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Yamaha PS3About Yamaha PS3
Here you can find all about Yamaha PS3 like keyboard and other informations. For example: theme.

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Absolute Series

Yamaha Hand Crafted Drums


This document is printed on chlorine-free (ECF) paper with soy ink.
High Quality Customization
Lets begin with a question: What would your ideal drum kit be like? We could put that question to a hundred drummers, and wed certainly get a hundred different answers. Theyd all talk about the tone, buildup, clarity and stick rebound, but each drummer has his or her own tastes and preferences. Even the shell color would be important. With YAMAHAs Absolute Series you can create the ideal drum kit by choosing your favorite elements from our highest-quality materials and components. So, why play just anybodys drum kit when you could have your very own dream kit?
Carefully selected maple material is used. It offers rich, warm tone and abundant sustain. This material is loved by drummers the world over, and is heard in every musical genre imaginable.
We use the nest Hokkaido-grown birch material, and its noted for a ne grain and attractive gloss. Although birch is hard, it has excellent workability. Drummers love its outstanding ability to carry the middle to low tones, as well as its sharp but solid response in the upper register. Birch material is also used for the Recording Custom, which can be considered the foundation of YAMAHAs system drum.
Both the maple and birch shells are available in the seven-ply (BD) and six-ply (FT, TT, SD) specications. Excellent durability is achieved with the use of premium materials, and through the combination of the air sealing system and YAMAHAs advanced woodworking technologies. The Absolute Series produces a well-balanced rumble. You can choose from a variety of sizes from an 8-inch tom-tom to a 24-inch bass drum.


6ply(TT FT SD)
Maple x Birch Custom Absolute (Burgundy Sparkle) Shells MAB2220R BAF1615 BAF1413 BAT1208 Snare Drum NSD1455 Hardware FP9500Cx2 HS1200D CH750 CH755x4 CSBW SS950 DS840 CL945B Additional SKRM100 Rack HXCP44x4 HXCP36 HXCP23x2 HXTL33x3 HXTL23 HXDB HXBCx5 HXOCx3 HXCCx4 HXLCx2

Absolute Lug or Hook Lug

Absolute Lug
Our complete specications are passed on to succeeding model lines, generation after generation. The already well-known Absolute Lug, for instance, can be firmly secured with a single bolt. Its a complete secure lug that doesnt interfere with vibrations of the shell. The insertion plate, which is located within the lug case, and the nylon ring at the lower part of the lug nut control the slackening of the tuning bolt, providing the utmost in tuning stability.
Nylon Ring Lug Nut Holding Plate Lug Nut

Hook Lug(Option)

The Hook Lug has been redesigned by thoroughly improving our innovative hook-type Nouveau Lug (used in the conventional Absolute Series) in every aspect. At the same time, the greatness of the lugs basic concept has been maintained. It can be said that the Hook Lug is truly a next-generation lug that transcends conventional lugs with its acoustical effect and tuning stability, as well as with the sturdiness needed for high-tension tuning and the way it facilitates quick head replacement. As with the Absolute Lug, the insertion plate and nylon ring within the lug nut control the slackening of the tuning bolt.
Birch Custom Absolute (White Grape Sparkle) Shells BAB2218HR BAT1412H BAT1411H BAT1209H BAT1008H BAT0807H Snare Drum MSD1365 Hardware DFP9500D HS1200T CH750 x 2 CH755 x 4 CSBW CHH930 SS950 DS840 Additional DTXT3 TP100 x 3 Rack HXCP44 x 5 HXCP24 HXTL23 HXTL33 x 3 HXTC x 7 HXLR x 8 HXBC x 4 HXCC x 4 HXDB x 2 HXOC x 2 HXAC x 4 HXLC x 3


A detailed drawing of Special Rubber Shell Nut
Nut Special Rubber The wave pattern of the fundamental tone
Y.E.S.S. II is an improved version of YAMAHAs original tom mount, known as the Y.E.S.S. (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System). Its unique design, which minimizes interference with the shells natural responsewhich some call the rumble has been adopted for the PHX Series and is highly praised by pro players worldwide. The Y.E.S.S. II-m model, which uses a metal plate instead of the wood plate found in the Y.E.S.S., has been adopted for the Absolute Series, producing even longer sustain.
In the Y.E.S.S. II-m mount system, the number of supported points (rubber spacers) is adjusted according to the size of the tom. For example, the number of supported points is minimal for a lightweight tom. For a heavyweight tom, rubber spacers, ranging in diameter from small to large, are carefully selected and distributed in order to modulate the rumbling caused by the weight of the drum. This results in clear response and well-balanced rumble from one drum to the next.

Maple Custom Absolute (Caramel Sparkle) Shells MAB1814 MAF1413 MAT1208 Snare Drum VSD1460 hardware FP8500B HS740A CS650A CS655Ax2 SS740A DS840 TH904A CL945B
Maple Custom Absolute (Solid Silver) Shells MAB2220Rx2 MAF1816 MAF1615 MAT1310 MAT1209 Snare Drum MAS1470 Hardware FP9500Cx2 HS1200D CH750x2 CH755x6 CSBW CHH930 SS950 DS840 Additional DTXT3 TP100 Rack HXCP44x6 HXCP36x3 HXCP23x3 HXTL33x5 HXDBx3 HXTCx3 HXBCx4 HXOCx6 HXACx2 HXLRx3 HXLCx2 HXCCx4

Vent Hole

BD20-24 BD18 FT TT-14-16 TT13 BD8-12 SD
The vent hole plays an important role in performance, since it affects not only the sensation of hitting the drum (the impact) but also the initial sound, sustain and tone. Through an exhaustive series of prototypes, YAMAHA has discovered the optimal number and vent hole position depending on the air capacity of each shell. Particularly, vent holes contribute to the enhancement of tone colors in midrange to low-frequency sounds, as well as the control of sustain.
Maple Custom Absolute (Midnight Sky Blue) Shells MAB2218Hx2 Snare Drum MAS1440 Hardware FP9500Cx2 HS1200D CS855x4 CH755x2 CH750 SS950 SS740A DS840 WS950Ax4 TH940Bx2 Additional DTXT3 DTXP4 TP120SD TP100x5 TP65x6 PCY155x2 PCY135x4 PCY65 RHH135 Rack HXCP23 HXBCx2
Tom Mounted BD or R-Version BD

Tom-Mounted BD

This type is equipped with YAMAHAs traditional tom-mount base. Because various holders such as a tom holder and a cymbal holder can be mounted onto the basic 22.2mm caliber, you can enjoy a variety of settings and congurations.

R-Version BD

Our constant quest for the ultimate in bass-drum performance has produced a new design, in which a tom-mount base has been eliminated from the upper part of the drum. The more powerful, direct sound that results will forever change the perception of what a bass drum can and should be. Moreover, the new design is very compatible with HEXRACK and various types of stands, so you can set up the kit exactly the way you want.
Birch Custom Absolute (Blue Ice Sparkle) Shells MAB1814H Snare Drum NSD1047M Hardware FP8500B CH755x4 CH750x2 CHH930 DS840 Additional DTXP4 TP65x5 PCY65x2 HH65 SKRM100 Rack HXR2L HXBCx4 HXTCx3 HXLRx3 HXACx2 HXCP23

Color Finishes

Vintage Natural(VN) #01 Burgundy Sparkle(BGS) #57

Vintage Black(VB) #02

Cherry Wood(CW) #04

Solid Black(SOB) #06

Caramel Sparkle(CSK) #58

White Grape Sparkle(WGS) #59
Blue Ice Sparkle(BIS) #60

Silver Sparkle(SLS) #07

Black Sparkle(BLP) #08
Red Pearl Natural(RPN) #09
White Marine Pearl(WMP) #11
Midnight Sky Blue(MNB) #61

Deep Blue(DBU) #62

Luminous White Sparkle(LWS) #63

Solid Silver(SOS) #64

Luminous White Sparkle
This newly developed Luminous White Sparkle appears to be a regular white sparkle under normal lighting. But be forewarned: Thanks to a special fluorescent coating, this spectacular finish glows in the dark. Even on a dark stage, your YAMAHA Absolute kit will establish its own unique territory!
Apple Sparkle Fade(ASF) #28
Black Sparkle Sunburst(BSS) #29

Blue Sparkle(BUP) #46

Red Sparkle(RDS) #47

Matte Natural(MNT) #65

Cherry Black Fade(CBF) #51
Midnight Sparkle(MNS) #52

Embossed Silver(ESL) #56

Snare Drum
For those who want to have the color-coordinated drum kit, color matching snare drums are lined up. The simple structure of the Absolute snare drum highlights the unique characteristics of maple and birch. Three different depths (7, 6 and 4) are available for the maple snare, and two depths (7 and 6) are available for the birch version. The Absolute Lug systeman important part of YAMAHAs reputation for performanceis also applied to these snare drums. Or, choose the excellent Hook Lug version for your new snare (6 depth only).


Lug Hoop BD Head TT/FT Head SD Head Tom Mount Sound Holes Bearing Edge BD Tension Bolt Absolute Lug or New Hook Lug (Option) Aluminum Die-cast Front: Ebony PS3 with YAMAHA Logo, Batter: PS3 Clear (only 18"BD: Coated Ambassador) Top : Clear Emperor, Bottom : Clear Ambassador Top : Coated Ambassador, Bottom : Snare Ambassador New YESSII-m mount FT TT14"-16" TT"45R1 T-Bolt Maple Custom Absolute Bass Drum 24" x18 MAB2418/H MAB2418R/HR 16" x14 MAT1614/H x13 MAT1613/H x12 MAT1412/H Floor TOM 16 x15 MAF1615/H x16 MAB2416/H x20 MAB2220/H MAB2220R/HR x14 x11 MAT1411/H x10 MAT1310/H 14 x13 MAF1413/H Birch Custom Absolute Bass Drum Bass Drum MAB2218 MAB2220R MAB2218R MAB2016 Bass Drum MAB2218H Bass Drum BAB2218 BAB2220R BAB2218R BAB2016 Bass Drum BAB2218H Floor Tom MAF1615 MAF1615 MAF1413 Floor Tom MAF1615H Floor Tom BAF1615 BAF1615 BAF1413 Floor Tom BAF1615H Mounted Tom MAT1412 MAT1209 Mounted Tom MAT1209H Mounted Tom BAT1412 BAT1209 Mounted Tom BAT1209H BAT1008H BAT1008 MAT1008H MAT1008 Hardware TH945B TH945B Hardware TH945B Hardware TH945B TH945B Hardware TH945B 24" x18 BAB2418/H BAB2418R/HR 16" x14 BAT1614/H x13 BAT1613/H x12 BAT1412/H Floor TOM 16 x15 BAF1615/H 22" x16 BAB2416/H x20 BAB2220/H BAB2220R/HR 14 x11 BAT1411/H x10 BAT1310/H 14 x13 BAF1413/H x18 BAB2218/H BAB2218R/HR TOM TOM 13" x9 BAT1309/H x9 BAT1209/H 12" x8 BAT1208/H x8 BAT1008/H Snare Drum 14 x7 BAS1470 x6 BAS1460/H 10" x7 BAT1007/H 8" x7" BAT0807/H x16 BAB2216/H 20" x18 BAB2018/H BAB2018R/HR x16 BAB2016/H 18" x14 BAB1814/H BAB1814F/HF 22" x18 MAB2218/H MAB2218R/HR TOM TOM 13" x9 MAT1309/H x9 MAT1209/H 12" x8 MAT1208/H x8 MAT1008/H SnareDrum 14 x6 MAS1460/H 10" x7 MAT1007/H 8" 7" MAT0807/H x16 MAB2216/H 20" x18 MAB2018/H MAB2018R/HR x16 MAB2016/H 18" x14 MAB1814/H MAB1814F/HF

BD20"-24" 10

BD18" 8

TT8"-12" 1




18 x16 MAF1816/H

x7 MAS1470

x4 MAS1440

Set Conguration
Maple Custom Absolute Absolute Lug Models Set No. MA2F2 MA2RF2 MA2RT2 MA0F2 MAT2 Set No. MAH2F2 MAHT2 Set No. BA2F2 BA2RF2 BA2RT2 BA0F2 BAT2 Set No. BAH2F2 BAHT2
Maple Custom Absolute New Hook Lug Models(Option) Birch Custom Absolute

18 x16 BAF1816/H

Absolute Lug Models

MA: Maple BA: Birch

R: R Version(Bass Drum Only) F: Floating (Bass Drum Only) Non: Tom mount Base(Bass Drum Only)


B: Bass Drum F: Floor Tom T: Tom Tom S: Snare Drum Depth Hook Lug (Non: Absolute Lug)
Birch Custom Absolute New Hook Lug Models(Option)
*Some models may not be available in some countries. *Colors shown in this catalog may not be represented exactly as the original colors due to printing processes involved. *Specications are subject to change without notice.



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