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New (61 to 95,5 kW) 83 to 130 hp (97/68 EC) 6030 Series Open Station Tractors
Open Station Design Introducing the new (61 to 95,5 kW) 83 to 130 hp 6030 Series Open Station Tractors. These machines are equipped with the same innovative features found on the rest of the new 6030 Series line up including new highly efficient PowerTech engines, robust hydraulics, and your choice of transmissions. The open, spacious, uncluttered platform is free of levers and lines, enabling free and easy access. Controls are mounted ergonomically for quick and simple operation. See the difference for yourself today by stepping onto a John Deere Open Station Tractor.

Its clear to see the

Easy-to-read displays. In addition to the analogue ground speed and rpm dials, the convenient and accurate digital LCD display shows: hour meter, ground speed, fuel level, engine coolant temperature, and rear PTO speed (optional).
The left-hand reverser makes loader work easy frequent shuttling back and forth is fast, simple, smooth, and without clutching.

John Deere difference

With seven transmission options theres one to suit your needs.Choose between the standard SyncroPlus 12/4, the optional PowerReverser 16/16, or the optional PowerQuad 16/16 or 24/24.
Low Clearance Models If you spend the majority of your workday out in the field, or between the rows of vines or trees, the open station model is a perfect fit for your operation. Low-clearance buildings are accessible with the low profile version of new 6030 Open Station Tractors. These models are loaded with all the same great features found on the rest of the open station models, plus the low clearance you need as low as 2.55 m on our 4-cylinder models.
Mechanical Selective Control Valve (M-SCV). With up to four selective control valves you can mechanically control multiple functions with a single lever fitted to the front corner of the right hand console.
Turn the rear PTO or optional front-mounted PTO on and off with the push of a button. Its quick and easy.
An optional creeper is available on each transmission for field speeds as low as 0.16 km/h.
A mounted tool box provides extra space for you to conveniently carry your tools, manuals, or whatever else youll need in the field.
At A Glance Easy-to-use controls Top visibility Open, uncluttered operator station Low clearance models designed for tighter spaces
Engine Efficiency When youre ready to start working, John Deere 4.5 L 4-cylinder and 6.8 L 6-cylinder PowerTech engines kick your workday in gear. The new high-pressure CommonRail (HPCR) 2-valve engine design delivers precise and accurate amounts of fuel to each electronically controlled fuel injector regardless of engine speed for amazing response and efficiency. And the new dual-stage temperature cooling system and dual stage charge air cooler deliver higher torque and more extra power while reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Coolant is split into two zones the high-flow circuit cools the engine while the low-flow circuit cools even further to serve the hydraulic/transmission oil cooler.
PowerTech engines pack a punch
PowerTech Engine benefits to your bottom line
Power when you need it extra power of up to 5%, plus 20% constant power. Youll always have the power you need. New dual-stage charge air cooler delivers accurate temperature control, providing performance and fuel efficiency. Power core air filter with built-in preNew dual-temperature cooling system cleaner removes more than 93 percent of keeps engines running at peak performforeign material before it reaches the ance and efficiency, reducing fuel costs. filter element. New high-pressure common rail fuel injection system delivers unmatched fuel efficiency. Controlled, precise fuel injection delivers the right amount of fuel to each cylinder, right when you need it. New high-pressure common rail fuel injection system provides unmatched fuel efficiency.

6030 Series PowerTech Engine Through a combination of advanced engine and oil technology, the engine oil change interval on the new 6030 Series tractors is an incredible 500 hours. These extended service intervals give you more productive time in the field.

2300 2400

At A Glance HPCR 2-valve engine design reduces fuel costs Dual-stage charge air cooler and dual temperature cooling system offers high performance and efficiency
Get longer engine life, thanks to the full-frame design. Since the engine doesnt have to serve as a structural member, strain and load stress on drivetrain components is reduced.

Power (kW) Torque (Nm)

Up to 34% engine torque rise helps you pull through tough conditions.
Choose the transmission tailored for your tasks
SyncroPlus 12/fully synchronized forward and 1 reverse ranges 4 fully synchronized gears for a total of 12 forward / 4 reverse speeds 6 well-spaced speeds in the important field work range of 4 to 12 km/h Optional creeper unit adds 9 forward and 3 reverse speeds Optional PowerReverser 16/16 Mechanical left-hand PowerReverser 8 speeds between 4 and 12 km/h 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with a 1:1 forward/reverse gear ratio Available in 30 k and 40 k versions Optional creeper unit adds 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds Optional PowerQuad 16/16 Mechanical left-hand PowerReverser with four owershiftable gears 8 speeds between 4 and 12 km/h 4 fully-synchronized ranges, for 16 forward/16 reverse gears. Available in 30 k and 40 k versions Optional creeper unit adds 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds (360 m/h min. speed with 40 k 16/16)
Transmissions John Deere truly offers the power of choice. With our wide transmission line up, you can tailor tractor performance to meet your specific needs. From heavy ploughing to fast transport, we have the right transmission for you. Take a look at how you can turn the raw power of our hightorque PowerTech engines into workhorse productivity.
Optional PowerQuad 24/24 Mechanical left-hand PowerReverser with four powershiftable gears 6 fully-synchronized ranges, for 24 forward/ 24 reverse gears Optional creeper unit adds 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds (40 k 24/24 has a minimum creeper speed of 160 m/h) Park locks are integrated into the control lever of each transmission for easy engagement.
The reliable, self-adjusting PermaClutch 2 main drive clutch features large diameter disks to provide ample surface area to transfer power effectively. Cooled and filtered oil services the clutch after each engagement to help prevent heat buildup. You get long-lasting performance and smooth modulated engagements.
At A Glance Six transmission choices matched to your specific requirements All provide comfortable, easy-to-use controls for smooth shifting

Specifications 6130

ENGINE PERFORMANCE Stage III certified acc. 97/68/EC Power (97/68/EC) at rated speed (w/o fan) Max. Power (97/68/EC) Power (ECE-R24) at rated speed (with fan) Max. Power (ECE-R24) Cylinders / Turbo / Charge Air Cooler / Displacement Rated Speed Max. Power at engine speed Engine speed at max Torque Constant power range Torque Reserve Fuel injection system Type of injection Cooling Fan Air cleaner Clutch TRANSMISSION SyncroPlus 12/4; PowerReverser 16/16; or PowerQuad 16/16; 16/16; 24/24; Additional 12/12 Creeper reduction 1:10 PTO REAR 4PTO Clutch 540 / 540E / 1000 Rear PTO at rated PTO speeds BRAKES Foot brake Parking lock 4WD braking AXLES 2WD version Engagement 4WD Engagement front differential lock Engagement rear differential lock Caster angle / turning radius w/o brakes 4WD HYDRAULIC SYSTEM AND 3-POINT-HITCH Type (base) Type (option) Pump capacity / maximum pressure with PC Pump capacity / maximum pressure with PFC Category Sensing type Sensing modes Control modes Max. lift capacity base/optional CAPACITY Fuel tank (Standard / Opt. /Low Profile) Alternator / Batterie Hydraulic & Transmission oil / change intervall Engine Oil / chenge intervall Engine Coolant / change intervall 2-POST FOLDABLE ROLL-GUARD (ROPS) Noise at drivers ear Fold-down possibility Low Profile with platform with tunnel Display CHASSIS Structure Engine Mounting Specications and design subject to change without notice.

61 kW (83 hp) 70 kW (95 hp) 77 kW (105 hp) 85 kW (115 hp) 88 kW (120 hp) 95.5 kW (130 hp) 64 kW (87 hp) 73,5 kW (100 hp) 81 kW (110 hp) 89 kW (121 hp) 92,5 kW (126 hp) 100,5 kW (137 hp) 59 kW (80 hp) 67 kW (91 hp) 73,5 kW (100 hp) 82 kW (111 hp) 85 kW (115 hp) 92,5 kW (126 hp) 62 kW (84 hp) 70,5 kW (96 hp) 77 kW (105 hp) 86 kW (117 hp) 89 kW (121 hp) 97 kW (132 hp) 4 / T / X / 4530 ccm 4 / T / X / 4530 ccm 4 / T / X / 4530 ccm 4 / T / X / 4530 ccm 6 / T / X / 6780 ccm 6 / T / X / 6780 ccm 2300 rpm 2300 rpm 2300 rpm 2300 rpm 2300 rpm 2300 rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm 1600 rpm 1600 rpm 1600 rpm 1600 rpm 1600 rpm 1600 rpm 460 rpm 460 rpm 460 rpm 460 rpm 460 rpm 460 rpm 34 % 33 % 34 % 33 % 34 % 33 %.....Full authority electronic engine management........ 2 Valve High Pressure CommonRail..........Dual Temperature Cooling.......... Temperature controlled viscous fan.........PowerCore precleaning........ Oil cooled, PermaClutch II, 225 mm diameter discs.........Optional with 9/3 creeper........ Mechanical Left hand PowerReverser with neutral position; F/R Ratio 1:1.... .... 4 powershiftable gears; Mechanical Left Hand PowerReverser with neutral position; F/R Ratio 1:1... .... Option for PowerReverser and PowerQuad Transmission........ Electro-hydraulically operated oil cooled multi-disc clutch......... 2143 / 1684 / 2208......... Oil cooled discs, self equalizing, self adjusting......... Transmission parking position......... Automatic 4WD engagement..... .....Electro-hydraulically operated, oil cooled clutch.........Automatic self locking under full load.........Electro-hydraulically operated, oil-cooled multi-disc.... 12 / 4410 mm 12 / 4410 mm 12 / 4410 mm 12 / 4410 mm 12 / 5120 mm 12 / 5120 mm....Load sensing with constant flow pump (PC = pressure compensated)......... Pressure and flow compensated (PFC)........54 or 63 or 81 Liter/min with 200 bar (PC)......... 60 or 110 Liter/min with 200 bar (PFC)..... II / IIIN II / IIIN II / IIIN II / IIIN II / IIIN II / IIIN.....Electronic lower link......... Load & depth control, infinite mix, float........ Height limiter, working depth, rate of drop, quick raise, quick pull-in; Hitch dampening.... 39.9 kN/51.0 kN 45.9 kN/51.0 kN 45.9 kN/51.0 kN 51.0 kN/59.0 kN 51.0 kN/59.0 kN 51.0 kN/66.2 kN 165 Liter / 185 Liter 90 A / 110 Ah 55 Liter / 1500 h 16 Liter / 500 h 24 Liter / 3000 h 165 Liter / 185 Liter 90 A / 110 Ah 55 Liter / 1500 h 16 Liter / 500 h 24 Liter / 3000 h 165 Liter / 185 Liter 90 A / 110 Ah 55 Liter / 1500 h 16 Liter / 500 h 24 Liter / 3000 h 165 Liter / 185 Liter 90 A / 110 Ah 55 Liter / 1500 h 16 Liter / 500 h 24 Liter / 3000 h 207 Liter / 250 Liter 90 A / 154 Ah 55 Liter / 1500 h 19.5 Liter / 500 h 28 Liter / 3000 h 207 Liter / 250 Liter 91 A / 154 Ah 55 Liter / 1500 h 19.5 Liter / 500 h 28 Liter / 3000 h

...... < 86 dB(A)..........Reduces height by 610 mm)......... Reduces height by 1950 mm........Analog Display with digital readout for km/h and PTO rpm........ Full steel frame..........4 vibration absorbing bearings.....
John Deere loaders and tractors were made for each other. John Deere engineers designed these high-capacity, heavy-duty loaders to perfectly match the 6030 Series specifications. These loaders take advantage of the strong, full frame design without interfering with your visibility; and the cylinders are sized to match the tractors hydraulic system. (Choose either pressure-and-flow compensated system with up to 110 L/m, or pressure compensated system with up to 81 L/m). Ask about our standard and self-levelling designs with full array of attachments.


DIMENSIONS A Overall height (mm) B Center of rear axel to top or ROPS (mm) Low profile 195 (mm) C Ground clearance 4WD, off center (mm) D Ground clearence 4WD, center (mm) E Width between outer rear fenders (mm) F Wheelbase 4WD (mm) G Overall length with base weight (mm) WEIGHT Minimum shipping weight (kg) Max. permissible weight (kg) Dimensions and weights above with tire sizes: Front Rear

14.9 R24 16.9 R38

16.9 R24 18.4 R38

8500 420/70 R28 18.4 R38

9500 420/70 R28 18.4 R38


900* 900 900

900 900

Rear ballast required in kg 0 Compatible without ballast 900 Compatible with John Deere ballast of 900 kg 1150 Compatible with John Deere ballast of 1150 kg at 1,4 m * 6230 and 583 only compatible with front weight code 8770
Dealer Support When it comes to in-the-field support, nothing matches the reliability of your John Deere dealer. Whether its service after the sale, a critical parts need for any of your equipment, regular tune-ups, or emergency repair, your dealer stands ready to deliver the prompt and friendly service thats the hallmark of John Deere. Its all part of our long-term commitment to your success. Not only are John Deere 6030 Series Open Station Tractors easy to service, theyre easy to maintain. With multiple servicefree components and easy daily service points, youll have more time to spend in the field and less time getting there.
Get world-class sales, service, and support 8
Take the credit for buying the best John Deere Credit A range of financing options as powerful as our products. Contact your John Deere dealer for a comprehensive range of finance options to suit the specific needs of your business. Not available in all countries please consult your local dealers.
John Deeres green and yellow colour scheme, the leaping deer symbol, and JOHN DEERE are trademarks of Deere & Company.


This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation. While general information, pictures, and descriptions are provided, some illustrations and text may include finance, credit, insurance, product options and accessories NOT AVAILABLE in all regions. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS. John Deere reserves the right to change specification and design of products described in this literature without notice.

At A Glance A worldwide network of dealers ensures support wherever you need it 24-hour access to parts and online ordering Unmatched product knowledge



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