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mjmotal 9:21pm on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 
Panasonic DMR-E65 "U99" Error Problem.Piece of junk, one can not do anything with this machine in presence of that error code. too expensive for the quality In the year that I have had this model I have had to talk to Customer Support eight times. Great product for amatures. For the price and the not so technology enabled person, this is a great peice of equipment. It was easy to set up and use.
Jmadsen 11:11pm on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
How smart do I need to be? Although I have called Panasonic and gotten assistance.
randolph 3:20pm on Monday, July 26th, 2010 
The Panasonic DMR-E65 is a DVD recorder that is pretty similar to the Panasonic E55, but adds some useful features. Useful, that is.
Ansorg 11:00am on Monday, April 12th, 2010 
This is an excellent machine and I am delighted with it.It can also be made region free with a special remote, an added bonus.
oouc 11:36am on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 
Model DMR-EH65 250G hard drive capacity Recording format recordable DVD-RAM/DVD ± R DL / DVD ± RW / DVD ± R formats To play disc format playback DVD-R... HDAVI control feature to connect Panasonic TV (VIERA) receiver or even carry the operation together to use.JUST first-line connection Push-to-open.

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Creating, editing and playing playlists. 46
Creating playlists. Editing and playing playlists/chapters. Playlist operations. Chapter operations. 47 47
Editing still pictures. 48
Album and picture operation. 49
STEP 1 Connection.14 STEP 2 Channel reception settings and TV aspect settings.18 GUIDE Plus+ system settings. 19
GUIDE Plus+ data download. 20 Editing programme lists. 20 Changing the settings. 21

Delete Navigator. 50

Using the DELETE Navigator to delete. 50 Deleting titles or pictures during play. 50


Copying titles or playlists. 51
Copy. Copying using the copying listAdvanced Copy. Copying a finalized DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R and +R DL. Copying MPEG2 moving pictures from an SD card. 55 55
Set up to match your television and remote control.22
To enjoy progressive video. 22


Recording television programmes.24
Disc Insertion/Ejection. To specify a time to stop recordingOne Touch Recording. Recording settings for High Speed Copy. Flexible Recording. Playing while you are recording. Using the GUIDE Plus+ system to make timer recordings. Operations in the GUIDE Plus+ system. Using SHOWVIEW number to make timer recordings. Manually programming timer recordings. To cancel recording when recording has already begun. To release the unit from recording standby. Notes on timer recording. Check, change or delete a programme. Relief Recording. Auto Renewal Recording. VPS/PDC function. 32 32
Copying using the copying list. 56 Copying all the still pictures on a cardCopy All Pictures. 57
Copying from a video cassette recorder. 58
Manual recording. 58 DV automatic recording (DV Auto Rec). 58

Timer recording. 28

Convenient functions
Linked operations with the TV [Control with HDMI (HDAVI ControlTM)/Q Link]. 59 HDD, disc and card management. 60
Common procedures. Setting the protection. Providing a name for a disc. Deleting all titles and playlistsDelete all titles. Deleting all the contents of a disc or cardFormat. Selecting the background styleTop Menu. Selecting whether to show the Top Menu first Auto-Play Select. Enabling discs to be played on other equipment Finalize. Creating Top MenuCreate Top Menu. 62
Making timer recordings on the television. 33 Recording from digital/satellite receiver or decoder. 33 Linked timer recordings with external equipment (digital/satellite receiver) EXT LINK. 33

Playing back

Playing recorded video contents/ Playing play-only discs.34
Operations during play. 35 Changing audio during play. 36
Playing DivX discs, MP3 discs and still pictures (JPEG/TIFF).37
Regarding DivX discs, MP3 discs and still pictures (JPEG/TIFF). Selecting file type to play. Playing DivX discs. Playing MP3 discs. Playing still pictures. Useful functions during still picture play. 40 41


Recording to DVD-R DL and +R DL
It is not possible to record to both HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and DVD drive simultaneously.
Page 9 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM
HDD (Hard disk drive) handling care
The HDD is a high precision recording instrument and because of its long recording capability and high speed operation it is a very special device that is easily susceptible to damage. As a basic rule, save important content to a disc as backup.
The HDD is a device that is not built to withstand vibration/shock or dust
Depending on the setup environment and handling of the HDD some content may become damaged and play and recording may no longer be possible. Especially during operation, do not subject the unit to any vibration, shock, or remove the AC mains lead from the household mains socket. In the event of a power failure during recording or play, the content may be damaged.
The HDD is a temporary storage device
The HDD is not an everlasting storage device for recorded content. Use the HDD as a temporary storage place for one-off viewing, editing, or saving recorded content to a disc.
Immediately save (backup) all content as soon as you feel there may be a problem with the HDD
If there is an irregularity within the HDD, repetitive strange sounds or problems with picture (block noise, etc.) may result. Using the HDD in this condition may worsen the problem and in the worst case the HDD may no longer become usable. As soon as you notice this type of problem, copy all content to disc and request service. Recorded content (data) on a HDD that has become unusable is unrecoverable. When the HDD has been automatically placed in the SLEEP mode ( below), or the unit is turned on or off, there may be an unexpected sound. This does not indicate a problem with this unit.

Setup precautions

Do not place in an enclosed area so the rear cooling fan and the cooling vents on the side are covered up. Place the unit on a surface that is flat and not subject to vibration or impact. Do not place on anything that generates heat like a video cassette recorder, etc. This unit Do not place in an area often subject to VCR temperature changes. Place in an area where condensation does not occur. Condensation is a phenomenon where moisture forms on a cold surface when there is an extreme change in temperature. Condensation may cause internal damage to the unit. Conditions where condensation may occur When there is an extreme change in temperature (moving from a very hot location to a very cold location, or vice versa, or when subjected to an air conditioner or when cooled air directly impacts the unit). When the HDD (warms during operation) is subjected to cold air, condensation may form on the inside of the HDD and may cause damage to the HDD heads, etc. When there is high humidity or a lot of steam in the room. During the rainy season. In the above situation, without turning the unit on, let the unit adjust to the room temperature and wait 23 hours until condensation is gone.

Cigarette smoke etc. causes malfunction or breakdown
The unit may breakdown if cigarette smoke or bug spray/vapor, etc. gets inside the unit.

While operating

Do not move the unit or subject to vibration or impact. (The HDD may become damaged.) Do not remove the AC mains lead from the household mains socket, or flip the power breaker switch. While the unit is on, the HDD is rotating at high speed. Sound or movement due to rotation is normal.

When moving the unit

1 Turn the unit off. (Wait until BYE disappears from the display.) 2 Remove the AC mains lead from the household mains socket. 3 Move only after the unit has come to a complete stop (approx. 2 minutes) in order to avoid subjecting to vibration and shock. (Even after turning the unit off, the HDD continues operating for a short time.)
HDD recording time remaining
This unit records using a VBR (Variable bit rate) data compression system to vary recorded data segments to match video data segments which may cause differences in the displayed amount of time and space remaining for recording. If the remaining amount of time is insufficient, delete any unwanted titles to create enough space before you start recording. (Deleting a playlist will not increase the amount of time.)
When SLEEP appears on the units display
The HDD has been automatically placed in the SLEEP mode. (The HDD continues to rotate at high speed while the unit is on. In order to extend the life of the HDD, the HDD will be placed in the SLEEP mode if no operation has been performed for 30 minutes while there is no disc on the disc tray.) While in SLEEP mode play or recording may not start right away because the HDD takes time to be re-activated. When not using the unit, we recommend removing the disc in the tray in order to set the HDD to the SLEEP mode.
Indemnity concerning recorded content
Panasonic does not accept any responsibility for damages directly or indirectly due to any type of problems that result in loss of recording or edited content (data), and does not guarantee any content if recording or editing does not work properly. Likewise, the above also applies in a case where any type of repair is made to the unit (including any other non-HDD related component).
Important notes for recording/HDD (Hard disk drive) handling care
Page 10 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM

Disc and card handling

If you turn on the unit while GUIDE appears, the data update is interrupted. If the GUIDE Plus+ data download at 2:50 AM and a timer recording overlap, you can select which will be given priority. To ensure the GUIDE Plus+ data is downloaded, you can disable the timer recordings during data transmission. ( 21, left column, Night Download)

***04 ***05


Download data manually

At the data transmission time, you can download the data manually from Data Download in the Setup menu ( 21).
Press [3, 4] to select the desired Name and press [1].
You can also press [W X CH] to browse through the station list.


To select the stations to be displayed on the programme list. Only stations set to On are displayed in the GUIDE Plus+ list. Press [3, 4] to change the On/Off settings and press [ENTER].
Depending on when you set up this unit, it may take approximately one day before you can display the television programme list. The stations displayed in the television programme list are determined according to geographical areas. A station that is not registered in your area is not displayed in the television programme list even if a signal can be received. Once you have downloaded the programme list, reception of data is required regularly to update and maintain the programme list. Do not disconnect the AC mains lead during data download. During data download, the HDD rotates and will make operating sounds.
Reference To set the appropriate Reference manually If No Data appears in the GUIDE Plus+ list for a station, this station is either not supported by the GUIDE Plus+ data or a GUIDE Plus+ Reference could not be clearly assigned (---- appears in the Reference field of this station). In this case, set the appropriate Reference manually. You can also manually assign the appropriate Reference even if a station name was not recognized (e.g. ***06).
Press [3, 4] to change the Reference setting of the appropriate station and press [ENTER].
The station names in the Reference list can deviate from the station list.
Changes in the station list in the Setup menu ( 69) of your unit will cause all Editor settings to return to the initial condition.
Page 21 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM

Changing the settings

You can change the basic settings for your GUIDE Plus+ list.

Host Channel

It is not possible to receive GUIDE Plus+ data in all countries ( below). Check whether the right Host Channel has been input. List of Host Channel (As of end of February, 2006) Country Germany Austria Switzerland1 France Spain Italy Netherlands3 Host Channel Eurosport Eurosport Eurosport Canal+2 Tele5 Sport Italia Eurosport/Music Factory (TMF) RTL-TVI/ Music Factory (TMF) RTL-TVI Display of the Host Channel EUROS EUROS EUROS CANAL TELE5 SI EUROS / TMF

Playing recorded video contents/Playing play-only discs/Playing DivX discs, MP3 discs and still pictures (JPEG/TIFF)
Page 38 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM

Playing DivX discs

[-R] [CD] You can play DVD-R and CD-R/CD-RW discs which contain DivX video contents that have been recorded on a computer. Preparation Press [DRIVE SELECT] to select the DVD drive.

6, 5 1

DivX Menu CD (DivX) No. 001 ABC.avi Folder1 : 00025 Name of Title Tree




Total Title : 001


Files are treated as titles. When the MP3 or JPEG Menu is displayed, perform steps 14 in To select file type on the left column selecting DivX in step 4 to change the playback mode.
Press [3, 4] to select the title and press [ENTER].
Play starts on the selected title. You can also select the title with the numbered buttons. e.g., 5: [0] [0] [5] 15: [0] [1] [5]
Selecting file type to play
[-R] [CD] You can play DVD-R and CD-R/CD-RW discs which contain MP3 files, DivX video contents or still pictures that have been recorded on a computer. The screen shown below is displayed when you insert a disc containing DivX video contents, MP3 files and still pictures (JPEG/ TIFF). e.g.,
Play mode is set to DivX. To play another type of file, select the file type from Menu in FUNCTIONS.
To stop playing Press []. To show other pages Press [:, 9]. To exit the screen Press [DIRECT NAVIGATOR].
Picture sizes set at the recording time may prevent the unit from showing pictures in the adequate aspect. You may be able to adjust the aspect through the TV. Successive play is not possible. Playback is not possible if recording is performed on the HDD drive.
When playing the file displayed on the screen Press [ENTER]. When you want to play files other than the one displayed on the screen Follow the steps below.

To select file type

1 Press [RETURN]. 2 Press [FUNCTIONS].
Using the tree screen to find a folder
While the file list is displayed

Play Mode : DivX

Menu Recording
Press [1] while a title is highlighted to display the tree screen.
F: Selected folder no./Total folder no. including DivX title.
DivX Menu CD (DivX) Folder
F 1/21 12.02.2004 Image001 Image002 Image003 Image004 Image005 Image006 Image007 Image008 Image009 Image010 DATA1 DATA2
3 Press [3, 4] to select Menu and press [ENTER].
Select file type. DivX MP3 JPEG
You cannot select folders that contain no compatible files.
2 Press [3, 4] to select a folder and press [ENTER].

Add Pictures Create Album
1 Press [2, 1] to select Start or Yes and press [ENTER].

Create Album

2 Step 1 Please select album to copy.
12. 5.06 Total 24 100_DVD

12. 6.06 Total 3 101_DVD

2 Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the album that contains the still picture you want to add and press [ENTER].
Copy all the pictures in the selected album? Copy Pictures Copy Album
[RAM] [SD] To switch to another higher folder 1 Press [SUB MENU]. 2 Select Select Folder and press [ENTER]. 3 Press [2, 1] to select the higher folder and press [ENTER].
3 Press [3, 4] to select the item and press [ENTER].
If Copy Pictures is selected Select the still picture you want to add and press [ENTER]. If Copy Album is selected All the still pictures in the album will be copied.
4 Press [2, 1] to select Yes or No and press [ENTER].
If you want to continue copying, select Yes and go to step. Only for Create Album
5 Press [2, 1] to select Yes or No and press [ENTER].
If Yes is selected: You can give names to albums. ( 63, Entering text) If No is selected: The recording date of the first picture in the album becomes the album name. (If there is no recording date information, the date will appear as [--.--.----].)

Copy to DVD-RAM

Press [2] to select Start and press [ENTER].
You cannot copy if multiple albums are selected.

Copy to HDD

[RAM] Multiple editing is possible. [Note] Timer recordings do not start when performing Add Pictures, Create Album, Copy to DVD-RAM or Copy to HDD. You cannot perform Add Pictures or Create Album to a higher folder.
Once deleted, the recorded contents are lost and cannot be restored. Make certain before proceeding. When deleting an album, files other than the still picture files inside the album will also be deleted. (This does not apply to folders under the album concerned.)
Page 50 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM

Delete Navigator

Using the DELETE Navigator to delete
Press [FUNCTIONS]. Press [3, 4] to select Delete and press [ENTER].
DELETE Navigator Title View
[HDD] [RAM] To switch to the other view
Press the Green button to select PICTURE. Press the Red button to select VIDEO.
If you want to delete a title:
Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the title and press [ENTER].
If you want to delete an album:
[HDD] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RWV] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] [SD] (You cannot delete items on finalized discs.) A title or a picture cannot be restored once it is deleted. Make certain before proceeding. You cannot delete while recording or copying. Preparation Press [DRIVE SELECT] to select the HDD, DVD or SD drive. [RAM] [SD] Release protection ( 60, Setting the protection).

When the top menu is displayed
Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the title you want to start copying, and press [ENTER].

01 Chapter Chapter 2

03 Chapter 3

04 Chapter 4

While playing in order, all the titles after the selected title are recorded until the set time. (After the last title on the disc has finished playing the top menu is recorded until the set time is reached.) To return to the previous screen Press [RETURN]. To stop copying Press []. You can also press and hold [RETURN] for 3 seconds to stop copying. If stopped partway, copying will be up to that point.
The screen saver on the right is recorded at the beginning. The content is recorded as 1 title from the start of copy to the end. If play does not begin automatically or if the top menu does not display automatically, press [1] (PLAY) to start. Even if you copy a high quality video/audio DVD, the original picture and audio quality cannot be exactly replicated. If you want to copy a title from a finalized DVD-RW (DVD Video Recording format), create a copy list and then copy ( 53, Copying using the copying listAdvanced Copy).

Set Copy Time.

If you are not going to change the setting ( step 7).
Setting the unit to copy according to the set time
1 Press [3, 4] to select Copy Time and press [1]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select Time Setting and press [ENTER]. Setting the unit to copy all the content on the disc 3 Press [3, 4] to select Off and press [ENTER]. 4 Press [2] to confirm. Copy will continue until there is not enough available recording space on the HDD. Setting the copying time 3 Press [3, 4] to select On and press [ENTER]. 4 Press [3, 4] to select Copy Time and press [ENTER].
Copying MPEG2 moving pictures from an SD card
Motion pictures encoded in the MPEG2 format, which have been taken by a Panasonic SD Video Camera, digital video camera etc, can be stored on HDD or DVD-RAM. (All the recordings on the same date become a title.) You cannot playback MPEG2 moving pictures on an SD card with this unit. You must copy the files to the HDD or a DVD-RAM. You cannot playback or record while copying MPEG2.


DVD-Video XP

00 Min.

Copy Time
Set the time a few minutes longer.


Press ENTER to change settings.
5 Press [2, 1] to select Hour and Min. and press [3, 4] to set the recording time. 6 Press [ENTER]. 7 Press [2] to confirm. Copying to the HDD continues for the set time even after the content being played finishes. Set a few minutes longer than the source title, in order to include the operation time before play begins. You can also set the recording time with the numbered buttons.


Conventionally recorded programmes
The display below automatically appears when you insert a card into the SD card slot while stopped. Press [3, 4] to select Copy Video (MPEG2) and press [ENTER]. Then go to step 7 on page 53.
Press [2, 1] to select Yes and press [ENTER] to start copying. The disc top menu is displayed. Disc play automatically begins from title 1 when Title 1 is selected from the Auto-Play Select menu when finalizing the disc ( 62).
How to copy Refer to Copying using the copying listAdvanced Copy ( 53) Please set the items in step 4 and 5 as shown below. Copy Direction: Source:SD CARD Copy Mode: Format:VIDEO MPEG2 moving pictures on an SD card are automatically registered on the copy list. If there are no MPEG2 moving pictures on an SD card, Copy Video (MPEG2) is not displayed.

My favorite

Page 56 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM

Copying still pictures

Register still pictures for copy.
If you are going to copy a registered list without making any changes to it ( step 7).
You can register still pictures or still picture folders. Still pictures and folders cannot be registered on the same list.
Cancel All Destination Capacity: 4343MB Picture Picture/Folder No. Name of item Size New item (Total=0)
1 Copy Direction 2 Copy Mode


PICTURE High Speed
To register individual still pictures
1 Press [3, 4] to select Create List and press [1]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select New item and press [ENTER]. 3 Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the still picture and press [ENTER]. To select a multiple number of items together, press [;] to add the check mark and press [ENTER] ( 57, Multiple editing). To show other pages ( 57) To select the still pictures in another folder ( 57) To edit the copying list ( 57) You can register a multiple number of still pictures on the copying list by repeating steps 23. 4 Press [2] to confirm.
[HDD] [RAM] [SD] REC REC MODE EXT LINK DIRECT TV REC You can use SD Memory Cards with capacities from 8 MB to 2 GB AUDIO STATUS DISPLAY TIME SLIP ( 7). You cannot copy pictures recorded to DVD-R or CD-R/CD-RW. [SD] While stopped put the card in the slot, and the menu ( below) is automatically displayed. Press [3, 4] to select Copy Pictures (JPEG), press [ENTER] and then go to step 4 on page 57, Copying all the still pictures on a cardCopy All Pictures.
To register on a folder by folder basis
1 Press [3, 4] to select Create List and press [1]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select Picture/Folder and press [ENTER].

7 c f i

l % &

HDD, disc and card management/Entering text
Page 64 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM


By using the FUNCTIONS window you may access the main functions quickly and easily.
Functions displayed depend on the selected drive or type of disc.

Playback Recording

Delete Copy


If you select To Others and press [ENTER], the following screen appears. Press [3, 4] to select an item and press [ENTER].
Playback Timer Recording ShowView Record Advanced Copy Delete Copy
Playlists Flexible Rec DV Auto Rec Setup HDD Management
Timer Recording appears in countries where the GUIDE Plus+ system is available.
If you press [RETURN], you can return to the previous screen. To exit the FUNCTIONS window Press [FUNCTIONS].

Child Lock

The Child Lock deactivates all buttons on the unit and remote control. Use it to prevent other people from operating the unit.
Press and hold [ENTER] and [RETURN] simultaneously until X HOLD appears on the units display.
If you press a button while the Child Lock is on, X HOLD appears on the units display and operation is impossible.
To cancel the Child Lock Press and hold [ENTER] and [RETURN] simultaneously until X HOLD disappears.
Page 65 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM
Changing the units settings


Remote Control Clock Power Save Quick Start DivX Registration Initialize


DVD 1 Off On
Disc Picture Sound Display Connection Others


Red Green
Press [3, 4] to select the menu and press [ENTER]. Press [3, 4] to select the option and press [ENTER].


There may be differences in operation methods. If this happens, follow the on-screen instructions for the operation.
(continued on the next page)
FUNCTIONS window/Child Lock/Changing the units settings
Press [FUNCTIONS]. Press [3, 4] to select To Others and press [ENTER]. Press [3, 4] to select Setup and press [ENTER]. Press [3, 4] to select the tab and press [1].

Page 66 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM
Refer to the control reference on page 65.

Summary of settings

The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby.

Tabs Tuning

Manual ( 69) Auto-Setup Restart ( 70) Download from TV ( 70)
Options (Underlined items are the factory presets.)
Settings for Playback Press [ENTER] to show the following settings. Ratings Set a ratings level to limit DVD-Video play. Follow the on-screen instructions. Enter a 4-digit password with the numbered buttons when the password screen is shown. Do not forget your password. DVD-Audio Video mode Playback Select On to play DVD-Video content on some DVD-Audio. Soundtrack Choose the language for audio, subtitle and disc menus. [DVD-V] Some discs start in a certain language despite any changes you make here. In case of English/French/German/Italian/ Spanish/Dutch languages, when you make download from TV, and Country setting of Auto-Setup in plug-in, the language (Soundtrack/Menus) will be same and Subtitle will set to Automatic. Enter a code ( 71) with the numbered buttons when you select Other. When the selected language is not available on the disc, the default language is played. There are discs where you can only switch the language from the menu screen ( 35). 8 No Limit: All DVD-Video can be played. 1 to 7: Prohibits play of DVD-Video with corresponding ratings recorded on them. 0 Lock All: Prohibits play of all DVD-Video. Unlock Recorder Change Level Change Password Temporary Unlock
On: The setting returns to Off when you change the disc or turn the unit off. Off German French Italian English Spanish Dutch Original: The original language of each disc will be selected. Other Automatic: If the language selected for Soundtrack is not available, subtitles of that language will automatically appear if available on that disc. English German French Italian Spanish Dutch Other German English Spanish Dutch Other French Italian


Settings for Recording Press [ENTER] to show the following settings. Recording time in EP mode Select the maximum number of hours for recording in EP mode ( 25, Recording modes and approximate recording times). EP (6 Hours):You can record for 6 hours on an unused 4.7 GB disc. EP (8 Hours):You can record for 8 hours on an unused 4.7 GB disc. The sound quality is better when using EP (6 Hours) than when using EP (8 Hours).

In the case of a power failure, the clock setting remains in memory for approximately 60 minutes.
Page 72 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM


On the television
Authorization Error. Cannot finish recording completely. You are trying to play the DivX VOD content that was purchased with a different registration code. You cannot play the content on this unit. (DivX) The programme was copy-protected. The HDD or disc may be full. The maximum number of times you can record the program is exceeded. You tried to play a title recorded using a different encoding system from that of the TV system currently selected on the unit. Alter the TV System setting on this unit to suit. Page 38, 39 24 70
Cannot playback. TV system is different from the setting. To playback, please change the TV System in Setup. Cannot record on the disc. Unable to format. Cannot play on this unit. Cannot output Audio with HDMI because of copyright protection.
The disc may be dirty or scratched.
You tried to play a non-compatible image. Turn the unit off and re-insert the card. Should you connect equipment that does not support CPPM the audio from the CPPM copy protected DVD-Audio cannot be output from HDMI AV OUT terminal. Connect the audio cables (red, white), optical digital cable or the 21-pin Scart cable to the corresponding terminals. Only when this unit is connected to a Panasonic TV (VIERA) [HDD] [RAM] [-RWV] [+RW] Create space by deleting any unnecessary titles. [Even if you delete recorded content from the DVD-R, DVD-R DL, +R or +R DL there is no increase in disc space. Available space on DVD-RW (DVD-Video format) and +RW increases only when the last recorded title is deleted.] Use a new disc. The disc may be upside down. There is no compatible folder in this unit. The card is not inserted. If this message is displayed with a compatible card already inserted, turn off the unit, remove and then re-insert the card. The card inserted is not compatible or the card format does not match. Create space by deleting any unnecessary items.
Cannot record. Disc is full. Cannot record. Maximum number of titles exceeded.

45, 50, 61

7, 7 45, 49, 50, 61 54, 61 50
No Disc No folders. No SD CARD No valid SD card. Not enough space in the copy destination.
Delete one or more items registered on the copy list to ensure that the Destination Capacity is not exceeded. This is a non-recordable disc. This disc is not formatted properly. Format it using DVD Management in FUNCTIONS menu. Not enough space on HDD. Space of 4 hours (in SP mode) is necessary. Maximum number of titles is recorded on HDD. Please delete unnecessary titles. Rental Expired. The DivX VOD content has zero remaining plays. You cannot play it. (DivX) The operation is prohibited by the unit or disc. The unit cannot record on the disc you inserted. Insert a DVD-RAM or unfinalized DVDR, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R or +RW. You inserted an unformatted DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, +R, +R DL or +RW. You cannot directly record to a DVD-R DL and +R DL disc on this unit. Record to the HDD and then copy to the disc. [-R]DL] [+R]DL] It is not possible to copy when there is not enough free space on the HDD or when the total number of the recorded titles on the HDD and the titles to be copied are greater than 500. Delete unwanted titles from the HDD.

1417 70

Page 77 Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:18 PM
Sound No sound. Low volume. Distorted sound. Cannot hear the desired audio type. Check the connections and the Digital Audio Output settings. Check the input mode on the amplifier if you have connected one. Press [AUDIO] to select the audio. Turn off V.S.S. in the following cases. When using discs that do not have surround sound effects such as Karaoke discs. When playing bilingual broadcast programmes. [DVD-A] The disc may have a restriction on the method of audio output. This unit cannot playback multi-channel discs that prevent down-mixing unless the unit is connected with an HDMI cable to an amplifier supporting CPPM and the HDMI standard version 1.1. Refer to the disc jacket for more information. Audio may not be output due to how files were created. (DivX) Audio may not be heard when more than 4 devices are connected with HDMI cables. Reduce the number of connected devices. The sound effects will not work when the bitstream signal is output from the HDMI AV OUT terminal or the OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal. To output audio from a device connected with an HDMI cable, set Digital Audio Output to HDMI and Optical in the Setup menu. Depending on the connected equipment, the sound may be distorted if this unit is connected with an HDMI cable. If recording to the HDD or a DVD-RAM when Rec for High Speed Copy is set to On, you can only record either the main or secondary audio of a bilingual broadcast. If you do not intend to copy the title to a DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL or +RW set Rec for High Speed Copy in the Setup menu to Off. You cannot switch the audio in the following cases. When a DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL or +RW disc is in the disc tray while DVD drive is selected. When the recording mode is XP and Audio Mode for XP Recording is set to LPCM. When Rec for High Speed Copy is set to On. The amplifier is connected using an optical digital cable or an HDMI cable. You cannot switch the audio if Dolby Digital is set to Bitstream. Set Dolby Digital to PCM or connect using audio cables. There are discs for which audio cannot be changed because of how the disc was created. Change the manufacturer code. Some televisions cannot be operated even if you change the code. The remote control and main unit are using different codes. Change the code on the remote control. Press and hold [ENTER] and the indicated number button at the same time for more than 2 seconds. The batteries are depleted. Replace them with new ones. You are not pointing the remote control at the main units remote control signal sensor during operation. Coloured glass may obstruct the signal reception/transmission. Dont place the signal sensor in direct sunlight or in areas that may be subject to sunlight exposure. It may be necessary to set the code on the remote control again after changing the batteries. It may be necessary to set the manufacturer code again after changing the batteries. The child lock function is activated. The unit is on but cannot be operated. Recording drive or playback drive has not been selected properly. Some operations may be prohibited by the disc. The unit is hot (U59 appears on the display). Wait for U59 to disappear. One of the units safety devices may have been activated. Reset the unit as follows: 1 Press [/I] on the main unit to switch the unit to standby. If the unit doesnt switch to standby, press and hold [/I] on the main unit for about 10 seconds. The unit is forcibly switched to standby. Alternatively, disconnect the AC mains lead, wait one minute, then reconnect it. 2 Press [/I] on the main unit to switch it on. If the unit still cannot be operated, consult the dealer. The HDD is in SLEEP mode. (SLEEP appears in the units display.) The unit is recording. Linked timer recordings with external equipment is in recording standby (EXT-L on the units display blinks when [ DVD] is pressed). Press [EXT LINK] to cancel the recording standby. The unit may have a problem. While the unit is off, press and hold [] and [CH W] on the main unit at the same time for about 5 seconds. Remove the disc and consult the dealer. If the Child Lock function is activated, above operation does not work. Cancel the Child Lock function. Check the connections. You must connect to a television equipped with the Q Link function with a fully wired 21-pin Scart cable to download channel presets. Make sure that Quick Start is set to On. Startup takes time in the following situations: A disc other than a DVD-RAM is inserted. The clock is not set. Immediately after a power failure or the AC mains lead is connected. For a few minutes after 5:15 am due to system maintenance of this unit. When the unit is connected with an HDMI cable. It may take time to read a disc if it is being used for the first time in this unit or it has not been used for a long time.

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Cannot switch audio.

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Operation Cannot operate the television. The remote control doesnt work. 23 23

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HDD activation is slow. Cannot eject disc.
Cannot tune channels. Cannot download channel presets from the television. Startup is slow.
Takes time to read DVD-RAM.
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Recording, timer recording and copying Cannot record. Cannot copy. You havent inserted a disc or the disc you inserted cannot be recorded on. Insert a disc the unit can record onto. The disc is unformatted. Format the disc. [RAM] [-RWV] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] The write-protect tab on the cartridge is set to PROTECT, or the disc is protected with DVD Management. Some programmes have limitations on the number of times they can be recorded (CPRM). You cannot record when there is not enough space or when the number of titles has reached its limit. Delete unwanted titles or use a new disc. You cannot directly record to a DVD-R DL or +R DL disc on this unit. Record to the HDD and then copy to the disc. [-R]DL] [+R]DL] In the following situations, you cannot copy. Delete unnecessary titles from the HDD and then copy. If there is not enough space available on the HDD (If you will copy titles from the HDD to a blank disc and fill the entire disc, HDD disc space equivalent to 4 hours of SP mode recording is necessary). If the number of recorded titles and the number of titles to be copied has exceeded 500. You cannot record and copy on finalized discs. However, you can record and copy again if you format DVD-RW. Due to peculiarities of DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL and +RW you may be unable to record onto them if you either insert and remove the disc or switch the unit on and off while a disc is loaded, a total of fifty times. DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL and +RW recorded on this unit may not be recordable on other Panasonic DVD Recorders. This unit cannot record to discs containing both PAL and NTSC signals. (However, both types of programmes can be recorded onto the HDD.) Play of discs recorded with both PAL and NTSC on another unit is not guaranteed. Check that the connection is correct. Select the input channel (AV2, AV3, AV4 or DV) for the equipment you have connected. The timer programme is incorrect or different timer programme times overlap. Correct the programme. The programme is not in timer recording standby. (The timer icon F in the timer recording list is not on.) 1 Press [PROG/CHECK]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select the programme and press the Red button. Set the clock. (If the GUIDE Plus+ system is set) The GUIDE Plus+ data is downloaded at 2:50 AM every day. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete data download. If you want to make timer recordings during this time, set Night Download in the GUIDE Plus+ system setup menu to Off. Make sure that the recording drive is selected. Press [DRIVE SELECT] to select the recording drive. When using the linked timer recording with external equipment, press [EXT LINK]. (EXT-L disappears.) If you start recording immediately after turning on the unit while Quick Start is set to On, you cannot then stop recording for a few seconds. The timer programme remains if set to daily or weekly. If there is a power failure or the plug is disconnected from the household mains socket while recording or editing, the title may be lost or the HDD/disc may become unusable. You will have to format the disc ([HDD] [RAM] [-RWV] [+RW]) or use a new disc. We cannot offer any guarantee regarding lost programmes or discs. There was a programme change after timer recording was set but the recorded title still has the old programme name. When recording to the HDD, set Rec for High Speed Copy to On in the Setup menu. [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] If recorded in EP or FR (recordings 5 hours or longer) mode, you cannot perform high-speed copy. [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] Titles recorded on other Panasonic DVD recorders with Rec for High Speed Copy set to On, and then copied to the HDD on this unit may not copy to +R, +R DL or +RW discs with high-speed copy. Use a disc that is compatible with high speed recording. Even if the disc is high speed recording compatible, the maximum speed may not be possible due to the condition of the disc. It takes longer than normal to copy many titles. You cannot high speed copy to DVD-R titles longer than 6 hours when using other Panasonic DVD Recorders that are not compatible with EP (8 Hours) mode recording. When recording or high speed copying to a DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL and +RW the sound of the disc rotating may be louder than normal, however, this is not a problem. If images cannot be recorded or if the recording is aborted, check the connections and DV equipment settings. You cannot start recording until the images from the DV equipment appear on the television. Recording may not be performed as desired if the time codes on the tape in the DV equipment are not successive. Depending on the equipment, the DV automatic recording may not operate properly. The audio/video recordings are recorded on other than a DV tape.



ANT706A I2-I3 NEO Shyn Isofix ACR 4231 F2380M NX-10 DIR-100 4014NV Black MVS8000 P4GE-V CXT90C D150 DUO Lightscape ML-2240 LC4 2003 DSC-T3 Sport-2006 Facile 100 MDX-CA580 Compact 330 SLV-D393P NN-A725M RX-V420RDS RX-V590 Aa-v15 AL-2030 BD7-E SPF-85H CS-5530 Presario 1200 RME300 700u N KD-G333 DMR-EH770 VPL-CX155 Smcwpci-G LE-26R86BD DSC-W310 P 32PFL7403D 12 CJ-765 BLC30A Lifestyle T20 Toucan SA-EX140 Awes12P XD-A31 KDL-26M4000 Alcatel-lucent 2315 DE6644 MHC-GR7 Bizhub C300 - 125 KEH-P7035 XM-752EQX Version 3 GR-DVX4 MB 545 KDL-46EX713 Stick HR-V510E Nomad FT2500 WD-8030W HDR-HC1EK Kdc-w237 Mcintosh C15 CK2320-80 Vision Eztour SCX-4600 Voice Dect UN40B7000 VFW 332 D1381 Assist Z107 SL-XP300 AVX-380 Lightsaber TT-15S1 Underdark Manual E8410 37LC41 P4GE-VM 26PF5320-28 Ambia KX-FP218FX SF-4300B Pioneer RG-1 TX-108 J44416 32PFL5403H 10 SF-370-XEU LE32R83B KX-FPC161 DE500 Automate 552 Cc-CL200 UF-490


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