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hange 1:02pm on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
Comes to dot matrix printer Epson is the leading producers of this kind of printer.
webdev2 5:55am on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
EPSON LQ 300+II EPSON LQ 300+II is a very Cost Effective and versatile to in so many paper type office printer.
soop 5:15am on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 
I have had my Epson LQ-300 for ages. cheap to run, good autofeeding mechanism noise I was given this printer by a friend who no longer wanted it. Carbon copies Only good for text printing

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LX-1170 II

Key features Wide carriage 9-pin printer Up to 337 characters per second (12 cpi) Prints up to 5-part forms (1 original + 4 copies) Versatile top, bottom and rear paper paths 8 built-in Bar code fonts Parallel and serial interfaces as standard USB interface
Epson is the worlds largest manufacturer of dot matrix printers with a product range that offers the ultimate in high speed, low cost, reliable and durable printing across all stationery types. Ideal for drafting, high volume data processing, and multi-part stationery for which there is simply no alternative no other technology offers such broad capability from a single machine.
The Epson LX-1170 II is the ideal 9-pin printer for light duties. The copy capability of one original plus four copies makes the Epson LX-1170 II suitable for a variety of environments including data reporting (e. g. telephone statistics and call log in, helpdesk and computer systems reporting), listings, shipping documents and measurement and control systems.
Options 50 sheet cut sheet feeder Roll paper holder Push / Pull tractor unit
Printer model Printing method Numbers of Pins Columns Colour Print direction Control code Interface
LX-1170 II Impact dot matrix 9 pins 136 columns Grey Bi-direction with logic seeking ESC/P, IBM 2381 Plus emulation Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 nibble mode supported), Serial I / F, USB (ver.1.1) I / F Pitch (CPI) 10 cpi 12 cpi 15 cpi 17 cpi condensed 20 cpi condensed High speed draft: Character per line cpi 12 cpi 10 cpi 12 cpi 10 cpi 12 cpi 300 cps 337 cps 225 cps 270 cps 56 cps 67 cps

Printable columns

Print speed


Paper handling
Paper Path Manual Insertion: Rear in, Top out Push Tractor: Rear in, Top out Pull Tractor: Rear / Bottom in, Top out Cut Sheet Feeder: Rear in, Top out Width: 546 mm Depth: 275 mm Height: 164 mm Weight: 6.6 kg 49 dB (A) 1 / 6 inch or programmable by 1 / 216 inch Original + 4 Mean print volume between failure (MVBF): 12 million lines (except print head) MTBF: 6000 POH Print head life: 400 million strokes per wire Input data buffer: 64 KBytes OS: Utility: Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / Me / XP and Microsoft Windows NT operating system Version 4.0 EPSON Status Monitor 3 (Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / Me / XP and Microsoft Windows NT operating system Version 4.0 environment only) Black Fabric 3 million characters (Draft 10 cpi, 14 dots / character) 5 to 35 C 10 to 80 % RH


Acoustic noise Line spacing Multi copy Reliability

Printer driver / utility

Ribbon cartridge
Colour: Type: Ribbon life: Temperature: Humidity:
Environmental conditions (operating) Electrical specifications
Rated voltage: AC 120 V, AC V Rated frequency: Hz Power consumption: Approx. 23 W (ISO / IEC10561 Letter pattern) Energy Star Compliant 50 sheets cut sheet feeder: C12C806392 Paper roll holder: C12C811141 Pull tractor unit: C12C800341 EpsonNet 802.11b / g Wireless and 10 / 100 Base Tx External Print Server For Europe except United Kingdom: C12C824372 For United Kingdom: C12C824373


Network options

Release: 04/2007
All features and specifications described are subject to change without notice. EPSON is a registered trademark of SEIKO EPSON Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and / or other countries. Company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Setup Guide Installationshandbuch Guide dinstallation Guida di installazione Gua de instalacin Manual dinstalaci Manual de instalao Installatiehandleiding Installationsvejledning Asennusopas Installeringshndbok Installationshandbok Instalan pruka zembe helyezsi tmutato Podrcznik konguracji i instalacji Intalan prruka Ghid de instalare Seadistusjuhend Uzstdanas instrukcija Parengties vadovas Kurulum klavuzu Prironik za namestitev Vodi za postavu Uputstvo za postavljanje


DE: Maschinenlrminformations-Verordnung 3. GPSGV: Der hchste Schalldruckpegel betrgt 70 dB(A) oder weniger gemss EN ISO 7779.
Printed in XXXX XX.XX-XX XXX
For detailed information and safety recommendations, refer to the Users Guide (installed with the software). Ausfhrliche Informationen und Sicherheitsempfehlungen nden Sie im Benutzerhandbuch, das mit der Software installiert wurde. Pour plus d'informations et des recommendations concernant la scurit, reportez-vous au Guide de lutilisateur (install avec le logiciel). Per informazioni dettagliate e suggerimenti sulla sicurezza consultare la Guida per lutente installata con il software. Para obtener informacin detallada y recomendaciones sobre seguridad consulte la Gua de usuario (instalada con el software).
Para mais informaes e recomendaes sobre segurana, consulte o Manual do Utilizador (instalado com o software). Raadpleeg de gebruikershandleiding (genstalleerd met de software) voor meer informatie en veiligheidsvoorschriften\ Der ndes yderligere oplysninger og anbefalinger om sikkerhed i brugervejledningen (installeres sammen med softwaren). Listietoja ja turvaohjeita on Kyttoppaassa (asennetaan ohjelmiston kanssa). Hvis du vil ha mer detaljert informasjon og sikkerhetsanbefalinger, kan du se i brukerhndboken (som installeres med programvaren). Detaljerad information och skerhetsfreskrifter nns i Anvndarhandboken (installeras tillsammans med programmet).
Rszletes informcik s a biztonsggal kapcsolatos tudnivalk a szoftverrel egytt teleptett hasznlati tmutatban tallhatk.


Lhemat teavet ja ohutusalaseid soovitusi vt (koos tarkvaraga installeeritud) kasutusjuhendist Users Guide.


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General Notice: Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Epson disclaims any and all rights in those marks.
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