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Cortex Dmix-300Cortex DMIX-300 Digital Music Control Station with iPod Dock
The Dmix-300 can be used as an iPod computer dock to transfer files to your iPod without having to remove it from your dMIX! The unit comes with supports for both standard (3g and above) iPod s, as well as iPod Mini's and Nano's.

Brand: Cortex
Part Numbers: CORTEX-DMIX-300, DMIX-300
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Welcome to Cortex! This Quickstart will help you get your iPod ready for use with DMIX-300/600. Before you dock your iPod and use it with the DMIX-300/600 there are a few setup tasks you must do first:
Using iTunes to optimize your sound files
First where it says On CD insert choose Ask to import CD option, which will set iTunes to prompt you when a disc is inserted, so iTunes will not automatically start ripping a cd when inserted.
(B) Prepare your computer so that when you rip music into your computer it will be of the supported format. (C) Convert any files that you have pre-ripped and or downloaded so they will work with your DMIX-300/600
(A) Enable your iPod for disk use
ENABLE YOUR iPOD FOR DISK USE First and most important is setting up your iPod so your Cortex player can read it. Plug in your iPod to your computer and wait for iTunes to identify it. When you see a representation of your iPod on your main screen, scroll down to options and un-click the manually manage music box and make sure that the Enable for disk use box is checked. Then you can re-check the manually manage music box depending on whether you do or do not want iTunes to manage your music.
If you wish to keep your music files Full quality (No compression) you may set the Import Using button to WAV encoder, and set the Setting menu to automatic, The rest of the setting should stay as they were.


Then, next to the Import Using you can choose one of two formats.
The following are the prefered settings you will want, to optimize iTunes and ensure all your music files are supported and will play on your DMIX-300/600. On your Mac or PC open iTunes, then under the EDIT pull down menu (iTunes menu for MAC) go to preferences, when the preferences box opens choose the ADVANCED pane, and in the ADVANCED pane choose the Importing button Settings for importing as WAV. But remember files that were downloaded or ripped to Mp3 will not sound any better by converting them to this format all you will be doing will be increasing thier size 300%!


Using iTunesto optimize your sound files (Continued)
Cortex chose to use the Mp3 format because it is the most widely used format for digital music compression.
So when Mp3 Encoder is chosen set the SETTINGS menu to CUSTOM because although the default setting is Higher Quality (192 kbps) we recommend (320 Kbps) because its a generous increase in sound quality without sacrificing file size. Next to Stereo Bit Rate: Choose (320 kbps) and under it make sure that the Use Variable Bit Rate Encoding (VBR) box IS NOT CHECKED! VBR files are not as reliable as Constant Bit Rate (CBR) files which is the default.
then click on kind and the music will sort by its format, you can then highlight the ones that are not mpeg (Mp3), but before you convert anything you must highlight the files that say protected and or DRM and copy them to a seperate folder as they are not currently compatible and WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE CONVERTED! after you have highlighted and copied those files to a seperate folder you can delete them from iTunes.
The rest of the settings can stay as the default with the exception of the last box (Filter Frequencies Below 10Hz) should be unchecked because although it may be fine to filter those frequencies for your laptop that barely audible low end can go a long way in a big club system. Finally the Mp3 encoder settings box should look like this.
Then you can highlight all other files that are not WAV or Mp3 and from the ADVANCED pull down menu select the Convert Selection to Mp3 and iTunes will go to work, this process may take a while depending on how many songs you are converting.

AAC and DRM FILES Most downloaded or ripped music is in the appropriate Mp3 format,however you may have ripped CDs on to your drive with the default settings in iTunes or another ripping program which would have created files that may not be currently supported. Or you may have purchased songs from iTunes and those files may be copy protected and are also known as DRM files, which must be sorted out of your iTunes because they cannot be converted.
Once that is done hit OK twice and iTunes will be ready to rip/convert all your files to the proper form of Wav and or Mp3 used by your DMIX-300/600.
Here are a few easy steps to quickly identify,sort and/or convert all other files including AAC and DRM files which are not currently supported with your DMIX-300/600.
First you must identify the different type of files and to do that you must sort them by file type also known as KIND, if you do not have a KIND column displayed in iTunes you can set iTunes to display one by right clicking on the top of the NAME column and adding Kind as one of the sort columns,
Once completed your files are ready and you may either use them off your hardrive or SYNC them back to your iPod or simply add them to your iPod. Remember to use the DBSE software to verify your database The resulting files will work perfect with your DMIX-300/600.
Once the conversion is done you will see both files in the iTunes window, the old files should still be highlighted, now you may either hit DELETE if the old files are still highlighted, or just sort by kind again and delete the old non-MP3 files.



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