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christoph 7:45pm on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
I use this in my 1998 car with a tape deck to connect my ipod. I find the fm transmitters annoying, and unreliable. This is much simpler. It was fast fun and easy. Stuck the cassette in plug in my MP3 player and listen to good quality music with no static. Easy Setup","Good Quality".
BriC 10:24am on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
The only issue that I have found is that the rubber ear buds can compress at times - I simply pull them back out, but it can be anoying at times.
esaya 6:01pm on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
My first IEM were "Koss Spark Plug" ( 2 pairs ) and I thought they were good, but after trying EP-630 I forgot "Plugs" like a horrible nightmare. These came with my Dell XPS 1530 and I tried them for the first time and really was impressed.
WildStrike 5:07am on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 
Sound quality??? After reading other review I am extremely surprised at what I am listening to. For this great price, not bad So I ordered these on Monday, early morning and after the item was finally shipped.
squeeser 10:57pm on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 
Not only do I like bacon, but I love the way it smells when it is cooking Inexpensive, but sound great The wire is a little thin. Not a big deal.
cerco 10:12am on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
The silicone fittings are changeable so you can choose the right size for your ears. Bad thing about that is that they tend to fall off now and then. i used egg saver and got it in 4 days....not that bad as i thought it would be 1. good bass ; 2. crisp sound ; 3.

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Professional Communications Receiver Expand your horizons with Icom's top-of-the line, super wide range receiver. Bring the diverse world of information closer to you with Icom's IC-R9000L, A professional grade communications receiver with all-mode, continuous, ultimate frequency range of 100 kHz to 1999.8 MHz. With an advanced range like this local stations and stations worldwide are now within earshot. This truly professional receiver is enahnced with Icom's unique 5inch LCD display for extra versatililty. 5-inch, multi-function LCD The Icom IC-R9000L is made extremely efficient with the instalment of a unique 5- inch LCD display. This multi-function LCD display shows operating status at a glance. Superior contrast and backlighting make viewing easy on your eyes and yet maintains readability. The LCD indicates monitoring details (frequency, mode, etc), as well as including Spectrum scope, Memory list, Terminal monitor and more. Continuous, all mode coverage The IC-R9000L's versatile receive capability enables you to receive many mode signals. With the wide frequency coverage of 100 kHz to 1999.8 MHz*1 you can tune into AM used by broadcasting stations and VHF air band. Use SSB (USB, LSB) and CW to receive marine band, aircraft and amateur stations on shortwave. Listen to many businesses, emergency services, government and amateur stations using FM on VHF and UHF. Or use wide FM to receive FM broadcasts and TV stations. FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) is also built in for receiving RTTY from news agencies. Hear the diversity of the world in detail!. Watch the IC-R9000L! With a simple connection to a TV set or video recorder with a video input connector you are able to watch VHF, UHF TV broadcasts*2 and receive ATV (amateur television) on both the 430(440) and 1200 MHz amateur bands. *1 Some versions do not cover the entire range. *2 NTSC system only. Excellent performance Advanced RF circuits ensure an improved dynamic range of 103.5 dB* and can receive desired weak signals even when strong signals are on nearby frequencies. For frequencies higher than 30 MHz, the front end circuits have tuned bandpass filters with GaAs FETS and other high-performance circuits. Experience high sensitivity in all frequencies. * On 14 MHz band, CW-narrow mode, IF passband width 500 Hz / -6dB. Superior PLL C/N characteristics The PLL C/N characteristics of the ICR9000L are in a class of their own. Sensitivity and selectivity in receiving frequencies are both highly advanced and the blocking performance is predominate. With the utilization of the DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer), C/N characteristics ensure fast PLL lock-up and effective scanning. Minimum tuning steps of 10 Hz for frequency coverage make all tuning easy.
High frequency stability Another Icom achievement is the ICR9000L's very high frequency stability in the difficult to manage GHz range. Frequency stability is 0.25 ppm* in ranges greater than 30 MHz and 25 Hz* in ranges below 30 MHz. * 0C to 50C; +32F to +122F 1000 memory channels 1000 memory channels store frequencies, modes, filter width and tuning steps. Memory channels are grouped into 10 memory banks. Use the memory banks according to station type, mode, frequency range, or what ever your preference. Assign a name or note to each memory channel for easy reference. (up to an eight character capacity) RF attenuator A 10, 20 and 30 dB level-selectable RF attenuator prevents any saturation of RF circuits from excessively strong signals. Advanced S-meter squelch Icomfs all-mode S-meter squelch is built in to ignore weaker signals while scanning, standing-by, and concentrates on receiving only signals stronger than the preset level. AFC function An advanced AFC function automatically tunes to the frequency of the signal in each FM mode. Is useful, for example, when receiving amateur stations in the 1200 MHz band. AFC also compensates for frequency shifts in weather satellite signals due to the Doppler Effect. Memory editor function The super convenient memory editor function makes it easy to move, copy or delete memories at any time on the LCD display. Interference elimination circuits The IF shift circuit shifts the center frequency of the passband to effectively reject nearby interfering signals in the SSB, CW, FSK and AM modes. A thresholdadjustable, width-selectable noise blanker is included for eliminating long duration pulse-type noises such as "woodpecker." The deep notch filter can be tuned to a particular frequency in the IF passband, eliminating interfering signal. These functions ensure clear reception even during crowded band conditions. Multi-scan functions Numerous scanning functions searching desired stations are available to make your operations easier than ever before. - Programmed scan - F scan - Priority scan - Memory scan - Selected mode memory scan - Selected number memory scan - Auto memory write scan Additional outstanding features - VSC (Voice Scan Control) - Direct keyboard entry for memory channels and frequencies - Wide variety of tuning steps - Dial lock function - Dual clocks with sleep / daily timers

- Bass and treble tone control and more. SPECTRUM SCOPE SCREEN At a glance, observe the signal spectrum of nearby receive frequencies. The span of the spectrum scope can be selected for 25, 50 or 100 kHz according to your needs. MEMORY EDITOR SCREEN Memory editor screen has the flexibility to move, change, delete, or copy any of the 1000 memory channels to better locations. Simple and convenient memory management. SCAN CONDITION SCREEN Each scan condition can be immediately checked in detail and set on the LCD display. DAILY TIMER SET SCREEN Program six independent sessions - specifying day, time, and memory channel to tune.
l Mode : USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM, Wide FM l Number of memory channel : 1000 l Dimensions (proj. not incl.) : 424(W)150(H)365(D) mm;16
11/16(W)5 29/32(H)14 3/8(D) in
l Weight (approx.): 20.0 kg; 44 lb 1 oz l Display : 5-inch TFT color LCD (320234 pixel) l REMOTE connector: 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1.8")
l AH-7000 25~1300 MHz wide-band antenna l CT-17 CI-V level converter l SP-20 Base station loudspeaker with audio filter l UT-36 Voice synthesiser unit


Icom Receiver Accessories and Options Page

Icom IC-R2

AD-92 SMA BC-127A CS-R2 HP-4 LC-146 OPC-474 OPC-478 SP-BP-206 BC-135 BC-136A/D LC-151 CP-18 SP-13 CS-R3 OPC-474 OPC-478 CP-12L CS-R10 CSW-R10 CT-17 FAB-01RE HP-4 LC-140 OPC-254 OPC-254L OPC-474 OPC-478 SP-97712346 AD-55A AD-55E CR-282 CT-17 FL-100 FL-101 FL-103 FL-222 FL-223 SMA to BNC CONNECTOR Wall Charger w/2AA Ni-Cd Cells Cloning and Programming Software Headphones Carrying Case Cloning Cable Radio to Radio Programming Cloning Cable PC to Radio Earphone for Handhelds Owners Manual for IC-R2 Service Manual for IC-R2 CD Service Manual for IC-R2 $4.95 $20.95 $13.95 $29.95 $38.95 $18.95 $45.95 $4.95 $12.95 $44.95 $44.95 $63.95 $80.95 $24.95 $24.95 $30.95 $4.95 $24.95 $18.95 $45.95 $36.95 $13.95 $52.95 $169.95 $29.95 $29.95 $38.95 $14.95 $14.95 $18.95 $45.95 $4.95 $12.95 $44.95 $55.95 $55.95 $168.95 $169.95 $133.95 $133.95 $123.95 $249.95 $105.95

Icom IC-R3

LI-ION Battery Pack Desktop Charger Wall Charger Carrying Case Cigarette Lighter Cable Earphone for Handhelds Computer Programming Software for IC-R3 Cloning Cable Radio to Radio PC Programming Cable

Icom IC-R10

Cigarette Lighter Cable w/Noise Filter IC-R10 Computer Software Windows Software and Programming Cable Level Converter Telescopic Antenna Headphones Carrying Case "S" Series Charging Cord Charging Cord for IC-R10 Cloning Cable Radio to Radio Programming Cable PC to Radio Earphone for Handhelds Owners Manual for IC-R10 Service Manual for IC-R10

Icom IC-R75

Wall AC Adapter for US Wall AC adapter for Europe High Stability Crystal Unit Level Converter 500Hz / -6dB Filter CW/RTTY Nar. (9MHz IF) 250Hz / -6dB Filter CW/RTTY Nar. (9MHz IF) 2.8 KHz / -6dB Filter SSB Wide (9MHz IF) 1.8 KHz / -6dB Filter SSB Nar. (455KHz IF) 1.9 KHz / -6dB Filter SSB Nar. (9MHz IF)
FL-232 FL-257 FL-52A FL-53A FL-96 MB-5 MB-23 OPC-478 RS-R75 SP-21 UT-102 UT-AD-55A AD-55E AH-7000 CR-293 FL-52A MB-12 MB-23 OPC-023C RS-R8500 SP-7 SP-21 TV-R7100 UT-97712352 AH-7000 CK-70 CT-16 CT-17 SP-20 UT-97712353 BC-123A BC-123E OPC-97712855 94412914
350 Hz /-6dB Filter CW/RTTY Nar. (9MHz IF) 3.3 KHz / -6dB Filter SSB Wide (455KHz IF) 500 Hz 455 KHz CW Filter 250Hz / -6dB Filter CW/RTTY Nar. (455 KHz IF) 2.8 KHz / -6dB Filter SSB Wide (455 KHz IF) Mobile Mounting Bracket Carrying Handle Programming Cloning Cable PC to Radio Computer Control Windows Software External Speaker Voice Synthesizer DSP Unit Owners Manual for IC-R75 Service Manual for IC-R75 CD Service Manual for IC-R75
$113.95 $225.95 $245.95 $245.95 $190.95 $59.95 $15.95 $45.95 $80.95 $138.95 $74.95 $166.95 $12.95 $44.95 $44.95 $55.95 $55.95 $206.95 $380.95 $245.95 $59.95 $15.95 $16.95 $80.95 $94.95 $138.95 $426.95 $74.95 $12.95 $44.95 $206.95 $41.95 $160.95 $169.95 $310.95 $74.95 $12.95 $44.95 $20.95 $20.95 $13.95 $12.95 $44.95 $44.95

Icom IC-R8500

Wall AC Adapter for US Wall AC adapter for Europe Super Wide-Band Omnidirectional Antenna High Stability Crystal 500 Hz 455 KHz CW Filter Mobile Mounting Bracket Carrying Handle DC Power Cord Computer Control Software Base Station Speaker- 5Watts, 8 ohms External Speaker TV Adapter Voice Synthesizer for R8500 Owners Manual for IC-R8500 Service Manual for IC-R8500

Icom IC-R9000

Super Wide-Band Omnidirectional Antenna 12V Option Cable Kit Satellite Interface Unit Level Converter Base Station Speaker Voice Synthesizer Owners Manual for IC-R9000 Service Manual for IC-R9000

Icom IC-PCR100

PCR100/1000 AC Adapter US PCR100/1000 AC Adapter Europe DC Power Cable Owners Manual for IC-PCR100 Service Manual for IC-PCR100 CD Service Manual for IC-PCR100

Icom IC-PCR1000

AH-7000 BC-123A BC-123E CP-12 CS-CDROM OPC-131 SP-7 SP-10 SP-12 UT-97712344
Super Wide-Band Omnidirectional Antenna PCR100/1000 AC Adapter US PCR100/1000 AC Adapter Europe Cigarette Lighter Cord, Charges 12V DC Spectrum Database CDROM DC Power Cable Base Station Speaker- 5 Watts, 8 Ohms Compact Mobile Speaker- 5 Watts, 4 Ohms Mobile Speaker- 3 Watts, 8 Ohms DSP Unit Owners Manual for IC-PCR1000 Service Manual for IC-PCR1000
$206.95 $20.95 $20.95 $36.95 $50.95 $13.95 $94.95 $69.95 $44.95 $166.95 $12.95 $44.95



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