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Marshall MG15CDMarshall MG15CD Two Channel 15 Watt Guitar Amp w/EQ
15 Watts RMS2 Channels - CD Input - Armed with two channels, a three-band EQ, FDD and 15 Watts RMS of real Marshall power, the MG15CD combo delivers superb tone - from pristine clean to out and out filth! The ultra-flexible contour control allows you to fine-tune the all-important mids from woody and warm to scooped and slammin'... and all points in between.

Brand: Marshall
Part Number: MG15CD
UPC: 05030463123874, 5030463123874
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MG15 Hbk multi 230V


9:54 am

Page B

MG 5 1


MG 5CD 1 MG 5CDR 1











Owners Manual

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Page 1

From Jim Marshall

ENGLISH I would like to thank you personally for selecting one of our new 15 Watt, MG combos the MG15CD, the MG15CDR or the MG15DFX. As a musician myself I fully understand the necessity of achieving the right tone and feel to help inspire musicians to reach their full creative potential be they aspiring beginners or more skilled players. With this in mind I set my experienced R&D team the task of designing a new range of affordable MG amplifiers that truly captured the essence of the Marshall sound. Utilising new technologies, some of which were developed for our critically acclaimed AVT range, the new MG Series raises the standard for what can be expected from a value-for-money range of guitar amplifiers and defines a new benchmark. For example, the power amp section of your MG15 combo boasts FDD (Frequency Dependant Damping) a radical new feature that is exclusive to Marshall Amplification and accurately mimics the way an all-valve amplifier interacts with a loudspeaker. As a result of FDD, your new MG15 will give you a sound never before thought possible in such an affordable, non-valve amp. Two of these three units also feature built-in effects the MG15CDR boasts a natural sounding spring reverb, while the MG15DFX houses specially designed Digital Effects (DFX). The DFX featured in the MG15DFX are custom voiced by our own in-house design team. Each one of the four effects on offer (Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flange) have been designed to give you the true warmth and feel of analogue effects, but in a highly flexible digital format. Furthermore, a wide range of variations for each effect are literally at your fingertips merely tweaking the two digital effects controls on the front panel will give rise to sounds that range from subtle to radical, while always remaining both natural and musical. Like all the amplifiers in my new MG range, the MG15 was completely designed and engineered in the UK and the most rigorous quality control procedures ensure that it meets the standard of build you have come to expect from all Marshall products. Whether the MG15 is your first ever Marshall or is the latest addition to your arsenal of amps, the tone, flexibility and feel of this compact, rugged combo will deliver the goods from bedroom to backstage! I wish you every success with your new Marshall. Welcome to the family Yours Sincerely,

Page 2

WARNING! - Important safety instructions
WARNING: This apparatus must be earthed!
A. PLEASE read this instruction manual carefully before switching on. B. ALWAYS use the supplied mains lead, if a replacement is required please contact your authorised Marshall Dealer. Note: Closed back equipment with non-detachable mains cord. When the equipment is not in use or is being transported, the mains cord should be gathered and retained under the top strap handle to prevent damage. See diagram. C. NEVER attempt to by-pass the fuses or fit ones of the incorrect value. D. DO NOT attempt to remove the amplifier chassis, there are no user serviceable parts. E. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as when the power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally or has been dropped. F. NEVER use an amplifier in damp or wet conditions. G. ALWAYS unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. H. PROTECT the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles and at the point where they exit from the apparatus. I. DO NOT switch the amplifier on without the loudspeaker connected. ENGLISH
Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the requirements of the EMC directive (Environments E1, E2 and E3 EN 55103-1/2) and the Low Voltage directive in the E.U. EUROPE ONLY - Note: The Peak Inrush current for the MG15CD, MG15CDR and MG15DFX is

2.5 amps.

CAUTION: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for
compliance may void the users authority to operate the equipment.
Note: It is recommended that all audio cables used to connect to the MG15CD, MG15CDR and

MG15DFX are of a high quality screened type. These should not exceed 10 metres in length.
WARNING: Always ensure free movement of air around the amplifier!
USA ONLY - DO NOT defeat the purpose of the polarised or grounding type plug. A polarised plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. When the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
Follow all instructions and heed all warnings KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS !

Page 3

MG15CD Front Panel Features

Clean Overdrive EQ

MG 5CD 1






MG15CDR Front Panel Features
Clean Overdrive EQ Reverb


MG15DFX Front Panel Features

1. INPUT jack

Use a good quality (screened) guitar cable to plug your guitar in here.
3. OD (Overdrive) SELECT switch
Depressing the Overdrive Select Switch will engage the Overdrive Channel.

2. Clean VOLUME control

When the OD Select switch is out, this control adjusts the volume of the Clean Channel. At low settings the sound will be very clean with a bell-like ring. Turning this control above half way will introduce a desirable, bluesy distortion as the power amplifier is driven into crunch mode.
4. Overdrive GAIN control
Turning up the Overdrive Gain Control will increase the amount of distortion generated in the Overdrive channel. Low gain settings will produce classic rock and blues tones. Crank the Gain for fat and aggressive sounds that are perfect for soloing or hard rock and nu-metal riffing.

Page 4

5. Overdrive VOLUME control
Amazingly enough, this control adjusts the volume of the Overdrive channel! The louder this channel is set, the looser the amplifier will sound and feel. This behaviour is exactly what a good all-valve amplifier does and is a result of our proprietary FDD circuitry.

Plug your headphones here for a killer speaker emulated sound! Doing this mutes your MG15s internal speaker for silent practice.
12. POWER Switch & LED
The power switch turns your amplifier on and off. The LED will be lit when your amplifier is on and will not be lit when the amplifier is switched off. Note: Before connecting to the mains electricity supply, always ensure that your electricity supply is compatible with your amplifier, as detailed on the rear panel. Please ensure the amplifier is switched off and unplugged from the mains electricity supply before being moved.

6. EQ BASS control

This control affects the bass or bottom end of your sound. Increasing the bass control will add warmth to your clean and balls to your overdrive tones.

7. EQ CONTOUR control

This highly effective tone control works by radically modifying the mid-range (body). The tone can range from traditional and woody sounding (setting at 10), to balls-to-the-wall (setting at midway), to aggressive, scooped and modern (setting at 0)and all points inbetween.
13. Reverb LEVEL control (MG15CDR only)
Increasing the Reverb Level control will mix more of the naturally voiced spring reverb signal into your sound as youll find, you can go from subtle to surf at the mere twist of this control!

8. EQ TREBLE control

This control affects the treble or top end of your sound. Increasing the amount of treble will give a glassy edge to your clean sounds and increase the definition on low gain overdrive or the amount of aggressive fizz and cut on high gain tones.
9. FDD (Frequency Dependant Damping) Switch
Marshalls proprietary FDD circuit accurately mimics the way an all-valve amplifier interacts with the loudspeaker and adds a width and depth to your sound which has been unachievable in an affordable solid-state amplifieruntil now!
The MG15s cleverly combine the Line Out and CD Input functions. If you want to jam to your favourite CD or tape, merely connect the headphone output of your CD or tape player here, adjust the CD / TAPE players volume to match that of your guitar and hey-presto youve got the perfect play-along practice system. Alternatively, you can use this socket to connect the MG15 to your multi-track recording machine and youll get a great speaker emulated guitar sound direct to disk or tape. HELPFUL HINT: for silent recording merely plug an unconnected jack plug into the headphone socket and youll disconnect the MG15s internal speaker.

Page 5

14. Digital FX PRESET / ADJUST control (MG15DFX only)
This control serves a dual purpose. Not only does it allow you to select one of the four types of effects on offer (Reverb (RVB), Delay (DLY), Chorus (CHR) or Flange (FLG)), it also allows you to change a parameter as you sweep it through each of the four effect segments. The parameter you can adjust for each of the four effects is shown below:


Reverb (RVB)

Parameter (adjustment*)

Reverb Decay Time (from short to long)


A natural sounding Reverb that never sounds harsh or grainy. Short Reverb times produce a plate type effect while longer Reverb times produce much larger sounding hall-type effects. Short Delay Times will automatically have less repeats for groovy surf tones. Increasing the Delay Time automatically increases the number of repeats for a much more atmospheric effect. At slow Speeds a mellow phase-like sweep occurs. As the Speed is increased a more traditional chorus effect is heard. At maximum Speed, a psychedelic vibrato results. At slow Speed settings the amount of regeneration is automatically increased for huge jet engine-like sweeps. As the speed is increased the regeneration decreases to produce a lush, natural sounding flange effect. When the Speed is maxed out, a fast vibrato results.

Delay (DLY)

Delay Time (from short to long)

Chorus (CHR)

Speed (from slow to fast)

Flange (FLG)

*as you turn the control clockwise through the segment dedicated to that effect
15. Digital FX LEVEL control (MG15DFX only)
This controls how much of the chosen effect gets mixed in with your unaffected (dry) guitar tone. Want to hear more of the DFX youve just dialled in? Then simply turn this up!

9:58 am

Page 26

MG 5 MG5

Technical Specification Especificaciones tcnicas Technische Daten Caractristiques techniques
Power Output Potencia de salida Ausgangsleistung Puissance de sortie Main Guitar Input Impedance Impedancia de entrada principal de guitarra Guitar Input Eingangsimpedanz Impdance d'entre CD Input Input impedance Impedancia de entrada de CD CD Input Eingangsimpedanz Impdance d'entre CD Emulated Output Level Nivel de salida de lnea simulada Emulated Output Ausgangspegel Niveau de sortie Weight Peso Gewicht Poids Size (mm) Tamao (mm) Mae (mm) Taille (mm)
15W RMS into 8 Technical 15W RMS sobre 8 15W RMS an 8 15W RMS sous 8 ohms 15W RMS / 8 1M 1M 1M 1M 1M 3.3k 3.3k 3.3k 3.3k 3.3k -10dBV -10dBV -10dBV -10dBV -10dBV 7.2kg Techniques 7.2kg 7.2kg 7.2kg 7.2kg 350mm x 350mm x 185mm 350mm x 350mm x 185mm 350mm x 350mm x 185mm 350mm x 350mm x 185mm 350mm x 350mm x 185mm

Tcnicas Technische

Page A

Suggested Settings

Configuraciones que sugerimos Soundvorschlge Exemples de Rglages
Here follows four sample settings to act as starting points from which to develop your own sounds. N.B. Volume should be adjusted to taste.


Bright Clean

Warm Clean

Blues / Crunch
Marshall Amplification plc
Denbigh Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1DQ, England Tel : [01908] 375411 Fax : [01908] 376118

Whilst the information contained herein is correct at the time of publication, due to our policy of constant improvement and development, Marshall Amplification plc reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice. 230V



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