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ylebroonders 12:11pm on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
After a buildup of Hollywood proportions, Microsoft released its final cut of Windows XP. Windows XP Home Edition operating system is Windows XP that is intended for home users. Basically.
paulastaki 3:45am on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
Directions for installation were good, no trouble installing. Was used to 98SE and just have to get used to the differences. I had been using this system since a May 2007 purchase.Now the system will not pass validation. MicroSoft saysa KEYGEN program was used for this.
joeterd 5:18am on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 
Stability and Durability 3Ease of Use 3Speed ...  Speed is exceptional, Stability and Durability is also okay. Ease of Use is lacking. Well, what can I say it works fine, and lacks...  compatible, stable easily becomes unstable, activation is impossible, and security is a joke
danquixote 6:32am on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
Users can experience to a higher level of system uptime. Windows XP Professional is ideal for those who still have no Operating System installed on your computer. I use and not exchanged for another!
Bonjess 7:43pm on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 
Microsoft Windows XP Professional is a wonderful operating system to work with. I have been using it for several years and I am very pleased.
nsanku 6:48am on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
Im tired of hearing all the linix, unix, mac fanboys say its horrable. The product that I received looked great and appeared new and unopened. However, when installed.

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MOTHERBOARD NAME CHIPSET TH7-RAID ST6-RAID SA6 SE6 SL6 SA6R VL6 VP6 VH6 VH6-II BX133-RAID VH6T BM6 BP6 WX6 ZM6 SH6 VT6X4 CX6 WB6 VA6 BE6-II BE6-II V2.0 BE6 BF6 BH6 BX6 V2.0 BX6 KG7-RAID KT7E KT7A-RAID KT7A KT7-RAID KT7 KA7-100 KA7 INTEL 850(ICH2) INTEL 815EP(ICH2) INTEL 815EP(ICH2) INTEL 815E(ICH2) INTEL 815(ICH1) INTEL 815EP(ICH2) VIA(VT82C693A&VT82C686A) VIA(VT82C694X&VT82C686B) VIA (VT82C694X&VT82C686A) VIA (VT82C694X&VT82C686B) INTEL 440BX VIA (VT82C694X&VT82C686B) INTEL440BX INTEL 440BX INTEL810 INTEL440ZX INTEL815E(ICH2) VIA (VT82C694X&VT82C686A) INTEL820 INTEL810E VIA(VT82C693A&VT82C686A) INTEL440BX INTEL440BX INTEL440BX INTEL440BX INTEL440BX INTEL440BX INTEL440BX AMD761/VIA 686B VIA KT133E /VIA 686B VIA KT133A /VIA 686B VIA KT133A /VIA 686B VIA (KT133) /VIA 686A VIA (KT133) /VIA 686A SYSTEM MAX.CAPACITY 2G/4 512MB/3 512MB/4 512MB/3 512MB/3 512MB/4 1.5G/3 2G/4 1.5G/3 1.5G/3 768MB/3 1.5G/3 768MB/3 768MB/3 512MB/2 256MB/3 512MB/4 1.5G/3 1G/3 512MB/2 768MB/3 768MB/3 768MB/3 768MB/3 768MB/3 768MB/3 1G/4 1G/4 4G/4 1.5G/3 1.5G/3 1.5G/3 1.5G/3 1.5G/3 MEMORY TYPE DDR PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC100 PC133 PC100 PC100 PC100 PC100 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC100 PC100 PC100 PC100 PC100 PC100 PC100 DDR PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 PC133 NEW-TREND CERTIFY
512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB




512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB 512MB/256MB


VIA VT8371(KX133) /VIA 686A 2G/4 VIA VT8371(KX133) /VIA 686A 2G/4



Automatic 100 Quad FM3 M451N PN-465E BC350C AG-DVC15 ZDE57140W Thinkpad T21 USR3453C ECM-DS70P Avalanche 2003 DM905 HS840 Edition SC-D455 Extractor EMP-821 FM-8800S KD-G632 760 TS ZMC19MG SHB6110 SKS-HT518 EWF1645 Zire 21 Commander 2000 Sensor RTS P3600I P-1253 Brisbane SD48 2147 CMD Deville 2002 Raider 56609 PRS-505 Messenger TK 60 KR-A5040 Satscan 2 ONE CN-DV2000 EB313HGA 2000 XL Coupe SRG-148 Faxphone B140 RL41wcps VG-B50AM N3701 NAD 218 CDX-490 EH-TW2900 XM-SD46X Stylus 1000 42LT75-ZA AEK LV979 Lexmark P315 37LC46 Maker 55C7000 Cd938 Urc-7550 CMD-J7 PDP-5080XD PFE-700E Syncmaster 913V Quad 22 AD-47W M1721A Asus P3CD LBT-XB33 FLS579C Camileo X100 Recon 2 S1 Mini VSX-918V-K Studio LC 32PW9308 KEH-3900RDS GTP-760 KDL-20S2020 LED-V-led1 14PT1332 MP550 C5750 CLT-2430 435DX TX-844 Review CS-29M20SSQ K200I E-V 66 WAY Wifi DVR-533H-S Series 100 IS Env06 MFC-8820DN Ex-invisible WAR Nglb23-1H 5 Travelmate-4050


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