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Aprilia SR 50 and two bikes Aprilia RS 50 and RS 125 are now offered in the same livery and colors as the RSV4 Superbike ridden by Max Biaggi in his first ever win at Brno on Sunday, July 26 th. These three new replicas have just hit the market.
Aprilia SR 50, the world's sportiest 50 cc scooter, was originally launched in1992. It stood apart from its rivals with its cool sports bike characteristics. Aprilia is the first manufacturer to offer 50cc scooter with electronic fuel injector.


Aprilia RSV4 Superbike
In just two decades Aprilia has become a motorcycle racing legend: 33 world championships and 267 GP wins in the 125 and 250 classes - the youngest and most dynamic Moto GP categories - make Aprilia Italy's most successful brand in existence. And, with this year's return to the Superbike World Championship (in which the marque notched up 8 wins, 8 pole positions and 26 podium placings from 1999 to 2002), Aprilia is once again a force to be reckoned with in the large capacity, production-derived racing bike class: in addition to the win at Brno on Sunday, July 26th, Max Biaggi has already secured four podium placings in the first part of the Superbike season alone. Aprilia has always carried this legacy of success and technical expertise over into its production models, and the influence of this legacy is evident in the philosophy inspiring its products and in their styling, which is often taken directly from the brand's racing machines. The he legend rides on, and gets better. Every year! When the SR 50 first came out, it was already in a class of its own. The sports scooter category was invented specially for it. Now, the SR 50 features an aggressive new design, inspired by the RSV 1000 R Factory, but theres more to it than style! The SR 50 incorporates numerous technical solutions derived directly from Aprilias world-beating maxi, to bring you the tops in equipment and the highest level of active safety you can get. With advanced technology, a legendary name, and guaranteed performance, the new SR is destined to be yet another Aprilia success story. Especially if ridden by people like you.


APRILIA EASY RS50 instrumental cluster repair
Explore APRILIA RS50 (see Figure 1) DIGITEK D03F32R8
Figure 1 APRILIA RS 50 multi-functional instrument panel designed as compact analog-digital unit and it is operate as a real on -board computer. In addition to all the usual parameters and functions, it also included a built-in lap timer to enable to record best track times. Brief technical data for the Cluster for RS50 itself: Speedometer Input Ranges: 8 input pulses per turn of the wheel Max Input frequency: 800 Hz Resolution: 2 Hz on the maximum frequency 800 Hz
Odometer LCD display Function: ODO Resolution: 1km ODO Tachometer Input Ranges: 400 Hz <12000 rpm/1 pulse per turn> 800 Hz <8000 rpm/3 pulses per turn> Resolution: 2 Hz on the maximum frequency 800 Hz Power Supply DC Power supply source: 12 V/180 mA Target MCU MC68HC908LJ24 mask set 0L83S Note: The mask set is identified by a 5-character code consisting of a version number, a letter, two numerical digits, and a letter, for example 0L83S. All standard devices are marked with a mask set number and a date code. FLASH memory consists of an array of 24,576 bytes for user memory plus a block of 48 bytes for user interrupt vectors. An erased bit reads as logic 1 and a programmed bit reads as a logic 0. The FLASH memory page size is defined as 128 bytes, and is the minimum size that can be erased in a page erase operation. Program and erase operations are facilitated through control bits in FLASH control register (FLCR). The address ranges for the FLASH memory are: $9000$EFFF; user memory, 24,576 bytes $FFD0$FFFF; user interrupt vectors, 48 bytes
Program-sensitive malfunction: The FLASH memory data corruption (see Figure 2):
Figure 2 Troubleshooting: Restore FLASH memory with B.Y.K.E programmer re-program procedure (ISP access to the MC68HC908LJ24) Step 1: Connect B.Y.K.E. Programmer to target cluster (see Figure 4, Figure 5) Step 2: Connect backlit LCD wires (see Figure 7) Step 3: Connect load resistor 510 Ohm nominal to the LCD display then check pulse (see Figure 6) Step 4: Check Power On respond (see Figure 8); Power supply connection see Figure 9 Step 5: Restore FLASH memory and set ODO to 0 km (see Figure 10.1) Step 6: Restore original mileage by under-winding method and set ODO to 15580 km (Figure 10.2)

Serial port

Target isp connector

Power connector

Power switch Reset button

Figure 3

B.Y.K.E. programmer and target cluster connection:
B.Y.K.E. Programmer Target instrumental cluster

Figure 4 5

Figure 5 6


Resistor 510 Ohm

V/Div 2 v- probe 1:10

Sec/Div 2 ms

Figure 6 7

Figure 7
Note: Power supply source connection shown on the Figure 9. Responds on power ON: once switch is pressed youll should see backlit and six LEDs become to red light. Pay attention to display backlit connection, solder crosswise wires (see Figure 7) after opening the cluster and put load resistor 510 Ohm nominal between left hand side wire (yellow color) and GND and make sure that pulses present (see Figure 6) when power ON switch is pressed.
Respond on Power ON (backlit)
Respond on Power ON (LEDs)

Figure 8

+12V 500mA

Figure 9 9

Figure 10.1 Figure 10

Figure 10.2

Note: An internal FLASH memory (EEPROM properties emulation) is used to store odometer and lap timer data. Internal page 128 Bytes used 2-byte data array method, its provides 60 times programming before the an erase is required.

Warning: If the FLASH memory data is incorrect (check sum error) you should see on display error messages. To restore normal operate write correct data into the FLASH memory. Web.: ; ; e-mail: 10



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