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Jace 8:56am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
The ROKU labs M1001 (in the U.S.) is one fo the best tech products I have ever purchased. The newer versions have wireless security protocols.
nick83ola 7:04pm on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
The units now come with WEP and WPA wifi support, and with the latest upgrade it connected straight into my WPA-PSK network without a hitch. The ROKU labs M1001 (in the U.S.) is one fo the best tech products I have ever purchased. The newer versions have wireless security protocols. The units now come with WEP and WPA wifi support, and with the latest upgrade it connected straight into my WPA-PSK network without a hitch.
ttt 1:47am on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
Another dead Soundbridge Radio Along with the other reviewers, my Soundbridge radio worked really well but died whilst in warranty.

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Pinnacle Systems announces distribution of Pinnacle SoundBridge players
Pinewood, England March 10, 2006 Pinnacle Systems launched today Pinnacle SoundBridge and Pinnacle SoundBridge Radio, two network music players that meet the award-winning Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 in Pinnacles Digital Media Adapter category. With sleek industrial design and network connectivity, Pinnacle SoundBridge is a true plug and play solution for enjoying all the music stored on the PC or Mac throughout the house via Wi-Fi. The consumer will have the comfort of controlling their digital music library from across the room with the remote control and listening to a large selection of free Internet radio stations from around the world. The fact that Pinnacle SoundBridge plays Internet radio without the computer on, that its the most compatible network music player on the market requiring no additional software installations, and its installation is plug and play, are only some of the advantages of Pinnacle SoundBridge.
Contact Ann Holland Phone 650.321.1394 ext. 19
Compatibility with a wide range of formats and music player software
Users can listen to a great diversity of audio formats including WMA, AAC (except protected AAC files), MP3, WAV and AIFF. SoundBridge is also compatible with all music services using Windows Media DRM 10 (Janus) and the PlaysForSure standard, and has built-in support for iTunes; Rhapsody; Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Player 10; as well as any UPnP server such as Musicmatch, TwonkyVision and more.

Pinnacle SoundBridge

SoundBridge connects to the consumers stereo system or powered speakers to play music libraries and stored playlists, including iTunes Smart Playlists, Internet radio and podcasts. Users can browse large libraries easily, search for Song Title, Artist, Album, Composer and Keyword, or create an ad hoc playlist to suit their mood. SoundBridge offers dynamic music visualisers, brightness and text size settings, and is small enough to place anywhere.
Pinnacle SoundBridge Radio
With all the functionalities of SoundBridge, plus a precision-engineered sound system including patented Linear Magnetic Drive stereo speakers and subwoofer, SoundBridge Radio is a complete Wi-Fi Music System with unsurpassed audio quality bringing the world of Internet radio to every room of the house. Users will enjoy access to thousands of free Internet radio stations from around the world with no need for the computer to be turned on, no software installation and no subscription fees required. SoundBridge Radio also has AM/FM
radio and alarm with clock that updates direct from naval observatory time for no more worrying about setting the time. A headphone jack and SD card slot are also provided.

Price and Availability

Pinnacle SoundBridge carries a SRP of 149.99 and Pinnacle SoundBridge Radio has a SRP of 299.99. They are available through the Pinnacle Website at www. and at most major retailers.
About Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avid Technology, Inc., is an industry leader in providing a complete set of home video editing tools for the consumer market. The companys product lines, including Pinnacle PCTV, Dazzle, Pinnacle ShowCenter, Pinnacle Studio MediaSuite, and its flagship Pinnacle Studio line, cover the needs and requirements of everyone from entrylevel to intermediate and advanced video storytellers. Pinnacle Systems has received nine prestigious Emmy Awards for its technical innovations and carries the commitment to help consumers enhance, preserve and share their memories with ease. For more information, visit

2006 Avid Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Product features, specifications, system requirements and availability are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to change without notice. Contact your local office or reseller for current or local prices. Avid is either a registered trademark or trademark of Avid Technology, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Pinnacle Systems, the Pinnacle Pinwheel logo, Pinnacle PCTV, Dazzle, Pinnacle ShowCenter, Pinnacle MediaSuite, and Pinnacle Studio are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Pinnacle Systems, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Emmy is a registered trademark of ATAS/NATAS. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.


Roku Announces Free Software Tools for Digital Home
SoundBridge 2.5 software update adds many new features including Roku Radio Snooper to easily find new Internet Radio stations and Firefly Media Server
PALO ALTO, Calif., July 6, 2006 Today Roku released three new significant software applications for the Digital Home. Together these software tools greatly expand on the features and functionality of SoundBridge network music player and SoundBridge Radio. They dramatically increase the number of Internet Radio stations that can be played, and they provide an easy, one-step process to find the address of almost any Internet Radio station and create a preset for that station. All three applications are free, and information for downloading them can be found at
Contact Ann Holland Phone 650.321.1394 ext. 19
Roku SoundBridge 2.5 Software Upgrade
The SoundBridge 2.5 free software update is available today for all existing and new SoundBridge customers. The update is compatible with all four models of SoundBridge, SoundBridge Radio, and Pinnacle SoundBridge. The upgrade is simple to install using Rokus on-device, one-click update. Major new features include: Microsoft WMA Internet radio support - Now SoundBridge can access thousands more Internet radio stations Browse a library of Internet radio stations A list of nearly 100 high-quality Internet radio stations can be browsed by name, location, genre or language Roku Radio Snooper compatibility Easily find and set most Internet radio stations from around the world Presets - 18 presets can be set to Internet radio stations, playlists, specific artists, albums, a selection like all songs, etc. Plus, your selections shuffle and repeat status is also remembered, so if you want a preset of all Coldplay songs shuffled, you can create it. Software Update Prompts - Automatically checks for new software updates New Fonts - New fonts available for one-line mode on M1000 and two-line mode on M2000 and R1000 New Roku Control Protocol (RCP) RCP allows developers to create applications to control a SoundBridge from a PDA or computer New Roku Server Protocol (RSP) RSP allows creation of more advanced server features; the Firely Media Server supports RSP

Roku Radio Snooper

One of the biggest problems for users listening to Internet radio stations with devices such as the SoundBridge Radio is finding the address of a particular Internet radio station. There are tens of thousands of stations, but many dont publish their addresses, or they sometimes change unexpectedly. The Roku Radio Snooper solves this problem by showing users the addresses of their favorite stations. It also checks stations for compatibility with SoundBridge, and provides one-button playback of the station on the SoundBridge and the ability to set the station as a SoundBridge preset with one button click.

Firefly Media Server

The Firefly Media Server is an Open Source project sponsored by Roku and to which Roku is contributing code. Firefly supports SoundBridges new Roku Server Protocol (RSP), a Roku proprietary method of streaming a users music library to their SoundBridge that maximizes integration between the music library and the SoundBridge. Firefly is also an option for customers who want a high-performance server, the benefits of the community aspects of Open Source, or who want support for file formats such as FLAC. Firefly works with Windows, Macintosh or Linux. SoundBridge continues to focus on compatibility, and is the most compatible network music player with support for the largest number of music servers. Native support is included for Microsoft Windows Media Connect, Apple iTunes, Real Networks Rhapsody, Twonkyvision, Musicmatch, Yahoo Music Engine, Firefly Media Server and others.

Leading Solution

Our SoundBridge network music players and Internet radio are leading the market with advanced features and flexibility for consumers, said Anthony Wood, Roku founder and CEO. Our free release of the new 2.5 software, Radio Snooper, and Firefly demonstrate our commitment to the digital home market and community.

About Roku

Roku is the market leader in digital media streaming and Internet radio products. The companys business focuses on retail products and technology licensing to brand name OEMs. Roku SoundBridge models and SoundBridge Radio are sold through major retailers in the U.S. and Canada such as Best Buy, Dell, Frys and Tweeter. Major licenses of Rokus technology include Pinnacle Systems. Located in Palo Alto, Calif, Roku was founded by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR).



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