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Ducati 748BMC Air Filter Ducati 748/916/966/998 FM324/19 TR 40-0898

Brand: BMC Air Filter
Part Number: TR 40-0898

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1997-2003 Ducati 748

Installation Instructions 1
Button Adjustment Display Parts List Power Commander USB Cable CD-ROM Installation Guide Power Adapter Power Commander Decals Dynojet Decals Velcro Strip Faceplate Buttons Alcohol Swab Expansion Port USB Port
The ignition MUST be turned OFF before installation!
You can also download the Power Commander software and latest maps from our web site at:
Dynojet Research 2191 Mendenhall Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89031 (800) 992-4993
i704-411 1997-2003 Ducati 748 - PCIII USB - 1

Unscrew this connector

Lift the rear section. Remove the left hand side fairing. Locate the plug that resides in between the two throttle bodies (Fig. A). This plug has a round, silver retaining ring on the end of it. Unscrew this connector by turning it counter-clockwise.

Fig. A

Screw the female end of the PCIII into the harness

Loosen these bolts

Note: You may want to route the wires for the PCIII from the tail section to this area before plugging it in. This will make for a cleaner installation. 5 Plug the female connector from the PCIII into the wiring harness (Fig. B).

Fig. B

Stock harness

PCIII connectors

Plug the male connector from the PCIII into the stock female connector on the bracket (Fig. C).

Fig. C

Stock connector

1997-2003 Ducati 748 - PCIII USB - 2

Ground wire

Attach the ground wire from the PCIII to front, left hand, mounting point of the ECU (Fig. D). Attach the PCIII to the top of the ECU using the supplied velcro. (Fig. D). Make sure to clean both surfaces with the alcohol swab before attaching the velcro. Make sure all wires are routed so they do not get damaged. Reinstall the left hand side fairing.

Fig. D

1997-2003 Ducati 748 - PCIII USB - 3


We recommend that this performance exhaust system be installed by a qualified motorcycle technician. If you have any doubts as to your ability to install this exhaust system, please consult with your local motorcycle dealer. Read all instructions first before starting installation. Make sure the motorcycle and exhaust system are completely cool before starting the installation. Also, make sure the bike is secure on the sidestand or ideally a rear service stand during installation. Be sure to save all stock exhaust components for possible use later.
Ducati 748 / 916 Dual Slip-On Exhaust System
Installation Instructions
1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. Make sure the bike is secure on the sidestand or ideally a rear service stand. 2. Remove right side shin guard and heat shield. 3. Remove nut and bolt holding stock muffler canisters together at the rear. 4. Unbolt stock muffler clamps, connector springs and hardware and save for re-use later. 5. Remove stock exhaust canisters. 6. Place a bead of the hi-temp sealant on the outside edge of the headers that goes into the s-bends. Slide the TBR s-bend onto the end of the header. Wipe off the excess sealant that will squeeze out. Note: Shorter pipe is for the left canister and connects to the forward headpipe.
PART NUMBER VARIES VARIES 005-8004N 005-S80 031-P22072 015-10197

OE Exhaust System

Parts List
7. Place a bead of the hi-temp sealant on the outside edge of the s-bend that goes into the canisters. Slide the TBR canisters onto the end of the S-bend pipes. Wipe off the excess sealant that will squeeze out. 8. Reuse the stock clamps and hardware to secure canisters. Leave loose for now. 9. Make sure everything is aligned and tighten all hardware. Affix the connector springs to the muffler. 10. Tighten clamps and reinstall heat shield and shin guard. 11. Before you run the bike, clean off all fingerprints and dirt, as any oily residue will etch the metal and become somewhat permanent when the system gets hot. Run the bike and enjoy. It is normal for some white smoke to appear the first time you start the bike. This is packing/manufacturing oil from inside the pipe burning off. Check for gaps or leaks. If you find a leak, a little high temperature silicon sealant should fix it. After 50 to 100 miles, recheck all fasteners for tightness.
Care & Cleaning / Warranty
Care & Cleaning Keep system free of dirt and moisture. Store in a cool, dry place. For cleaning use a mild spray cleaner. Always apply cleaner or polish with a soft, clean cloth. Stainless Header System: Polished stainless steel pipes will turn a light golden hue after a few heat cycles, this is a normal characteristic of high quality stainless steel. Carbon Fiber & X-Metal Mufflers: X-Metal CF canisters will shift color from their original silver color to an amber color after a few heat cycles, similar to the way our stainless steel headers shift color. Always make sure the fiberglass packing inside is in good condition and not burned out, as exhaust heat inside an empty canister will deteriorate the Carbon Fiber / X-Metal CF sleeve. TBR sells repack kits (TBR part # 005-10038) that include new rivets and repack material as well as a drill bit (#30), making it easy to do yourself. Also, NEVER dyno test your bike with carbon fiber mufflers installed - the intense heat and lack of cooling air can quickly cause the CF material to burn. Two Brothers Racing does not provide a warranty for burned carbon fiber. Aluminum Mufflers: Use an aluminum or mag wheel polish such as Mothers to restore the bright finish to factory spec. Warranty Two Brothers Racing products are intended for closed course competition purposes only, and therefore are sold as is without warranty. Two Brothers Racing specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and disclaims all responsibility for consequential and incidental damages or any other losses arising from the use of these products or parts.

Ducati 748-916 Slip-On Instructions.qxd



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