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BMW 320Tamiya America, Inc 58385 1/10 BMW 320si TT-01 Kit
Based on the limited edition production BMW 320si, the WTCC version of this 3-series sports sedan continues BMW? s tradition of touring car racing. Team Germany was among several teams that entered this machine in the 2006 WTCC season. The two drivers on the team, Jorg Muller and Dirk Muller (no relation), both had impressive results, with Jorg finishing 2nd in the overall rankings by the slim margin of one point and Dirk taking 6th place

Brand: Tamiya
Part Numbers: 300058385, 58385, TAM58385
UPC: 4950344583850
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BMW 320 E21 CUP fr rFactor


Welcome to the BMW 320 E21 CUP for rFactor. The BMW 320 E21 in his origin version was developed and constructed by cooky for the running-simulation GTL. I was responsible for the physics in the GTL version and could convert the MOD to rFactor with permission of cooky, DucFreak and all painters. However, this conversion is no 1:1 transfer. Many things were changed, for example graphics and performance, artificial intelligence and tire physics, The BMW was tested by more than 6 people for many weeks during the trial period. 2.9 GB of telemetry data were collected 3.960 km covered as well as 1 graphic card wore out. I am believe devoutly the effort has been worthwhile. I hope, you will be satisfied with the BMW and you will spend a lot of interesting hours with it.
But now enough of the prefaces! We want on the race course.


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BMW 320 E21 CUP

The installation starts by call of the BMW320_E21_CUP_RC1.EXE. After accepting the usual license and declaring the installation list, the BMW 320 E21 CUP will be installed on your computer. It concerns the high-res-version with 2048x2048 of vehicle textures. Whether it is necessary, a 1024x1024 version for less efficient graphic cards or computers will be created. You can get it here: Here is a screenshot of the installation.

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The selection and the purchase of a vehicle occur in usual manner via the main menu. In order to make the upgrade parts to your car, you must have bought the concerning vehicle before. Here is a view of the upgrade parts:


Here you can choose the multiplier for the Force Feed Back in stages. Standard 1.5 is multiplier. 2 and 2.5 are for the increase of the effects.


Default setting is Sequential and should not be changed. The setting Gated Shifter is only for the genuine race drivers among us. s You can enjoy a realistic H-shifting in the BMW with the corresponding hardware. All corresponding aids for a switching operation are deactivated then.

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In the middle of the seventies an optical switching-request was very rare. There exists the possibility in the BMW 320 E21 to install a so called shiftlight into the cockpit.
The Shiftlight will light up shortly before Attaining rotation speed limit and remind you of the switching operation.

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I spent many hours with finding a practice-oriented setting option in the set-up menu. After the first tests and online-races I passed to restricting the SET-UP radically. In my opinion too much precious time is spent in finding a set-up for a fast qualifying round. Not everybody has the time and the knowledge to begin a set-up search of several days before a planned race. Who still does not leave the fingers of the set-up, for that one here comes a short overview of the most important set possibilities
REV limiter The standard REV limit is near 10.400 U/min. The setting range ranges from 10.200 U/min to 10.500 U/min. More than 10.400 U/min go on the durability of the engine and lead inavitably to an engine failure.

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Radiator size If you notice while driving, that the oil temperature is beyond the normal range of more than 103 degrees, you have to enlarge the radiator duct size.

Greater cooling = higher air resistance = slower BMW
Front/tail wing The attitudes of the front- and tail wing influence the road performance of the BMW. Modifications in the wing attitudes often make changes in the gear ratio and in the braking force distribution necessary. With increasing wing attitude the down force increases itself in the respective vehicle area, the curve rates increase. However, at the same time the air resistance also rises and slows down the vehicle on the straight lines. Control range front Control range rear 1 = min. downforce 1 = min. downforce 3 = of max. downforce 7 = of max. downforce
Brake balance With the aid of the brake balance you can control the brake force between the front and back wheels. If for example the front wheels jam the braking/one steering into the curve formerly as the rear-wheel brake, you must adjust the distribution in the direction of back wheels. If e.g., the front wheels block while gentle braking and yielding to the curve earlier than the back wheel, you must shift the distribution in the direction of back wheels. A nervous tail can be minimized with the aid of the balance,too,because you dont have any possibility to move the differential. The attitude of the brake balance, however, is linked to the following points: brake duct size/pressure point, as well as the used hardware/steering wheel/pedal.

Control range

front 50%

rear 50%

front 60%

rear 40%

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Brake duct size/pressure Sense of the brake duct size is to hold the temperature of the brake possibly always in the optimum area. An overheated brake is as hindering as an undercooled brake. The graphic arts show the temperature area of the front brake and are given in Celsius.:
Try to hold the temperature of the brake within the optimal area of 300 and 500 C. The brake duct size ranges from: 1=minimum to 5=maximum If the brake reaches its optimal temperature, it is hard to dose the pedal, when you are in a race. By reduction of the brake pressure you can weaken the braking power. But you give away, perhaps, the victory in the last curve by a too long braking distance.

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I would like to go into the parameters anti-roll bar front/rear, because they are very important for the road performance. Driving fastly with the BMW means a compromise between -controlled and not excessive drift with the rear -yield without a lot understeer -optimal brake balance The anti-roll bar have an enormous stake in the first two points. If you put on the stabilizer behind without, you will get more grip on the back wheel axis. The BMW then is more aggressive on the rear. This means for the front area, that you can turn in more precise. The chance of turners while yielding to the curve rises. UPSHOT The BWM asks for a correct gear ratio, brake balance and depending on the driver for the correct setting of the stabilizers. And with the traits of the 3 different tire models I wish a lot of fun with the limited setup.

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The BMW 320 worked with different tire brands in the middle of the seventies German championship. The sponsor stickers and/or the tire legend tell the corresponding manufacturer. The tire brand with its different character and performance and its performance had got a high priority. The tires are from: 1. GOODYEAR 2. DUNLOP 3. PIRELLI The tires differ in grip, wear, warming, absorbability as well as other parametres. The following graphic arts optically show the character of the tires. You can get precise information at the end of the documentation.




While testing we found out, that there is no favourite of tires. Rather the choice of the tyres depended on the predilections and the driving style of the driver.
IMPORTANT: The tyre type is not selectable. It is firmly bound to a vehicle.

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I would like thank all, who helped me to realize the
BMW 320 E21 CUP for rFactor
Cooky Ducfreak c.k.73 Jolo Nile Toffi
3D-Models and textures soundfiles video, pictures, installation program meshfiles cam-files for the preparation of the BMW-corner and filehosting at


c.k.73 Jolo TOFFI SpaceKid Dreamteam NIL51!N Almost Eddy Udo


Cooky Meinicke Niklas Odi CY-33 Schnuf PrinzTT

dmatzies 2007

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Level of use 100 Performance 1 0,981 0,9745 0,9715 0,969 0,967 0,9655 0,9645 0,9635 0,96 0,953 0,948 0,934 0,904 0,85 0,775 0,665
Wear-Rate AI_Wear-Rate SpringBase SpringkPa Damper Heating 7.40e-1, 8.30e-3 7.80e-1, 9.00e-3 Transfer ( Heating ) 10.00e-3, 1.80e-3, 3.00e-4 10.00e-3, 1.80e-3, 3.00e-4 Temperature DryLatLong

Front Rear

0.400e-6 0.420e-6

0.700e-7 0.700e-7

80000.0 80000.0

1000.00 1000.00

1400.0 1400.0

85.0, 25.0 85.0, 25.0

1.565 1.615

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Level of use % 100 Performance 1 0,981 0,9745 0,9715 0,968 0,967 0,9655 0,9645 0,962 0,959 0,952 0,948 0,934 0,904 0,85 0,775 0,665

0.420e-6 0.440e-6

75000.0 75000.0

1050.00 1050.00

1300.0 1300.0

1.566 1.616

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Level of use % 100 Performance 1 0,981 0,974 0,97 0,9675 0,967 0,9655 0,9645 0,961 0,958 0,951 0,948 0,934 0,904 0,85 0,775 0,665
Wear-Rate AI_Wear-Rate SpringBase SpringkPa Damper Heating 7.50e-1, 8.30e-3 7.90e-1, 9.00e-3 Transfer ( Heating ) 10.00e-3, 1.80e-3, 3.00e-4 10.00e-3, 1.80e-3, 3.00e-4 Temperature DryLatLong

0.430e-6 0.450e-6

76000.0 74000.0

1030.00 1100.00

1420.0 1280.0

1.567 1.617

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Differentials - 2002 and 320I
Early 1600s and 2002s came with a long neck differential. These were phased out in early 1969. They were either 4.11 to 1 (1600) or 3.64 to 1 (2002). They are very rugged and easy to come by , but not rebuildable. There are not really any parts available. If you want to switch to the later short neck type diff, you must replace the entire subframe and rear suspension. This sounds tough but is actually fairly easy and the parts are usually not expensive. All later 2002s and all 320Is used the short neck differential. These came in several ratios: 3.36 to turbo; 3.45 to 1 some euro Tiis and 6 cyl E21s ; 3.64 to 1 most 2002s and all 4 speed E21s; 3.9 to 1 some 1976 2002s and all 5 speed E21s, 4.11 to 1 all 1600s There are several variations in the short neck differentials. All of these can be transplanted into a 2002. Variations and how to recognize them: All 2002/1600 diffs have 4 bolts holding the side covers and the output flanges are held in by a large central bolt. CVs are attached the output flanges with 6 - 8mm bolts. Early E21 (77 and 78) 320Is have 4 bolts holding the side covers, but the output flanges are held in by a C-clip inside the diff. These diffs usually have 8mm bolts for the CV joints but some use the later 10mm bolts. These diffs are the same width as the 2002 diff so no spacers are necessary if you are putting one in a 2002. Later E21s have 6 bolts holding the side covers and the output flanges are held by a snap ring just above the splines. You can easily pop out the flanges with a screw driver. These diffs nearly all use the 10mm bolts for the CV joints. These diffs are also narrower than the earlier diffs. If you want to put these into a 2002 you should use spacers to bring them to the proper width. Billet aluminum spacers and the proper bolts are available from Ireland Engineering. Its common to put E21 diffs into 2002s either to get the 3.90 ratio or the easily available 320is limited slip. The E21 diffs will bolt right onto the subframe and drive shaft. Just remove the 320I rear cover and install your 2002 cover. I already covered the width difference above. The other problem is 8mm bolts vs. 10mm bolts. If your new diff takes10mm bolts for the CV joints, you have a couple of choices. Put 320I CV joints on the inboard end of the 2002 axle. Or drill and tap 6 new 8mm bolt holes in the output flanges.
Limited Slips and Gear Ratios The gear ratio is stamped on the driver side of these diffs on the flat area in front of the side cover. It will show the number of teeth on the gears. For example: is 11 on the pinion and 40 on the ring gear for a ratio of 3.64 to 1. If there is also a S stamped there the diff is a limited slip. Often the S is also painted on as well. The 2002 was available with a limited slip diff but very few were sold with them. So its not likely that youll find one. If you do it may be marked S 40 meaning 40% lockup. E21 320Is that were sold with the S (sport) package have limited slip diffs. All E21 limited slips are 25% lockup. Cars with 4 speeds had the 3.64 to 1 ratio and 5 speed cars had the 3.9 to 1 ratio. The 3.64 limited slip is nice for 4 speed 2002s and the 3.9 is preferred for 5 speed cars. Modifications Besides the ratios discussed there are a number of other gear sets available. Some of these are 4.22, 4.27, 4.37, 4.44, 4.75, 5.00 and others. Most of these are hard to find as BMW no longer will sell gear sets. We have sources for some of these gear sets. If youre going racing you may need one. We can adjust the factory limited slip up to 50-60% lock up. Or we can prepare welded (no slip) race diffs.



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