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Creative Solutions for the Digital Life
Wireless N Gigabit Ethernet Router

Model# R1000H

A Powerful Router Built for FTTH
Actiontec's newest router, the R1000H, is a bandwidth monster. Designed from the ground up to be used with FITH (Fiber-Into-The-Home), the R1000H employs its Gigabit Ethernet networking abilities to pump out massive amounts of data, to high-definition monitors, to home audio systems, to NAS drives, to anywhere you need to move lots of data, and move it fast.The R1000H also features a new wireless N radio,WAN and LAN Ethernet, dual-core 32-bit processor, support for HPNA, and 32MB Flash/64MB SDRAM memory. No other router on the market matches the R1000H for speed or performance, and its support for a wide range of bandwidth-hogging applications, including HDTV,Voice over WiFi, media sharing, and online gaming, is unmatched.
Supports HPNA Coax for Wired Alternative
With HPNA, you can enjoy the high speeds of a wired connection (over 100 Mbps) with little degradation, and connect devices together using your existing Coax TV infrastructure. Plus in some networks, a carrier may bring very high speed Internet access directly to the inside of your home, using Coax.
Downloadable Applications using Java
The Wireless N VDSL Modem Router has the option to include a Java Virtual Machine and Java Runtime Software. Capable of hosting a number of Java applications, the Router, in combination with this feature, allows you to make more options available to your customers (home automation or enhanced security, to list only a couple of options) in a modular fashion; that is, rather than having to implement sweeping changes via a full-scale firmware update,you can use Java to selectively update customer units with revenuegenerating applications.
Gigabit Ethernet Built In
To further add to the Routers Power, Gigabit Ethernet is available on both the WAN and LAN (home networking) sides. Supporting speeds up to 1000 Mbps, this Router excels in a Fiber network where you can surf at incredibly high speeds. With Gigabit Ethernet, you can watch online videos or podcasts, download large files or move massive amounts of data within your home network or out to the Internet, with no problems, no hiccups, and absolutely no sweat.
Robust Firewall and Wireless Security
The wireless-enabled gateways support WEP,WPA,and WPA2 encryption. Unique IDs are assigned to each wireless gateway to prevent hacking. The R1000H includes a fully customizable firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection, denial of service protection, content filtering, intrusion detection, WPA/WPA2 and WEP wireless encryption to keep unwanted visitors from accessing your network.
802.11n Wireless Built In
The Router supports 802.11n out of the box, with backward compatibility to older wireless protocols, combining flexibility with power. Also included is MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) smart antenna technology, which further improves your wireless experience by offering better whole home coverage and fewer dead spots.
TR-069 Support and Remote Management

The R1000H equips technical support staff with unparalleled remote management and troubleshooting powers to provide superior customer experience and support.
Ethernet LAN Ports HPNA LAN and/or WAN Port Ethernet WAN Port USB Host Port Reset Button Power Port

Other Features

- Four 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet LAN - One 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet WAN - One HPNA 3.1 LAN or WAN

Advanced Security

- Firewall - Stateful Packet Inspection - NAT - Website Blocking - Web Service Blocking - Parental Control - Customizable Filtering Policies per Computer - Denial of Service (DOS) Protection - Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - Advanced DMZ - Intrusion Detection - IP Protocol Filtering

Advanced Features

- DHCP Server Option - DHCP Server/PPPoE Server Auto Detection - DNS Server - Dynamic DNS - Full Bridge Device Control - LAN IP & WAN IP Address Selection - Port Forwarding, Port Triggering - PPPoE Support - IGMP v1, v2, v3 - MAC Address Filtering - IGMP proxy and snooping


- 802.11 b/g/n - External RADIUS Server Support - Multiple SSID - WPS - WMM,WMM PowerSave - Wireless Security Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2) WEP, TKIP encryption 802.1x authentication Pre-Shared Key (PSK) MAC Address Filtering

Future Applications

- Home Automation - Home Monitoring - DECT - Storage

QoS Support

- 802.1p/q Prioritization - Configurable Upstream/Downstream Traffic Shaping - Pass-through of WAN-side DSCPs, PHBs & Queing to LAN-side devices - Prioritization via DHCP options

Remote Management

- User-enable Remote Management - TR069 Carrier Remote Management - TR064 Local Management
Minimum System Requirements
- PC or Macintosh with Ethernet or 802.11b/g/n wireless connection. - Internet Explorer 7.0+, Safari, Firefox
2010 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. Actiontec, Actiontec Installation Buddy, Creative Solutions for the Digital Life, and the Actiontec logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Actiontec Electronics, Inc. Incorporated in the U.S. or other countries. All other names are properties of their respective owners. Product photo may differ from actual product, however functionality remains as stated above. Specifications are subject to change without notice. DS1114/0310



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