connected to the access point. Make sure the power adapter is connected to a functioning power outlet. If it is in a power strip, make sure the power strip is turned on. If it is plugged directly into the wall, verify that it is not a switched outlet. Make sure you are using the correct NETGEAR power adapter supplied with your access point.

5-1 v1.0, October 2007

NETGEAR ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point WG302v2 Reference Manual
The Wireless LAN activity light does not light up.
The access points antennae are not working. If the Wireless LAN activity light stays off, disconnect the adapter from its power source and then plug it in again. Make sure the antennas are tightly connected to the WG302v2. Contact NETGEAR technical support if the Wireless LAN activity light remains off.
The LAN light is not lit.
There is a hardware connection problem. Check these items: Make sure the cable connectors are securely plugged in at the access point and the network device (hub, switch, or router). A switch, hub, or router must be installed between the access point and the Ethernet LAN or broadband modem. Make sure the connected device is turned on. Be sure the correct cable is used. Use a standard Category 5 Ethernet patch cable. If the network device has Auto Uplink (MDI/MDIX) ports, you can use either a crossover cable or a normal patch cable.
I cannot access the Internet or the LAN with a wireless capable computer.
There is a configuration problem. Check these items: You might not have restarted the computer with the wireless adapter to have TCP/IP changes take effect. Restart the computer. The computer with the wireless adapter may not have the correct TCP/IP settings to communicate with the network. Restart the computer and check that TCP/IP is set up properly for that network. The usual setting for Windows the Network Properties is set to Obtain an IP address automatically. The access points default values may not work with your network. Check the access point default configuration against the configuration of other devices in your network.

5-2 v1.0, October 2007

I cannot connect to the WG302v2 to configure it.
Check these items: The WG302v2 is properly installed, LAN connections are OK, and it is powered on. Check that the LAN port LED is on (amber indicating a 10 Mbps Ethernet connection or green indicating a 100 Mbps Ethernet connection) to verify that the Ethernet connection is OK. The default configuration of the WG302v2 is for a static IP address of and a Mask of with DHCP disabled. Make sure your network configuration settings are correct. If you are using the NetBIOS name of the WG302v2 to connect, ensure that your computer and the WG302v2 are on the same network segment or that there is a WINS server on your network. If your computer is set to Obtain an IP Address automatically (DHCP client), restart it. If your computer uses a Fixed (Static) IP address, ensure that it is using an IP Address in the range of the WG302v2. The WG302v2 default IP Address is and the default Subnet Mask is
When I enter a URL or IP address I get a timeout error.
A number of things could be causing this. Try the following troubleshooting steps. Check whether other PCs work. If they do, ensure that your PCs TCP/IP settings are correct. If using a Fixed (Static) IP Address, check the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS, and IP Addresses. If the PCs are configured correctly, but still not working, ensure that the WG302v2 is connected and turned on. Connect to it and check its settings. If you cannot connect to it, check the LAN and power connections. If the WG302v2 is configured correctly, check your Internet connection (DSL/Cable modem etc.) to make sure that it is working correctly. Try again.
Troubleshooting v1.0, October 2007

I am unable to download files from some FTP sites.
If the IP address of the WG302v2 LAN interface is not on the same network as the IP addresses the DHCP server on the WG302v2 assigns to wireless clients, the WG302v2 performs automatic network address and port translation (NAPT). Some higher-layer protocols, such as FTP, might not work with the NAPT on the WG302v2. To fix this issue, reconfigure the DHCP server settings (Advanced IP Settings) so that the wireless clients receive IP addresses that are on the same network as the WG302v2 Ethernet interface.
I need to restore factory default settings.
To restore the factory default settings, you can use the Reset button (see Using the Reset Button to Restore Factory Default Settings on page 3-6) or use the Backup/Restore Settings menu (see Erasing the Configuration on page 3-6). To view a list of the factory default settings, see Default Factory Settings on page B-1.

5-4 v1.0, October 2007



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