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Wizoo Darbuka&Latigo Setup (Kurulum)


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Wizoo MIDI Wizoo Wizoo Darbuk Borazan Mohamed Zaki Darbuka Suat Wizoo Virtual Guitarist Darbuka


Pentium III 500MHz 256MB RAM 2GB Windows XP VST 2.0 MIDI DVD-ROM
AMD7 Pentium 4/Athlon 1GHz
Power Macintosh G3 500MHz G4 256MB RAM 2GB Mac OS X 10.3.2 VST 2.0 AU RTAS MIDI DVD-ROM



Darbuka Windows

< Darbuka Windows
1. 2. Darbuka DVD 3. ON Windows XP DVD Darbuka DVD

1. 2. 3. 4. Darbuka

Darbuka Macintosh

< Darbuka Macintosh

1. ON 2. Darbuka DVD Darbuka DVD 3. Darbuka 4. Mac OS X DVD AU RTAS VST
1. Darbuka Data Darbuka Data Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Wizoo/Darbuka Data/ Darbuka 2.
VST/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Wizoo/Darbuka.vst Audio Unit/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Darbuka.component RTAS/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/Darbuka.rtas

/ Mac OS X

Darbuka Data
Wizoo Wizoo Wizoo 1. 2. 3. Wizoo

Product Certification

Wizoo Setup Product Certication Code
1. 2. Certify Online 3. Wizoo 4. 5. 6. Setup Wizoo Wizoo Submit

Wizoo Certication

Product Certicate
Wizoo Product Certication
Macintosh Product Certied. Wizoo
Macintosh Wizoo 1. Wizoo 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Wizoo Product Certication DVD Wizoo Wizoo Submit Wizoo Certify Off-line

html * Product Certicate

Macintosh Product Certied.

Data Setup

30 Certication Code

Darbuka Darbuka

14 Darbuka 16


< Style Info

Sort List

4 1. Darbuka

2. 3. 4.

& &
MIDI Darbuka MIDI C6 Darbuka Darbuka 2 1. 2. Save Save/Load / C2 Darbuka C#2

Darbuka MIDI C1 36

GUI Darbuka

Color Coding

< < <
Darbuka MIDI 1 Edit Darbuka Darbuka 2

1 Darbuka

< Track Tabs

Darbuka Home End

Darbuka 14

Darbuka Play

& Load

Shift &

Name Region Tempo
Name Darbuka Sort List by Region Darbuka bpm 1 Tempo Time Signature

Time Signature

Darbuka Output Darbuka
Darbuka XXL RAM RAM XXL XXL On Normal XXL Darbuka XXL On Setup 2 Normal XXL Save As Defaults /
half Darbuka normal double
80bpm Darbuka Guarana Speed Half

160bpm Wizoo 80bpm


& Darbuka



Max Off


50% Loose Tight


32 1/16 1/4 1/16 64

Bass / Mid High

High Mid Bass Riqq, Sagat, Tura, Shaker, Claps Darbuka, Bendir, Bongos Douhola, Reverse


Mid Low

Master Ambience

Darbuka Setup 2 AudioUnit RTAS Darbuka 1 AudioUnit RTAS Wizoo Mix AudioUnit RTAS / Darbuka Main Outputs 1
Setup & 2 Main Output & 1

Mix Time

< Ambience Controls

Mix Time

Master Equalizer

Fast Tight Slow


< Stereo And Surround

4 AudioUnit RTAS Darbuka Mix
AudioUnit RTAS / Darbuka Wizoo

1 AudioUnit RTAS

Mix Page Vertical Axis


Ambience Front/Rear Room Mode

Send /

Level Ambience Pan Front/Rear

Track Mixer

Track Solo

< EQ

3 Alt Ctrl

Q Macintosh On/Off

< Punch

Douhola Bendir 4 Sagat

< Level

< Pan

< Ambience
EQ 14 AudioUnit RTAS Darbuka 1 Darbuka AudioUnit RTAS Wizoo Indv.Output Mix AudioUnit RTAS /

Setup Darbuka

Individual Outputs
4 Outputs Setup Surround SETUP Main
Front/ Rear Mixer Pan Rear Bal Track /

Part Pattern Arranger 1

Part Each Part Part Parameters /


Pattern 1 MIDI

Pattern 14

Darbuka 1. Styles 2. Edit 3. MIDI Pattern Arranger Darbuka Edit Malful 2 C
4. 5. Sagat 6. Sag 01 Complexity

Dar 01 Sagat Sag 01 Low

Darbuka 1 Dar 03 Sagat Sagat 1/8
Macintosh Darbuka Macintosh

Ctrl Ctrl

The Pattern Selector

Edit Darbuka MIDI

Enter Return

MIDI Macintosh Ctrl

Stop MIDI C1 BNormal Normal

Fill/Short Fill End

Darbuka MIDI

Color Shading


Pattern Arranger


Home M S Shift + M

End / Shift + S

< 1

Default Edit No Change Mute Edit
Simplify Simplify Quantize Quantize Quantize

C4~C#5 Play

< Part Parameters



Loose 1/8 1/18

1/16 Swing


Master Complexity

Complexity Complexity

Level Dynamics Variance

Max Tuning

Bend Range

XXL On Darbuka MIDI

Bend Range 1 Decay


100% Offset

Edit Ctrl

1 Ambience Mix 2 MIDI


Learn Forget


MIDI MIDI CC Assignments CC Master Complexity Master Variance Master Volume Master Ambience Time Master Dynamics Density Master Quantize Master Swing Master Timing Master Tempo Master Ambience Mix Setup / Setup Default

MIDI Track1 MIDI 2


15 CC MIDI 1 14

Track Level Track Front/Rear Balance Track Pan Track Ambience Amount

Track Mute

1 MIDI MIDI Menu Options


C#4 Part


Main Outputs

Mute Mode

Toggle Held

Toggle Held

Released Velocity


Sync Mode

Self Host

Off Darbuka 2

Darbuka /

Pattern Change
Darbuka MIDI Darbuka 1/4Note

< Quantize

< Time Signature

Mix Mix Save as defaults

Off Level Ambience Send Front/Rear Room Mode

Knob Mode

Linear Circular Host


Tooltips Off Darbuka Style Name

Save As Defaults

Save As Defaults

XXL Auto Listen

Default MIDI CC Assignments MIDI CC


Save Load Reset
MIDI MIDI Reset Save Darbuka

Darbuka Stempel Lothar

Klangwelt Studios 4 Basem Darwisch-Schrmann

Lothar Krell

Lothar Krell Lothar 1997 Music Of One World Lothar

Suat Borazan

Darbuka, Douhola, Bendir
Percussion Suat Borazan Suat Suat Samira Saiid, Latifa, Mohamed Harem
Nurai Haftac, Ibrahim Tetlisis, Tarkan Fouad 5 Suat

Mohammed Zaki

Bendir, Riqq, Sagat, Tura, Bongos
Mohamed Zaki 6 Mohamed Dandash and Hindela or Hanan and Mustapha Amar Sherif, Beata and Horacio Cifuentes, Zahrah, Nabila and Sabina Zaida of Opole and Hann Natasha Atlas 2001 Novemberland 10 Mohamed Askari, Sharazad, Rita Philharmonia Gnther Grass

Basem Darwisch-Schrmann

Basem 17
Basem Al Jazeera Arabic radio Largoland Frankfurt, Gnther Baby Sommer, Gnther Grass, Matthias Frey, Bdi Siebert Lothar Krell Rahalah FreeMusic Mohamed Mounier, Mohamed Mohey, Fathy Salama and the Sharkiat Group

dum bek



11/2 4




Style Karachi Rai Wahrani Baio Daza Rumba Khaligi Su
Region Algeria Algeria Algeria Persian Gulf Persian Gulf Persian Gulf Persian Gulf

Original Tempo 100

Additional Info A rhythm originating from India and Pakistan. Probably the most popular Algerian rhythm, well known outside of northern Africa. A traditional rhythm originating from the city of Wahran in Algeria. 2/4 rhythm from the Persian Gulf. Traditional Persian Gulf rhythm. Arabian Rumba. A mystical rhythm with purely religious use played in the fasting month of Ramadan in contemplation of the pilgrimage to Mecca. Tura and Bendir play an important role. Named Hiob in the Koran and a synonym for patience and religious dedication. This rhythm is played to drive evil spirits away and has deeply rooted religious elements. A classic ancient Egyptian spiritual rhythm used with religious songs. Meaning farmer rhythm. Originates from the Nile Delta and Fayoum Oasis. Often performed for female ceremonies, the night before a wedding, births etc. One of the most popular rhythms in the modern Arab music and a standard in nearly all contemporary Arab recordings. Means Rondo or rhythm. Meaning the big Masmoudy, an important religious rhythm. Egyptian Rumba. Meaning upperEgyptian. Played in the south of Egypt, this rhythm expresses originality and tradition and comes from the deepest Al Saieed. Meaning hearing, the feature instrument is the Riqq. Meaning one. A classic Arabic rhythm used in ancient Egyptian music. The traditional wedding rhythm. It is played by large groups of Bendir players who accompany the bridal pair on their traditional parade. A rarely played ancient Arabic rhythm, one of the most difcult rhythms to play. Typical Lebanese traditional rhythm often used for weddings. Lebanese 6/8 rhythm used for traditional dancing. Typical traditional rhythm of Libya originating from the nomadic Bedouin.


Darig Fallahi Maksum Malfuf Masmoudy Kebir Rumba Masri Saidi Samai Thakil Wahda Zafa Zorofat Dabkkah Sudasi Libi
Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Lebanon Lebanon Libya

120 105

Style Maghrebi Jirk Nubian Reggae Nubian Samba Dishka Mambo Sudani Tom Tom Fazani Chiftetelli Churchuna Laz Havasi Roman Havasi Wals
Region Morocco Nubia Nubia Nubia Sudan Sudan Sudan Tunisia Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey

Original Tempo 125

Additional Info The most typical Moroccan traditional rhythm. Traditional Nubian rhythm from West Asswan. Nubian Reggae. Nubian Samba. Nubian-Sudanese rhythm from northern Sudan. A Sudanese interpretation of the Latin Mambo rhythm. A west Sudanese rhythm from Kordofan. A typical Tunisian traditional rhythm. Turkish traditional rhythm. Turkish traditional rhythm. Turkish traditional rhythm. Turkish traditional rhythm. Waltz rhythm.


< Peter Gorges

Virtual Instrument

Audio Engine: < Paul Kellett Interactive Playback Algorithms: < Mario Reinsch User Interface: < Benjamin Wendelstein Ambience & Dynamics: < Klaus Piehl, Matthias Klag

Head of Development

< Paul Kellett

Percussion Recordings

Producer: < Lothar Krell Engineer: < Stempel Co-ordinator: < Basem Darwisch-Schrmann Percussion Artists: < Suat Borazan, Mohamet Zaki

Audio Preparation

Sound Design: < Mark Ovenden Editors: < Malte Bieler, Sascha Haske, Wilhelm-Paul de Gast, Jan Schmidt
User Interface Design & 3D Rendering
< Schmidtdesign, Hamburg


460-0002 E-mail


052 218-0859 Fax

052 218-0875 Windows / Macintosh


Wizoo and Darbuka are trademarks of Wizoo Sound Design GmbH. VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. The Audio Units logo and the Audio Units symbol are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. RTAS is a registered trademark of Avid Technology, Inc. and its subsidiaries and divisions. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. AMD is a trademark of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. The Mac logo is a trademark used under license. Macintosh, Power Macintosh and Mac OS are registered trademarks used under license. Microsoft and Windows XP are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other product and company names are TM or of their respective holders. Unauthorized copying, hiring and lending of this software is strictly prohibited. All specications are subject to change without notice. Made in Germany. Wizoo Sound Design GmbH 2004

developed by

an M-Audio partner
052305_Darbuka_UG_JP01 080806_Darbuka_UG_JP01


MTM24.Review Wizoo


2:40 pm

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Darbuka and Latigo
Mike Hillier chills out with two virtual percussionists, bringing Latin American, Arabic and Middle Eastern grooves to your next software jam session.
espite being played dreadfully by stoned hippies at festivals for decades, hand drums such as the darbuka (also known as a tablah) have fired the imaginations of musicians all over the world. Wizoos new instruments, Darbuka and Latigo, bring not only excellently sampled percussion to your arsenal, but also percussionists capable of teasing the best from them.


The first of the two virtual percussionists we are looking at is Darbuka. With around 2GB of sampled instruments, Darbuka is the larger of the two packages, although it has only eight instruments. Making up much of the rest of the space are a number of Arabic and Middle Eastern rhythms as played by Suat Borazan and Mohamed Zaki, two of North Africas best percussionists. After opening Darbuka in your sequencer, the first thing you need to decide on is which style to use. Previewing styles is simply a matter of engaging Auto mode and clicking and holding on the name of the style you wish to preview. Once you have decided on your style, double-click to load the sounds into RAM. The keyboard at the bottom of the screen is colour coordinated to highlight which keys play which rhythms. The blue keys are for the normal rhythm grooves, with the lighter keys being simple grooves and the dark keys being more complex. Green keys play fills, yellow keys mute a track and the red key on MIDI C1 stops the instrument from playing. Switching between these different grooves by either playing the key on a MIDI controller or by clicking with the mouse provides a simple means of keeping a flowing
rhythm, with Darbukas engine switching between grooves without missing a beat. Using the Mix and Edit windows, parameters for each instrument can be edited separately, including surround sound panning (when enabled). The Stage view in the Mix window is an intuitive means of placing your virtual percussion around a room. The instruments appear on a graph and movement from left to right and up and down changes settings depending on what each axis is set to. In Room mode, the horizontal axis acts as a left/right pan control, and the vertical axis as a front/rear pan control. As you move an instrument to the top right, so the instrument is panned in front of you to the right. Room mode also controls the ambience send and gain levels, with instruments becoming slightly quieter with more ambience as they move away from you. Obviously, if youre not listening in surround, moving the instrument from top to bottom will have no effect on front/rear panning, but it will have an effect on the ambience send and gain levels.
Each style in Latigo and Darbuka loads up its own set of instruments, as shown in the lower panel.
more traditional acoustic drum or electronic drum kit? We experimented with this idea using FXpansions BFD with Latigo. By tightening up the groove in BFD and leaving Latigo loose, we were up and running in seconds. With BFDs impulse responses, we were able to remove the ambience from Latigo and place our virtual percussionist in the same room as our virtual drummer using Logic 7s Space Designer. MTM
DARBUKA AND LATIGO Manufacturer Wizoo Price 179 each Contact M-Audio Web


MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PC Pentium III 500MHz, Windows XP, 256MB RAM, 2GB free hard disk space Mac G3 500MHz, Mac OSX 10.3.2, 256MB RAM, 2GB free hard disk space KEY FEATURES Styles can be played back at any tempo Real-time performance controls Easy-to-use mixing controls Pattern editor WHY BUY Steady learning curve Works well as the solo rhythm part or as part of a larger rhythm ensemble Stereo/surround/individual output modes WALK ON BY Edit only on a pattern-by-pattern basis


Getting the best
The high-quality samples used in Darbuka and Latigo require a lot of RAM to load. To improve loading times and reduce the load on the host computer, Wizoo has compressed the files using a lossless encoder. To access the uncompressed files, simply engage XXL mode but be ready for a distinct difference in performance. The best way to use these two modes is by using Normal mode while composing and then switching to XXL mode ready for mixdown.


In use, Latigo is exactly the same as Darbuka, but instead of Arabic and Middle Eastern rhythms and instruments, Latigo uses Latin American instruments played by Edwin Bonilla and Olbin Burgos, of the Miami Sound Machine. The instrument library in Latigo is larger than Darbuka, with 33 instruments. There is nothing to stop you mixing and matching instruments from both packages. In fact, we found that mixing elements of both Darbuka and Latigo produced some fascinating poly-rhythms. Why not take this a step further by subtly blending percussion from either or both of these instruments with a


Programming percussion isnt an easy task, so if youre not up to the job just yet, these plug-ins should provide everything you need to get started.
March 2005 MUSIC TECH magazine



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