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Table of Contents
1.For your Safety....3 2.Mobile Phone Profile....3 3.Preparation before Use.....4 4.General Instructions for Mobile Phone....9 5.Basic operation.... 15 6.Use Menu Functions.... 18 7.English Editor Operation..... 49 8.Use USB..... 50 9.Appendix 1.... 50 10.Appendix 2.... 52 11. Appendix 3..... 53
1.For your Safety For your safety and for proper use of the mobile phone, please read the following guidelines carefully: Do not switch the mobile phone on when close to chemicals, gas stations or other explosive materials. During driving, please use the headset for safety purpose; otherwise in cases of emergency, always stop the car by the roadside to have a call conversation. Because the use of the mobile phone can cause interference in the aircraft, never use the mobile phone in aircraft. The use of the mobile phone is dangerous and illegal; do switch off the mobile phone before boarding. Pay special attention to the use of the mobile phone near heart pacemakers, deaf-aids and other medical equipments, because the mobile phone can cause interference with them. Use of uncertified accessories and parts will void the guaranty Do not dismantle the mobile phone without permission. In case of failure, please contact the supplier as soon as possible. Do not plug the charger into the mobile phone and charge without battery. Always power off the mobile phone when taking out the battery; otherwise the memory of the phone may be damaged. When charging the mobile phone, always keep it in the place with good ventilation, heat sink and away from flammable and explosive objects. In order to avoid demagnetization, always keep the mobile phone away from magnetic objects such as CDs, credit cards etc. Ensure that the mobile phone does not come in contact with any liquid; if it does occur, remove the battery and contact the supplier immediately. Do not use the mobile phone in the environments with extreme temperatures, never expose the mobile
phone to strong sunlight or a wet environment. The suitable temperature for the phone and accessories is 0-40. The height to use the phone shall be less than 2,000m. Do not use liquid or wet cloth with strong cleanser to clean the mobile phone. This mobile phone has Bluetooth, Image viewer, Audio player, FM radio, Schedule FM record and Melody composer functions, which shall be used as per the related laws and regulations. Always keep the mobile phone out of childrens reach. Do not throw or vibrate the mobile phone because violent treatment to the mobile phone may damage the inner circuits and precise structures. Please do not discard the waste battery into general household garbage. Please deal with the waste battery according to provisions where they are definitely made. Warning: We will not be bear any responsibility for any incompliance with the above guidelines or improper use of the mobile phone. Our company keeps the right to make modifications to any of the content here in this user guide without public announcement in advance. The content of this manual may vary from the actual content displayed in the mobile phone. In such case, the latter shall govern.

2.Mobile Phone Profile

The mobile phone has 17 keys on the keypad. In addition, it is inbuilt with one vibration motor, one charger/data common transmission port. (Below is the front of the mobile phone) Receiver Right selection key Left selection key Switch on/off/end key Send /call key

Ok key

Number key

3.Preparation before Use

Install SIM Card When registering mobile phone number, you can apply for two different phone numbers, two different mobile phone network service providers and thus obtain two SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) cards. With these two SIM cards, you can use all functions of your mobile phone. The SIM cards save the parameters needed for communications and personal data, including PIN (Personal Identification Number) code, phonebook, short message and other extra system services. SIM card
Warning: Do not distort or scratch the SIM card nor let it contact static, dust or moisture. If it is lost, please contact immediately with your network operator for help. Before SIM card installation, please switch off the mobile phone. The SIM card is installed on the back of the mobile phone.
Follow the following diagram to install the SIM card. Please insert the host SIM card into the SIM1 slot and the slave SIM card into the SIM2 slot. Note: If SIM card is inserted only into the SIM1 slot, then only the host works; likely, If SIM card is inserted only into the SIM2 slot, then only the slave works. When two SIM cards are inserted into the SIM1 slot and SIM2 slot respectively, you can choose work mode freely as you wish. Note: As the SIM card is small object, keep it out of childrens touch or prevent children gulping it! Install Memory card As the mobile phone does not have enough storage space, to use some functions, you need to install a memory card (This mobile phone use T-FLASH card.) Install T-FLASH card: Open the back cover to take off the battery, release the T-Flash card lock, insert the T-Flash card into its slot, restore the lock and then put back the battery restarting the mobile phone. The LCD will give the note that the T-flash card has been detected. Note: As the T-FLASH card is small object, keep it out of childrens touch or prevent children gulping it! Install Battery The mobile phone is suitable for original battery and accessories. When the battery is idle, it is recommended to put it into the protection box. Follow the following diagram to install the battery.


Note: Do install the battery as per the diagram so as prevent the battery contact patch being damaged. Charge Battery The new battery cannot reach the optimal efficiency unless it has undergone several continuous complete charges and discharges. When the battery is used up, charge it in time. Over-discharge can damage the battery. After the battery is charged full, cut off the connection of charger with the AC power supply and then the connection with the mobile phone. Follow the following diagram to connect the charger. Headset/Charger Interface

4.General Instructions for Mobile Phone
SIM 1 Dial key It is used to have SIM1 call (when the phone number is input or in phonebook state) and receive SIM1 incoming call. In standby state, press this key to display the latest calls (all received calls, missed calls, and dialed calls, at most 60 phone numbers). In standby state, press this key twice successively to dial out the latest call number. SIM 2 Dial key It is used to have SIM2 call (when the phone number is input or in phonebook state) and receive SIM2 incoming call. The function is same as the SIM 1 dial key. Switch-on/off key /End key In call state, it is used to interrupt a call; in call conversation state, it is used to end a call or exit from the current menu and back to the standby state. Hold this key for 4~5s to switch on/off the mobile phone. Central/Right soft key Press the central/right soft key to have the functions indicated in the bottom row of the main screen of the mobile phone. Navigation key This mobile phone has four navigation keys, with the left, right, up and down control functions. In some interfaces, they have special function, for example, in call state, audio player and video player, press the up/down key to adjust volume. In audio player, press left navigation key to play last music and right navigation key to play next one, press ok key to play or pause the music; In video player, press left navigation key to fast rewind and right navigation key to fast forward, press ok key to play or pause the video.
Similarly, these four navigation keys can be set with shortcut functions, in default state: press the up key to enter the Audio player, the down key to enter Alarm, the left key to User profiles and the right key to enter Tone setup. Shortcut keys can be active only in standby state and their function definitions can be set by yourself with the procedures as: enter the phone settings menu, choose dedicated key function to reedit the navigation keys. Standard keypad On the keypad, you can see 0-9 number keys, * key and # key, totally 12 keys. Press these keys to input phone number, password, English letters, symbols etc, or choose menus. Note: In standby state, hold 1 key long to call the voice inbox service center. The number for the voice inbox should be preset. In different states or different functional menus, * key and # key have different functions: Press # key long to start or exit from the silence mode. Continuously press shortly or press long * key to input P, "" or "W" , among which, P and W are used for extension calls while + for international calls. In music player and video player state, * and # are used to adjust volume. Tip: The difference between W and P is that P will directly send DTMF after 3s pause while W will eject a window asking whether the user to send DTMF. FM function key OK key: In radio state, press the key to turn on/off radio. Up key: Activate radio recording. Down key: Switch between search or fine tuning. Left/Right key: In search state, press the left/right key to search channels forward and backward until you find an effective channel. In fine tuning state, you can have a tuning of 0.1MHz downward or

backward. 1-9 number keys: If they are pressed shortly, you can switch to the corresponding channels saved in the channel list; if they are pressed long, you can save the current frequency to the corresponding channel. *, # key: Adjust volume. Keypad lock When in standby interface, if the mobile phone is idle for certain time, it will be locked automatically. Press the right soft key to release and press * key again to unlock. After the mobile phone is locked, the keypad cannot be activated easily; in case of incoming call, likewise, press the answer key to receive it; after that, the keypad will be locked automatically. Icons in Standby State Antenna; the host antenna has1on the icon while the slave antenna has 2on the icon. Activate the alarm clock. SMS tip; the host SMS has1on the icon while the slave SMS has 2on the icon. Battery power capacity indication Ring; this icon may vary with different warning modes and it may be in the four icons: Vib. then ring Vib. and ring Ring only Vib. Missed Calls Keypad Lock Host line 1
Slave line 1 Host line 2 Slave line 2 MMS PUSH Inbox GPRS All calls diverted Language and Input Mode The mobile phone has defaulted English and Turkish input mode. Call hint The mobile phone is inbuilt with vibration motor and buzzer and provides several incoming call modes: Ring only Vib. only Vib. then ring Vib. and ring Services Services are provided with SIM kit. The mobile phone support service function. The detailed menu items depend on SIM card and the network. When the network provides such function and your SIM card supports such function, the service menu will automatically be posted in the services of the mobile phone. Caller groups The callers group in the mobile phone includes Friends, Family, VIP, Business and Others etc. You can set different call tone and photo for different caller group.
Term Description Dial domestic calls The simplest method to dial a domestic call is to input phone number via the number keypad, then press dial key to dial call. To change phone number, press Clear key. During dialing, the screen will display a cartoon. If SIM card 1 call, "SIM1-" occurs; if SIM card 2 call, "SIM2-" occurs. When the other party is connected, the screen will display the corresponding information. Press end key to end the call. To dial a domestic call, input area code + phone number and then press the dial key. Dial international calls If you want to make an international call, you can press * key continuously until the international dialing prefix + is seen on the screen. This will allow you make an international call from any country without knowing the dialing prefix (for example, +86 represents China). After inputting the prefix, you need to input the Country number and complete telephone number. You can input the Country number according to the common practice, such as, 49 for Germany, 44 for British, 46 for Sweden, etc. Dial international telephone number as following: + Country number +Complete telephone number + Dial key. Dial fixed-line telephone extension Some fixed-line telephone extension may not directly get through, so you need to connect to the switchboard at first then put through extension number. The mobile phone can automatically dial extension number if you input P between the switchboard and extension number. Method for input P as following: hold press or continually short press three times * key (P will be shown on the display).

Dial fixed-line telephone extension as following: phone number + P + extension number + dialing key Emergency calls If your phone is under the network coverage (you can know this by checking the signal bar at the up left corner on the screen), you can make emergency calls. If your network supplier does not provide roaming service in this area, Emergency will be shown on the screen. That means you can only make this kind of calls. If your phone is under the network coverage, you can even make emergency calls without the SIM card. * In some areas, 112 (emergency call) service is provided by the network operator. In case of failure, consult the network operator. IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Switch off the mobile phone and take off the battery, then you will see the label with such number on the back of the mobile phone. Also, this number is saved in the mobile phone. After switch on, in standby state, input *#06# to display it. IP dial Firstly, in Settings/Call Setup, set correct IP access number. Enter the phonebook and choose IP Dial. Note: Regarding whether to activate IP dial when dialing local call, please consult the network operator.

5.Basic operation

Switch on Press the switch-on/off key to start the mobile phone, then the screen will display switch-on image. Then you can enter Settings menu to set phone modes, including Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 open, Only SIM2 open and Flight mode. The defaulted one is Dual SIM open. After insert SIM card, the mobile phone will automatically check the SIM card availability, and then it will be shown information as following on the display by sequence: 1. Input phone lock codeIf you have set the password. 2. Input PIN If you set SIM card password. 3. No serviceIndicates fail to make register and cannot make any calls. 4. Emergency calls onlyindicates has registered to other network and only can make call to 112. 5. Searchingthe mobile phone is searching network until find appropriate network; 6. Operator nameIndicates network successfully registered. Note: If you do not know PIN code, please contact the network service provider. The defaulted phone password 1122 Switch off To switch off the mobile phone, press the end key. When the screen displays switch-off cartoon, the host and the slave will be off at the same time. Do not take out the battery to switch off the mobile phone. If so, the SIM card can be damaged easily and some data will be lost. Dial a Call With the number keypad, you can enter phone numbers (if wrong characters are input, press the clear

to SIM2, from SIM1 to SIM2 and from SIM2 to SIM1. Delete You can have four modes regarding deletion: From SIM1, From SIM2, From phone and One by one. Caller Groups You can set call tone, photo and members for five caller groups. Caller groups member can only come from the number saved on the phone. Extra numbers You can separately set SIM1 and SIM2 owner number, SOS number (which needs the support of the SIM card, consult the network operator for details). Settings Memory Status: You can view the current use status of the phonebook, including SIM1, SIM2 and phone memory. The display format is Used/Total. Preferred Storage: You can choose the storage path for the current number. Fields: You can choose the display items in the phonebook and the display items in the Add Contact interface. My vCard: You can edit and send my business card. vCard version: You can choose the vCard version: vCard 2.1 or vCard 3.0. [Messages] SMS is a kind of network service that cannot be used to send and receive short messages until you apply to the network operator Both SIM cards of the mobile phone can send and receive SMS. The SMS is sent to the SMS center of the network and then sent by the network to the target user (GSM user). If the user does not switch on the
mobile phone or the mobile phone cannot receive the SMS (the memory is full), the network will save the SMS temporarily. The duration of storage depends on senders settings and network service provider. With this function, the mobile phone can send and receive chain text messages, which may affect the message fees. For more information, please consult the service provider. When the SMS capacity is full, there will be an SMS icon flickering on the standby interface. The full capacity can affect SMS reception. Delete some SMS to solve the problem. If the other party has received SMS, you will hear the alert sound from the mobile phone (if such alert function is set as ON) Note: When sending SMS via the SMS network, the mobile phone may display Message sent. It indicates that the SMS has been sent to the SMS center inbox set in the mobile phone but does not mean the receiver has received the SMS. For more information, please consult the service provider. Inbox You can see the SMS in the SMS1/SIM2 inbox. Reply: You can reply to the received SMS. Delete: Delete the current SMS. Edit: You can edit the current SMS or send it after editing. Forward: You can directly forward this SMS to others. Copy to SIM: You can copy the entries in SIM card onto the phone. Move to SIM: You can move the entries in SIM card onto the phone. Chat: You can chat with the sender after set a chat room. Delete all: You can delete all SMS in inbox. Copy all: You can have two options, i.e. copy all entries on the SIM card in the inbox onto the phone or vice versa.

Compose: Send: Retrieve: Filter:
Creation mode-- "Free" and Restricted ". Picture resizing-- You can reduce the size of the inserted photo, including: 160*120,320*240 and Off. Best slide duration-- You can set On or Off to activate such function. Auto Signature-- You can set On or Off to activate such function. Signature-- You can edit the content of the automatic signature. Validity period-- You can set the time to save in the MMS service center and send, including Maximum,1hour, 6hours, 12hours, 1day, 1week. Delivery report--You can On or Off to activate such function. Read report-- You can On or Off to activate such function. Priority-- Including Medium, High, Low. Slide timing-- You can set the interval of the receiver to see the MMS, defaulted as 5s Delivery time --Immediate, 1hour later, 12 hours later and 24 hours later. Home networkImmediate and Rejected, Delayed. Roaming -- The same as to the main network, including and As home, Delayed and Rejected,. Read reportOn request, Send, Never send Delivery reportYou can set On or Off to activate such function. Anonymous -- Allow and Reject. Advertisement-- Allow and Reject.
Server profile: In dual-SIM mode, you can separately set SIM1 and SIM2. After choosing Settings, you can have the following settings: Activate account. View account: You will view the Account name, MMSC address, Data account, Connection type, User name and Password of the account. Memory Status: You can see the utilization rate of the mobile phone, including the used space and the usable space. Chat You can have a chat in the chat room which you had selected or preset its information such as my nickname, destination num. Voice mail server This is a kind of network service, which cannot be used until you apply to the network operator or open it. Please consult the local service provider for more details and voice mail number. Call voice mail: You can dial the voice mail number saved in the voice mail number function list. If you have two phone numbers, they will have their own voice mail number. Edit: You can edit the voice mail name and the voice mail number. Press the OK key to save the number. Tip: In standby state, after the voice mail number is set, press 1 key to call the voice mail. In dual-SIM standby state, you can choose to call the voice inbox via SIM1 or SIM2. Broadcast Message Cell broadcast is a kind of information service such as weather report, traffic etc that the network operator sends to the GSM users within certain area. In dual-SIM mode, you can separately set SIM1 and
SIM2. Receive mode: You can ON/OFF to activate such function. Read message: You cannot read the received information until you open such function. Languages: You can set the language for the received information. The defined is All languages. Channel settings: You can Select, Add and Edit and Delete channel number. [Call history] In dual-SIM mode, you can separately search the call register of SIM1 and SIM2 Call history includes missed calls, dialed calls, received calls, Delete call logs, call timers, call cost, SMS counter and GPRS counter. In missed calls, received calls and dialed calls function list, you can see the date and time of the call, edit or delete the phone number in the list, save the number to phonebook or send SMS and MMS to the number, or redial this number etc. Note: SIM1 and SIM2 contains respectively 20 entries. Choose any entry from missed calls, received calls and dialed calls, press the Send key to dial the number directly. Call timers Last Call: With this function, you can view the last call time. Dialed calls: With function, you can view the duration of all dialed calls. Received calls: With the function, you can view the duration of all received calls. Reset al time: With this function, you can clear all duration records of calls after inputting the password 1122. Note: The actual call duration and service time in the bill of the service provider may be different from them,

which depends on the network functions, accounting rounding and tax etc. Call cost This needs the support of the network service provider. Last call cost: With this function, you can view the fees of the last call. Total cost: With this function, you can view the fees of all calls. Reset cost: With this function, you can clear all fee records. PIN2 code must be input to set call cost. Max cost: With this function, you can limit call fees in the specified pricing unit or currency unit. PIN2 code must be input to set call cost. Price per unit: This function needs network support. For more details, please consult the network operator. SMS counter With this function, you can see and reset the number of sent messages and received messages. GPRS counter Last sent: You can view the sending traffic of last link. Last received: You can view the reception traffic of last link. All sent: You can view the sending traffic of all links. All received: You can view the reception traffic of all links. Reset counter: You can clear all link traffic. [Settings] Dual SIM settings You can in any place and at any time set the dual-mode mobile phone as the following modes according to your own demand: Dual SIM open
Only SIM1 open Only SIM2 open Flight mode Phone Setup In such menu, you can set phone language, standby wallpaper, time etc. Time and date: With this function, you can set home city, time and date format and the time of specific place. Set Home City: You can set different cities. Note: This option must be used together with auto update of time and date. Auto update of time and data cannot be conducted unless the network supports. Set Time and Date: You can set the current time and date. Set Format: You can set the display format for time and date. Note: If the battery is taken from the mobile phone or the battery is used up for long time, when switching on the mobile phone after reinstalling the battery or charging the battery, you need to reset the time and date. Special Note: In the area forbidding using mobile phone (such as cabinet), you must confirm to inactivate this function before entering this area so as to prevent accident. Schedule power on/off: You can set the time for schedule power on/off. Language: You can choose the desired language for phone display. Pref. input methods: You can choose the following input methods: Multitap ABC, Multitap abc, Multitap TR, Multitap tr and Numeric. Display characteristics: You can set standby menu display as wallpaper, screen saver, power on display, power off display, whether to show date and time and owner number (if set in the phonebook), Themes

Line switching: You can choose Line 1 or Line 2. Closed user group: You can close the group. Black list: You can set it as On or Off. You can use the menu to reject the number you do not want to receive. Auto redial: You can set it as On or Off. After the first automatic redial fails, at most ten times can be available to connect a phone number. Speedy Dial: You can set whether to activate this function and edit the related speed dialing numbers. If this function is Active, then you dial any of the corresponding individual keys (2-9) on the standby interface to dial the number specified for this key. More: Call time display: You can set whether to display call duration during call conversation. Call time reminder: You can set one alert tone or periodic alert tone for several round minutes during call conversation so that you can understand call time. You can also turn off the alert tone. Auto quick end: You can set call duration. After the set time expires, the mobile phone will automatically end the call. Note: Some settings need network support. For example, call barring can not be used unless the local network and SIM card open it. Network Setup In dual-SIM standby mode, you can separately set SIM1 network and SIM2 network. Network selection: You can search the network again. Select your favorite network and choose to register the network automatically or manually. Preferred network: You can set the preferred registered network for SIM card.
Security Setup Security setup: In dual-SIM standby mode, you can separately set the SIM lock, Fixed dial, Barred dial and Change password. SIM Lock: You can set host SIM lock (PIN code and PIN2 code) as on/off. When this option is chosen, it is necessary to input PIN code for every insert of the SIM card. Fixed dial: This function needs the support of the SIM card and the network operator. When it is activated, you can only dial the phone numbers saved in host fixed dial list. To activate it, you need to input host PIN2 code. Barred Dials: You can set barring all or some dials. (SIM card support needed) Change Password: You can change the defaulted SIM PIN and PIN2. Phone Lock: You can set it as On or Off. It is a password of 4-8 digits and the defaulted one is 1122. You can change it. Auto keypad lock: You can set it as On or Off. The mobile phone has keypad lock function. When it lasts certain time, the keypad will be locked, including such options as Off, 5s, 30s, 60s and 5min. Change Password: You can change the defaulted phone password 1122 into 4-8-digit number easy to remember. If the phone lock is activated, when switched on, the mobile phone will hint Phone locked. To unlock it, you can input the phone lock password and click OK. Restore Factory Settings You can restore the factory settings of the mobile phone. The factory setting password is 1122. [Multimedia] Bluetooth The mobile phone supports the Bluetooth function. You can use Bluetooth wireless technology to set

2. Choose the content to be sent, and then choose Options->Send->To Bluetooth. The screen will display the device supporting Bluetooth wireless technology and within the signal coverage. To disconnect search, choose Cancel. 3. Choose the device to be connected with. 4. If another device requires matching before data transmission, the device will send hint and require inputting matching password. 5. After the connection is established, the mobile phone will display data transmission speed. 6. When other Bluetooth devices send data to my service, the mobile phone will hint and ask whether to receive the data. The received data will be stored in the initially set received folder. Tip: You can set the storage position to receive files as other folders or the folders on T-flash card. After setting, the file received via Bluetooth will be automatically saved to the specified folder. Tip: The function of using Bluetooth headset for calls is limited to only host (SIM1) call or slave (SIM2) call. If alternate SIM1 and SIM2 calls are available, this function will not be supported. Before using Bluetooth headset for calls, please go to the menu settings to confirm that the audio path has been set as hand-free device. Non-stereo Bluetooth headset cannot be used to listen to music. When stereo Bluetooth headset is used to listen to music, there will not audio output on the phone terminal. Incoming calls or dialing calls will suspend the ongoing music. Use the following methods to disconnect: Close the activated Bluetooth to disconnect all devices. Enter online devices and disconnect the specified online service.
Enter my devices and delete the matched devices to disconnect other devices with my device. The connection with the devices out of the signal coverage will be ineffective. Camera With this function, you can use the inbuilt camera to take photos. The lens of the camera is located on the back of the slide and the screen is used as the viewing window. All photos taken are in JPG form. After downloading the photos onto PC, you need some software to view them. If the storage space of the mobile phone is insufficient to store the taken photos, it is necessary to delete some old photos or other files in File Management function list to release more space. Description of Mobile Phone Options:

Password: gprs Auth.type: Normal or Secure. Note: For related charging standard and detailed settings, please consult the local network service operator. Different network service providers provide different services. Consult the local network operator. Connection manager: View the connection status.
7.English Editor Operation
The mobile phone provides multiple convenient input modes, which can support the use of other functions. Basic letter input After abc /ABC/ TR/tris chosen, input your desired letters with the standard keypad. Number input This mode is mainly used to input phone numbers etc. After number is chosen, you can input digit into the place where the cursor is flickering. Symbol input In any of the above input modes, you are provided with symbol input. If you cant see symbols, press * key to see them. If you want one symbol, press the up/down/left/right key to choose.

8.Use USB

Notices before use Always connect and stop USB device correctly. Never use Windows formatting command to format the mobile disk of the mobile phone; otherwise, it will be damaged severely. USB work environment: Windows2000 / XP. For other operation systems, the connection between PC and the mobile phone cannot be conducted unless USB driver is installed.

9.Appendix 1

Troubleshooting Phenomena Unable to switch on
Possible Causes 1. Does the battery have power? 2. Is the battery placed correctly?

SIM failed

Poor signals

Unable to dial out

Unable to charge the battery
Unable to register to the network
Photos taken are too dark
1. The SIM card is dirty. Clean it. 2. Reinstall the SIM card. 3. The SIM card is damaged. Replace it. Check the signal strength icon on the screen. If the icon contains 3 bars, it indicates the signal is the strongest; if below 1 bars, it indicates the signal is very poor. 1. Maybe you have set Hide My Caller ID but your network operator does not provide this service for you. 2. Strong interference exists around you. 3. Maybe you have activated the call restriction function. 4. Maybe you have activated Line 2 but your network operator does not provide this service for you. 1. The battery may discharge too much; so it cannot be charged until it is connected for certain time. 2. Its performance has worsened. 1. Too weak signals or strong interference. 2. SIM card installed properly? Bad contact or SIM card damaged? If the SIM card is broken, please contact the network operator to replace it. 1. Check if the too low photo brightness is set. 2. Check if ambient ray is too dark.

Photos taken are too unclear Photos taken is distorted Unable to access service menus. Only part of the photo set as standby photo can be seen.
Check if the object taken is moving. Check if the mobile phone shivers slightly while you press shutter. The object taken may be too close to camera lens. Maybe the SIM card does not support service function. The size of the photo may be too big. The recommended size is 128*160.

10.Appendix 2

Abbreviations and Definitions SMS EMS SIM GSM PIN PUK Short Message Service Enhanced Message Service Subscriber Identity Module Global System for Mobile Communication Personal Identity Number PIN Unblocking Key
IMEI CB GPRS MMS Card 1 Card 2
International Mobile Equipment Identity Cell Broadcast General Packet Radio Service Multimedia Message service Host card (the card inserted in SIM1 slot) Slave card (the card inserted in SIM2 slot)

11. Appendix 3

Notices for the use of accessories Battery More than 12h charging is needed for the new battery or that idle for long. Other batteries other than the original one can damage your mobile phone and cause risk! The short in any form can lead to explosion, fire or personal injury! For your security and environment protection, do not throw the battery freely but put it into the specified recovery place. Charger Do not plug the charger into the mobile phone and charge without battery so as to prevent the phone being damaged.
Always use the charger in dry place indoor; never let the charger touch any liquid during use so as to prevent damaging the phone or even causing explosion, fire or personal injury! Always use the charger by the original manufacturer so as to prevent damaging the phone or even causing fire or personal injury etc!
USB Please insert USB in switch-off status or choose the first option Memory unit in switch-on status, then the mobile phone can be used as a memory body. Never insert the USB reversely, because doing so can make the I/O port short. Never use any other USB except that from the original manufacturer; otherwise, the mobile phone and the USB port may be damaged. T-Flash card It is recommended to use eligible T-Flash card, because the use of ineligible products may damage the T-Flash memory card slot.



TCF313 Altos G320 Later VGN-FZ31ER Samsung S BT200 LL-T15a1 Yamaha R100 K21EC XL800-2000 Energy AG-7750 Netscanev30 Sub-compact P4PE-BP Saffirele Courier Wisl 105 Mayhem ICF-C390 P2-M3a3200 11265 TLP 250 Later BH-904 R-3S56 VGN-FW21L Cyber530 DTB-S500F Dsl 401 WF337AAL 2200H K80XI GS500E NV-GS70K B3031A 32LC4D LX-U250D WS-311M SRX 2005 KW-32HDF9 Onyx PRO Workstation ZX-10R Theater RX-V559 CQ-RDP383N CTS4000 12 U900 Soul 4 Li-2 NV-S7E LTV-27W2 A590 IS Cep Telefonu LT4218C KH 2024 VGN-FE41E DR150 AWE 6515 KDL-32V4200 Lwhd6500SR Cruzer 7310XL 21PT2443-94R D1976 LX-90 Map PRO CT-W403R REX T4 Loran DPF-D80 SNC-RZ50N 500 Q Photo EX3 Livephone TU73 DMR-BS780 KX-FLB813EX LS-4000 ED SB926SK Photosmart R727 Photo 21PT1654 RS21fcsv NTM-910dual DX 350 NAD L70 CM3100 LE32A436t1C MX300 TX1504 X-FI 32GB Quattro SR-135 Cabriolet FTR9952 CW-25M064N LA40C530f1R Go P4B266M AGM05 Nokia 1110


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