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Quick Start Guide Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick


to the world of mobile communications
9 Welcome Set up your USB Stick Start the software Software overview Connect SMS text messaging SMS contacts USB Stick LED light Signal strength
10 Hints and tips 12 Glossary
Your new Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick lets you connect your computer to the internet over the Vodafone high-speed mobile phone network. Browse the web You can now access the web and any other internet service wherever theres a mobile phone network. Pick up emails Keep up to date with your emails, wherever you are. You can also access your personal email accounts even web-based accounts like Hotmail. Send and receive SMS text messages* You can send and receive SMS text messages straight from your computer. Vodafone SMS provides an easy way to view messages, write new ones, and manage contact details.
System Requirements To use this USB Stick and the Vodafone Mobile Connect software, you need: A computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000, or an Apple Mac running Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above At least 50 MB free disk space and 256 MB RAM memory A USB socket Administrator rights on your computer.
* SMS is currently only supported on computers running Microsoft Windows.

Set up your USB Stick

To insert your SIM, press and slide to remove the back cover as shown.
Your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is the small, postage-stampsized chip that you received together with your mobile subscriber contract.
Insert the SIM. If you are using a MicroSD memory card with your Stick (to allow your Stick to behave as a ash memory drive), insert the card as shown, carefully noting the orientation in order to prevent damage. Replace the cover.

MicroSD card

SIM card
Press and slide the side catch to extend the USB plug and then insert the USB Stick rmly into your computers USB port.
After use, press and slide the side catch to retract the plug ready for storage.

Start the software

On Microsoft Windows computers The software setup should start automatically, and proceed to set up your USB Stick. If for some reason the setup does not start, double-click the le called setup.exe on the USB Stick. Follow the on-screen instructions. Setting up your USB Stick may take a few minutes, but once the setup is nished, the Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite software should start automatically. If for some reason the program does not start, select Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite from the Windows Start menu. On Mac OS X computers The rst time you plug in your USB Stick, it will show up on your desktop like a standard USB memory stick. From the USB Stick window, double-click the le called Vodafone MC Installer, and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your Mac has restarted, the USB Stick will no longer appear, but you will see the Vodafone Mobile Connect software in your Applications folder. Double-click the program to set up a mobile connection.

Software overview

Connect/Disconnect Connect via the mobile phone network Views View data usage, and additional software settings Start SMS program Send, receive and manage SMS messages and contacts Status Check the status of your connection Help Help Topics, plus internet and hotline support.

The first time you run the software, your USB Stick will usually be set as the default device. If it is not, click Manage Devices and select your USB Stick there.


If a mobile network has been found, the Connect button in the Mobile Connections panel will be enabled. Clicking Connect connects to the internet across the mobile phone network. Now you can browse the web or use email. When connected, the Connect button text changes to Disconnect and a green Connected indicator appears below the button.
The radio waves on the Mobile Connections icon are animated whenever data is being transferred over the connection. No radio waves are shown when nothing is being transferred. The radio waves are shown static when no connection is open.
Clicking the Disconnect button will close the connection and the text on the button will revert to Connect. To open a mobile connection, you need to be within coverage of a mobile network. As a rule, anywhere you can make a call on your mobile phone, you should be able connect.

SMS Text Messaging

Click Vodafone SMS on the navigation bar in the main window of the Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite software to open the SMS program. To send an SMS Click New at the left-hand end of the SMS toolbar to create a new SMS text message.
Address Enter the recipients here, or choose them from Contacts 2 Message Write your message here
Send Click on the Send button to send your message.
The number displayed to the person who receives your message will be from your data SIM, not your mobile phone. Use a short signature to make sure people know you sent them a message: Settings/ Messages/Signature.
After your SMS has been sent, it will be stored in the Sent list.
Receiving SMS When you receive a new message, an SMS Notication is shown briey so you can respond to it directly.
The received message can also be read from the Inbox in the main Vodafone SMS window.
The Vodafone SMS software will receive text messages whenever you have mobile network coverage.

SMS Contacts

Click Contacts on the SMS navigation bar to open the Contacts list, in which you can save SMS numbers that you use frequently as contacts with names.
New SMS Contact Clicking the New button on the SMS toolbar opens a new contact window.
Enter the name and number of your contact using the international format for the number, eg. +447774477000.

USB Stick LED light

The LED light on your USB Stick shows which kind of mobile network has been found, and whether the USB Stick is connected to that network. Green blinking A GPRS network has been found you could connect Green solid Connected via GPRS Blue blinking A 3G network has been found you could connect Blue solid Connected via 3G Light blue solid Connected via 3G Broadband. The strength of the mobile network signal is shown by the symbol to the left of the Connect button, and by the icon in the Windows Notication area. The more bars that are lled in, the better the mobile network signal quality. At least one bar must be lled in order to connect.

Signal strength

Hints and tips
If you dont see your USB Stick in the list of devices Remove the USB Stick Re-start your computer Re-insert the USB Stick. If no network can be found Change your physical location: in a building, move closer to a window, move higher up, or go outside (Windows) Select View/View Available Mobile Connections and see if you can connect to a particular network in the list shown Contact Support, and check that data services and roaming are enabled on your account. If no connection can be opened Wait a few minutes and try to connect again. This is most often a temporary problem, especially if an Error 631 or Error 619 is referenced Select File/Exit to exit the Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite software completely, and then re-start it again Re-start your computer (Windows) Click Manage Connections and select a different Network Preference in the drop-down menu in the Mobile Connections panel, eg. 3G Only (Mac) Start the Vodafone Mobile Connect software, and select one of the other options in the lower part of the main window, eg. 3G Only If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), contact your company IT administrator.
For further help, please visit, or call Vodafone Support on XXX or XXXXXXX.
If you have problems when roaming (Windows) Select View/Available Mobile Connections and try opening one of the connections shown Contact Support, and check roaming is enabled for your account Check the name of the current network in the Mobile Connections panel. If it is not Vodafone or a Partner, select a different network from View/Available Mobile Connections. If the connection keeps switching between GPRS and 3G (Windows) Click Manage Connections and select a different Network Preference in the drop-down menu in the Mobile Connections panel, eg. 3G Only (Mac) Start Vodafone Mobile Connect, and select one of the other options in the lower part of the main window Switch back to your normal preference when you move locations. Check software update preferences Set your operating system and other programs to notify you of software updates instead of downloading them automatically otherwise they may slow down your mobile connection, or exceed your data usage limit. Usage indication The usage window only displays an indication of your data usage. Please refer to your invoice for the actual amount of data transferred.


Built-in data card Data card/ USB stick
Mobile data card built into notebook computer. Enables data connections over the mobile phone network. A device for a computer that is used to open a data connection over the mobile phone network.
EDGE An enhancement to GPRS networks offering higher speeds, although not as fast as those provided by 3G, or 3G Broadband. EV-DO A high-speed mobile data standard used mostly in the USA. Frequent travellers to the USA should contact their mobile network operator about using special Vodafone Mobile Connect data cards and software in the USA.

GPRS Standard for transferring data over mobile phone (GSM) networks. It generally provides wide coverage and moderate data speeds. (General Packet Radio System). GSM A standard for mobile telecommunications (Global System for Mobile communications), supported by over 680 operators in 210 countries and territories. Often referred to as the 3rd Generation of GSM technologies, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) provides higher data speeds. An evolution of 3G to provide faster data speeds. Like many xed-line broadband services, 3G Broadband provides a faster download speed than upload speed.

3G Broadband

Roaming Connecting via networks other than your own operators network. This typically occurs when you are abroad, but is also possible in your own country. SIM The Subscriber Identity Module is the small, postage-stampsized chip that you will have received together with your mobile subscriber contract. The SIM has gold contacts on one side.
Vodafone 2008. Vodafone and the Vodafone logos are trade marks of the Vodafone Group. Any product or company names mentioned herein may be the trade marks of their respective owners.
Product Code: K3715 VMCLite 9.3 03/08_en_GB


Vodafone K3715

HSUPA (7.2 / 2.0) USB stick
Target device proposition / USP Builds on Vodafones leadership and innovation in the PC connectivity market Innovative, compact design featuring a retractable USB connector Launch September 08 Specifications 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps HSUPA 2.0 Mbps (5.7Mbps with firmware timeline tbc) GSM quad-band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 UMTS dual-band: 900 / 2100 Qualcomm 7225 Receive diversity (2100 only) Equaliser MicroSD (up to 4Gb, not included in the sales package) Plug and play (zero CD installation on both Windows and MAC) Exclusivity Exclusive ID
Ordering SAP ref: System requirements: A computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4, or an Apple Mac running Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above 100 MB min. free space en min. 256 MB RAM memory USB connector Administrator privileges




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