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BMW R1150RTPIAA 74150 1100X Sport and Touring Lamp Kit for BMW R1150RT
PIAA LAMP KIT BMW R1150RT LAMP KITS SPORT/TOURING LAMP KITS FITS MODEL: R1150RT (all) BMWEverything to customize your bike in just one box Kit includes two 1100X lamps; two custom mounting brackets; wiring harness; hardware and easy-to-follow instructions 12V Dichroic 55W=85W Super White light Easy way to improve the performance and look of any motorcycle

Brand: PIAA
Part Number: 74150
UPC: 0722935741505, 722935741505
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(c) Doug Raymond 2011

BMW R1150RT Electrical Schematic P 1 of 3 V2, 2/2/2011 DTR

Load Relief Relay F1 4A

Start Motor
To horn, lights, etc. P 3

To ABS warn, P2 Kill Sw.

On Rad Prk On
Start F8 4A F3 15A F5 10A

Starter Relay

To windscreen, P3


To Diag. Conn.

Clutch Sw.

Charging Indic. Neutral Indic. RID
1 - A 2 - B 3 - C 4 --30A- 15E 7 -GOEL 8 - G
Sidestand Sw. 2 = DN To Radio, P3 1

3 = UP

Gear Box Sw. Neutral Sw.
To Options, P3 Motronic Relay Oil Pres. Sw. Fuel Lev. Damping
Lo Oil Pres.Indic. To Tachometer Lo Fuel Indic.

F6 10A

Fuel Pump Relay

Fuel Tank

Fuel Pump

To Alternator D+

To Park Lt. Diagnostic Connector
1 Alternator D+ Ground +12V F.I. signal Data bus, MCU & ABS To ABS, 31

F.I. Valves

Oxygen sensor (lambda)

Motronic Control Unit

6 5 31 30 10 3DENTL 30A5 EKR 31LS LBDA 31LBDA GOEL 31EL GL P2 DKP2 P1 S1 31EL G+ S2 SKF3 SKF2 SKF1 DK/DABS VERV TEV Z1 15 35

Tank Breather Valve

Oil Temp Sensor Air Temp Sensor

H V Coil

Spark Plugs

To F1, +12V 2

Throttle Pos Sensor Hall Effect Sensor

S - + + - S


Coding Plug (not used)

87a 87

30u +12V

BMW R1150RT Electrical Schematic P 2 of 3 V2, 2/2/2011 DTR
ABS Warning Relay ABS Warning Lights
To windscreen, P3 To Indicator Lts., P1 ABS Control Unit

10 11

ABS General

On Rad Prk 58e On

Hand brake lever

Foot brake lever

Rear ABS Sensor Front ABS Sensor Front Fluid Level

Rear Fluid Level

Coding: R1150R only R1150R & RT
3 8 42 27 28 1

6 4 31

Brake Light Tail Light

Diagnostic Connector

1 Alternator D+ Ground +12V F.I. signal Data bus, MCU & ABS To MCU, 14

Load Relief Relay

BMW R1150RT Electrical Schematic P 3 of 3 V2, 2/2/2011 DTR
Heated Grip, L Heated Grip, R Horn, left Horn, right Left Grip Sw

Horn Turn Left Hazard

Heated Grip Sw

15e 15u

To Starter Motor Coil F4 7.5A Horn Relay Flasher Relay

TL WBT L 15e 30 31

On Radio Prk On
L Blinker Indic. L Blinker, Fr L Blinker, Rear R Blinker, Rear

Right Grip Sw

Turn Right Cancel

To OE Conn.

R Blinker, Fr R Blinker Indic. Park Lt

To ABS, 5

Alternate Switch (not used)

High Beam Sw

Hi Beam Indic. Hi Beam


Lo Beam

56b 58k

Speedo Lts Tach Lts ?

F10 15A

Fog Light Relay Fog Light Sw

Fog Lt Indic. Fog Lights

. R 30 31.

To RID, P1 F3 15A

To Blinker Relay BL BR 30 31
Optional Equipment Conn. Power Outlets
To ABS warn, P2 To Indicator Lts., P1 F1 4A Up/Down Sw

Raise Relay

3 4 5 6 1

Adjustable Windshield

Lower Relay

Down LS


INSTRUCTION SHEET BMW 11500 RT REAR 2001> BM11-0AE-SXHH / BM11-1AE-SXHH Place the bike on the center stand and remove the current shock absorber. Place the Hyperpro shock in the bike, type 461 with reservoir as shown in the picture. If your shock is equipped with the optional hydraulic preload adjuster place the banjo bolt of the HPA to the right side of the bike. Use the two added clamps and rubber blocks to mount the reservoir on the sub frame.
Route the hose of the HPA as shown in the picture Use the added hardware to mount the adjuster knob on the added bracket. Use the original place and bolt for mounting the adjuster knob bracket See next page
Make sure all the hoses are not obstructed Make sure the fairing will fit over the reservoir and adjuster knob Place all the bolts back and tighten them with the proper torque
ADDED HARDWARE : Bolt M6x25 M6 Nyloc nut Washer M6 Bracket 3d-BR-00-pcs 2 pcs. 4 pcs 1 pc



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