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dougt 9:11pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Avoid at all costs! I made the mistake of buying this system just under a year ago.
roscho 6:28pm on Friday, July 9th, 2010 
Sound fan? This is a great system, the sound quality is incredible. it also has a built in dvd player. Great Sound & Vision, but hard to use I bought this product from Amazon.
sunil_gandhi 10:30pm on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
Great sound and stylish looks Could benefit from having a few more inputs Great sound and stylish looks Could benefit from having a few more inputs

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LG HT953TV - Home Theater Systems
LG 5.1 Tallboy DVD Home Cinema System
Experience audio like never before with this stylish, 1,000w home cinema system. Featuring an High end sound specially tuned by audio expert Mark Levinson, plus a built-in DVD player, convenient iDock, 10.1 Virtual Sound and Emotional touch buttons youll enjoy powerful performance

Key Features

Scarlet TV matching with parabola speaker Touch Pad control Total 1000W(155W*5+225W) Full HD UP-Scaling SimpLink iPod connection by stand

Free HDMI cable included

Scarlet TV matching with parabola speaker
DVD player with the sensitive touch button glown with scarlet red LED and Glossy parabola designed speakers to match your Scarlet TV.

Total 1000W(155W*5+225W)

This number is calculated after running various tests and getting the average from the best of conditions and the worst of conditions. Is defined as 1000w RMS.

iPod connection by stand

LG Home theatres are with i-pod docks, to connect your i-pod to listen music and charge together.

Touch Pad control

Sensational touch control pad. That controls the operations such as open / close / Volume + / Volume - / Skip / stop / play or likely options.

Full HD UP-Scaling

Ordinary broadcast or DVD discs provides 576x480p pixels, The newest HDTVs can display 1920x1080p. LGs Full HD UP-Scaling Function solves this problem. This function converts SD signal into 1080p signal that provides high resolution images.
LG DVD Home theatre or DVD players include HDMI cable to connect with your High definition TVs.
Total Power Output: 1000w RMS Front: 155x2 Rear: 155x2
Centre: 155 Subwoofer: 225


Full HD 1080p Up- scalling Tuner, USB Plus, Portable in, iPod Connectivity, Disc loading type: 1 Side Loading




Size (WxHxD) mm: 360x1005x324


Tall Boy


The LG system clearly wants to stand out from the crowd

HCC163.lg 56

3/11/08 5:51:52 pm
LGs latest DVD system ups the ante from 5.1 to virtual 10.1 surround sound with some help from audio king Mr Mark Levinson. Jim Hill investigates

HCC163.lg 57

Speaker power: The plastic cabinets lack the sonic character of wood, but still perform well

HCC163.lg 58

3/11/08 5:51:53 pm



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