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Plantronics A100Plantronics 45742-01 Ear CUSHION, T100, A100

Cell Phone - Plantronics

PLANTRONICS (45742-01) -- Ear Cushion

Part Number: 45742-01
UPC: 45742-01

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dhirenb 5:53pm on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
"Since the only other reviewer for this lens actually wrote a review for the camera body and not the lens. "This camera is awesome. You would not believe the photos that are produced by this camera. It shoots 5frp, and its amazing!!! Very smooth.
Culpeper 10:23am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
the sony dslr-a100 or alpha 100 is a very fine camera, it does what it has to do make it possible to get great pictures. I originally purchased this camera after having been thrilled with my Minolta film SLR for years.
Molder99asw 2:48am on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
Have had this camera a little over a year. Bought the A100 just as the A200 was announced, as a backup for the A700, so got a good price. overall it is a great camera, I like the big body and the pictures are really nice.
songjie 9:43pm on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
I originally purchased this camera after havi...  This camera takes some very nice photos. I originally purchased this camera after having been thrilled with my Minolta film SLR for years.
thierryceretto 6:10pm on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
Compact, good handling, multi-featured, relatively light Very complicated seetings and displays; kit lenses so-so Image Quality Ease of Use Features Value for $$$$ DSLR- Need to Change Lenses (also a +++++)
SebastienT 8:38pm on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 
I finally bought this Sony Alpha A100, I tested it against my other cameras, and I found that I love the A100 more now. Some people can review because they have felt, played, and shot the camera like I have.

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Practica A100 Telephone Headset System
Lightweight Headset: Adjustable headband and microphone boom Sound Quality: Adjustable volume for optimum sound Compatible: Works with most single- or multi-line telephones
Increase your productivity and comfort. Using a headset can increase your productivity by allowing you to handle other tasks while talking on the phone. Additionally, the use of a headset can reduce the neck, upper back, and shoulder tension allowing for a more comfortable work environment. Experience the freedom, comfort and great sound quality of a Plantronics telephone headset system. Do more. Comfortably.


Practica A100 Telephone Headset System Delivers:
Compatibility: Full-featured amplifier works with virtually any phone Increased Productivity: Get more done with both hands free Increased Comfort: Reduce the neck, shoulder and upper back discomfort that is associated with traditional handset telephone use Easy Installation: Connects to single- or multi-line corded telephones via RJ11 connectors Practica A100 Key Features: Adjustable microphone boom Volume control Mute/low battery light Headset/handset switch

Product Specifications

Physical Base: Headset: Weight Base: Headset: Environmental Operation temperature: Storage temperature: Electrical 78 x 120 x 29 mm 130 x 150 mm 280 grams 85 grams 3.9C - 48.9C -40C - 65.5C 3 VDC
(2 x AA batteries not included) Specifications are subject to change.
(3.04 in. x 4.7 in. x 1.14 in.) (5 in. x 5.85 in.) (9.8 ounces) (3 ounces) (40 F - 120 F) (-40 F - 150 F)
OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Plantronics headsets deliver superior durability and reliability QUESTIONS? Contact your local distributor or visit our website at:


Plantronics Inc., 345 Encinal Street / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 /
October 1999 Plantronics, Inc. All rights reserved. The name Plantronics and the Plantronics logo are registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. and Practica is a trademark of Plantronics, Inc. PS-107


4783 A100 Spec Sht



Page 1


q Headband headset q 3 position compatibility switch q Handset/headset switch q Mute switch q Receive volume control q Low battery indicator

Product Specifications

H 3 IC M A

lan by P

tica Praco n i c s tr


Tx Output Level
1kHz, 96dB SPL to mic. 1cm distance, into 3.3 k ohms load. Microphone selector switch Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Response at 300 and 3000 Hz, rel. to 1 kHz ref. 96 dB SPL to mic. at 1cm distance Response, 400 - 3000 Hz, rel to 1 kHz/1V ref. receive line. Receive volume set to max, measured on speaker at 1cm distance Apply 1 kHz 1.0V to receive line, measured on speaker at 1cm distance Mute button on 2 AA Batteries (not supplied)
-45 dBV/Pa -60 dBV/Pa -30 dBV/Pa -6 dB -6 dB SPL
Tx Frequency Response Rx Frequency Response
1. Battery Case 2. Handset/Headset Switch 3. Mute Indicator 4. Mute Button 5. Volume Control 6. Microphone Selector Switch 7. Headset
Rx THD Mute effect Power source
Specifications are subject to change.

3% -65 dB

Plantronics Ltd Wootton Bassett, UK T: +842200 F: +848853 Plantronics Denmark Sborg Denmark T: +F: +45 39551052
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Plantronics SrL Milano, Italy T: +9511900 F: +9511903 Plantronics Nordic Region rebro, Sweden T: +121930 F: +121933
Plantronics Spain Madrid, Spain T: +44 +91 F: +46 Plantronics B.V. Hoofddorp, Netherlands T: (0)0800 PLANTRONICS (NL) (BE/LUX) F: +48015
For more information, call us on

0800 410014

Alternatively, visit our website
If calling from the Republic of Ireland, please phone 896

Plantronics, the name and logo design are Registered Trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. 2000 Plantronics Ltd. All Rights Reserved. UK08/00



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