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3 Remote Temperature Sensor Accessory
What if something happens to my heating system? How can I check that the Chronotherm is working?
See the troubleshooting guide below. If you need assistance after this call your installer. The Chronotherm should only be opened or removed by a qualified professional to prevent possible injury from electric shock.


Trouble-Shooting Guide
Symptom Blank Display Possible Cause No batteries Battery orientation Exhausted batteries Improper battery cartridge insertion Display shows flashing symbol Batteries need replaced Power to boiler switched OFF Remedy Check batteries are in the battery compartment and that the paper tab has been pulled out Check that the batteries have been installed in the correct orientation. Replace batteries Remove battery cartridge and re-insert
The Remote Temperature Sensor accessory can be fitted to your Chronotherm to control the temperature of another room where it is inconvenient to locate the Chronotherm e.g. commercial premises where the public may adjust buttons. 4. Telephone Interface Accessory

What is a Chronotherm?

Change the batteries as described previously Check that the boiler has power e.g. look for a light or gauge working on the control panel Move the slider to the MANual position and press the TEMPerature button to increase the temperature a few degrees above the current room temperature. The heating should come on after a few seconds. Call installer to check electrical connection between the Chronotherm and the boiler Call installer A Honeywell Chronotherm is a programmable thermostat that controls your heating system, so that you can have comfortable temperatures when you are at home and energy savings when you are out. These instructions explain how to program and operate your Chronotherm to get the most comfort at the least cost.
Display works but heating does not switch on
Program does not call for heat The Telephone Interface accessory can be fitted between your Chronotherm and telephone to allow remote temperature setting by telephone. When activated by making a phone call to your home and keying a special code, the Telephone Interface will set the Chronotherm temperature to 21C and show the symbol. Normal operation of the Chronotherm will be resumed by RESETTING the output at the Telephone Interface Accessory or by re-dialling and keying in the code for normal operation. The remote temperature setting by telephone only works when the setting slider is in the AUTOmatic, MANual or OFF positions.
What will the CM67 Chronotherm do for me?
Attractive slim styling makes it ideal for location in any room in your home 7 day program lets you set the CM67 to match your weekly lifestyle 6 daily independent temperature levels let you set any 6 temperatures from 5 to 30C at any time each day, to match your daily lifestyle Party button lets you temporarily maintain (or adjust) the current temperature for 1 - 23 hours. Useful when you have friends round or go out of the house for a short while Day Off button copies Sundays program into tomorrow so that you can make the CM67 follow the Sunday program if you have a day off during the week Holiday button saves energy by letting you reduce the temperature for 1 to 99 days while you are on holiday, returning to normal operation on the day you return Memory holds the user program indefinitely so that it is never lost even if you take the batteries out Outside Temperature Sensor (optional accessory) can be fitted to the CM67 to display the outside temperature Telephone Interface (optional accessory) can be fitted to the CM67 to allow remote setting of the temperature by telephone Remote Temperature Sensor (optional accessory) can be fitted to the CM67 to control the temperature from another room

Chronotherm not connected to boiler properly Heating switches ON/OFF too slowly or quickly Temperature swings between too hot and too cold Display shows symbol Chronotherm not set correctly for your system Chronotherm not set correctly for your system Fault in the Chronotherm

Call installer

Can I use my Chronotherm to control my airconditioning system?
Yes. Please refer to your installer for more information.
Remove battery cartridge and re-insert. If the symbol does not clear itself in a few minutes call the installer

Comfort Solutions

Since 1885 Honeywell has been a major player in the development of control systems for home comfort. The wide range of products created in its Research Centres, including temperature, safety and energy saving controllers, have brought many benefits to users world-wide and earned Honeywell unmatched leadership. Honeywell is the world leader in comfort control both in commercial and domestic buildings. Its products offer you optimum temperature control and cost saving. The new CM60 Chronotherm series represents the latest stage of Honeywells continuous technological development and commitment.
Visit us on the Web at
CT200 Set-back Thermostat CM61 Daily Digital Chronotherm

T6360 Room Thermostats

The CT200 is a simple-to-use set-back thermostat that offers precise comfort control from its electronic thermostat and the possibility of energy savings through its set-back operation. With only three buttons on the control, setting the comfort and economy temperatures is straight forward. The CT200 can be set for a timed period of either comfort or economy temperature from 1 to 19 hours.
This one day digital chronotherm is designed for people who do not require a different program every day of the week. It has 6 time temperatures, holiday program and will accept any of the add on modules.
How do I install the batteries?
1. Lift up the front flap to reveal the battery compartment. Open the battery compartment by inserting a coin underneath the bottom right edge of the flap and lift it out. 2. Pull the paper tab out to activate the 2 AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries included and push the battery compartment firmly back into the front of the unit. After a pause the unit will now display information.

CM 31/37 Analogue Chronotherm
Electronic Radiator Controller
The T6360 mechanical thermostat is a simple but effective control for a wide range of hydronic heating, fan-coil air-conditioning and ventilation systems. A selection of extra features such as lamps and switches ensure a model is suitable for most applications.
The simplest chronotherm with the same attractive style as the CM61/ 67 and designed for people who prefer the traditional way of setting the time. Available in a daily (CM31) and weekly (CM37) versions. This product will not accept any of the add on modules.
The electronic radiator controller Rondostat allows you to easily increase your comfort in the home by controlling the temperature independently in different zones and radiators. The control fits easily onto most of the existing radiator valves and can be programmed for every day of the week or set manually by turning the round knob.

42009638-005 R3

CM67 Controls/Display Layout
The diagram below details the key button functions and display information.
Battery Low Indicator Day Button Copy Day Button Temperature Change Buttons = increase = decrease Battery Compartment Day Marker Time Display Burner on Indicator Temperature Display
2. Press the + or - button to adjust the first temperature change time. Holding the button down will change the time quickly. The change time can be set in 10 minute steps from 03:00 in the morning. The change time can be adjusted to any time up to 02:50 on the next morning, so you can maintain the evening temperature after midnight. (Note: If you are pressing the + button and the display flashes the next change time number 2, it means the next change time 2 will be pushed forward if you continue to press the + button). 3. Press the TEMPerature or button to adjust the first temperature level. Holding the button down will change the temperature quickly. The temperature can be set in 0.5C steps from 5C to 30C. 4. Press the PROGram 2 button to display the second temperature change time and temperature level for Monday. Set these by pressing the + or - button and TEMPerature or button. 5. The remaining temperature changes for Monday can be displayed by pressing PROGram buttons 3, 4, 5 and 6 and adjusted by using the + or - button and TEMPerature or button. (If you dont want to use all the temperature change times 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 refer to the next question What if I dont want to use all 6 temperature change times?). You now have a choice to set the program for the next day:-

I am having some friends round for coffee. How can I extend my heating program for a few hours?
When the slider is in the AUTOmatic position the temperature can be adjusted temporarily by pressing the (PARTY) button. Set the party time (1 - 23 hours) by pressing the + or - button. Set the party temperature (5C - 30C) by pressing the TEMPerature or button. The Chronotherm will control to the new temperature for the set number of hours and then go back to the normal temperature program. To cancel the PARTY setting press the button a second time or move the slider. The button can also be used when you go out (shopping, out with friends for coffee or to another party!) and want to reduce the temperature for a few hours to save energy.
How can I switch the Chronotherm off?
Move the slider to the OFF position. The unit has an intelligent built-in frost protection feature, so that if the temperature falls below 5C, it will automatically switch back on to prevent your pipes from freezing.
Information Enquiry Button
How do I know when the batteries need changed and how do I change them?
Your Chronotherm has built-in electronics that constantly monitor the battery power level. With no other accessories fitted and applications other than electric heating, the batteries should last about 4 years. When the batteries need replaced, a flashing symbol will be displayed. To change the batteries: 1. Lift up the front flap to reveal the battery compartment. Open the battery compartment by inserting a coin underneath the bottom right edge of the flap and lift it out. 2. Replace the used batteries with 2 new AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries (Duracell are recommended) and push the battery compartment firmly back into the front of the unit.

Time Change Buttons

Setting Slider Party Button Day Off Button Holiday Button Program Buttons
I have a day off work tomorrow and I am staying at home, do I have to re-program the CM67?
No, with one button press, the CM67 will remember that tomorrow is a day off. Tomorrow, the CM67 will control the temperature using Sundays program. (DAY When the slider is in the AUTOmatic position, press the OFF) button. A symbol will appear and the day marker for tomorrow will flash. This indicates that the Sunday temperature program will be followed tomorrow. Tomorrow the symbol will still appear but without the flashing day marker, the CM67 will be controlling tomorrows temperatures using Sundays program. To cancel tomorrows DAY OFF, press the the slider. If you have 2 or more days off press the going to bed.
How do I set the time and day?
1. Move the slider to the DAY / position. The time and day marker will now be flashing on the display indicating they can be changed.
RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Take care to dispose of used batteries carefully.
The Chronotherm has a permanent memory to keep your program settings while you change the batteries, you should never need to reprogram. However, if you take more than one minute to change them, you may need to correct the time by moving the slider to the position and pressing the + button. DAY /


6a. Press the COPY DAY button to copy Mondays program into Tuesday. To set several days of the week to the same program, press the COPY DAY button repeatedly. 6b. Press the DAY 1.7 button to step the day marker to Tuesday (Day 2). The program for Tuesday can then be set as described in steps 2 to 5. Programs for Wednesday (Day 3) to Sunday (Day 7) can be set in the same way, using the DAY 1.7 button. 7. Move the slider to the AUTOmatic position when you have completed steps 6a or 6b, The Chronotherm will now control the room temperature to match your program.
button twice or move button each night before
+ or - button until the correct time is displayed. Each 2. Press the button press will change the time by one minute and stop the display from flashing. Holding the button down for a few seconds will change the time slowly at first, then quickly. 3. Press the DAY 1.7 button until the day marker is positioned under the correct day (DAY 1 is Monday). Each button press moves the day marker by one day.
What other accessories can I buy that work with the Chronotherm?
Honeywell provides other accessories and Add-On modules that can be used with your Chronotherm, ask your installer for details :
1. Automatic Time Setting (ATS) Add-On Module * Display Today
How do I get started with the built-in temperature program?
Move the slider to the AUTOmatic position. The Chronotherm will now control your heating using the built-in temperature program:Monday to Friday 3 06:30 08:00 12:00 21C 18C 21C Saturday and Sunday 3 08:00 10:00 12:00 21C 21C 21C
What if I dont want to use all 6 temperature change times?
The built-in program uses 6 temperature change times as indicated by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the display. With the slider in the PROGram position, unwanted change times can be deleted by holding the appropriate PROGram buttons (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) down for a few seconds. The change time will be removed and the display will show dashes instead of a time / temperature display. Deleted temperature change times can be brought back by again pressing the appropriate program button (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) for a few seconds, with the slider in the PROGram position.

Display Tomorrow If you have a DAY OFF today and want to control the temperature using Sundays program press the button twice. To cancel any DAY OFF setting, either press the until the symbol disappears or move the slider. button repeatedly The ATS module picks up a daily time signal from a transmitter in Central Europe and corrects the time on the Chronotherm display. So:

Program Time Temperature

4 14:00 18C

5 18:00 21C

6 22:30 16C

4 14:00 21C

6 23:00 16C
Can I change the programmed temperature for a short time?
When the slider is in the AUTOmatic position the temperature can be adjusted temporarily by pressing the TEMPerature or button. This temperature will return to the program at the next temperature change time.
I am going on holiday for a few days. How do I save energy but ensure that the house is warm when I return?
1. Move the slider to the operating position you require on returning from holiday (AUTOmatic or MANual position) 2. Press the (HOLIDAY) button to display the holiday days counter and temperature. 3. Press the + or - button to set the holiday time (1 - 99 days). An extra flashing day marker shows you the holiday return day. 4. Press the TEMPerature or button to set the holiday temperature (5C - 30C). The unit will control to the new temperature for the set number of days holiday. At midnight the holiday days counter will be reduced by one until the selected number of days have passed. The unit will then return to normal control as set by the MANual or AUTOmatic slider position. To cancel the HOLIDAY setting, press the move the slider. button a second time or
You never need to set or adjust the time There is no need to adjust the unit by -/+ 1 hour in summer / winter since the unit does this automatically Your Chronotherm is the most accurate clock in your home so you can use this information to set-up all your other clocks.
* Not available in all Geographic Regions depending on transmitter range and home location 2. Outside Temperature Sensor Accessory
How do I set my own temperature program for each day of the week?
1. Move the slider to the PROGram position. You will see the first temperature change time and temperature level for Mondays program (the two small arrows are displayed only when the programmed temperature level is shown). The flashing display indicates that you can make changes.
How do I check the programmed temperature?
In normal operation the temperature displayed is the actual room temperature. To check the programmed temperature press the INFOrmaton button and the display will show the programmed temperature with the two small arrows.

How do I set one temperature for the whole day?
To operate as a simple thermostat with one temperature throughout the day, move the slider to the MANual position. Adjust the manual temperature by pressing the TEMPerature or button. The manual temperature can be set anywhere from 5C to 30C in 0.5C steps.
The Outside Temperature Sensor accessory can be fitted to your Chronotherm to display the outside temperature. By pressing the INFO button twice, the Chronotherm displays the external temperature.



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