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Sony HVL-MT24AMSony HVL MT24AM - Sony Macro flash system - 24M

Sony - Ring

Capture impeccably lit macro photographs every time with the HVL-MT24AM macro twin flash kit and your digital camera. Take your extreme close-up photography to the next level by easily arranging the twin adjustable flash heads in countless configurations.

Here you can find all about Sony HVL-MT24AM, for example macro twin flash and . You can also write a review.
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Price : S S


Technical specifications

Camera Flash
TypeMacro flash system
Hot Shoe TypeSony
Guide Number (m / ISO 100)24
Color Temperature5700K
Required Battery4 x battery - AA type
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberHVL-MT24AM
GTIN04905524352061, 04905524379815, 00027242697362



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